Featured Model- BigAlphaDaddy

You’ve seen him flex and he’s put you in your place before but now BigAlphaDaddy is going to put you beneath his huge feet. Starting off with some bicep flexing and kissing his biceps, BigAlphaDaddy quickly puts you where you belong, down at his feet. Showing his black socks to the camera, this alpha stud makes you crave for him to remove the socks. Luckily he takes off his black socks to reveal his huge superior barefeet. Showing off his bare soles and toes, it would make any foot fag’s mouth water, hoping to serve and worship those feet. Quickly you’ll want to hand over your wallet to this superior alpha male.

Featured Model- MrOctavius

During this hotel meet up with a real time slave, MrOctavius sits back and relaxes in bed while this pathetic foot fag crawls on his stomach to worship his master’s feet. The cash fag makes sure to suck MrOctavius’ toes and licks the bottoms of his master’s soles. Like an obedient foot fag, this slave worships every inch of his master’s barefeet. MrOctavius had lots of fun draining this cash fag of everything in his wallet. Bow to these alpha feet.

Featured Model- SkaterKrisHawk

In this verbal abuse video, SkaterKrisHawk smokes a cigarette in front of a confederate flag while sticking his big socked feet up at the camera. Tons of weak cash slaves would love to humiliate themselves by serving a white trash skater while he verbally attacks them just like SkaterKrisHawk does in this 8 minute video clip. He shows off his smelly sneakers, socks, and barefeet throughout the clip while giving verbal abuse. Toward the end of the clip he shows off even more to make the pathetic slaves who serve him even weaker.

Featured Model- Master Phoenix Savage


After a long day, MasterPhoenixSvg decides to relax by having a smoke. While clad in his bike leathers, MasterPhoenixSvg lights his huge cigar – it’s almost as big his massive cock which you’ll only get to dream about. While verbally abusing his slaves in between puffing his cigar, MasterPhoenixSvg shows off his barefeet and massive bulge through his leather pants. However, MasterPhoenixSvg knows that you’re craving more from him and begins to strip down to a black and white Diesel jockstrap. Showing off his muscular body, bulge, and ass, you’ll want to keep worshipping and serving MasterPhoenixSvg in this 12 minute video clip. Serve your new master and download this Cigar and Muscle worship video..

Featured Model- Henderdong


Sit on the couch with Henderdong from your point of view and get his big alpha male feet up close and personal. Master Henderdong’s feet are stuff right in your face, so close you can practically lick them and smell them. But what if Henderdong allowed you to do more for his feet? As you watch his huge feet hanging off the edge of his couch with his barefeet and wiggling toes, just imagine if Henderdong allowed you to aim your hard cock and try to blow all over his feet. Seeing his cum covered soles in front of you. Foot lovers will easily blow a load to Henderdong’s feet in this video.

Featured Model- RobinWildheart


This week’s featured female model is RobinWildheart with her video “Super Cummy Foot Job
Previously RobinWildheart was featured with the shorter version of Super Cummy Footjob but this one is the full 21 minute long version. RobinWildheart and Jay met in the summer when she was wearing flip flops and showing her barefeet. This hung black bull didn’t hide his attraction to her feet and pedicured toes. After some chatting, the two of them decided to have some hot fun with his BBC and her feet. RobinWildheart shows off her painted toenails and feet then proceeds stroke Jay’s big black dick with her feet until he shoots a massive load and cums.

Top Sellers from 5/18 – 5/24

Check out who were the top sellers last week on In-Charge


Leading the pack were the usual top sellers, MasterKwintonCashgod, and Duude23 (MasterMark)MasterKwinton continues to generate interest with his real time meeting videos where he degrades and uses his slaves. Similarly, MasterMark‘s real time videos are also hot with the users due to his top selling foot worship videos where he makes his inferior slaves worship his barefeet and his toenails. Lastly, Cashgod also was a top seller with his videos of him showing off in designer underwear showcasing his muscular ass.

Also on the top seller list from last week were Tramplin with his dominant foot worship video. Newcomer to In-Charge, YoungNCharge also made it to the top seller list with his wide range of verbally abusive and x-rated videos.

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Featured Video- Dirty Feet Worship

In-Charge.net - Duude23

This week’s featured video is “Dirty Feet Worshipped” by EmperorMark (Duude23).

See Duude23 make his foot slave worship his feet again in this 12 minute long video filmed on his HD camera. EmperorMark’s slave can’t get enough of his dirty feet in this exclusive video. Watch his slave clean his dirty sneakers, sniff his socked feet, then lick clean his dirty barefeet.