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2 New Videos – New to In-Charge is MasterAlexander, a young, dominant, alpha muscle god who is ready to abuse and take control of your life. In his first video on In-Charge, MasterAlexander delivers some intense verbal abuse while wearing a red Nike sleeveless lycra workout shirt. During this 15 minute video, MasterAlexander shows off his muscular body by pouring oil all over his workout shirt and muscles as he flexes. Soon he loses the red Nike workout shirt and shows off every inch of his muscular alpha body. MasterAlexander reminds you that he is prepared to do whatever it takes to take every last penny from your fag wallet. Soon you will know exactly who is the boss, especially after watching MasterAlexander’s leather verbal domination video. Clad in a black leather jacket, tight fitting black t-shirt and black jeans, you’ll quickly understand why MasterAlexander is so dominant in this 12 minute video. Always the show-off, MasterAlexander enjoys showing off his chiseled physique which he has worked so hard for in the gym as he verbally abuses you before showing you everything you can’t have because you’ll always be a weak faggot.

1 New Video – Joining MasterBraz for this video is MasterFocu to give you a 28 minute foot worship session. These two alpha males sit back and relax on their couch while talking, smoking, and showing off their feet and socks. For fag slaves who can’t get enough of superior straight male feet then their mouths will be watering as they look at two straight alphas showing off their socked feet. Imagine having the lucky opportunity of serving these two alphas in real time and sniffing their sweaty socks and feet. It would be a dream come true for any foot fag.

2 New Videos – You haven’t paid your debts and now its time for your life to be ruined by blackmail. When you don’t pay on time, you will be publicly exposed by Cohibamen1988 and the world will know how much of a faggot you are by the end of this 17 minute video clip. Throughout this clip, this smoking, leather master will verbally abuse and threaten you about not paying on time. Therefore, it’s time to decide, pay your debts or have your life ruined. Cohibamen1988 also just uploaded a fetish roleplay video featuring a captive prisoner scene. In this 10 minute video, you take on the role of a prisoner who has been captured and there is no escape for you. No chance to get out ever. You’re at the mercy of this leather clad alpha prison guard who will determine your fate. Prepare to be beaten, used, and tortured until you snap.

2 New Videos – A straight 26 year-old neighbor of YouBlowMee answered his Craigslist ad for a quick blow and go. This hung, straight stud walks in to get his dick sucked and busts a huge load in YouBlowMee’s mouth. The first cum shot is epic and shoots right over YouBlowMee’s shoulder. Download this video clip to see what he does with the cum from the intense cum shot. Following the pursuit of straight guys, YouBlowMee is always sucking off straight guys and saving their fresh cum to taste later. This straight hunk who has been texting YouBlowMee for a while and coming over his place to get his dick sucked is one of the straight stud’s which YouBlowMee has some cum saved up from. Watch him gobble down this straight hunk’s cum load.

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6 New Videos – Master Gary is always ready to enslave any faggot that crosses his path and will utilize any technique necessary to drain that fag of his cash. In 1 of 6 new videos, Master Gary takes on the role of a leather God in this 5 minute video clip. In this leather domination video, find out what happens when a leather God like Master Gary follows you home. Clad in a leather jacket, jeans, leather gloves, and a leather belt in hand, Master Gary will make you experience something that you will never forget. Besides using leather to control the weak minds of faggots, Master Gary uses his techniques in extreme popper abuse to enslave cash fags. Whenever Master Gary says so, you will sniff and huff your poppers. You will stop when he says so. You will tribute when he says so. While showing his white socks to the camera, your weakened mind will have no choice but to obey anything Master Gary says to do. Continue with your popper training as Master Gary gives out some popper intox instructions while relaxing with his feet up and shirtless. Master Gary flexes his perfect body with those same white socks from before stuffed right in your face as you watch this video. This alpha male forces you to do more and more poppers as he laughs in your face and flexes.

