Featured Model- Chokemasters

In his popular choking clip, Chokemasters shares footage of a bodybuilder with a big dick dominating a twink by locking him in a sleeperhold and headscissors. The dominant muscle stud chokes out this twink with his biceps, his barehands, and his muscular, thick legs until the weak twink boy submits. See how much this twink can handle from the domination at the hands of this big dicked alpha male.

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1 New Video – You’ve been lurking in anticipation for Sir Kraze to post something new and he did it. Crawl over and sniff his socks, sneakers, and feet. Sir Kraze puts his feet up to the camera as he verbally berates you and tells you how to be an obedient foot fag. Your duty is to lick his sneakers clean then worship his huge alpha male feet. Download this clip for a good dose of Sir Kraze humiliation.

2 New Videos – MasterUltimateGod smothers his slave with his ass. To start off this real time session, MasterUltimateGod slaps the fag around and then proceeds to sit directly on this fag’s face. Next, MasterUltimateGod turns around and punches the fag slave in the gut a few times, then makes sure to abuse the fag’s balls some. After this dom sits back down on the fag’s face, the slave is unable to stand it for much longer and is able to escape. MasterUltimateGod stomps on the fag’s back and then chokes him with some jump rope. The fag is in tears by the end of this video clip. The grapplng continues as MasterUltimateGod goes back on the mat with Fag Butler. MasterUltimateGod slowly tortures the fag into submission. The sub writhes around in pain as MasterUltimateGod locks the sub in various painful submissions. Fag Butler has no choice but to submit and tap out.

3 New Videos – Dom master Nebenny shows off his size 13 feet while wearing some yellow Haviana flip flops. This alpha will have you drooling over his giant sweaty feet. Rubbing his huge feet against each other under his desk will make any foot fag wish they could be under that desk servicing those feet. Later, Nebenny goes outside for a quick 5 minute video clip to show off his feet in sandals some more. Tons of shoe play as this dom slips his sandals on and off while walking around to show off his giant sweaty soles. In another video upload for this week, Nebenny lays outside and puts his feet up close to the camera. During the clip, a small fly buzzes around and enjoys the smell of this dom’s huge feet. The fly lands on his feet and keep coming back to sniff this superior alpha’s foot scent.

1 New Video – Chokemasters has a new sadistic self choke out video of one of his bros, Fred, choking himself with a belt and flexing. This muscle stud chokes himself as hard as he can with a belt until he nearly blacks out. As he chokes himself with such power, you can see his vascular body pump up more and more as it gets more intense. Fred may have developed a choking fetish after this.

5 New Videos – Ikagura is back with some more stomp domination. This foot master cruely stomps on his weak fag brother and makes the foot fag worship his alpha feet. This foot fag gags and chokes on his dom’s feet whenever he’s not getting stomped on throughout the video. Later, Ikagura locks the sub in a headscissors. This obedient fag slave enjoys whatever his master does to him, that includes foot worship and getting choked. Ikagura locks his legs around the slave’s head and chokes him out until his eyes are rolling in the back of his head and he’s drooling. The stomp domination continues as Ikagura dominates this foot fag. Ikagura stomps hard on the weak foot slave and makes his gag on his huge feet. The obedient foot fag loves every second of getting to worship his alpha’s feet.

The beatings and foot worship never stop as Ikagura beats his slave and makes him worship his alpha feet. The dominant brother makes his younger brother lick and serve his feet. Face kicks and foot stomps all throughout this clip. After the foot stomping, the dominant alpha brother makes his younger foot fag brother partake in some breath control and foot domination. Making his younger brother worship his feet, Ikagura stops to choke out his brother and test his devotion. The foot sub will do whatever his dominant older brother demands.

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2 New Video – Alpha Derek has something special in store for your brain. He is ready to get his fags all poppered up and make you do whatever he desires. Alpha Derek will take total control of my mind, body and soul as he makes you become more and more submissive on poppers. For the next 4 minutes, Alpha Derek will flex his muscles and make you feel in awe of his muscles while you fry whatever braincells you have left. In the next clip, Alpha Derek will make you quiver as he takes you into oblivion as he flexes his mammoth pythons and pecs. This dom will take over your decisions and make you yearn to submit, obey and respect him. As Alpha Derek commands you to sniff more and more poppers you fried brain will become eager to please Alpha Derek to the point in which you become totally mindless.

