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1 New Video – An American foot fag gets to worship his Serbian God’s feet in this new 16 minute video clip from SerbianGods. The chubby foot fag starts off by worshiping his dom’s feet in a stairwell before going into a game room to sniff, lick, and suck his master’s feet. Throughout the clip, the American foot fag gets his face smothered with alpha God feet. At one point, the Serbian alpha even ignores the fag to play video games as the fag serves his huge alpha feet.

1 New Video – Attention slaves! The biggest duty of a weak slave is that a slave must sacrifice his entire life to serve his master. That means that all throughout a slave’s entire life, there must be sacrifices made and things to give up to make life for your alpha better. Flexgod teaches you about this important rule throughout this 7 minute video clip. As a weak slave you must continually sacrifice throughout your existence for your alpha at all costs.

2 New Videos – Muscle beast Dennis crushes another weakling in his latest wrestling domination video clip. Bearhugs, headlocks, and headscissors are abound as this muscled alpha squeezes and tortures the smaller jock outside. See the pure raw power of this muscled alpha as he makes another made submit to his strength. In another new clip from chokemasters, lean alpha stud Johan flexes and jerks off for the camera. Showing off his hard muscles and gym progress, Johan flexes his big bulging biceps and shows his long, hard cock. From the looks of his physique, all of the hard work in the gym is paying off for him.

2 New Videos – This isn’t just another one of your foot worship videos. AidenPrettii takes you back in time to an era where camcorders were used. Indulge in this VHS styled aggressive foot worship clip. In this 10 minute video clip, AidenPrettii will make you submit to his alpha feet. Prepare to be destroyed by his perfect feet to the point that you will be begging for more. In another new clip, Aiden Prettii humiliates you for being a sissy. Aiden and you both know that you’re an eager little sissy slut. You will do ANYTHING he demands and he will make you do anything in this task video. You’ll be required to have pantyliners before you begin. Download this task clip and see what tasks Aiden puts you through.

1 New Video – DavidWar gets on cam in this dildo and foot worship video. See what it’s like to watch Davidwar live on cam as he teases his asshole with a dildo and makes you stay down at his feet. Later, Davidwar sucks on the big dildo while jerking his Colombian cock. It is your task to service his feet and please him by worshiping his feet as he gets off. If you’re lucky, he might let you taste his cum.

Featured Model- DocTayTay

Over an HOUR long video of Taylor. This video might be too hot to handle for some people. Taylors takes on a submissive role in this feature. Taylor treats you like the king you are and backs it up with non-stop dirty talk about how he wants you to fuck his jock pussy. Taylor tempts and teases you in some lingerie and skimpy panties first. Then he warms up that pussy for Daddy as he rubs and shows off his hole, spreads his cheeks apart, and does some fingering. Last but not least, it’s time for that pussy to get pounded out. Taylor moans loudly and only intensifies the dirty talk as this straight stud BEGS to get fucked in all sorts of positions and by several toys. Don’t forget to switch off on jerk off hands while watching this one. Can you handle over an HOUR of this?

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1 New Video – Alpha Derek props his feet up while you get wasted on poppers. Grab that fresh bottle of Jungle Juice or whatever your favorite brand of poppers is and begin huffing as this dominant alpha verbally abuses you for being a pathetic faggot. Watch Alpha Derek flex, flip you off, and laugh at you for being a weak pathetic cash fag at his feet.

1 New Video – Get dominated by Master Flexgod in leather throughout this 8 minute video clip. Master Flexgod is clad in a leather jacket and leather gloves as he flexes and shows why he is such a superior alpha. This muscled dom even takes off his belt and shows you how he would beat you down if you were here in front of him. Submit yourself to this alpha leather god and hand over your wallet.

1 New Video – CubanKing gets his long time foot slave to worship his alpha feet. This obedient foot fag can’t get enough of Cuban King’s huge alpha male feet. Wearing ripped socks, Cuban King makes his foot fag sniff his smelly socks. Later as a reward, Cuban King takes his socks off and makes the fag suck and lick every inch of his bare soles. The sub follows every order for the chance to serve at his alpha’s feet.