You’re probably already wasted on poppers but why take a break? For this video clip, Master Gary is in a towel while abusing your mind with poppers. More popper counts, holds, and instructions as Master Gary is fresh from the shower, making you drool while watching him in a towel. Since you’ve done so well at sniffing your poppers, Master Gary will let you eat his spit as a reward. In this video clip, Master Gary reminds you of what a little cunt you are as he stands over you and spits on you. Open your mouth and take the rewards he’s giving you. Cherish his spit, worship his white socks, and don’t stop sniffing poppers. For the more sick and nasty fags, Master Gary has a video of popper instructions for shit eaters. Master Gary goes extreme verbally in this video clip. Submit to this cocky dom as he guides you into being an absolutlely filthy faggot for your master.

1 New Video – After you get a glimpse of Transylvanian Wolf flashing his hairy pits outside, he begins to realize that you can’t take your eyes off of his alpha armpits. It’s an incredibly hot and sunny day, so his pits are ripe and sweaty. This is just what you go mad for, isn’t it? Transylvanian Wolf brings you closer, slowly showing you what makes you weak. Pulling you by the back of your head, he buries that hungry face inside his armpits, keeping you in a headlock. But this is ecstasy for you, being so close to this alpha’s armpits. Nothing else matters now as he sees your attention remaining focused on only one thing. The sun shines on his pits, and that is where you belong as well. Then Transylvanian Wolf decides to reward you by letting you push your tongue into his armpits, getting closer, and seeing both of his delicious pits until you are dazed and ecstatic. If you want to experience heaven, then come between this master’s pits.

1 New Video – It is time to serce the true American jock God, SirKraze. Lay your hard earned 9 to 5 cash at his feet. SirKraze is the reason you work those long hours at work and put in the overtime hours. All to please and sacrifice for your alpha auperior. Get on those knees and show your respect to your alpha jock God, SirKraze.

2 New Video – This is how Turkish Satan treats his faggots with verbal abuse and foot domination. This Turkish alpha puts his feet up in your faggot face for you to lick and worship. Whenever you look up at him, he’ll spit in your face and take your money, leaving you bankrupt and broke. One slave even experienced this power in a real time meet with TurkishSatan. During this meet up, Turkish Satan fills an air gun with his spit and sprays it on the fag’s face, making him even more pathetic than he already is to TurkishSatan.

1 New Video – You’ve done a serious offense, you’ve disappointed your leather master. This leather clad, cigar smoking dom, is pissed off that you’ve disappointed him so much that he has no choice but to verbally abuse you and show you the consequences by giving you a new job. In this 12 minute video, this cigar smoking master delivers your punishment and makes you pay for everything you’ve done to disappoint him.

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3 New Videos – TransylvanianWolf is ready to humiliate you in public. Clad in his jeans, leather jacket, and leather gloves, this alpha is at the Football field as he catches you jacking off in the bleaches. He knows how fucking pathetic fags like you are, always craving jocks and wanting them to use you. TransylvanianWolf forces you to jerk off and gives you some jerk off instructions while you sit there before the jock Football players arrive. While you’re following this alpha’s commands, you might as well spit shine his shoes while you’re down there. This bearded master wears black leather shoes for you to clean as you are reminded of what a disgusting animal you are. TransylvanianWolf spits down on his leather shoes and it’s your job to lick them clean and shine them up for him. Taste his thick gobs of spit on his dirty, leather shoes and serve this alpha.

In his final update for the week, TransylvanianWolf gets more extreme than ever. To start this video clip, he takes you outdoors, bound, helpless and beaten as he prepares to finish you off. This is the time that TransylvanianWolf decides to end you. Just as the sun sets, this alpha takes you out to humiliate you, spit on you, and kick you before he ends your existence. You deserve to go the same way you live, like a lowly, pathetic fagot. This video is not for everyone but only for the sickest faggots on the planet.

1 New Video – Dillon Anderson always films the hottest hook ups online. In his most recent hookup, Dillon Anderson had over this cute bottom boy from a while back. His ass was fat and felt amazing to Dillon as he plowed it with his big cock. The cute bottom boy’s name is Theo and Dillon fucks him in multiple positions from on his back to on his stomach. Dillon Anderson makes sure to fuck his ass good and hard before he breeds him.

