Featured Model- Master Mark

Master Mark‘s fag slave decided to have a realtime meet on his birthday. The poor slave should’ve known that Master Mark would have a special treat for him since it was the slave’s birthday. Master Mark decides to wish his slave a happy birthday the same way all fag slaves should celebrate their birthdays: by having to lick their birthday cake icing off of their master’s feet. Master Mark smashes his slave’s cake between his toes then calls his cash slave to crawl over and lick his now dirty feet clean. Continuing to treat his slave like a bad dog, Master Mark rubs his feet all over his cash slave’s head and face covering him in icing.

Featured Model- SirKraze

Faggots are weakest when their brains are fried from poppers and they’re mindless drones. SirKraze has an intox video for the popper fags who crave to be mindless drones. While flexing and showing off his hard physique, SirKraze gives you instructions on what to do with your fresh bottle of poppers. Inhale and listen to his voice as you go deeper into a trance for your master. When you get really messed up on poppers, SirKraze shows off his sneakers, socked feet, and then barefeet for you to focus on as you worship him and obey his orders.

Featured Model- JohnFlex

Giving his foot worshippers something to salivate over, JohnFlex shows off his amazing jock feet for the camera in this nearly 11 minute video clip. JohnFlex just got home from the gym so his feet are extra sweaty and smelly for his foot slaves to worship on cam. To add to their weakness for feet, JohnFlex rubs some lotion all over the soles of his feet and in between his toes. Too bad he doesn’t have a slave’s tongue to clean his feet and moisten the soles of his feet for him. Bow to your computer screen as you watch this muscle god’s feet and get a sense of what a cam session is like with this alpha male.

Featured Model- Master Jordi

Never getting tired of draining and using inferior slaves, Master Jordi is ready to enslave you and make you worship him. Using his male model looks, Master Jordi will quickly grab your attention. Foot fags will especially feel weak when watching this video from Master Jordi because they’ll get the opportunity to worship his sneakers, socks, and feet. Master Jordi flips you off before planting the soles of his shoes right up to the camera. Later he lets you see inside the sneaker as if he’s forcing you to inhale his alpha male foot scent right from his sneakers. Lastly, MasterJordi shows off his chiseled, rock hard abs to the camera while showing his white socks. Open your wallet and submit to this alpha male.

Featured Model- Master Gary

Grab your poppers and prepare to get your slave brain fried at the hands of Master Gary. This alpha male starts off by verbally abusing you and getting you in the right mindset before making you hit those poppers at his instructions. Master Gary will command when you should start and stop sniffing your fresh bottle of poppers as well as when and how long to hold your breath at the end. Follow the instructions of this dominant alpha on how to sniff your poppers for him as you worship his perfect white alpha socks. Master Gary is truly different from the rest in his natural superiority. Enjoy frying your brain and going mindless.

Featured Model- Master Benny

Master Benny takes control of his weak sneaker slaves and foot faggots. While sitting outside, Master Benny sits back and relaxes after a long day of draining slaves of their cash. Master Benny puts his big feet up to the camera while smoking a cigarette commanding any slave watching this video to worship him and to tribute. Any slave who becomes weak at the sight of sneakers will bow down to Master Benny while worshiping his sneakers. Later in the video, Master Benny exposes his barefeet for his devoted slaves to worship.

Featured Model- Master Damiel

In this 20 minute video clip, Master Damiel uses his foot faggot by making him lick, worship, and sniff his sweaty barefeet. This loyal cash fag gets beat with a riding crop and kicked while worshiping Master Damiel’s feet. First he starts off by cleaning his master’s sneakers, then he gets permission to take them off his master’s God like feet to sniff his socks. Finally, the slave gets to worship Master Damiel’s barefeet. The camera switches to Master Damiel’s POV which shows the foot fag right at his master’s feet as Master Damiel smothers him with his sweaty feet. This submissive foot fag gets what he truly desires by serving at his master’s feet and even gets his mouth stretched with his superior’s toes. As a reward, Master Damiel puts his cigarette ashes in the fag’s mouth.

Featured Model- Master Jax

This nearly 14 minute video clip starts with the still duct-taped slave, from the previous installments of this video series, being laid down under the feet of the mighty Master Jax. Showing his dominance over the faggot, Master Jax stomps on the inferior fuck’s face over and over with his giant shoes still on his feet. Then Master Jax takes off his shoes and allows the slave to relax under the amazing scent of his sweaty alpha socks. At random times, Master Jax slaps the slave’s pathetic face, making the faggot scream out in pain. At one point you hear the faggot exclaiming that he has lost his sense of hearing after one particularly hard smack. Master Jax doesn’t give a shit though. Eventually the submissive fag gets to sniff Master Jax’s barefeet but not without being foot-smacked across the face several times during the process. As the session comes to an end, Master Jax releases the slave from the duct tape. Immediately following this session, the slave ran upstairs barely able to breath. The slave develops a new case of PTSD from this session.

Featured Model- Master Morpheus

Another real time session with Master Morpheus and one of his loyal cash fags. This particular cash fag loves to worship Master Morpheus‘ feet but wants to hide his face for the camera by wearing a mask. Even though the slave is masked, Master Morpheus still makes him sniff and lick his feet as he smothers the slave’s face with his huge male feet. This dominant cash master verbally abuses and spits on his slave. Later in the video, Master Morpheus makes the cash fag clip his toenails for him and forces him to eat them as a way to show how pathetic and submissive he is to Master Morpheus. Download this 13 minute video now to server Master Morpheus just like this masked slave.

Featured Model- Henderdong

Under his control and step by step, you will slowly learn how to be molded into a worthy Henderdong slave. Henderdong purposely priced this video lower than the rest of his other videos because it will result in a return for him of 100 fold as he brainwashes you into a mindless wallet and forces you to become one of his slaves. Sticking his feet in your face and implanting his control into your mind, you’ll quickly turn into a human ATM to spit out cash for this Canadian foot dom. The question now is, are you ready to be Henderdong‘s slave?