Master Alexander

MasterAlexander delivers some intense verbal abuse while wearing a red Nike sleeveless lycra workout shirt. During this 15 minute video, MasterAlexander shows off his muscular body by pouring oil all over his workout shirt and muscles as he flexes. Soon he loses the red Nike workout shirt and shows off every inch of his muscular alpha body. MasterAlexander reminds you that he is prepared to do whatever it takes to take every last penny from your fag wallet.

Featured Model- CaptHowdy0666

Wearing leather boots CaptHowdy0666 makes this marine faggot lick his leather boots in this real time meet. The obedient fag does everything he is instructed to do and is forever grateful for the chance to worship his master’s leather boots. CaptHowdy0666 ensures the faggot licks, sucks, and even gags on his superior, alpha boots. In the end, the masked faggot even cums from this worship session.

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1 New Video – Dominant, straight alpha male, Master Brad has just joined In-Charge and has a video which all of his slaves and cash fags would enjoy. Master Brad flexes, spits, and shows his big feet in this video clip while flipping off those inferior slaves who serve him and hand over their paychecks to him on a regular basis.


unnamed (2)1 New Video – Also new to In-Charge is MasterCash. This new findom shows it all in this video clip of him jacking off until he cums. He cums in a toilet and in the description he compares his toilet to a slave’s mouth where its sole purpose is to collect anything that comes from his dick whether its piss or cum.


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1 New Image – Findom Master Tommy wants you to worship sweaty jock feet. He just got back from the gym and his feet smell of jock sweat so he thought he’d treat all his fans and take this photo. It is your purpose as a slave to make sure they get licked clean. Can’t you taste his big feet through your computer screen?

Featured Model- Jay Muscles - Jay Muscles

This week’s featured male model is Jay Muscles with his video “Ultimate Traps and Shoulder”

If you’re into muscle worship then you’ll love the muscular flexing and posing by Jay Muscles as he shows off his vascular definition and shows why he’s an alpha male in this video.

Feature Video- MasterKwinton and Master C Foot Show - Master KwintonThis week’s featured video is “MasterKwinton and Master C Foot Show” by Master Kwinton and Master C.

One customer has describes the video as “a MASSIVE TSUNAMI OF POWERFUL & INTENSE MAGNIFICIENT ALPHA MALENESS!!! Make no mistake, these two Young Jock Gods are fueled by PURE TESTOSTERONE!”