2020 Year in Review

Top Selling Video

YoungNCharge brings you along to watch him abuse this faggot for 2 hours. Yes, the video is 2 hours long! This masked faggot endures all of the abuse YoungNCharge can dish out as this powerful findom forces the faggot to put a funnel in its mouth and drink his superior piss. Later, this cash master spits on the faggot and forces it to worship his alpha male feet. Tons of verbal abuse, alpha ass worshiping, hot tub massages, and foot worship. This lengthy real time session concludes with YoungNCharge getting showered in cash on the hotel bed.

Top Seller

  1. MasterUltimateGod
  2. MasterGary
  3. DocTayTay
  5. Master Michael
  7. AlphaDerek
  8. youngNcharge
  9. SlavesSeeker
  10. MasterBigOwnsu



Most Items Sold

  1. MasterUltimateGod
  2. DocTayTay
  4. MasterGary
  5. youngNcharge
  7. Flexgod
  8. Master Alex
  9. MasterDnero
  10. AlphaDerek

Newest Downloads

1 New Video – AlphaDerek gives you 9 minutes of him using his foot fag in a foot worship and beatdown real time. The masked faggot does anything for the reward of sniffing his master’s alpha barefeet. To get the fag slave more mindless, Alpha Derek forces the fag to get intoxicated on a fresh bottle of poppers in between the foot worshiping. If this slave isn’t sniffing the fumes from his poppers, he’s sniffing the scent of his alpha’s feet.

2 New Videos – Watch MasterUltimateGod smack the fuck out of this slut’s ass. This straight alpha puts this girl over his knee for an intense spanking leaving her ass bright red. Afterward, he pulls her thong panties aside to finger her tight little cunt. All throughout the clip she moans in pleasure from getting used and roughed up by a real man. Later, MasterUltimateGod relaxes and plays some video games while ignoring his cash fag. Fag Butler serves as MasterUltimateGod’s foot stool. This obedient fag gets on the floor on all fours and keeps his filthy fag mouth shut throughout the clip. MasterUltimateGod doesn’t even acknowledge him as he enjoys his gaming session.

2 New Videos – Ikagura locks his older brother in a headscissors choke to assert him dominance. In this 5 star rated clip, Ikagura doesn’t hold back with choking out and abusing his weaker sibling. Throughout the 10 minutes of this clip, Ikagura makes his fag brother’s face turn red for the intense choking and headscissors. The dominant choking continues as this time Ikagura tries to make his brother pass out. Using not only a headscissors but an armlock and various head chokeholds, Ikagura lays into his bro as much as he can to remind his older brother why he’s the weaker brother of the two.

1 New Video – Flexgod just uploaded 10 minutes of an intense real time spanking session. This weak fag slave submits and cowers to Flexgod’s superior alpha presence. Flexgod beats this weak fag and kicks him around throughout. If the fag didn’t know before, he knows now that Flexgod is truly his superior in life and they’ll never be equals.

1 New Video – It is time to worship sweaty feet. Not just any sweaty feet, these are Master Nebenny’s size 13 feet that you must worship. In this 10 minute video clip, Master Nebenny plays with his sweaty size 13 feet under his desk by rubbing them against each other. You can see his mocs slipped off in the background. This foot dom shuffles his feet together to show off his wrinkled superior soles. You can almost sniff them through the video.

Featured Model- Alpha Derek

Alpha Derek wants you to get out those poppers, fry your brain, and watch as he poppers up this masked fag during a real time session. Alpha Derek has one of his slaves over a for a real time popper abuse and worship session. Getting the masked fag on its knees, Alpha Derek holds the bottle of poppers up to its nose and makes it sniff. Sniff along with the masked faggot and you’ll feel like you’re actually there getting used by Alpha Derek.

Newest Downloads

2 New Videos – Get out that bottle of poppers and prepare to fry your brain as you drool over Alpha Derek’s pecs and biceps. This muscle dom flexes his chiseled physique while verbally ordering you to sniff more poppers. Go completely mindless to this superior dom in this muscle worship / popper intox session. The intox doesn’t stop there as Alpha Derek has another popper slave intox video for you to download. Alpha Derek is shirtless in this video and shows why he is a real alpha male. You’ll quickly realize that you aren’t on his level and that you are nothing more than a poppered up cash fag.

