Featured Model- BiMasterNoah

BiMasterNoah is back to drain you of everything. For the first time in all of Noah’s reign, cash fags can see a young dominant foot master that really enjoys his power. In this video clip, BiMasterNoah will make you smell and worship his nasty smelling feet as you look at him through his toes. Not only does BiMasterNoah make you worship his feet but he also burps on camera for the faggots who truly love being degraded even more. Many sick fags wish BiMasterNoah would burp in their face in person then make them worship his alpha feet. Live out that fantasy with this video download.

Featured Model- SlavesSeeker

This lucky fag slave gets to worship at SlavesSeeker‘s big alpha feet during this real time worship session. The masked fag slave sticks out his tongue to lick clean the soles of his dominant master and enjoys every second of it. SlavesSeeker smothers this foot fag’s face with his big feet and even spit in the slave’s face at one point. The pathetic foot fag can’t get enough of SlavesSeeker’s feet and sucks on his toes like he’s giving a blowjob, taking more toes in his mouth just to savor every inch of this alpha male’s feet.

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1 New Video – Even though a dominant alpha male is perfect, sometimes he has a bad day. MasterDnero just happened to be having a bad day while also having to deal with a disgusting foot fag who only thinks about serving his master’s feet. MasterDnero realizes that foot fags exist only to lick his sweaty feet, clean his house, and worship him as the God he is in exchange for money. While having a bad day, MasterDnero takes his frustrations out on this fag slave as he crushes him with his perfect feet and abuses him like a disobedient dog. Throughout this nearly 20 minute clip, MasterDnero verbally abuses and spits on his cash fag while subjecting him to eating food off of his master’s feet.

unnamed (1)1 New Video – Faggots are weakest when their brains are fried from poppers and they’re mindless drones. SirKraze has an intox video for the popper fags who crave to be mindless drones. While flexing and showing off his hard physique, SirKraze gives you instructions on what to do with your fresh bottle of poppers. Inhale and listen to his voice as you go deeper into a trance for your master. When you get really messed up on poppers, SirKraze shows off his sneakers, socked feet, and then barefeet for you to focus on as you worship him and obey his orders.

unnamed (2)1 New Video – Master Damiel meets a faggot in this video who is craving some cock and ball torture. This faggot puts his cock through a hole in a low table for his master to abuse. While smoking a cigarette and wearing cowboy boots, Master Damiel abuses this faggot cock. From stomping down on the submissive slave’s dick to use his cigarette ashes to burn it, Master Damiel makes his slave suffer through the torture. This pathetic fag enjoys every minute of the abuse as he looks up at his alpha and suffers through the pain. Master Damiel makes sure the slave feels his boots stomping down as he gets more aggressive as time passes

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2 New Videos – Master Brad loves having clean basketball shoes and uses his own personal foot fag to clean his shoes. This fag slave crawls to Master Brad’s sneakers and sticks out his tongue to please his master. Once instructed, he begins licking his master’s freshly, used basketball sneakers clean. Master Brad verbally abuses his fag slave and yells out orders to make sure the fag is doing a good job. Later, Master Brad makes his fag slave lay on his back and he smothers it’s face with his dirty sneakers and puts his fag slave in it’s place. Don’t stop there worshipping Master Brad’s sneakers. Submit to this alpha master and continue to worship his sneakers as he verbally abuses you. In this video clip, Master Brad sits back and relaxes as he commands how you are to worship his collection of sneakers to please him. He’ll flip you off and get deep in your head as he tells you what he demands of you.

unnamed (1)3 New Videos – Prepare to become Master Taylor’s slave for over an hour of hardcore worship and dirty talking. In this 1 hour video clip, slave boy Chris thoroughly worships Taylor’s feet. Taylor lets Chris know that he wants his feet clean by the time he leaves and this slave boy happily obliges. The fag slave forces his Master’s entire foot in his mouth, toe-by-toe. Taylor dominates his little bitch by covering his face with his massive feet and then slaps his slave in the face with his feet. Finally, Master Taylor allows his slave to rub down his sore arm, hand, calve, and back muscles. Once Taylor is finished, he has his slave boy put his socks and shoes back on him, grabs the cash, and heads out the door.