2 New Videos – Happy birthday dear Fag Butler, Happy Birthday to you. Check out this exciting clip as Fag Butler receives a wonderful surprise for his birthday. Fag Butler gets dominated and humiliated by Master Ultimate God. From wedgies, to toilet bowl play, don’t miss out on how Fag Butler is used and abused for almost six minutes over and over by Master Ultimate God. Master Ultimate God gives Fag Butler the birthday gift that he will never forget. Back again to be crushed under MasterUltimateGod’s alpha feet, Fag Butler starts on the couch as his dom crushes him in Jordans. As MasterUltimateGod sits on the fag’s face, Fag Butler begs for mercy, unable to breathe. MasterUltimateGod generously allows him to get on the ground instead. Less cushioning under his alpha weight, continuing to trample all over the pathetic fuck.

3 New Videos – When you meet with Master Flex God, you will quiver from the moment you lay eyes on him. In this video clip, he shows you the true essence of an alpha male. You will be in awe of his massive muscles and huge alpha male feet. You will want to worship his body and muscles from top to bottom by the end of the clip. In the next video clip, Flexgod is joined by his alpha buddy. When you meet face-to-face with these two German Gods, you will experience double the domination, double the humiliation and double the destruction that you deserve. These two German gods will put you in your place and will make you beg them to take your wallet and penetrate your finances. In the second part to this clip, the two German doms piss outside. Be an obedient piss drinking fag and lap up all of their alpha male piss right from the tap and off the ground.

4 New Videos – Chokemaster Andre and his friend Paulo test to see who can choke out the other. Paulo is a bodybuilder and Andre practices MMA. Andre demonstrates some chokeholds on Paulo then the muscle stud with the biceps learns to choke out Andre. Hot muscle domination all throughout this 21 minute video clip. In another clip, brothers fight it out as the little brother, Fred, shows his older brother who is the boss. Fred chokes his older brother with some tight guillotine chokes making his big brother’s eyes roll back into his head. See these sweaty brothers get squeezed in this latest clip.

4 New Videos – This slave can hardly breath as his master places his big fat foot over the slave’s throat. The slave continues to ask for relief and gasps for air. Ikagura refuses to let up as the slave continues to squirm for air. Later, Ikagura does foot domination at its finest. This video has plenty of foot worship and domination. The pathetic slave is in so much pain that tears flow from his face as he is choked and stomped. Ikagura is relentless with pure domination and humiliation for the slave. The same slave then continues to gasp for air while his master sticks his entire foot in the mouth of the slave. Listen to the brutal sounds of domination as the slave continues to relentlessly try to find air. The slave brother is then humiliated more by his brother, as the slave does a great job of licking, sucking and cleaning the dirty, smelly and sweaty foot of his master. By the time the slave is done, his master / brother has the cleanest feet in town.

Featured Model- ChokeMasters

Once again, these two ripped and lean brothers wrestle each other for dominance. Just like the last time, the older bro dominates his little bro by putting him in some sick and tight chokeholds and headscissors making him gasp for air and quickly submit to his older brother. Freddie is the younger brother’s name by the way. It seems like Freddie is always getting dominated by his older brother.

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3 New Videos – MasterUltimateGod has another dumb foot fag to serve him. This dumb faggot slave worships Master Ultimate God’s perfect feet throughout this real time session. Watch the slave get humiliated as he is forced to massage his master’s alpha male feet. The slave gets thoroughly humiliated by having his master’s sneakers pressed all over his faggot face. Later, Master Ultimate God smothers the fag with his ass. Placing the fag on the beg, Master Ultimate God crushes the pathetic fag with his ass. This alpha dom enjoys hearing the slave gasp for air as he sits right on the faggot’s face and makes him feel like the pathetic piece of trash he is to Master Ultimate God.