5 New Videos – After a long day, MasterUltimateGod and his friends sometimes like to relax with a nice cigar, paid for by Fag Butler. What makes it particularly entertaining is abusing the faggot by making him into a human ashtray. Watch as these 2 dominant findoms ash all over this queer. The fag slave whines as they ash on him, so MasterUltimateGod decides to take it up a notch and burn the fag with a cigar. The slave screams in pain, begging for mercy. Eventually MasterUltimateGod give him some, but not until after leaving a nasty burn underneath his armpit. In another video, Fag Butler is put through a quick round of shock collar training. MasterUltimateGod gives the fag the option of doing hard, humiliation, and often physically taxing tasks or experiencing the pain from the shock collar. Each time, the fag has to decide what form of pain he gets to experience. The final choice leaves the fag with a nasty black eye. Download this video to see it happen.

Fag Butler is in for a workout today. In the MMA gym, MasterUltimateGod gags the fag with his own sweatshirt so he doesn’t have to hear his pathetic screams and cries. Then, this powerful cash master proceeds to kick the fag in the balls, over and over. The fag collapses on the ground, and is ordered to stand back up to be beaten again. There are tears streaming down his face when this one is over. Fag Butler hates this treatment but must accept that he is an object.

1 New Video – It’s time to relax with your headphones on. Remove all distractions. Stare at the screen and listen to Miles Striker’s voice. This alpha male is going to take you to a new level of euphoria. During this state your mind will release endorphins that will make all your stress dissipate. This is the transient state where your faggot reprogramming can begin. By the time this findom is done with this update to your faggot cybernetic system, the only thing you’ll ever have to worry about is pleasing your new master. All your troubles and problems will simply float away. They will no longer exist. Miles Striker is giving you a gift. The gift of true freedom in submission.

1 New Video – This fag slave is ready to experience truly hardcore cash faggot humiliation. King Luca gets this faggot hopped up on every drug imaginable for this torture and humiliation session. Throughout these 18 minutes of abuse, the faggot is forced to sniff his master’s boots, get covered in his master’s spit, and receive his master’s alpha piss all over. The slave enjoys every second of this torture session. Too bad he’s too wasted to remember it the next day.

4 New Videos – Ikagura and his obedient foot fag friend meet up for a foot worship session. While playing some video games, the foot fag worsihps his master’s feet by licking and sniffing the soles of his superior feet. The foot domination continues as the foot fag is gagged with his master’s feet. Laying on his back with his mouth wide opened, the foot faggot sucks on the heels of his dom’s feet. He shows his true devotion by showing how obsessed and fixated he is on serving his master’s feet. Later the fag gets his face trampled by his master’s feet and even receives some hard foot stomping all over his body. This foot faggot shows how obedient and loyal all submissive foot fags should be to their dominant masters.

Newest Downloads

5 New Videos – MasterUltimateGod has released his most brutal food domination video to date. This faggot slave has been cheating on his diet and his master found out. When MasterUltimateGod asked him to explain why he has Oreos in the house, the faggot had the audacity to say “They were on sale.” Needless to say, this faggot will never want to eat Oreos again. MasterUltimateGod force feeds him all three boxes of cookies, making him say he is a fat fuck over and over again. Watch as this powerful dom makes his faggot dunk them in the toilet and is forced to eat them out of the bowl. The faggot eats them till he pukes, throwing up cookie everywhere. He is left in his own filth to clean up. He hasn’t had an Oreo since.

In another real time session, Fag Butler is in need of some correction. MasterUltimateGod puts Fag Butler through the ringer as he beats the living hell out of the fag. He will learn to not fail his master, or he will pay the price in blood and tears. Watch as MasterUltimateGod grapples the fag into submission, putting him some truly painful positions, before pinning him to the ground and just hitting him over and over in the face. To prove he has learned his lesson, MasterUltimateGod makes fag kiss his fists and feet, acknowledging his inferiority to his master.

1 New Video – Worship Master Derek’s alpha male feet as he verbally abuses you. This muscular dom sits back and relaxes as he plants his feet right in your face. Your job is to grab that bottle of poppers and get intoxicated as you gaze at this superior dom’s feet. Sniff that popper like you’re sniffing your master’s feet.