For fag slaves who prefer to be directly under DocTayTay’s boots, he has new videos for you too. In this 10 minute clip, Taylor is an army stud with black boots, jeans, hairy chest, and army cap on. He degrades and mocks you as you lay at his feet showing him how pathetic you truly are to him as you lick and worship Master’s boots. Taylor continues the insults and forces you to smell his sweaty socks. Lick your Master’s barefeet clean and let him stomp on your fag balls when you download this video clip. In his next clip, Taylor becomes a giant and nearly steps on his tiny, puny slave when he comes home. Giant Taylor grabs, pokes, tastes, teases, and torments the tiny slave intruder by forcing the tiny slave to sniff his giant sweaty, stinky armpits, cock, and balls. The odor is amplified by how big Giant Taylor is. His tiny slave is barely conscious from the smell but thing are about to get worse for the tiny slave. Giant Taylor is hungry following his workout and needs a snack.

unnamed (2)9 New Video – YoungNCharge is back with some never before seen videos added to his portfolio page. Get on your fucking knees and server YoungNCharge like the bitch slave you are compared to him. Look up at his big alpha feet and muscles as you bow to him and crave to hand over your wallet. In the next set of videos, YoungNCharge has a 2-part series of him in a red speedo showing off his massive bulge for you to submit to it. Then in part 2, YoungNCharge pulls out his big cock from his red speedo for you to worship. This clip contains even more flexing and verbal abuse to remind you of how pathetic you are while looking at his big, fat, straight alpha cock wishing you could serve it.

For the fag slaves who want to see YoungNCharge in something tighter than a speedo, he puts on a tight Superman UnderArmour compression shirt in another video clip when he gets back from the time. The more YoungNCharge flexes in this video clip, the weaker his cash fags get. Also, he reveals that he’s wearing tight blue Nike compression leggings as he shows off his bulging muscles. In an even longer, nearly 20 minute video clip, YoungNCharge improvises and shows off various outfits as he changes clothes after doing some bicep curls with weights. He strips down to his briefs and a pair of suspenders. Later, he pours water over the front of his underwear and continues to show off different pairs of underwear and clothes which focusing on his muscles and ass.

For slaves who just want to worship YoungNCharge can check out the various other videos he has just uploaded as he makes you serve him like a king that he embodies. YoungNCharge shows off his big feet and bulging muscles throughout this clip and continues to flex in the next clip where he makes you sniff his armpits. YoungNCharge commands that you smell his dirty armpits just as he gets back from the gym and takes over your mind and wallet, making you do whatever he fucking says. Later, he’ll make you look into his eyes and get weaker as he mind fucks your brain. You’ll realize who your true master is after he gets deep in your mind. All that matters is YoungNCharge and nothing else, something you’ll realize after downloading this video clip.

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unnamed (1)

10 New Videos – DocTayTay is ready to put some fag slaves in their place and give out some intense, hardcore verbal abuse. In the first of many new videos this week, Taylor is clad in military gear and is supposed to be working out on base by since no one is around, he decides to pull up a home video and get a quick jerk in, but has to take a piss first. On his way, he is pissed off because he notices a hidden camera filming him and realizes it must be from some perverted faggot. Taylor takes the camera with him and talk shit to the camera to let the faggot know that he’ll kick his ass once he finds him. In another video clip, Taylor makes a video for his fag boy Chris and lets him what he’s been using the fag cash for while flexing and teasing the entire time. Taylor tells Chris what he needs, reminds him of what he has already gotten for Taylor, and reminds him why he is so in love with this alpha stud master. This is just what a fag slave needs – to be put in his place, to feel small, and to be degraded. Keeping with the verbal abuse theme, Taylor has a 2 part video series where he recalls an alpha story of how he decided to break his best friend Scott. He describes how he slowly gets Scott to do things for him such as picking up after Taylor at the gym, filling his car up with gas, and more. He even recounts one time when Scott came over with his girlfriend Lisa but Taylor made Scott stay at home while he and Lisa went out to dinner. When Taylor gets back to the apartment with Lisa, you’ll realize the alpha power of Taylor. In the second part, Taylor continues his story about his submissive friend Scott and recounts how he whooped his pretty boy ass until he agrees to everything Taylor wants. Although during the ass kicking, Taylor notices it’s making Scott hard which leads to an even more severe beating. What will Taylor have to do to get everything his way once and for all?

