Featured Model- VerbalDaddy

In-Charge.net - Verbal Daddy

This week’s featured male model is VerbalDaddy with his video “Leather Bandana Biker”

VerbalDaddy describes this video as, “Leather Bandana Smoking Biker Jerk-off. You know that feeling when you have not cum for days that you think your balls will explode. Now imagine leather bandana biker with a denim vest, Marlboro Reds in his pocket, soft pack in his hand and bulge that just won’t go down. Imagine your mouth on it, licking and worshiping his bulge, while he looks down on you blowing smoke and guiding your head with his biker gloves down to his balls. Balls stretcher making his dick ever harder, filling your mouth with his bulge, teasing you, driving you crazy as you just want him to get it out and pound your mouth while he whispers dirty things in your ear, making you cum without touching. And then, the cock comes out.

Beautiful handsome veiny dick, just the right size for deep throater like you. He lights another smoke, stomps on the butt with his boots, his balls are jumping up and down as he tugs on his big cock. All that tease and your hard work has made him so horny that he comes nearly in an instant. “Are you ready?”, he says. Here it cums! Big nice thick load too heavy to fly, sliding down his balls and hiding under his hood. He pulls his hood back on and drains that precious juice letting you lick it off his ash covered boots.” Don’t miss out on this hot fetish video


Featured Model- Verbal Daddy

In-Charge.net - Verbal Daddy / Tom Miller

This week’s featured male model is VerbalDaddy with his video “Booted Smoking Biker”

In this video, shot outside on a hot sunny day, VerbalDaddy wants you to feel his bulge as he’s dressed in biker leathers, tall boots, biker vest, and a pack of cigarettes in his pocket. VerbalDaddy is looking for a willing mouth for his sticky cum. Watch him stroke and smoke in this video.