1 New Video – Worship your Master’s perfect body and big alpha cock. Master Michael flexes and shows off his huge prick while clad in leather pants and wearing leather gloves. Kneel and beg to serve this alpha male. Only if you’re lucky will he use and abuse you. Beg to lick the holy juice of his cum off the floor at the end of this 12 minute video.

1 New Video -Master Mark has a new video for his foot fags. This dominant alpha crushes grapes under his feet just like how he would crush your balls. Imagine being under his superior alpha male feet and he stomps down and smashes everything underneath them.

2 New Videos – Ikagura is back to dominate his foot fag. This obedient foot fag gets choked by his master’s feet. The faggot gets everything a foot faggot could want from not only choking but kicking, smothering, and the chance to lick and suck his dom’s feet. Later the fag is rewarded with some of master’s piss. Ikagura pauses from the foot worship and makes his obedient fag take his piss. This foot dom drenches his faggot in a warm, yellow stream of alpha piss in this 12 minute clip.

Newest Downloads

2 New Video – Alpha Derek has something special in store for your brain. He is ready to get his fags all poppered up and make you do whatever he desires. Alpha Derek will take total control of my mind, body and soul as he makes you become more and more submissive on poppers. For the next 4 minutes, Alpha Derek will flex his muscles and make you feel in awe of his muscles while you fry whatever braincells you have left. In the next clip, Alpha Derek will make you quiver as he takes you into oblivion as he flexes his mammoth pythons and pecs. This dom will take over your decisions and make you yearn to submit, obey and respect him. As Alpha Derek commands you to sniff more and more poppers you fried brain will become eager to please Alpha Derek to the point in which you become totally mindless.

2 New Videos – Happy birthday dear Fag Butler, Happy Birthday to you. Check out this exciting clip as Fag Butler receives a wonderful surprise for his birthday. Fag Butler gets dominated and humiliated by Master Ultimate God. From wedgies, to toilet bowl play, don’t miss out on how Fag Butler is used and abused for almost six minutes over and over by Master Ultimate God. Master Ultimate God gives Fag Butler the birthday gift that he will never forget. Back again to be crushed under MasterUltimateGod’s alpha feet, Fag Butler starts on the couch as his dom crushes him in Jordans. As MasterUltimateGod sits on the fag’s face, Fag Butler begs for mercy, unable to breathe. MasterUltimateGod generously allows him to get on the ground instead. Less cushioning under his alpha weight, continuing to trample all over the pathetic fuck.

3 New Videos – When you meet with Master Flex God, you will quiver from the moment you lay eyes on him. In this video clip, he shows you the true essence of an alpha male. You will be in awe of his massive muscles and huge alpha male feet. You will want to worship his body and muscles from top to bottom by the end of the clip. In the next video clip, Flexgod is joined by his alpha buddy. When you meet face-to-face with these two German Gods, you will experience double the domination, double the humiliation and double the destruction that you deserve. These two German gods will put you in your place and will make you beg them to take your wallet and penetrate your finances. In the second part to this clip, the two German doms piss outside. Be an obedient piss drinking fag and lap up all of their alpha male piss right from the tap and off the ground.

4 New Videos – Chokemaster Andre and his friend Paulo test to see who can choke out the other. Paulo is a bodybuilder and Andre practices MMA. Andre demonstrates some chokeholds on Paulo then the muscle stud with the biceps learns to choke out Andre. Hot muscle domination all throughout this 21 minute video clip. In another clip, brothers fight it out as the little brother, Fred, shows his older brother who is the boss. Fred chokes his older brother with some tight guillotine chokes making his big brother’s eyes roll back into his head. See these sweaty brothers get squeezed in this latest clip.

4 New Videos – This slave can hardly breath as his master places his big fat foot over the slave’s throat. The slave continues to ask for relief and gasps for air. Ikagura refuses to let up as the slave continues to squirm for air. Later, Ikagura does foot domination at its finest. This video has plenty of foot worship and domination. The pathetic slave is in so much pain that tears flow from his face as he is choked and stomped. Ikagura is relentless with pure domination and humiliation for the slave. The same slave then continues to gasp for air while his master sticks his entire foot in the mouth of the slave. Listen to the brutal sounds of domination as the slave continues to relentlessly try to find air. The slave brother is then humiliated more by his brother, as the slave does a great job of licking, sucking and cleaning the dirty, smelly and sweaty foot of his master. By the time the slave is done, his master / brother has the cleanest feet in town.