Taylor even has new videos for his foot fans. In this 15 minute video, Taylor goes by the name Master Kenny and puts the camera on the ground for his fag slave to look up and worship his dirty feet. He degrades you, kicks you, and will put his feet in your mouth while threatening you throughout this video. Prepare to be fully degraded and belittled as Taylor takes the fag cash which belongs to him. It’s videos like that which let Master Taylor know the power his feet have over fag slaves. Taylor proclaims how your fag cash belongs to him as you lay at his big alpha feet. You have no other choice but to obey this dominant alpha, even if that means cleaning dirt off his shoes or receiving extreme verbal abuse.

In his last set of video uploads, Taylor and his sexy girl Nikki put on a webcam sex show. Nikki starts off by getting her sexy mouth around Taylor’s cock and it doesn’t take long for him to get hard. During this cam session, Taylor is wearing a buttplug that vibrates when people tip. Nikki hops on top and twerks her ass on Taylor’s dick which adds to the pleasure from the buttplug. She then wants it doggy style to which Taylor gives it to her deep in her delicious pussy. You get views of Taylor’s ass throughout and get a cum shot at the end when Taylor blows a big load all over Nikki’s juicy ass. If you prefer Taylor in solo action along with extreme, intense, and vulgar verbal abuse then check out the last video which Taylor gives hardcore gay / racial degradation. In this 15 minute clip, Taylors knows he is nothing by All-American, supreme white meat and that everyone else, especially Mexicans, are simply inferior to him and hot, white American alphas like him. To get even more intense in this verbal abuse clip, Taylor goes on about how he’s going to impregnate your Mexican sister too, all while he jerks his fat white cock. Taylor wants to make sure he gets your sister pregnant so she will have to handle the financial burden of a child from his alpha seed. The bills and responsibilities will all be on you and your sister, who hopefully won’t get deported to make it even worse for you. Taylor busts a huge load all over his abs while reminding you that the abuse isn’t over yet.


unnamed (2)

8 New Videos – Master Gary gets full use out of his real time cash faggot. Throughout this series of videos, Master Gary puts his FagDog slave through severe punishment and degradation by starting with some toilet humiliation. Master Gary dunks his masked cash fag’s head into his toilet bowl and makes him drink toilet water. Having his slave on a collar and leash, Master Gary pulls on the leash tight to choke his slave and makes the slave lick the toilet seat before licking his boots. Master Gary continues to treat his FagDog like an actual dog in another clip of their real time session where he makes his fag slave play fetch just like a dog but instead of a bone, he has to fetch a dildo. Getting treated like a pathetic little puppy, FagDog is lead with a collar at all times. This FagDog is forced to drink out of a dog bowl while being choked and even has a dog tail buttplug in his ass. Continuing to abuse his FagDog, Master Gary allows his fag slave to worship his alpha boots while being choked. This eager little faggot dog licks away at his master’s boots like a desperate fag. It’s at his master’s boots that the faggot knows he is contolled and owned and that he works for his master. As a reward for being obedient, FagDog is allowed to worship his master’s armpits as ordered by Master Gary. This fag slave bows to his master and confesses his appreciation for Master Gary all while licking his superior’s armpits like a lucky fag. FagDog makes sure to lap up all of the sweat and appreciate every part of his master. Armpits aren’t the only part Master Gary lets FagDog worship. FagDog then worships Master Gary’s feet while he sits back and relaxes on a sofa. The cunt slave licks every part of his master’s perfect feet. You can hear what a lucky cunt cash fag he is with every lick all while remaning collared at all times by Master Gary.