If you crave some solo action from Master Ultimate God then check out this next video. Master Ultimate God flexes his dominant muscles in boxers. Any faggot will become weak and thirsty to be drained from watching this video clip. Enjoy Master Ultimate God’s pure alpha muscle and dominant attitude as he makes you feel like the weak inferior you are throughout this 10 minute video clip.

3 New Videos – In part two of this series, the scene continues with Jaxton Wheeler fucking his sissy slave while Miles Striker just relaxes on the couch getting a chuckle out of it. Miles has never let a faggot suck his dick but is getting a dick out of seeing how Jaxton treats this fag slave. Miles verbally assaults this twink fag all throughout the hard fucking. As the slave is being fucked, Miles starts spitting in the slave’s face. Jaxton talks dirty as the slave rides him and looks into Miles’ eyes. Afterward, Jaxton bends the slave over a table directly in front of Miles Strikers now so Miles can begin to slap and tear the slave into pieces with his words. Miles puts the slave’s face right on his foot and the other foot right on the slave’s head just before it is about to get fucked again. Jaxton pulls his bitch slave’s head back to worship Miles’ sweaty socks. Imagine being this lucky slave and getting used by both of these alpha men.

Shifting gears, in the next video Miles just gets done showering from a tough workout in the gym. Miles then seems to notice of his jockstraps is missing from his gym bag. It’s the sweaty one but he knows it’s gone. Miles quickly realizes his new faggot roommate must’ve taken it. Immediately, Miles confronts you on taking his jockstrap. Prepare to be completely emasculated and humiliated with your tiny dick wrapped around his jockstrap. MilesStriker digs deep with his words to mentally destroy you. Ultimately, Miles is presented with two options: beat your ass or you can watch as he pisses in to a bottle and makes you drink every bit down. Accept your punishment. Afterwards, it’s about time you learn your purpose as a faggot. Miles takes time out of his day to give you the Gospel of Striker. Listen carefully, repeat, and write these down. This is your faggot scripture. The commandments all faggots should learn to live by. The ones that do will find true happiness.

1 New Video – Stefano and his brother are back to trying to out-do each other and this time, they’re trying to see how strong Stefano’s abs really are. Stefano’s brother tests out his abs with some ab punches and kicks. See how strong Stefano’s abs really are and how much he can endure in this 5 minute video clip.

1 New Video – Experience 10 full minutes of being down at FlexGod’s feet. Learn to give full foot worship this alpha muscle god as you lick, sniff, and pray to his barefeet. FlexGod plants his huge bare feet directly in your face while flipping you off throughout this video clip.

1 New Video – No tapping out for this guy being squeezed in a vice tight grip. As these two studs fight naked in the gym, one will win and the other will pass out. The weaker of the two guys tries his best to not tap out and to not look weak but ultimately it just results in him passing out multiple times from the intense pressure from the chokehold. See how much he can take in this 5 minute clip.

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3 New Videos – Follow Master Ultimate God outside as he relaxes in sandals. Lots of time is spent throughout this over 10 minute video with Master Ultimate God ignoring his worshipers. Sit by his feet like a tiny bug as he enjoys some time outside in his sandals and barefoot. Later, Master Ultimate God goes inside to take off his old, beat up sneakers. No verbal domination this time around. Just pure, casual alpha power being exemplified throughout. Stare mindlessly at an Alpha Go’d shoes, socks, and barefeet as you await for him to acknowledge you, once he feels you earned it.

Now comes the time for the verbal abuse and intense popper training. Master Ultimate God sits shirtless as he orders you, his faggot, to popper yourself up more and more. Watch as he flexes and dominates you with his pure, masculine alpha power. You will quickly succumb to your primal queer urges and fry your faggot brain on poppers until your brain is soup. Get flipped off, verbally abused, and mentally wiped out by Master Ultimate God.

2 New Videos – Stefano and his brother team up to laugh at a small dicked faggot like you. Stefano and his brother can’t believe what an ugly, pathetic little dicked faggot you are. They sit back and humiliate you like you deserve while sticking their feet right up to the camera. Stefano then goes solo for this cocky flexing video. Shirtless and extremely ripped, Stefano shows off his mean and lean muscle. You’ll be in awe and want to become his top muscle worshiper as he flexes his huge biceps and shows off his chiseled abs. Open your wallet and serve.

