Featured Model- MasterBigg

Be prepared to suffer through this intense popper training session. In this video clip, MasterBigg makes you worship his huge alpha feet and sniff your fresh bottle of poppers at the same time. All throughout, MasterBigg encourages you to sniff, sniff, and sniff more from that potent bottle of fresh poppers that you have. While looking up at this straight alpha male’s socked feet, you’ll not only want to fry your brain on poppers but also hand over your wallet to him. Submit to a true straight alpha and lose some brain cells along the way as he trains you to be a mindless popper fag.

Featured Model- SirKraze

Faggots are weakest when their brains are fried from poppers and they’re mindless drones. SirKraze has an intox video for the popper fags who crave to be mindless drones. While flexing and showing off his hard physique, SirKraze gives you instructions on what to do with your fresh bottle of poppers. Inhale and listen to his voice as you go deeper into a trance for your master. When you get really messed up on poppers, SirKraze shows off his sneakers, socked feet, and then barefeet for you to focus on as you worship him and obey his orders.

Featured Model- Master Benny

Master Benny takes control of his weak sneaker slaves and foot faggots. While sitting outside, Master Benny sits back and relaxes after a long day of draining slaves of their cash. Master Benny puts his big feet up to the camera while smoking a cigarette commanding any slave watching this video to worship him and to tribute. Any slave who becomes weak at the sight of sneakers will bow down to Master Benny while worshiping his sneakers. Later in the video, Master Benny exposes his barefeet for his devoted slaves to worship.

Featured Model- Henderdong

Under his control and step by step, you will slowly learn how to be molded into a worthy Henderdong slave. Henderdong purposely priced this video lower than the rest of his other videos because it will result in a return for him of 100 fold as he brainwashes you into a mindless wallet and forces you to become one of his slaves. Sticking his feet in your face and implanting his control into your mind, you’ll quickly turn into a human ATM to spit out cash for this Canadian foot dom. The question now is, are you ready to be Henderdong‘s slave?

Feature Model- Sir Kraze

Abusing cash fags is one of the many things SirKraze excels at doing. In this video clip, he makes sure to lay on the verbal abuse while flipping you off for being a pathetic homo fag. Get your poppers ready because Sir Kraze plans on abusing and using your mind by having you fry your brain on those fresh fag poppers. Throughout the video, Sir Kraze shows off his sneakers, socks, leather gear, barefeet, and muscles. Everything he does is to make you bend those knees and submit to his power. This is popper training at its finest.d Model- Sir Krazr

Newest Downloads

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10 New Videos – DocTayTay is ready to put some fag slaves in their place and give out some intense, hardcore verbal abuse. In the first of many new videos this week, Taylor is clad in military gear and is supposed to be working out on base by since no one is around, he decides to pull up a home video and get a quick jerk in, but has to take a piss first. On his way, he is pissed off because he notices a hidden camera filming him and realizes it must be from some perverted faggot. Taylor takes the camera with him and talk shit to the camera to let the faggot know that he’ll kick his ass once he finds him. In another video clip, Taylor makes a video for his fag boy Chris and lets him what he’s been using the fag cash for while flexing and teasing the entire time. Taylor tells Chris what he needs, reminds him of what he has already gotten for Taylor, and reminds him why he is so in love with this alpha stud master. This is just what a fag slave needs – to be put in his place, to feel small, and to be degraded. Keeping with the verbal abuse theme, Taylor has a 2 part video series where he recalls an alpha story of how he decided to break his best friend Scott. He describes how he slowly gets Scott to do things for him such as picking up after Taylor at the gym, filling his car up with gas, and more. He even recounts one time when Scott came over with his girlfriend Lisa but Taylor made Scott stay at home while he and Lisa went out to dinner. When Taylor gets back to the apartment with Lisa, you’ll realize the alpha power of Taylor. In the second part, Taylor continues his story about his submissive friend Scott and recounts how he whooped his pretty boy ass until he agrees to everything Taylor wants. Although during the ass kicking, Taylor notices it’s making Scott hard which leads to an even more severe beating. What will Taylor have to do to get everything his way once and for all?

Taylor even has new videos for his foot fans. In this 15 minute video, Taylor goes by the name Master Kenny and puts the camera on the ground for his fag slave to look up and worship his dirty feet. He degrades you, kicks you, and will put his feet in your mouth while threatening you throughout this video. Prepare to be fully degraded and belittled as Taylor takes the fag cash which belongs to him. It’s videos like that which let Master Taylor know the power his feet have over fag slaves. Taylor proclaims how your fag cash belongs to him as you lay at his big alpha feet. You have no other choice but to obey this dominant alpha, even if that means cleaning dirt off his shoes or receiving extreme verbal abuse.

In his last set of video uploads, Taylor and his sexy girl Nikki put on a webcam sex show. Nikki starts off by getting her sexy mouth around Taylor’s cock and it doesn’t take long for him to get hard. During this cam session, Taylor is wearing a buttplug that vibrates when people tip. Nikki hops on top and twerks her ass on Taylor’s dick which adds to the pleasure from the buttplug. She then wants it doggy style to which Taylor gives it to her deep in her delicious pussy. You get views of Taylor’s ass throughout and get a cum shot at the end when Taylor blows a big load all over Nikki’s juicy ass. If you prefer Taylor in solo action along with extreme, intense, and vulgar verbal abuse then check out the last video which Taylor gives hardcore gay / racial degradation. In this 15 minute clip, Taylors knows he is nothing by All-American, supreme white meat and that everyone else, especially Mexicans, are simply inferior to him and hot, white American alphas like him. To get even more intense in this verbal abuse clip, Taylor goes on about how he’s going to impregnate your Mexican sister too, all while he jerks his fat white cock. Taylor wants to make sure he gets your sister pregnant so she will have to handle the financial burden of a child from his alpha seed. The bills and responsibilities will all be on you and your sister, who hopefully won’t get deported to make it even worse for you. Taylor busts a huge load all over his abs while reminding you that the abuse isn’t over yet.


