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3 New Videos – Follow Master Ultimate God outside as he relaxes in sandals. Lots of time is spent throughout this over 10 minute video with Master Ultimate God ignoring his worshipers. Sit by his feet like a tiny bug as he enjoys some time outside in his sandals and barefoot. Later, Master Ultimate God goes inside to take off his old, beat up sneakers. No verbal domination this time around. Just pure, casual alpha power being exemplified throughout. Stare mindlessly at an Alpha Go’d shoes, socks, and barefeet as you await for him to acknowledge you, once he feels you earned it.

Now comes the time for the verbal abuse and intense popper training. Master Ultimate God sits shirtless as he orders you, his faggot, to popper yourself up more and more. Watch as he flexes and dominates you with his pure, masculine alpha power. You will quickly succumb to your primal queer urges and fry your faggot brain on poppers until your brain is soup. Get flipped off, verbally abused, and mentally wiped out by Master Ultimate God.

2 New Videos – Stefano and his brother team up to laugh at a small dicked faggot like you. Stefano and his brother can’t believe what an ugly, pathetic little dicked faggot you are. They sit back and humiliate you like you deserve while sticking their feet right up to the camera. Stefano then goes solo for this cocky flexing video. Shirtless and extremely ripped, Stefano shows off his mean and lean muscle. You’ll be in awe and want to become his top muscle worshiper as he flexes his huge biceps and shows off his chiseled abs. Open your wallet and serve.

2 New Videos – Ever want to worship a superior alpha like FlexGod in person? This time FlexGod does a real time session with a slave. This weak slave gets the chance to oil up FlexGod’s muscles and feel his masculine chest. Imagine finally tributing enough to be given this opportunity and to have the chance to touch a real man. If you cannot get enough of FlexGod, then it’s time you worship his feet. Right after an intense gym session, FlexGod comes home and puts his sneakers up to your face for you to lick the bottoms of them clean. Afterward, he removes his sneakers and presents you with his extra sweaty gym socks. Inhale his alpha aroma from his gym socks and worship them before ultimately he lets you worship his barefeet as he flexes.

1 New Video – ChokeMasters has another new couple engaging in some intense wrestling / choking. This time, ChokeMasters has a hung Latino guy facefucking his girlfriend while while placing her in a leglock. His Latina girlfriend struggles, chokes, and gags on his big dick as he doesn’t let up no matter how much she struggles. He is relentless throughout this nearly 10 minute video. His main goal is to get extreme pleasure for his cock no matter what he has to do.

1 New Video – New to is DavidWar. In his first video upload, DavidWar and his straight buddy take on a weak beta male in a naked fight. These two straight guys assert their dominance in this real time meet over this weak beta male. In this 20 minute clip, they don’t give up at showing him who is the boss as they pin him down and make him submit over and over.

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1 New Video – Dominant muscle superior Stefano wants you to lick his spandex bulge. Become a good obedient puppy dog for your master and stick out that tongue. Your jump is to pay to worship your master’s fat, thick bulge in his spandex compression shorts. Lick the sweat from your alpha’s bulge as you gaze at his chiseled, alpha physique. Stefano will turn you completely mindless as you worship his God-like body when you download this video.

 New Video – Serve your CubanKing’s sneakers. This video is for all of the foot fags out there. This dominant Cuban alpha shows off his sneakers and socks for you to worship. Placing the camera on the floor, you’ll quickly feel at home and in your rightful position looking up to CubanKing. This dominant alpha then blows smoke in your face as you gaze up at his sneakers, socks, and barefeet.

 New Videos – In the first of two new video uploads this week, ChokeMasters presents a ripped, lean muscle stud who dominates his girlfriend. This naked, lean muscle dude plays around with his girl by locking her in tight headlocks with his strong biceps. He then makes her suck his dick and puts her head in a tight vice between his vascular quads to make her struggle even more. In another new video upload, ChokeMasters shows another BDSM couple. This bald headed tattooed alpha chokes out his girl as she struggles to get air. Male domination totally overpowers this girl with alpha muscle. He locks her in various chokeholds and headscissors in this nearly 10 minute video.