2 New Videos – Ever want to worship a superior alpha like FlexGod in person? This time FlexGod does a real time session with a slave. This weak slave gets the chance to oil up FlexGod’s muscles and feel his masculine chest. Imagine finally tributing enough to be given this opportunity and to have the chance to touch a real man. If you cannot get enough of FlexGod, then it’s time you worship his feet. Right after an intense gym session, FlexGod comes home and puts his sneakers up to your face for you to lick the bottoms of them clean. Afterward, he removes his sneakers and presents you with his extra sweaty gym socks. Inhale his alpha aroma from his gym socks and worship them before ultimately he lets you worship his barefeet as he flexes.

1 New Video – ChokeMasters has another new couple engaging in some intense wrestling / choking. This time, ChokeMasters has a hung Latino guy facefucking his girlfriend while while placing her in a leglock. His Latina girlfriend struggles, chokes, and gags on his big dick as he doesn’t let up no matter how much she struggles. He is relentless throughout this nearly 10 minute video. His main goal is to get extreme pleasure for his cock no matter what he has to do.

1 New Video – New to In-Charge.net is DavidWar. In his first video upload, DavidWar and his straight buddy take on a weak beta male in a naked fight. These two straight guys assert their dominance in this real time meet over this weak beta male. In this 20 minute clip, they don’t give up at showing him who is the boss as they pin him down and make him submit over and over.

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1 New Video – Dominant muscle superior Stefano wants you to lick his spandex bulge. Become a good obedient puppy dog for your master and stick out that tongue. Your jump is to pay to worship your master’s fat, thick bulge in his spandex compression shorts. Lick the sweat from your alpha’s bulge as you gaze at his chiseled, alpha physique. Stefano will turn you completely mindless as you worship his God-like body when you download this video.

 New Video – Serve your CubanKing’s sneakers. This video is for all of the foot fags out there. This dominant Cuban alpha shows off his sneakers and socks for you to worship. Placing the camera on the floor, you’ll quickly feel at home and in your rightful position looking up to CubanKing. This dominant alpha then blows smoke in your face as you gaze up at his sneakers, socks, and barefeet.

 New Videos – In the first of two new video uploads this week, ChokeMasters presents a ripped, lean muscle stud who dominates his girlfriend. This naked, lean muscle dude plays around with his girl by locking her in tight headlocks with his strong biceps. He then makes her suck his dick and puts her head in a tight vice between his vascular quads to make her struggle even more. In another new video upload, ChokeMasters shows another BDSM couple. This bald headed tattooed alpha chokes out his girl as she struggles to get air. Male domination totally overpowers this girl with alpha muscle. He locks her in various chokeholds and headscissors in this nearly 10 minute video.

2 New Audio Clips – You are now LucianCarter’s cuckold. This alpha manipulator takes your woman and makes her his willing slave. Making you a cuckold over and over and over. And, the final degradation, impregnating her with a son that you must care for, raise, and spoil. It’s all a loser like you deserves. After completing giving in, there’s nothing else to do but to shut down your brain. Let it all go. Master Lucian’s mental dimmer switch will take your mind away piece by piece. The best thing is that you’ll love every second of it.

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1 New Video – Master Alex milks every drop of his slave’s cum in this cumtastic compilation. The slaves moan and groan as this alpha pushes an orgasm out of them over and over again. Not only does Master Alex make them cum, he also feeds them his own, opening used condoms in their mouths or make them lick it off as it drips down his big juicy feet. Includes most milking and cum feeding videos in this compilation

2 New Videos – This group of bodybuilders decided to do a little partying and some horsing around on camera. All three muscular hunks are in their underwear and happily oblige the webcam audience in flexing their big muscles and do some wrestling and chokeholds. These tattooed hunks don’t hold back with the chokeholds either and make one of their buddies pass out. This nearly 17 minute clip is definitely for muscle fetish lovers. In another choking clip, this ripped and lean stud chokes out his girlfriend. Grabbing her from behind on cam, this BDSM couple engages in some rough play. The naked girlfriend struggles to escape as she gasps for air from her boyfriend’s tight, muscular and strong grip.