1 New Video – Described as a great video from a cigar smoking alpha in one of the comments, Cohibamen1988 lights up a fat cigar in his most recent video update. In this 12 minute cigar smoking clip, Cohibaman1988 starts off by having a relaxing smoke before getting down to business. This dominant alpha then proceeds to show you all of the tools he has at his disposal to make you into a poor little bitch slave. Watch all of the instruments that this dominant master has available to use on you as he lights up that big fat cigar and puts his boots in your face.

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5 New Videos – Your dream king Henderdong has returned to In-Charge and is beginning to add his videos back to his portfolio page. In the first installment are 5 of his most popular videos. Get ready to receive some verbal domination from your superior. In this nearly 10 minute video clip, Henderdong shows you his jock-like attitude and you will soon realize that he is the God you need to serve and bown down to. This video should give you a sample of what it’s like to have a real time session with Henderdong. After watching it, you’ll crave more of Henderdong’s feet and will desire to pray to them. Superior alpha Henderdong doesn’t only show off his big feet but he also shows off his bulge through his tight boxers. With the camera situated at his feet, Henderdong peels off his black dress socks and plants his feet right in your face. Later he spits on his feet and orders you to lick if off like the sub faggot you are to him. After being mindfucked by Henderdong from those two videos, imagine worshipping Henderdong’s custom socks while serving him. Henderdong has his very own pair of white athletic socks with his name on them. Cherish his alpha perfection and jock feet while you take in everything Henderdong has to offer you once you are his slave.

After you finish worshipping this straight alpha’s feet, he’ll put you through an intense popper domination session. Henderdong demands that you sniff your poppers until your brain is fried. To him, you are a useless slave who is ready to be dominated and used as a mindless homo slave for his benefit. Continue your mental popper journey with Henderdong in his popper instructional video. Take his verbal abuse because you deserve it as you stare mindlessly at Henderdong’s feet. Don’t stop sniffing until Henderdon says so.

1 New Video – Everything goes perfectly for Str8CrushFeet. There are so many cash slaves in Master Dnero‘s country and his crew’s videos keep selling more and more. In this 31 minute video clip, Master Dnero and Jako celebrate the end of a great week by having two foot fags worship their jock feet. These foot fags couldn’t imagine the smell or the taste of their sweat soaked feet from wearing the same socks for 5 days – Jako even played 3 games of soccer with his socks under this soccer socks. Both of the subs get high from the smell and pleasure of using their tongues between Master Jako’s stinky toes. Both straight masters enjoy their place at the top of the masculine pyramid while their slaves stay at the bottom licking their feet.

3 New Videos – New to In-Charge is superior dom MasterDrc2. In his first video on In-Charge, MasterDrC2 wears his leather jacket while smoking a cigarette in front of the camera. He reminds you of that the deep dark leather intoxicates your fucking mind and reminds you of the dark black abyss which is your mind. Lighting up his cigarette, MasterDrC2 gets deeper into your thought process and begins reworking your brain. Your mind will tick away as the smoke rises from his cigarette. Continue to be entranced when you watch MasterDrC2’s socks. Throughout this entire clip, MasterDrC2 ignores you while placing his feet right in your face, obstructing your view. Eventually he takes off his nasty socks to tease you even more. After watching that video, you’ll probably crave a pair of MasterDrC2’s socks. One lucky fag slave actually got his dirty socks in the mail. Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to own a pair of his socks one day like this lucky slave. Get a preview of how MasterDrC2 packages his dirty socks when you download this video clip.

2 New Videos – Also new to In-Charge is Cohibamen1988, a 6’8″ German alpha dom who enjoys wearing size 16.5 German army (Bundeswehr) boots. Cohibamen will make you crave his massive black boots and want to be these German boots. Today is one of his cash fag’s birthday. The bitch slave gets to view his massive feet and inhale his cigar smoke while only getting to see his boots from the floor. Following this theme of placing you from the viewpoint of his slaves, Cohibamen lets you view things from inside the gasmask that he uses on his fag slaves. You’ll get to imagine yourself right in front of this alpha dom, inhaling his smoke while wearing a gasmask. Only being able to inhale master’s cigar smoke as your sight gets cloudy and you have no chance of escape.