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1 New Video – Master Gary is back for an cash rape of a faggot. The masked fag slave sits back while a leather clad Master Gary does his magic. This is a longer, slower, harsher internet banking cash rape this time around. Master Gary get the slave fried as fuck by using poppers and a gas mask on him for an intense intox session. This superior dom continues to drain his slave’s online bank account all throughout as he gets what he deserves and the slave gasps for air.

1 New Video – Come join Henderdong in the hot tub and get at his wet feet. Relaxing in the hot tub outside in swim trunks, Henderdong places his superior wet alpha feet up to the camera as the sun reflects off of them. Henderdong then flips you off to remind you that your place in life is beneath him and that your sole purpose is to worship the soles of his feet.

1 New Audio Clip – This audio recording starts with some traditional training for fitness in the guise of wanting to please your coaches … but to aid in this, you will dumb down and be left feeling like a college jock joining a sports team. While that is temporary, the workout motivation will be permanent. The mp3 then shifts gears into an erotic locker room fantasy with the coaches involving flexing, and using their new prized jock. There are two different lengths included of this file: 45:15 for the full and 29:55 for the short

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