Newest Downloads

5 New Videos – Slaves can’t get enough of seeing MasterUltimateGod stomp his Fag Butler into the ground. In this clip, MasterUltimateGod stands on the queer’s head full weight. He’s in the shoes he wears every day, rubbing the dirt and grime from them on the slave’s face. This faggot can barely stand the full force of his alpha’s weight pressing down on it’s head. The faggot later gets crushed and experiences face sitting in another clip. This time, MasterUltimateGod is in jeans, dominating his fag like the bitch he is. Watch as he walks all over this faggot and turns its face into his seat. This powerful dom lifts weights and flexes all while sitting on Fag Butler’s face. Finally he gets on the ground and become a fag carpet under his master’s alpha straight feet. Shifting gears, MasterUltimateGod tramples another faggot in a real time session. This new faggot gets to live the dream and gets trampled under this master’s alpha feet in Jordans. The queer bag squirms under his master’s perfect size 12’s. The fag then gets the ultimate pleasure of serving as his master’s fag chair as he gets sat on. The fag slave squirms and tries to act like he doesn’t love it but the pain and pleasure go hand-in-hand.

Back to using Fag Butler, MasterUltimateGod makes the faggot dunk his head in the toilet. This faggot gets his head forced into the toilet and then gets lifted up by his underwear to have his head dunked deeper in the toilet. This pathetic bitch can’t seem to get enough and begs for his master’s piss. Maybe his alpha piss will help heal all those whip marks on the faggot’s back from punishment. After all the Fag Butler has been put through, MasterUltimateGod rewards him with some sneaker worship. There is no better way to reward a foot fag then with some alpha jock feet. The foot fag licks his master’s shoes clean, then worships his alpha socks. MasterUltimateGod makes him breathe in his Jordans so he can remember the scent that runs his life.

2 New Videos – AlphaDerek has a special treat for this masked faggot, a warm stream of his alpha piss. The fag is on his hands and knees in front of the toilet and takes all of his master’s piss. Witness 6 minutes of intense human toilet, popper, feet, abuse, and muscles as this fag worships his superior alpha God. In another clip, AlphaDerek goes on an ATM run with a fag slave. The masked faggot withdraws cash from the drive-thru ATM and hands it over to his superior master. This is what faggots live for doing, serving their masters.

2 New Videos – Denis flexes his superior muscles and shows off for the camera. Muscle worshipers will drool watching this big muscled stud flex and show off for the camera. With his sneakers planted in front of the camera and wearing black briefs, you’ll get to see every inch of his muscled body. Afterwards, Denis wrestles and dominates a young weak boy in his backyard. Both wearing red boxer briefs, Denis quickly shows who is the alpha and who is more superior. Denis picks up and slams the weak boy to the ground and assers his dominance throughout with various bearhugs and wrestling moves.

3 New Videos – MasterFlexgod talks about his sweaty, stinky feet as he shows them off and makes you want to worship them. Foot fags will crave having this muscle dom’s feet in their mouth. Admire and serve his feet throughout this 5 minute clip. Afterwards, grab that bottle of poppers for some hardcore poppers abuse. You’re getting used by Master Flexgod the way he wants to use you in this video clip. He’ll make your head spin from sniffing poppers as he counts down on how long to keep inhaling and huffing. This muscle dom will make you into a mindless cash drone by the end of the clip. Then it’s time to go back to foot worship. Master Flexgod shows off his feet again while wearing jeans and demanding that you serve his feet as an obedient foot faggot. This muscle master will make you want to crawl to his feet and lick the soles like an obedient slave.

1 New Audio Clip – You’re going to eat your own cum. It’s so good. It’s addictive and you’re ready to fall into that addiction. So get ready for this short powerful instruction file as you listen to Master Lucian’s hypnotic voice. Then get ready to eat your cum.

Newest Downloads

2 New Videos – Alpha Derek wants you to get out those poppers, fry your brain, and worship his alpha feet. Enjoy 10 minutes of intense popper countdowns as you stare at his dirty barefeet. This superior dom kicks back and laughs at you with his huge feet up for you to worship. The popper intox doesn’t stop there. This time Alpha Derek has one of his slaves over a for a real time popper session. Getting the masked fag on its knees, Alpha Derek holds the bottle of poppers up to its nose and makes it sniff.