2 New Audio Clips – You are now LucianCarter’s cuckold. This alpha manipulator takes your woman and makes her his willing slave. Making you a cuckold over and over and over. And, the final degradation, impregnating her with a son that you must care for, raise, and spoil. It’s all a loser like you deserves. After completing giving in, there’s nothing else to do but to shut down your brain. Let it all go. Master Lucian’s mental dimmer switch will take your mind away piece by piece. The best thing is that you’ll love every second of it.

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1 New Video – Watch the latest clip from Master Rush Corleone as this young, alpha college dom is decked out in full leather (leather jacket, leather gloves, leather pants, and leather logger boots). This dominant leather clad master will verbally destroy you while his premium leather squeaks with every move. As he humiliates, Leather Master Rush also stomps down on you, making you clean his boots and leather as you worship every ounce of his being. This young teen alpha male knows exactly how to get into a slave’s head and make him fall in love, you will be no exception.

1 New Video – Master Alex milks every drop of his slave’s cum in this cumtastic compilation. The slaves moan and groan as this alpha pushes an orgasm out of them over and over again. Not only does Master Alex make them cum, he also feeds them his own, opening used condoms in their mouths or make them lick it off as it drips down his big juicy feet. Includes most milking and cum feeding videos in this compilation

2 New Videos – This group of bodybuilders decided to do a little partying and some horsing around on camera. All three muscular hunks are in their underwear and happily oblige the webcam audience in flexing their big muscles and do some wrestling and chokeholds. These tattooed hunks don’t hold back with the chokeholds either and make one of their buddies pass out. This nearly 17 minute clip is definitely for muscle fetish lovers. In another choking clip, this ripped and lean stud chokes out his girlfriend. Grabbing her from behind on cam, this BDSM couple engages in some rough play. The naked girlfriend struggles to escape as she gasps for air from her boyfriend’s tight, muscular and strong grip.

2 New Videos – Watch Master Benny walk all over this slave as he stomps on him with his fresh Jordan sneakers. The fat, submissive slave lays back on the ground and takes it as Master Benny stands on his face, chest, and stomach. Later Master Benny switches shoes and puts on some cleats to mark his property better. The stomping continues as Master Benny walks on his slave’s face. The weak foot faggot enjoys every minute of having Master Benny walk on his face with his Jordan sneakers. Ultimately, the slave’s place is at the bottom of Master Benny’s shoes.

2 New Audio Clips – Master Lucian Carter knows that you want to be a girly slut and he will ensure that you get there. This is a brainwashing audio clip file with no echo effects. The brainwashing file is designed to make you realize who you are and what you want. That being a sex object for men everywhere. Being that you’re such a weak man, it’s time for Master Lucian Carter to take your woman. Become a total cuck. Watch as your wife or girlfriend willingly surrenders to Master Lucian’s control. She’ll never be yours again once she tastes Master Lucian’s cum right in front of you.

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2 New Videos – Have you ever wished to get dominated by this Young Muscle God with his feet? Then today is the best day of your life. The incredible muscle bull is showing off his BIG FEET and dominates you with them. He even shows off his big muscles and bounces his chest to an absolute maximum to make you even weaker! If you’re still craving his muscles then check out the next video upload from FlexGod. This young muscle beast shows off his huge muscles in a full intensity. He is making you his bitch slave and you are going to serve him day in and day out. He is your whole world and you are staying on your knees and serve him until he decides otherwise. He is abusing you verbally until you are fully engaged to his muscles and fullfil him every wish!

