Featured Model- Miles Striker

Once again, Miles Striker has been invited over to see Jaxton Wheeler use and dominate a twink fag. This time Jaxton asks Miles to rate and review and eager sub that’s begging to be put in his place. The two alphas decide to see how the slave’s boot worshiping skills are as they make him worship their boots while taking turns slapping him in the face. The twink fag then begs to suck cock to prove his dick sucking skills. Miles then duct tapes the sub’s hands behind his back so Jaxton can go full force and facefuck the sub twink. See how well it does for yourself.

Featured Model- CaptHowdy0666

Wearing leather boots CaptHowdy0666 makes this marine faggot lick his leather boots in this real time meet. The obedient fag does everything he is instructed to do and is forever grateful for the chance to worship his master’s leather boots. CaptHowdy0666 ensures the faggot licks, sucks, and even gags on his superior, alpha boots. In the end, the masked faggot even cums from this worship session.

Featured Model- Mater Braz

In this leather worship video, MasterBraz95 will weaken you with his leather gear. Clad in leather gloves, a leather jacket, and big leather boots, MasterBraz95 will brainwash you into understanding that your place is as his slave. Your rightful place is to the slave to a straight master’s feet. Endure this master’s leather boots, verbal abuse, smoking, and spit all wrapped into this video.

Featured Model- Master gary

MasterGary delivers some cage torment for his rubber gimp slave in this real time session. His rubber slave is trapped in its new home, the cage which MasterGary acquired for it. Walking around in black leather boots, jeans, and a leather jacket, MasterGary educates the pathetic gimp slave about his new life as permanent property of MasterGary. The slave is fully devoted to its master and even tries licking his master’s boots through the cage.

Featured Model- UncutJockCub

Watch as UncutJockCub leads his pig on a leash to his feet and makes his fag bow down to him. This arrogant alpha makes the fag use its tongue to clean every nook and cranny of his boss’ boots. When the fat foot fag’s mouth gets dry, UncutJockCub rewards him with a nice, thick wad of spit to help him keep going with the leather boot cleaning until he can see his own pathetic reflection in his master’s freshly cleaned boots.

Newest Downloads


1 New Video – Even though a dominant alpha male is perfect, sometimes he has a bad day. MasterDnero just happened to be having a bad day while also having to deal with a disgusting foot fag who only thinks about serving his master’s feet. MasterDnero realizes that foot fags exist only to lick his sweaty feet, clean his house, and worship him as the God he is in exchange for money. While having a bad day, MasterDnero takes his frustrations out on this fag slave as he crushes him with his perfect feet and abuses him like a disobedient dog. Throughout this nearly 20 minute clip, MasterDnero verbally abuses and spits on his cash fag while subjecting him to eating food off of his master’s feet.

unnamed (1)1 New Video – Faggots are weakest when their brains are fried from poppers and they’re mindless drones. SirKraze has an intox video for the popper fags who crave to be mindless drones. While flexing and showing off his hard physique, SirKraze gives you instructions on what to do with your fresh bottle of poppers. Inhale and listen to his voice as you go deeper into a trance for your master. When you get really messed up on poppers, SirKraze shows off his sneakers, socked feet, and then barefeet for you to focus on as you worship him and obey his orders.

unnamed (2)1 New Video – Master Damiel meets a faggot in this video who is craving some cock and ball torture. This faggot puts his cock through a hole in a low table for his master to abuse. While smoking a cigarette and wearing cowboy boots, Master Damiel abuses this faggot cock. From stomping down on the submissive slave’s dick to use his cigarette ashes to burn it, Master Damiel makes his slave suffer through the torture. This pathetic fag enjoys every minute of the abuse as he looks up at his alpha and suffers through the pain. Master Damiel makes sure the slave feels his boots stomping down as he gets more aggressive as time passes

Newest Downloads- Master Gary, Henderdong, SteveMyer, & MasterD92


5 New Videos – Dominant UK cash dom, Master Gary is ready to take full control over your weak mind. In his latest video, Master Gary verbally abuses you and uses you as his very own personal belting bitch as he lays into you verbally and tells you how it will feel to be belted by him. This cocky findom doesn’t stop there because in another video he proceeds to administer some verbal blackmail talk. Master Gary knows that you need to be entirely controlled and have every paycheck you earn go to him. You need to feel trapped with no escape at the hands of Master Gary. After Master Gary takes your paycheck, you might as well let him fuck your girlfriend. Putting on his leather boots, leather jacket, and tight leather gloves, Master Gary proceeds to explain how he’ll fuck your very own girlfriend and deep down inside its actually what you want – to be a cuck in the corner as Master Gary fucks your girlfriend. Carrying on with the leather theme, Master Gary makes fun of your small penis while clad in leather. Master Gary dishes out some SPH (small penis humiliation) while he ridicules your tiny penis whilst your trapped as his wallet slave, again with no escape and no exit. Since now there is nothing more left to give Master Gary if you’ve downloaded everyone of those videos, the last thing to do is to get on the ground and worship his dirty leather boots. Master Gary’s boots command you just as he verbally commands you that you belong at his feet on the ground. Serving as his lifelong slave, giving him anything he demands from you.

unnamed (1)

1 New Video – For the first time ever on In-Charge, Master Henderdong has uploaded a real time meet video to his portfolio. In the beginning of what is yet to come, Henderdong is worshipped in this real time meet by his slave merc. From a master / slave session in Florida, slave merc cooks breakfast for Henderdong just as a good house bitch should. After serving Henderdong, slave merc knows his role and is sent under the table to get down on the ground on his back and worship Henderdong’s socked feet under the dining table. Slave merc is lucky enough to then worship Henderdong’s barefeet.

unnamed (2)

2 New Videos – SteveMyer is a Texas hunk who runs a studio on In-Charge featuring various college boys. In his latest video, one of his college boys, Cedric, needed some extra cash for school and was willing to do whatever it took. He identifies as straight in public but behind closed doors he is a slutty submissive bottom who craves big cock. SteveMyer knew what Cedric could do for some cash. SteveMyer called up his buddy Corey who loves young twinks and it was a perfect match. The two begin with some facefucking before stripping down to which they then proceed to ass play with a dildo. Corey works the dildo in Cedric and even works in his cock at the same time. Corey gets Cedric in the right position for some hard ass drilling. For feet lovers, there are some really good views of Cedric’s bare soles as he’s getting fucked in this 22 minute video. In his other latest video, he matches up hunks Kale and Tyler. Kale and Tyler have been friends since high school and it was Kale who convinced Tyler to make videos like this. This was Tyler’s first time getting fucked by a guy and he loved it. Listen to Tyler moan like a bitch as he gets fucked in this 23 minute video.

unnamed (3)1 New Video and 2 New Images – New to In-Charge is black hunk MasterD92. In his first video on In-Charge, MasterD92 shows off his big black cock as he strokes it and jerks off until he cums a huge load everywhere. If you still need more of his big cock then you’ll love the 2 images he posted to his portfolio. One shows off his bulge in red plaid boxers and the other shows off his big dick.