1 New Video – Cash fags always talk about how much they love cash counting videos. In this video, SlavesSeeker relaxes with his feet up as he counts wads of cash. Just look at how much he’s gotten from subs this year alone. Can you guess the amount? As you watch, it seems like the cash just keeps coming.

2 New Videos – Get verbally abused and degraded by dominant muscle master Flexgod. This German dom verbally insults you in German as he orders you to worship and sniff his huge jock feet. This is the dream of every foot faggot. Later Master Flexgod puts you in your place as he teaches you a lesson. Flexing his huge muscles, this alpha will order you to sniff more and more poppers as he teaches you why you’re inferior compared to him. Submit to and obey this powerful alpha.

3 New Videos – This trans girl loves to experience alpha facesitting. DavidWar just finished up at the gym and is very sweaty from his workout. To assert his dominance, he facesits on this trans girl and she loves every second of it. She can’t get enough of DavidWar and then sucks his balls at the end. If you’re like her and can’t get enough of David’s ass then worship his bare ass. This sexy jock twerks in his sweaty undies before taking them off showing off his muscle ass. DavidWar then goes further and fucks himself with a dildo in the next clip. Showing off his muscle ass, he wants to work over his hole and pound his ass with a long dildo. Ass lovers will have to download this clip.

2 New Videos – Get underneath King Luca and get prepared to be crushed by his ass. This alpha male puts the camera on the ground so you can get the perfect view of what it would be like to be in a facesitting session with him. The facesitting continues along with some foot worship in the next clip. King Luca ensures that you realize he is the alpha and you are the beta slave. This findom looks down as you and spits right at the camera as if he was spitting in your face. Submit to his power.

Newest Downloads

2 New Videos – A masked faggot visits Alpha Derek for an intense popper real time session. The masked slave gets choked by AlphaDerek and stomped on. To fry the cash fag’s brain, AlphaDerek gets him on his knees and forces him to inhale a bottle of poppers. The real time session continues as AlphaDerek gives the fag a wedgie. The weak fag slave gets choked, verbally abused, and completely used by this superior stud. For Alpha Derek’s amusement, he gives the slave a massive atomic wedgie. Download both parts to see how the slave endures his abuse from his master.

5 New Videos – Fag butler lives to worship his master’s sweaty, straight, alpha feet. This time the slave worships his master’s shoes and sweaty socks right after a workout. Watch as MasterUltimateGod humiliates the faggot making him lick his shoes and receive rough verbal abuse. MasterUltimateGod then makes the fag take his shoelaces off so he can whip him with those. The weak fag then gets to worship his master’s socks in part 2. This is the ultimate reward for sock queers. The foot worship continues when MasterUltimateGod lets the fag butler lick his alpha shoes clean. This fag is forced to stare at his alpha’s godly feet as he’s despereate to smell and lick them. Finally the faggot is allowed to smell his alpha’s scent and massage his master’s feet.

For any faggots out there who love to get your balls crushed, this next set of videos is for you. Fag butler hates to have his balls crushed. Watch as this alpha dom makes his slave lie with his legs spread wide open as he crushes the slave’s balls under his alpha feet and throw shoes at his unprotected ball. When the slave gets too loud, MasterUltimateGod tapes his mouth shut so he can’t say stop anymore. The ball busting continues in part 2 as MasterUltimateGod violently throws a shoe at the fag’s balls for the fag to scream out and whimper in pain. MasterUltimateGod finds whatever he can to paddle and beat this faggot’s balls.

2 New Videos – Time to bow down to your god and worship his German feet. This muscled German dom takes off his socks and makes you worship his barefeet. Wearing tight jeans to show off his muscular legs, FlexGod also lets you worship his ass in these tight jeans. Later you’ll get the chance to worship FlexGod’s sneakers while sniffing poppers. Get out that fresh bottle of poppers and bow before FlexGod’s dirty Nike shox. This alpha cash dom will train you to sniff poppers to get dumber and dumber.

1 New Video – If you’ve ever wanted a big collection of YoungNCharge’s fetish videos now is your chance. For one flat price, you can get 15 of YoungNCharge’s videos in one zip file. The collection of degrading, spitting, jerking off, farting, and being the perfect alpha imaginable is all included.