After fully using his FagDog, Master Gary has some solo videos for his slaves to enjoy. In one clip, Master Gary reminds you that you are not a man. If you think in your day-to-day life that you’re a man, even an alpha at work, its laughable to Master Gary and he’ll tell you the truth about what you really are in this video clip. In this video, Master Gary will remind you that you are a pathetic faggot and nothing else. No matter what your job title is or what you do throughout life, the fact that you are a submissive cash faggot will not change. Besides verbally tormenting his cash fags, Master Gary likes other forms of torment, such as making you worship from a distance. Master Gary instructs you to worship his perfect body, his sweaty socks, and his godlike feet while you are restrained from getting too close. Sniff your poppers on command as he orders you to fry your brain and get addicted to his videos. Once addicted, Master Gary will remind you that you are a sissy cash slave for him to own. Listen to the abuse as Master Gary tells you how much of a pathetic sissy you are and instructs you to dress for him. Master Gary will also brainwash you and remind you where the money you earn belongs


MasterKwinton Bundle Pack


MasterKwinton has something big for his fag slaves. For a LIMITED TIME ONLY until May 15th, MasterKwinton is offering everything from his In-Charge.net portfolio in one bundle – that means EVERY VIDEO AND PICTURE he has available is in this bundle pack. It includes all of his real time meet sessions with cash fags, videos focusing on his alpha male feet, and tons of verbal abuse. In total this is over hours worth of footage. Don’t miss out on this limited time offer!

Last Month’s Top Selling Item: Master Dante – Lucky stupid puppy


MasterDnero has been in the cash master scene for 2 months and realizes how amazing it is for him. As a master, this alpha dom doesn’t have to work, he can skateboard all day, and doesn’t even have to care about changing his smelly socks because faggots will pay for them like they’re pure gold. However, one day, his mate Master Dante comes home and realizes there is no beer in the house because their brainless house slave forgot to buy beer. As punishment, the fag slave is taught a lesson. Collared and wearing a leash, the disobedient fag slave has to worship at his master’s feet and gag on his smelly feet to learn his lesson for being a stupid dog.

Featured Model- MasterJax


RJSlave has been beat and forced to eat MasterJax‘s beard trimming, had his mouth washed out in the toilet, and now it’s time to focus on Master Jax’s amazing feet for a worship session. This clip begins with the still duct-taped slave being laid down under the feet of the mighty Master Jax. Showing his dominance over the faggot, Master Jax stomps on the inferior fuck’s face over and over with his giant shoes on. Then Master Jax removes his shoes and allows the slave to relax under the amazing scent of sweaty alpha socks. At random times, Master Jax slaps the slave’s pathetic face making the faggot scream out in pain. At one point you hear the faggot exclaiming that he has lost his sense of hearing after one particularly hard smack. Master Jax doesn’t give a shit and eventually let’s the fucker sniff his barefeet but not without being foot-smacked across the face several times during the process. As the session comes to an end, Master Jax releases the slave from the duct tape. This scene is one that the slave will not forget.

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3 New Videos – Taylor knows how pathetic you really are considering the fact that you’ll pay him to see his feet. Taylor likes money and like degrading you so it’s a win-win for him. In this 20 minute video, Taylor delivers lots of trash talk and teasing while he tries on 3 pairs of shoes for his fag slaves. Taylor has the attitude of a bully or that of a mean / abusive boss while he lets you know just how desperate you are when seeing his shoes and feet. You are his slave now though, and you can’t seem to look away as he forces your face and nose down a pair of his boots, dress shoes, and high-top basketball sneakers. Finally, he lets you see him sockless and makes you wonder what it would be like to feet his feet all over your pathetic body. In his next video, Taylor orders you to worship his feet. Taylor just got home from work and his feet are killing him. Luckily, his foot slave, Matt, is there to take care of his feet for him. Taylor insults his fag slave while he wiggles his toes and teases his slave with his sweaty feet. He calls his slave a faggot and tells fag slave Matt how he’ll shove his dirty socks in Matt’s mouth. Try not to become mesmerized by Taylor’s dominant ways when you download this video clip. Finally, in his third latest video upload, Master Taylor is feeling very comfortable today and he wants his slave to know it by rubbing it in their face. This alpha dom will degrade you, call you a faggot, and make you feel like dirty while reminding you that your life sucks. To add more insult, Taylor points out how small your dick is compared to his massive cock. He thinks you “stub” of a dick is hilarious. At the end, he strips down and shows you what a real man’s cock looks like.