3 New Videos – The alpha dude featured in this video was trained in the military and demonstrates some intense chokeholds he learned. The video director told him to take his time and make his buddy suffer with some slow, tightening, constricting holds. At the end he feeds him his cock for a bit in this over 20 minute video. The next chokehold video session is over 12 minutes long and pairs two two hunky cousins together. The superior sadistic cousing shows no mercy choking his cousin in various chokeholds and headscissors. It gets so intense that the weaker guy seems to pass out from the intense struggle. In his third video upload for the week, chokemasters shows off a ripped muscle dude who chokes out his girlfriend. This ripped muscle guy uses his muscle and big cock to totally dominate this young and weak girl. He chokes her in a sleepers but she ends up trapped tight between his muscular thighs and is forced to swallow his muscle cock in this 12 minute long video.

1 New Video – Dominant and alpha TheGodofMen makes you worship his barefeet while he humiliates you. Ultimately, this alpha knows you are a weak slave and he will weaken you even more as he forces you to sniff more and more poppers to fry your pathetic brain out of your head. Throughout the video this dom verbally abuses you, shows off his feet and shoes, and makes you sniff his armpits. Prepare yourself to fall into his service like an obedient cash fag.

5 New Audio Clips – Many weak minded slaves need a trigger to get weaker or further in a trance from their superior masters. In this clip, Lucian Carter wants you to focus on the spiral. For this gentle induction, Master Lucian relaxes you into a deep trance to prepare you to listen to your next file on an even deeper level. To get you even further entranced, maybe its time to start some 420 meditation. Get your vape or bong ready because you’re going on a trip with Master Lucian. This alpha’s powerful voice and your drug of choice will soon meld into one for you to begin forming a new addiction. Don’t put those drugs away just yet because it is time to smoke, sniff, and jerk. A simple mantra, repated with an echo throughout this clip. Learn how to feed your addictions three at a time when you download this audio clip. After you’ve completed that, it’s time to go into a deeper trance. An induction and deepening file is included here which is meant to be played before any of the other files to get you in the proper head space. By this point, you should already know how much of a weak and pathetic loser you are and Lucian Carter knows that you were probably alone on this past Valentine’s Day because of it. Admit it, you were alone on Valentine’s Day. This last audio file is 4 minutes of abuse and financial domination stressing how much of a loser you are and that deserve to be alone on this special day. Master Lucian however will bless you with his control every day and make you realize it is your duty to submit to him and to pay him.

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2 New Videos – If there’s one thing that Wolf Master loves it is having someone shine his boots. For this, a slave must stay inside a cage and wait to be of use. Its tongue needs to be ready at all times to clean master’s boots. So when Master Alex brings them in, the slave will gladly shine them and make them perfect. Master Alex aids you by pissing in your mouth so you’ll stay hydrated and with a wet tongue. In another new video, Master Alex steps out of the cage for some role play. In this scene, you want a raise, a serious bump in your paycheck. And you go to your boss demanding it. Of course, you secretly have a crush on him as well. He often catches you staring at his bulge, but that’s a whole different matter. When you approach him with the idea of a raise, he entertains the idea. But he needs proof that you are indeed devoted and ready to do what it takes. Your Boss unzips his pants and gives you a choice. Suck his cock and get a raise or pass up this opportunity forever. Obviously, you have no choice but to take his big dick and low hanging balls into your mouth. He guides you through it every step of the way. Boss man likes his cock sucked just the right way.

5 New Videos – Master Eusebio wastes NO time degrading you. The view is perfect, as usual, with you on the ground underneath his straight, alpha, jock feet. He comes home, rips his sneakers off, and shoves his rank sweaty socks in your face while calling you names and talking about how sick and pathetic it is that you like this sort of thing. Lots of focus on gay humiliation and degradation while expressing his disgust in the fact that you could possibly be turned on by something that to an alpha master is so nasty. Finally, he peels his nasty dirty socks off and shoves his dirty, sweaty, alpha toes and soles in your nose while asking you over and over how you could like this sorta thing. In another clip from this dominant alpha, Master Eusebio has just come home from a long day and the camera is set down low on the ground. The highlight of this video clip is what can only be described as the “Unsockening” of the Godly, Kingly soles of Master Eusebio. You are completely ignored verbally during the entirety of this video, and the Royal Unsockening of His Majesty, Master Eusebio…privileges you in all honesty are really not even worthy to witness! In the last update of Master Eusebio, he will make you experience extreme macrophilia with a vore-related theme of being shrunk and trapped inside a giant’s cereal bowl while the giant is unaware.