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8 New Videos – Master Gary gets full use out of his real time cash faggot. Throughout this series of videos, Master Gary puts his FagDog slave through severe punishment and degradation by starting with some toilet humiliation. Master Gary dunks his masked cash fag’s head into his toilet bowl and makes him drink toilet water. Having his slave on a collar and leash, Master Gary pulls on the leash tight to choke his slave and makes the slave lick the toilet seat before licking his boots. Master Gary continues to treat his FagDog like an actual dog in another clip of their real time session where he makes his fag slave play fetch just like a dog but instead of a bone, he has to fetch a dildo. Getting treated like a pathetic little puppy, FagDog is lead with a collar at all times. This FagDog is forced to drink out of a dog bowl while being choked and even has a dog tail buttplug in his ass. Continuing to abuse his FagDog, Master Gary allows his fag slave to worship his alpha boots while being choked. This eager little faggot dog licks away at his master’s boots like a desperate fag. It’s at his master’s boots that the faggot knows he is contolled and owned and that he works for his master. As a reward for being obedient, FagDog is allowed to worship his master’s armpits as ordered by Master Gary. This fag slave bows to his master and confesses his appreciation for Master Gary all while licking his superior’s armpits like a lucky fag. FagDog makes sure to lap up all of the sweat and appreciate every part of his master. Armpits aren’t the only part Master Gary lets FagDog worship. FagDog then worships Master Gary’s feet while he sits back and relaxes on a sofa. The cunt slave licks every part of his master’s perfect feet. You can hear what a lucky cunt cash fag he is with every lick all while remaning collared at all times by Master Gary.

After fully using his FagDog, Master Gary has some solo videos for his slaves to enjoy. In one clip, Master Gary reminds you that you are not a man. If you think in your day-to-day life that you’re a man, even an alpha at work, its laughable to Master Gary and he’ll tell you the truth about what you really are in this video clip. In this video, Master Gary will remind you that you are a pathetic faggot and nothing else. No matter what your job title is or what you do throughout life, the fact that you are a submissive cash faggot will not change. Besides verbally tormenting his cash fags, Master Gary likes other forms of torment, such as making you worship from a distance. Master Gary instructs you to worship his perfect body, his sweaty socks, and his godlike feet while you are restrained from getting too close. Sniff your poppers on command as he orders you to fry your brain and get addicted to his videos. Once addicted, Master Gary will remind you that you are a sissy cash slave for him to own. Listen to the abuse as Master Gary tells you how much of a pathetic sissy you are and instructs you to dress for him. Master Gary will also brainwash you and remind you where the money you earn belongs


MasterKwinton Bundle Pack


MasterKwinton has something big for his fag slaves. For a LIMITED TIME ONLY until May 15th, MasterKwinton is offering everything from his In-Charge.net portfolio in one bundle – that means EVERY VIDEO AND PICTURE he has available is in this bundle pack. It includes all of his real time meet sessions with cash fags, videos focusing on his alpha male feet, and tons of verbal abuse. In total this is over hours worth of footage. Don’t miss out on this limited time offer!

Featured Model- CashGod13


It’s been so long since CashGod13 made a new video on In-Charge that he decided it was about time to add a new video clip. Not too long ago, PayPal closed his account which forced him to figure out an alternative methods to accept tributes. Of the many options available, CashGod decided to accept some cash tributes directly in the mail. One of his lucky cash fags has been allowed to utilize this option to tribute him cash directly. This cash fag pays a percentage of his paycheck as fag tax and mails it directly to CashGod13. In the first part of this video, CashGod13 counts out a significant portion of the fag cash this slave has sent over time. In the final part of the video, CashGod13 counts more fag cash which comprises a small portion of his savings account. That pile of cash at the end of the video consists of all $100 bills totaling $5000. Slaves can’t stop just handing over their hard earned cash to CashGod13. Now it’s your turn to hand over some cash and download this video.

Featured Model- MrOctavius


Worship MrOctavius’ supreme alpha body like an obedient cash faggot. All of the weak submissive slaves will bow down to MrOctavius’ chiseled alpha body. This muscle master starts by flexing his biceps, which he just trained at the gym, before taking off his tanktop. After that, he gives you some more flexing to remind you of how inferior you are to him. MrOctavius even gives you a glimpse of his big muscle ass. Later, this cash dom puts the camera on the floor and shows you what it’ll be like when you get stomped on by him and he leaves you beaten as he takes your faggot cash like the pay pig are you in life.

Feature Model- ConnorKent


CashMaster ConnorKent trains his puppy boy in this 20 minute video. His submissive puppy boy is eager to serve and worship his new master. Puppy boy loves to be collared and led around on his leash as he wiggles his butt plug tail for his cash master ConnorKent. In this 20 minute video clip, ConnorKent makes his puppy boy play fetch with a chew toy and even drink from a water bowl all leading up to the point where he gives him something harder to play with in this domination pup play scene. Puppy boy sucks ConnorKent’s big dick then takes a super hard dicking from his new owner barking and woofing on each thrust until he cums all over the ground.