2 New Videos – Muscle alpha Dennis traps a weakling between his muscular thighs in his latest video clip. After showing off his strength and flexing, muscular Dennis pins his slave on the ground and nearly crushes his head like a grape between his super strong legs. The sub slave needs to tap out from the intense headscissors and power of this muscled dom. In part 2, the punishment continues as Dennis squeezes his sub’s head. Dennis wraps his insanely huge and muscular legs around the slave’s neck like a python suffocating it’s prey. The scrawny slave nearly passes out from the absolute raw power of Dennis and the intensity of the headscissors he’s locked in throughout the clip.

2 New Videos – AidenPrettii knows that love to worship ass, especially an alpha’s ass. Feast your eyes on Aiden Prettii’s ass as he manipulates you and makes you beg to see his perfect ass pop some balloons. The sigh of it, the sound of it, will have you gooning but you are NOT allowed to nut. You’ll follow every one of Aiden Prettii’s commands and do it for his ass. In another new clip, Aiden Prettii has you indulge in his VHS inspired clip. As a self proclaimed FinDom Extraordinaire, Aiden Prettii will start you down the path of total life domination. You will literally sell your soul to this cash dom. You will be exclusively his and eventually do whatever he demands. Please your master and you’ll receive many more life changing tasks that will change you for the better.

Featured Model- MorticiaFerrant

MasterDominator uses a fat faggot in this 16 minute video clip as he forces the fat fag to worship his sweaty feet after the gym. This masked faggot licks this dominant Russian master’s sweaty feet as well as his sweaty armpits. Master Dominator punishes his slave by kicking him around, verbally abusing him, spitting and pissing on him. The disgusting fat fag feels like he’s in Heaven as he’s being dominated and used in this real time session by this alpha Russian master.

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2 New Videos – Double barrel your poppers because you’re going to inhale 2 popper bottle at once. Master Gary wants you to tape or hold those bottle of poppers to your nose and keep huffing and inhaling as he makes you worship his big alpha male feet. Pulling off his white athletic socks, Master Gary makes you crave his feet even more than before as you fry your fag brain. Then after you’ve gotten fucked up enough of poppers, Master Gary will remind you of what a dirty fag you are when he commands you to fuck yourself with a dildo. Pull out your dildo or butt plug and begin fucking your dirty ass while Master Gary verbally abuses you. Show this powerful alpha male how nasty and dirty you really are as you look up at the computer screen. No mercy for faggots like you.

1 New Video – Wearing tight jeans and black socks Flexgod will make you worship his alpha body. Make sure you have a fresh bottle of poppers ready for this 8 minute hardcore worship and verbal abuse video. Flexgod will remind you of how inferior you are to a muscular dominant man like himself as he instructs you to sniff more poppers and to spank yourself with a belt.

3 New Videos – Ikagura uses his soccer player feet to stomp on a faggot’s face. The weak foot fag lays on his back as his powerful alpha covers the fag’s face with his feet. Throughout the clip, this alpha even stomps on the faggots face and makes him cry for mercy. Later the weak fag slave gets locked in some intense chokeholds at the hands of his master. The weak fag slave gets completely choked out to the point that he practically passes out. When he’s not being choked he’s being gagged with his alpha’s feet and getting spit on throughout this 10 minute clip. The jiu jitsu abuse continues in the next uploaded clip as the fag slave gets choked out by another soccer placer alpha. This soccer jock dominates the fag for more than 10 minutes with his strong legs and arms. There is no escape for this slave once the headlocks are locked into place. When the fag slave isn’t being choked, he’s being punched and kicked by his dom bully.

1 New Video – Davidwar takes you along with him in the shower for a hot, soapy jerk off session. Davidwar strips down and starts playing with his nips and big hard cock in the shower while filming all of it. He keeps lubing up his cock with more and more soap until the feeling is so good that he busts a huge load of cum in the shower.