In a new video series featuring Master J, this alpha greets all you pathetic viewers for the evening by describing what he’s about to do to his personally owned real life foot fag. Master steps on and stomps ALL OVER the slave, practically from head to toe, with a constant exchange of dialogue ensuing between the human master and his owned object. Heavy crushing and stomping along with foot kicks to the face and side at times do cause the slave to yelp or moan in pain, which Master treats as a “thank you” and perhaps even a desire for more. The next clip starts out with Master J resting on his throne and places his sweaty socks directly onto slave’s face while talking abuse and verbally degrading the foot faggot. Master J decides next to put the footstool to work by commanding his feet to be massaged in the way that only foot fags can do. Master plays around on his phone and ignores the faggot for awhile until he decides he’s had enough for today as he commands his pathetic little fag footrest to crawl away back into whatever faghole from whence it came.

1 New Video – In his dungeon, King Michael is completely covered in leather gear and makes his obedient leather fag worship at his boots. The inferior leather faggot is forced to lick and clean his master’s boots with his tongue. The lowly sub does everything he is told to do and is extremely lucky for the opportunity to serve at King Michael’s boots.

3 New Videos – In a new series of choking videos, chokemasters shows a trio of cock suckers choking on dick. First, is a dominant hunk with a big cock who puts a latina chick into some leg lock action while he makes her gag on his dick. The sexy latino struggles and gasps for air while struggling to take every inch of his big cock. In the next 10 minute clip, a tattooed dominant master gets his chick ready for some intense throat fucking and leg locking. This master seems to enjoy dominating this chick as he he force feeds her his meat in various positions making her gag. It’s obvious that he enjoys it more than she does. In the last choking update, a dom and his boy engage in some rough deepthroat. The hot boy deepthroats the top’s big dick while being squeezed between his thighs. The sub boy is trapped and forced to swallow this alpha meat.

5 New Audio Clips – Poppers make you weak. Poppers make you worthless. Poppers make you a loser. And honestly, poppers make you submit to Master Lucian. Nothing else matters when you hear Master Lucian speak and sniff your poppers. All that matters is the pleasure that poppers and Master Lucian bring to your pathetic life. After listening to that audio file, you’ll need the next audio clip to further affirm that you are meant to service cock. You want to and need to service cock because you desperately crave it so much. You may be hearing a voice in your head during all of this that says you need to stop and rethink all of this but don’t listen to that voice. The voice that comes and goes, quietly screaming and telling you to run. Why would you ever listen to that voice? Master Lucian will tell you who you should listen to from now on. Plus, if you ever listen to that voice again you will be punished. However, you should be punished anyway. Master Lucian found all of your dirty secrets, found the fag magazines, and found the poppers you’ve been hiding. He knows everything! It’s time he takes off his leather belt and beats the fag out of your while you sniff every last bottle of poppers you have. Now, if you were able to make it up to this point after downloading and listening to all of those hypnotic files, it’s time for some induction and deepening. This final clip is non-sexual but dominant and possibly a little addictive as you relax and melt into the control of Master Lucian.

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2 New Videos – ChokeMasters has two new videos this week. In one new video upload, a verbal muscle chokemaster demonstrates the many chokeholds he’d easily lock you into if you were there. This tattooed alpha gets very verbal and shows his brute strength by demonstrating how he chokes out weak fag slaves. Later, he pins you down to the ground and busts a massive load everywhere. In another new clip, two bros test out some serious chokeholds and headscissors. There is no mercy in these unbreakable chokeholds until one of these bros passes out and begs for mercy, tapping out quickly once the choke in locked in on him. Could you survive these intense chokeholds?

