Featured Model- Miles Striker

Once again, Miles Striker has been invited over to see Jaxton Wheeler use and dominate a twink fag. This time Jaxton asks Miles to rate and review and eager sub that’s begging to be put in his place. The two alphas decide to see how the slave’s boot worshiping skills are as they make him worship their boots while taking turns slapping him in the face. The twink fag then begs to suck cock to prove his dick sucking skills. Miles then duct tapes the sub’s hands behind his back so Jaxton can go full force and facefuck the sub twink. See how well it does for yourself.

Featured Model- MastaJR

It’s time for you to become MastaJR’s personal ash tray. Enjoying a smoke from his cigarette, you’ll soon enjoy taking this master’s ash in your bitch mouth as he degrades you like a pathetic cunt. While smoking and verbally abusing you, this tattooed alpha flips you off and reminds you of what your purpose is on this Earth. You are merely here to be degraded, used, and drained by real, superior, alpha men. There is no more resisting. Give in and give up your wallet. While you’re at it, stick out your tongue and open wide for his ash.

Featured Model- CashGod13

Cashgod cares about 1 thing and 1 thing only and that’s becoming more powerful. He doesn’t give a fuck about you or what you want. You are merely just a wallet to him. Cashgod’s ultimate goal is to dehumanize you to the point that you begin to realize you are no longer human but merely a mindless cash drone that does what he wants, when he wants. While watching this video, you will quickly feel like a human ATM as Cashgod towers over you and establishes his superiority over you like the little worm you are to him. Make sure you obey or he will crush you while above you. Evenutally, Cashgod will completely turn you into a wallet for him to drain.

Featured Video- Muscle Worship Dirty Talk Plus Flexing and Jerking

In-Charge.net - Monster4aCock

This week’s featured video is “Muscle Worship Dirty Talk Plus Flexing and Jerking” by Max Payne.

Max Payne aka Monster4aCock describes this as a “video of myself talking down to you as if you were my slave and I was giving you a muscle DOMshow in person. While I’m doing this I FLEX my ripped lean muscular twink master god body and stroke my 10 inch monster cock til I cum shoot my warm thick load of cum all over my tone body”.