2 New Videos – Watch Master Benny walk all over this slave as he stomps on him with his fresh Jordan sneakers. The fat, submissive slave lays back on the ground and takes it as Master Benny stands on his face, chest, and stomach. Later Master Benny switches shoes and puts on some cleats to mark his property better. The stomping continues as Master Benny walks on his slave’s face. The weak foot faggot enjoys every minute of having Master Benny walk on his face with his Jordan sneakers. Ultimately, the slave’s place is at the bottom of Master Benny’s shoes.

2 New Audio Clips – Master Lucian Carter knows that you want to be a girly slut and he will ensure that you get there. This is a brainwashing audio clip file with no echo effects. The brainwashing file is designed to make you realize who you are and what you want. That being a sex object for men everywhere. Being that you’re such a weak man, it’s time for Master Lucian Carter to take your woman. Become a total cuck. Watch as your wife or girlfriend willingly surrenders to Master Lucian’s control. She’ll never be yours again once she tastes Master Lucian’s cum right in front of you.

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2 New Videos – Have you ever wished to get dominated by this Young Muscle God with his feet? Then today is the best day of your life. The incredible muscle bull is showing off his BIG FEET and dominates you with them. He even shows off his big muscles and bounces his chest to an absolute maximum to make you even weaker! If you’re still craving his muscles then check out the next video upload from FlexGod. This young muscle beast shows off his huge muscles in a full intensity. He is making you his bitch slave and you are going to serve him day in and day out. He is your whole world and you are staying on your knees and serve him until he decides otherwise. He is abusing you verbally until you are fully engaged to his muscles and fullfil him every wish!

3 New Videos – The alpha dude featured in this video was trained in the military and demonstrates some intense chokeholds he learned. The video director told him to take his time and make his buddy suffer with some slow, tightening, constricting holds. At the end he feeds him his cock for a bit in this over 20 minute video. The next chokehold video session is over 12 minutes long and pairs two two hunky cousins together. The superior sadistic cousing shows no mercy choking his cousin in various chokeholds and headscissors. It gets so intense that the weaker guy seems to pass out from the intense struggle. In his third video upload for the week, chokemasters shows off a ripped muscle dude who chokes out his girlfriend. This ripped muscle guy uses his muscle and big cock to totally dominate this young and weak girl. He chokes her in a sleepers but she ends up trapped tight between his muscular thighs and is forced to swallow his muscle cock in this 12 minute long video.

1 New Video – Dominant and alpha TheGodofMen makes you worship his barefeet while he humiliates you. Ultimately, this alpha knows you are a weak slave and he will weaken you even more as he forces you to sniff more and more poppers to fry your pathetic brain out of your head. Throughout the video this dom verbally abuses you, shows off his feet and shoes, and makes you sniff his armpits. Prepare yourself to fall into his service like an obedient cash fag.

5 New Audio Clips – Many weak minded slaves need a trigger to get weaker or further in a trance from their superior masters. In this clip, Lucian Carter wants you to focus on the spiral. For this gentle induction, Master Lucian relaxes you into a deep trance to prepare you to listen to your next file on an even deeper level. To get you even further entranced, maybe its time to start some 420 meditation. Get your vape or bong ready because you’re going on a trip with Master Lucian. This alpha’s powerful voice and your drug of choice will soon meld into one for you to begin forming a new addiction. Don’t put those drugs away just yet because it is time to smoke, sniff, and jerk. A simple mantra, repated with an echo throughout this clip. Learn how to feed your addictions three at a time when you download this audio clip. After you’ve completed that, it’s time to go into a deeper trance. An induction and deepening file is included here which is meant to be played before any of the other files to get you in the proper head space. By this point, you should already know how much of a weak and pathetic loser you are and Lucian Carter knows that you were probably alone on this past Valentine’s Day because of it. Admit it, you were alone on Valentine’s Day. This last audio file is 4 minutes of abuse and financial domination stressing how much of a loser you are and that deserve to be alone on this special day. Master Lucian however will bless you with his control every day and make you realize it is your duty to submit to him and to pay him.