unnamed (1)

2 New Audio Clips – Do you have an Alpha jock persona inside of you, ready to take over? Whether that is a muscle jock, a country jock, a dumb jock, or any other kind of jock, you want to feel that power taking over you, making you more confident. In this stroke training session, you will want to feel that jock taking over more with every stroke until you are that jock, ready to dominate in the gym, with sex, and in all other areas of life. This audio clip features workout motivation and suggestions to not care so much what others think about your transformation because it is what you have wanted deep down and what makes you happy. Jack off along to the file, then feel yourself transform as you cum at the end to this 23 minute clip. Don’t stop with just that transformation, you will also need muscle transformation. Are you the type of guy that loves the idea of muscle growth and bodybuilding to the point of getting huge? This stroke training file helps you let go of what anyone else might think about your size, because for you, there is no such thing as “too big”. Imagine your biceps, pecs, quads, and the rest of your physique getting bigger as your body releases more testosterone and muscle growth hormones. This file will make you feel pumped up for the gym and your next workout, but be warned it may also contribute to being even more obsessed with muscle.

unnamed (2)

1 New Video – Sniff your poppers and get intoxicated as you worship Master Gary’s biceps. In his newest video clip, MasterGary gives you several countdowns as you inhale your poppers and fry your fag brain for him. Inhale every time you see his jock arms and worship them with a perfect view of his pits. MasterGary also shows off his socked feet when he puts his sweaty, dirty socks in front of the camera. Submit to this alpha male as he screws up your mind with poppers.

unnamed (3)

4 New Videos – The following videos are the first tests which masters must take to join the group of Straight Crush Feet school of masters. The first test consisted of Master D-Hunter using a faggot. Master D-Hunter was recruited by Straight Crush Feet for his huge ego which he showed along with cockiness and verbal abuse while using this foot fag. This particular foot fag was bullied in his teens and Master D-Hunter helps this slave relive those fantasies. The next master to go through initiations is Master Red. This alpha dom degrades 2 foot fags at the same time. Master Red was chosen by Straight Crush Feet because of his massive size 10 feet. One year ago, MasterDnero’s step brother helped Master Red with a college final and now he’s worshipping Master Red’s feet. Although, MasterRed doesn’t just have one slave at his feet, he invited along the slave’s ex-boyfriend to serve and worship him as well. The third master to go through his initiation is Master Danthe who was enlisted by another slave who got the chance to lick his feet once. Master Danthe has smelly feet which smell so bad that Master Dnero had to wear a gas mask while filming this video clip. As this alpha male sits back and relaxes, his disgusting foot fag worships his foul smelling feet to please his master.

In the final newest video from MasterDnero, he introduces soccer player Master Jako. MasterDnero’s step-brother, Lucky, found a complete stranger in the street and offered him money to lick his feet. This alpha male Master Jako took him up on the offer because he has such a big ego and enjoys to humiliate foot faggots to impose his alpha abilities further. Master Jako forces this foot fag to sniff, lick and worship at his feet all throughout this 17 minute video. He makes the foot slave suck on his toes while he establishes his dominance.

Last Month’s Top Selling Item: Just another fag at my feet!


In this 11 minute video clip, MasterDnero uses another foot fag at his feet. Sometimes, MasterDnero wonders where do so many foot slaves come from? For example, look at this foot fag, who happens to be a clothing designer and earns a lot of money. This rich foot fag uses his hard earned cash to give it to MasterDnero in exchange for being under his glorious alpha feet. Although, in the end, none of that matters, as long as it’s just another fag at the feet of MasterDnero.