1 New Video – Lord Kingsley and another master show this foot faggot who is in charge when these two masters make the slave worship their superior feet. The stupid foot fag has the privilege of worshiping their feet from inside a car. Both masters stick their toes and soles on the slaves tongue, making him worship and lick their alpha feet. He even gets their socks stuffed in his mouth.

6 New Audio Clips – New to In-Charge is mind manipulator LucianCarter. Lucian states in his profile that all that matters is your surrender to the pleasures of his hypnotic voice. This alpha is an experienced HypnoDom and author of over 20 erotic books. In his first clip, he delves into an intense popperbate session. Poppers and jerk off instructions to the sound of Master Lucian’s voice will make you extremely week to the point that you have to download popperbate part 2. With part 2, Master Lucian doesn’t play around. He demands that you get naked and get your poppers ready as you surrender to the pleasure of control. In part 3, you’ll learn that Master Lucian is in control as you progress further in your popperbate session.

LucianCarter changes it up when he makes you realize that you’re a cocksucking sex-crazed faggot. You know this is true and it’s time to burn it into your subconscious. The audio file begins with a slow, gentle induction, then moves on to hardcore reprogramming. Whether you are already a cocksucking sex-crazed faggot or just need to become one, this is the audio hypnosis you need. MasterLucian then will make you cum for his control. It’s all because you just love poppers and nothing beats jerking off with poppers, except for having a strong, powerful, dominant male telling you exactly how to do it. In the final update for this week, Master Lucian delivers another hot poppers file. Fry your brain on poppers and feel your mind go pop as poppers and Master Lucian’s smooth, sexy voice was away all your resistance and make you submit completely.

1 New Video – The Master you have always been looking for. You will be put on your knees and forced to stay there. The ground is the only place for a pathetic, degenerate sub. MasterT’s feet are the only part of his body you deserve to see. You deserve only to be level with them looking directly at them. DONT YOU DARE LOOK UP AT THIS ALPHA. Lick them and the floor he walks on, squeaky clean. Then open your fag purse and BEG him to take what’s his as a petty tribute. It will never be enough. Everything you’ve ever had or will have belongs to MasterT. His feet rule your entire existence.

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1 New Video – This masked faggot submits to Master Chris in a hotel room while he sits back, drinks a beer, and watches TV. The pathetic foot fag goes on and on sniffing socked feet and worshiping them like an obedient faggot. He then sniffs Master Chris’ sweaty, smelly sneakers while getting laughed at and verbally abused. Later the faggot lays on his back wearing pink panties as he gets smothered by Master Chris’ alpha male feet.

3 New Videos – In the newest round of video uploads from Chokemasters, he features a sub who gets choked not by headlocks but by getting a rough throatfucking. The sub submits to his master, a skinny but extremely hung dom, who wrecks and destroys this sub’s throat. The facefucking continues when the skinny dom makes the sub deepthroat him in a leglock. The skinny master uses his huge cock to pound this faggot sub’s throat harder and harder leaving him a spit covered mess.

But for those who still love Chokemasters headlock and wrestling style videos, he has a new upload for you. This 5 minute video clip features an army dude standing while locking another guy in a standing headscissors. The chokehold goes on slowly and is prolonged until the guy getting choked can’t take it anymore. The pressure gets increased until he cannot take it anymore.

1 New Video – Check out JumboIncredible‘s latest video featuring him scrubbing his alpha feet. This black alpha dips his 12.5 sized feet into a foot bath and scrapes the crust off the bottoms of his soles. Then he brushes his toe nails. Videos like this make foot faggots extremely weak.

1 New Video – You deserve to be used and abused for being a weak faggot. Bvlgari13 teaches you another worship lesson in this new video to his portfolio. All through the video, you will worship this dom’s leather, his piss, and his dominance. Your purpose is to serve a real ALPHA. Bvlgari13 will make you his own personal bitch and you will do everything he says to do.