2 New Audio Clips – Inside of you is a beast, longing to get out. In this stroke along audio recording for men, you will first visualize your body changing into a more ripped version of yourself. You will then imagine actually changing into a primal creature, a muscled beast that remains inside of you even when you return to normal at the end. Whether you want to lead a pack or be tamed, those instincts help you let go of what others think as you unleash the beast in the gym, and in the bedroom. While this is about tapping into that primal side that exists in all men, this mp3 still encourages respecting limits (gym or otherwise).

In another gym fantasy audio clip, you stroke your cock along to a fantasy of working out in a gym next to a Dominant muscle man. You find yourself feeling weak, and he tells you how you need to work out more to be with a God like him. You visualize yourself changing, growing bigger but also more submissive until he places a ballring on you to “collar” you. You are left knowing that the man in your fantasy is just that, for consent is always needed, and yet you also find yourself more willing to submit to Dominant men in general – and more willing to work out so that you look good for those Men.

Newest Downloads

2 New Videos – Get on your hands and knees and worship this alpha’s feet. AlphaDerek relaxes on the couch with his feet propped up as he flexes and verbally abuses you. This muscular dom flips you off as he instructs you on how to sniff your poppers. Go mindless on poppers as this alpha takes control of you. Keep that bottle of poppers handy for some more popper intox. In this next 3 minute video clip, AlphaDerek gives you a nonstop popper countown with some flexing. Can you handle huffing your poppers this long? This intox session is definitely not for the weak.

5 New Video – A video for those of you who like a more relaxed and casual foot worship session. Fag butler gets the opportunity to worship his alpha’s feet at a calm and leisurely pace. This fag thoroughly enjoys the honor, as would any obedient foot fag. The casual foot worship continues as this submissive foot fag licks and cleans his master’s sneakers. After some very intense abuse sessions, fag butler is lucky enough to earn this reward from his owner. For foot fags who still can’t get enough of MasterUltimateGod’s feet, he has another foot worship session for you to enjoy. The fag butler appropriately sticks out his tongue to lick the soles of his master’s sneakers like any of you would. MasterUltimateGod gets verbal as he looks into the camera at you. Foot fags should be jealous of this lucky slave.

The calm, relaxing sessions stop there as MasterUltimateGod puts his fag in a shock collar. Fag butler is pathetic and needs as much training as he can get from his owner. The fag is humiliated with the shock collar again. MasterUltimateGod makes him endure some forced exercise while being shocked. The forced abuse doesn’t stop there as MasterUltimateGod makes his fag do even more stupid tricks and tasks while being shocked. With his shock collar on and the zap strength increasing, this alpha makes his fag worship his feet, run outside, and eat from a doggy bowl.

2 New Videos – Be prepared to have your faggot brain reprogrammed. Capthowdy066 has a nearly 20 minute long Satanic hypno video for you to succumb to his power. Give up your soul and your wallet to this Satanic master as he plants thoughts of lust and sin in your brain for his own greed. Surrender your mind with his next even longer video. Capthowdy0666 will have you replaying these hypno videos daily. Soon you’ll accept your new hell, which is your new life as a mindless vessel to hand over cash to superior doms.

4 New Videos – Spit out your cash and worship this alpha feet. This masked fag has the opportunity of lifetime to worship his master’s barefeet. In an intense real time session, the fag coughs up 1000 euros for the chance to sniff his master’s sneakers and lick his feet. Continuing with the trend of using foot faggots in real time, King Luca makes another fag clip his toe nails. With his feet up on the table, the loyal fag servant clips his master’s toe nails. If the fag is lucky, maybe he’ll get to feast on them as well. With this third latest upload, King Luca pays another visit to his slave for a real time session. The fag gets abused by his master and is made to lick his dirty sneakers and taste his master’s socks. After downloading all of that, you’ll need to check out this other real time session Master Luca has with a foot fag. This masked foot faggot licks his alpha’s boots, socks, and feet. King Luca sits back and relaxes while the fag is in his natural habitat at his master’s feet.

1 New Video – MasterDrC2 has something for the leather addicts out there. Clad in full leather gear and sunglasses, MasterDrC2 will make you inhale his smoke as he puffs a cigarette in front of the camera. Blowing clouds of smoke in your face, this master will ensure that you crave him more and more in this 5-star rated video clip.