1 New Video – Master Michael is ready to put you through some brutal popper training. This cocky alpha counts while you press that bottle to your nose and sniff. He’ll remind you of what a fucking faggot you are and to worship his perfect alpha body as he counts for you. Just keep huffing and follow this alpha’s commands as he turns you into a mindless cashfag.

Featured Model- SlavesSeeker

SlavesSeeker takes you along for a real time session with one of his loyal foot fags. Throughout this foot worship session, SlavesSeeker makes his obedient foot bitch lick and sniff his filthy and smelly soles. Like the dominant master he is, SlavesSeeker quickly puts this foot fag in his place and makes him learn to obey all commands. This foot fag is in heaven from sniffing and licking his superior’s feet.

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2 New Videos – Sniff your poppers as MasterUltimateGod counts and gives you intense popper training. Get lost to the sound of this alpha’s voice and his middle finger in your face. This dominant alpha orders you to sniff and smack yourself throughout this abuse session. When he isn’t flipping you off, you can drool over his powerful biceps being flexed. Later, MasterUltimateGod lets you watch as he opens Amazon gifts from his wishlist. Some lucky fag slave had the opportunity to shower his master with these gifts. Get a glimpse into what it’s like for this dominant alpha as he opens various Amazon packages and even tries on some of the tribute items he received.

2 New Videos – Worship your leather God, MasterGary. MasterGary is dressed in leather and is ready to be worshiped by an inferior like you. This alpha master talks about tying you up and using you as his personal ashtray throughout this verbal abuse clip. After you’ve served as MasterGary’s ashtray, it is not time to be collared and fuck yourself with a dildo. MasterGary flexes and gets you highed up on poppers before ordering you to get out your dildo. Show MasterGary what a little faggot bitch you are and fuck your faggot holes with a dildo as he verbally attacks you.

4 New Videos – Ikagura dominates and uses the fag slave in his latest spit and gag domination video. This alpha shows his strength as he chokes out the weak fag slave until he nearly passes out. The slave begins turning blue and begins tapping out from the intense chokehold his master puts on him. The slave later gags on his master’s huge feet as a reward for enduring this abuse. The choke domination goes even further this time. This powerful alpha chokes the faggot until total KO. Using a headscissors and various chokes, the weak fag slave can’t get enough oxygen to his brain and passes completely out. His master revives him with some hard face slaps before more domination ensues.

The fag slave now needs to worship his master’s feet. In the next series of clips, the foot faggot gets stomped on and forced to sniff and suck his master’s feet. Throughout this 12 minute clip, Ikagura’s slave experiences very hard face stomps and cries out in pain from how hardcore it gets. However, the foot faggot enjoys every second of serving his master’s feet. In the next clip, there is even more foot stomping. This time, the foot chomp steps on the fag’s throat, covers his face with his foot, and even makes the foot fag inhale all of his alpha male foot odor. The foot fag struggles to breathe but enjoys being under his master’s foot and control so much that he doesn’t want it to stop.

2 New Videos – Andre and Lucy are hanging out on a Saturday night. She asks Andre to practice some of his chokemaster holds on her. He was hestitant at first. After some persuasion, he complies with her request. He demonstrates 3 different methods on her. At the end, he leaves Lucy on the ground, she is laughing at the end and enjoyed being manhandled by her man. In part 2 of the date, Andre cannot resist and keeps going with choking his girl further. He traps Lucy in his muscular legs, headscissoring her and leaves her drooling and out of it. Lucy agreed to all of this and loves every second of it. It won’t be long until she’s back and begging to be choked out even further.

2 New Videos – Master Michael is straight up ordering you to worship his alpha feet. This alpha cash dom is clad in a mask and leather gloves throughout the clip. He places his big, powerful alpha feet right up to the camera and makes you sniff and clean them. As you serve as his doormat, Master Michael flips you off and makes you understand that you are beneath him. After you’ve served his feet, get that fresh bottle of poppers and inhale your poppers deep. Sniff those poppers like the faggot you are. Fry up that faggot brain and stare at what a real man is while you gaze at Master Michael. Stare and worship his perfection. Throughout this clip, you’ll see nothing but pure fucking alpha perfection.