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3 New Videos – In his latest clip, Chokemasters uploaded footage of a bodybuilder with a big dick dominating a twink by locking him in a sleeperhold and headscissors. The dominant muscle stud chokes out this twink with his biceps, his barehands, and his muscular, thick legs until the weak twink boy submits. In another new clip, Chokemasters pairs an army dude against another stud. This one features a long and slow sleeper choke with the army stud locking in his friend in a tight grip. His hunky friend struggles to breathe and nearly passes out.

In another clip, a tattooed, muscle alpha destroys a teddy bear. The verbal, muscle alpha dishes out hardcore verbal abuse and demonstrates the many chokeholds he’d use on you by pretending the teddy bear is your. At the end, this rough alpha shoots his load all of you as you look up at him.

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2 New Videos – ChokeMasters delivers another choking out video, this time putting two polar opposites against each other. In this nearly 14 minute video clip, a muscular Colombian alpha uses his strength to overpower a twink. Throughout the video, he throws this tiny twink in various chokeholds, headscissors, and an extremely tight full nelson chokehold until the twink passes out.

In another video update, ChokeMasters pairs two tattooed muscle hunks in a battle of bodybuilders. These two muscle studs exchange several chokeholds. The bearded alpha guy was the pro as he actually taught the bigger dude how to apply the choke in an earlier video that will soon appear on In-Charge. You can be the judge as to who applies the tightest chokehold in this encounter. Show ChokeMasters that you want more of his choking / wrestling scenes by downloading his videos.

2 New Videos – Master Rush Corleone is back with a gorgeous 20 year old sorority chick to suck his thick fratboy cock. The blonde beauty deepthroats Master Rush’s huge 8″ uncut cock, covering it in slobber. Her tits are massive double D’s and her lips are plump, perfect for the fat dick she sucks. She spits, licks, and deepthroats every inch, sucks Master Rush’s giant balls all while talking dirty and being spoken to like the dirty little slut that she is to him. She then proceeds to swallow the whole cum load from the 20 year old Cash Master. In another video clip from Master Rush, he pounds a sorority chick with his massive 8″ cock. She screams and moans as he penetrates her tight teen pussy from the back and claims what is his in this short clip.

2 New Videos – Just released, a new solo video from Str8ThugMaster showing off his big alpha cock. Str8ThugMaster shows off his big alpha rod for horny faggots like you who crave his cum down your throat. He stops in the middle of the work day just to feed cum to nasty horny faggots. In another new clip, Str8ThugMaster makes his personal faggot suck his toes. The obedient foot licker does everything his master says and slobbers all over his big, superior, alpha feet.

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1 New Video – Take this jerk-off to a new, HOTTER level with a few clips of Taylor bound in different bondage get-ups slipped in periodically throughout this hot spank session. All of that teasing leads up to an EXPLOSIVE shooting cumshot. All the hot edging must have really done the trick for Taylor.

3 New Videos – New to is ChokeMasters. In the first video upload from ChokeMasters, he pairs together a younger and older brother who take each other on in some submission holds. The older bro puts his younger brother in a tight headscissors making his younger brother gasp for air and struggle to breathe. The younger bro endures a variety of headscissor and chokeholds as he struggles frantically to escape the dominatoin of his older brother. In the 2nd clip from these two brothers, the older bro gets his younger bro in another tight chokehold but this time the older brother is completely naked while domming his little bro. The aggressive older brother chokes his younger sibling to the point that he’s drooling and begging to escape. Eventually he passes out completely and is awaken again by his older brother. In their last battle, the two brothers go for a reverse headscissors. The older brother is naked again and wraps his hamstrings around his little bro’s neck, squeezing him like a python. The little brother needs to tap out from the strength of his dominant older bro’s legs and submits a third time in this video series.

2 New Videos – Also new to is leather dom Bvlgari13. This muscular leather dom teaches you how to worship his dominance in a worship lesson you’ll never forget. You need to submit and worship this leather master. Get on your faggot knees and listen to his commands as you lick his leather boots. For his second lesson, this leather dom master makes you worship his piss and then clean his leather boots. Later in the video, he flexes his guns and shows his literal gun as he makes you cower in fear to submit to him.