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3 New Videos – Cash fags can get ready to worship the body of Mr. Octavius. In this nearly 12 minute video clip, Mr. Octavius starts off by flexing his biceps, which he just trained at the gym, before taking off his tanktop. After that, he give you some more flexing along with verbal abuse to remind you of how inferior you are to him. This cash dom even gives you a glimpse of his big muscle ass. Finally, he puts the camera on the ground and shows you what it’ll be like when he stomps on you and leaves you beaten and broke after he cash rapes you. In his 2nd video update, Mr. Octavius make you serve his socks. His stinky feet are extremely sweaty and he wants you to sniff his ripe, dirty socks. Inhale his man scent like it’s a bottle of poppers. After you’ve finished worhsipping his socked feet, you can lick his barefeet clean. A foot fag like you should always worship and serve a superior man’s feet, it’s the only thing you’re good for in life. At the end of the video, Mr. Octavius gives you more glimpses of his alpha feet and muscular biceps in this 10 minute video. In his final video update for this week, Mr. Octavius uses a foot fag in real time. During this hotel meet up with his real time slave, Mr. Octavius sits back and relaxes in bed while this pathetic foot fag crawls on its stomach to worship his feet. The cash fag makes sure to suck his master’s toes and lick the bottoms of his soles as he worships Mr. Octavius’ barefoot like the obedient foot fag that he truly is for his master.


unnamed-11 New Video – Get ready to worship Henderdong in one of his hottest videos ever. Henderdong makes you worship his dress socks and massive bulge. Starting off the video, Henderdong shows the outline of his massive cock through his tight boxers and continues to bulge through his boxers throughout this entire video. This 10 minute video clip is another in the Pray to your GOD series and will make you witness the perfection of Henderdong as you look up at him from the view of his black dress socks, staring up at his massive bulge while he verbally abuses you. Later he takes off the socks to show his barefeet and lets you clean his alpha feet as he spits on them. It is your job to keep Henderdong’s feet clean and to worship them by downloading this video clip.


Featured Model- Verbal Daddy - Verbal Daddy / Tom Miller

This week’s featured male model is VerbalDaddy with his video “Booted Smoking Biker”

In this video, shot outside on a hot sunny day, VerbalDaddy wants you to feel his bulge as he’s dressed in biker leathers, tall boots, biker vest, and a pack of cigarettes in his pocket. VerbalDaddy is looking for a willing mouth for his sticky cum. Watch him stroke and smoke in this video.