Featured Model- IKAGURA

Ikagura asserts his dominance over this brother as he forces his brother pass out. Using not only a headscissors but an armlock and various head chokeholds, Ikagura lays into his bro as much as he can to remind his older brother why he’s the weaker brother of the two. In this 5 star rated clip, Ikagura doesn’t hold back with choking out and abusing his weaker sibling.

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2 New Videos – Continue your journey into becoming Sissy Abby and realize how much you want to be gangbanged and used like a dirty little sissy whore. Let MasterGary’s voice get inside your head, further into your weak faggot mind. If you have them, pull out your lipstick, stockings, ballgag, collar, and sissy hood as Master Gary verbally abuses you. After you’ve become a sissy for MasterGary, it is time to become his cash cunt. Worship MasterGary’s Nikes and sniff your poppers as he commands you to enjoy how good it feels to pay him. You’ll quickly find the pleasure in being MasterGary’s cash cunt as you evolve into a human ATM for him.

2 New Videos – Master Flexgod will turn you into an obedient faggot for him to use throughout this 10 minute video clip. You’ll be forced to worship his farts, ass, and feet as you drool over what a superior man Master Flexgod is compared to a faggot like you. Enjoy every part of this alpha as he plants his feet right in your face and farts in your pathetic. face. Afterward Master Flexgod will call you over to worship his sneakers. Get your tongue out and lick the soles of his dirty sneakers. Master Flexgod wants the bottoms of his shoes entirely cleaned. It is your role as a foot slave to do everything he says and worship his alpha male feet and sneakers.

1 New Video – Cherry is a girl and she’s best friends with the guys at Str8CrushFeet. Never did the guys know that she was a total submissive slut and that she would eventually become a sex toy to Master Dnero. One thing Cherry hates is the smell of feet. However, she completely submits to an alpha male like Master Dnero and lets him force her to worship his sweaty alpha male feet. Normally she would resist but she can’t help herself in serving this superior dom any way he wants her to. Once she is used by Dnero, she quickly becomes a toy for Master Dnero’s programming. The next encounter between Dnero and Cherry, she becomes his footstool while he sits back and watches a soccer game. This quickly evolves into Dnero ordering Cherry to lick and clean his feet with her tongue. Right after that, Cherry is humiliated with a rain of spit from Master Dnero. Cherry is then ordered to lick his pits, sniff his boxers, and take his cock deep down her throat until she gags from a vicious facefucking.

3 New Videos – In another real time session, Ikagura uses his brother for a foot worship session. In this real time meet, the submissive faggot gets spit on and gets his face covered in alpha male feet. The submissive foot fag loves every minute of it and worships his dom’s powerful feet. After the foot worship session, the slave gets a faggot beat down. The alpha dom chokes his slave with some strong Jiu Jitsu holds and domination to make him tap out or pass out. After the choking session, the slave gets stomped on and made to feel inferior. For some intense humiliation, this dom makes his slave eat foot from his feet. The alpha foot dom crushes chocolate and other snacks with his feet for this foot faggot to lick up. The foot slave eats every bit of candy from his master’s feet.

 New Videos – Big muscle bodybuilder Dennis shows off his forearms and biceps, then continues to dominate little Daniel in crushing headlocks and even a couple of sleeperholds. Dennis even gives little Daniel a chance to get even. This two muscle studs wrestle and fight but Dennis easily overpowers Daniel with his incredible strength. The sleeperholds and headlocks continue as Dennis over power little muscled Daniel once again. Starting out with some close up flexing, Dennis then proceeds to practice some headlocks and sleeperholds on his smaller counterpart. Muscle domination and wrestling fans will love this one.

Featured Model- 4King

Back with another hot flexing video, 4King delivers 10 minutes of flexing and true verbal domination. With this video, it’s time for you to be dominated by a true master and muscle god. Kneel in front of 4King like the weak beta faggot you are and admire his godlike physique. 4King’s huge muscles will make any muscle worshipper crave to worship these muscles. Your little faggot dick will get hard as 4King degrades you harder and harder with extreme verbal domination, reminding you of your place and where you belong.