Featured Model- Henderdong

Come follow the feet of your dream king as Henderdong walks on the golf course and makes you worship his superior feet. During his day off, Henderdong gets sweaty while getting in a round of golf. While in a golf cart, Henderdong puts his feet and custom Henderdong socks up to the camera making a weak foot fag like you feel the urges to sniff those big alpha male feet. Showing off his socks, sneakers, and barefeet on the green, Henderdong will have you begging to be his personal caddy and foot fag. See how long you can last as he shows off his socked and barefeet to the camera in this over 13 minute long video.

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6 New Videos – Get dressed up like a fucking slut for Master. Alpha dom Master Gary has a belt to use as your collar with a gold leash for your slutty neck. Be prepared to go under some Barbie bimbo sissification at the hand of Master Gary. This dom will tell you how to dress and what to wear as you worship him as your Master. But before you get started there, take a look and download part 1 of this 2 part sissification series. In part 1, Master Gary turns you into a slutty whore who must obey all of his orders. You know deep down inside that you’re a sissy girl. From now on, in the presence of Master Gary, your name is Abby. Get introduced to your new life as a slutty whore for this alpha dom and be prepared to be fully degraded as a pathetic slutty whore. If that wasn’t enough of abuse, in another video upload, Master Gary puts you through a forced workout. Master Gary will make you suffer as he tells you what to do and how to train. You’ll become obedient and subservient as Master Gary tells you what a stupid fucking faggot you are the entire time. Be ready for endless amounts of pushups, situps, and burpees, as Master Gary becomes your new personal trainer.

As a reward for all of that sissification and training, Master Gary will let you hit those poppers for some sniffs. Get high as fuck for your new Master by sniffing those fresh poppers. Master Gary will guide you through as he tells you to sniff and inhale those poppers while threatening to expose what a popper sniffing faggot you are to the world. Endure more popper fuckery while you stare at Master Gary’s white socks. You’re going to be so fucked up on poppers as you stare blindly as this master’s feet while you wear chastity. He’ll take great pleasure in torturing you by teasing you with his alpha body and his dirty white socks being stuck in your faggot face. This final popper instructional clip is the most hardcore for a ruthless intox session. For this video, MasterGary says you need 3 mixed strong spirit drinks, a lit joint, and 1 or 2 bottles of poppers. This is not for rookie faggot slaves as Master Gary does whatever it takes to ruin your brain. No mercy in this ruthless, no limits intox session. Say goodbye to your brain cells and your cash.

1 New Video – In this over 10 minute long compilation of video clips, you’ll learn that your place is at Master Alex’s feet. All of his hottest foot worship sessions are included. Sessions of Master Alex in army boots, leather stomping boots, knee high socks and more but in every session the slaves know true obedience and submit to his feet, boots, and socks. These obedient fag slaves know their place is at an alpha’s feet. If you just want to cut to the chase and see all of Master Alex‘s foot worship clips, this is the compilation clip for you.

1 New Video – Henderdong grabs a drink, sits back, and dominates while you stare at his soles. Feel this dominant alpha use his power to overtake your senses and leave you paralyzed by his voice. Once you see his big alpha male feet, hear his voice, and submit to his raw, dominant power, you will be frozen into submission. Simply give in and worship this alpha male like a king should be worshiped.

1 New Video – The ultimate muscle giant is standing in front of you and over you while a small, tiny slave like yourself kneels in front of him. FlexGod‘s strength is so incredible and masculine that you will easily follow all of his orders and do anything he wants. You follow his orders because you’re scared of his strength and size and don’t want to get hurt. Experience 10 minutes of pure domination from this muscular superior when you download this verbal muscle worship video.

4 New Audio Clips – Do you know what the subliminals can do? Do you even care or will you follow them willingly? This audio clip is a multi-layered reinforcing file filled with subliminals to make you submit to a new level. But it gets more intense when you download the audio clip that will be the kickstarter to getting you addicted to Lucian Carter. There is no going back from here. Once you download this, be willing to give up your mind, body, spirit, soul and wallet. After becoming addicted, some slaves say that vices help them submit more easily and not think twice about their cash slave addictions. In the next clip, LucianCarter uses some 420 reinforcement. Weed, ganja, mary jane, the devil’s lettuce, it doesn’t matter what you call it. What matters is you need it to relax and submit more. Master Lucian is going to meld smoking weed with his powerful words and entwine them forever inside you.

Not only does your mind need conditioned but so does your body. Do you currently take a pre-workout before the gym such as C4 or LionBlast? It’s time you add an audio conditioning file to your pre-workout routine. Build your desire to workout and improve your body with this audio file to make you a bigger gym fag. As you get stronger in the gym, you’ll get weaker and more submissive too.

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3 New Videos – Come follow the feet of your dream king as Henderdong walks on the golf course. During his day off, Henderdong gets sweaty while getting in a round of golf. See how long you can last as he shows off his socked and barefeet to the camera in this over 13 minute long video. Later, Henderdong verbally degrades you as he makes you come along for a ride with him in his car. As he drives around town, Henderdong shows off his feet as they hit the pedals of his car. Watch this barefooted alpha as he verbally dominates you and reminds you of what a pathetic foot slave you are to him.

In another video geared toward foot lovers, Henderdong instructs you to sit back and loosen your belt as Henderdong turns up the heat with a foot job. Imagine feeling his superior feet and toes rubbing all over you. His big alpha feet all lubed up rubbing up and down on this dildo will make any foot fetishist weak.

2 New Video – You find yourself waking up for morning, but wait.. something’s not right. After much exploration and reality grasping, you finally come to grips with the realization that you are somehow only about 1/2 inch tall and you are in your cocky, straight roommate’s room. Not only that, but the Cuban Alpha King really really hates bugs in his room. It seems Cuban Alpha King has just gotten back from the gym and sits on the beds where you are, pulls of his shoes and socks, and nearly knocks you down when throwing them towards you while his colossal gargantuan soles are fidgeting around directly in front of you. You just simply are too small and insignificant to make any sounds loud enough to be heard by a normal sized human ear. Will this alpha giant notice you and decide it’s time to crush you like a bug or will you go undetected? Download to find out.

In this clip, the hot amazing Cuban Alpha King decides to shrink you down to be his tiny slave because he’s tired of stealing your lunch money in school. He decides to take it a step further and make you down to the size of a tiny insect ant bug. After showing off his huge straight alpha soles, he decides to place you in a huge empty beer box while he smokes above and ashes all over you. Cuban Alpha King is extremely verbally degrading while emphasizing that you belong to him and that he can do just about anything with you that he decides to see fit. This box is your new home, and with every stomp of the foot, you hear thundering booming and ground shaking sounds and feelings. What will he decide to do with you next?!?!

1 New Video – SirKraze is ready to extremely verbally degrade you for being a turd sniffing freak. This alpha dom flexes and gives you the middle finger during this hardcore verbal abuse video. You are scum compared to SirKraze and he quickly reminds you of that. He even tells you to breathe in deep, so get those fresh poppers out.

2 New Videos – The muscle god is back and he is angrier than than ever. This towering giant has destroyed your whole city and beaten all of your friends just by flexing his strong, rock hard muscles. Now your the only one who is left and your down on your knees begging for mercy, but the god won’t show any mercy for you. Now the humiliation begins. In another new clip, this young muscle beast shows off his muscles in full intensity. He is making you his bitch slave and you are going to serve him day in and day out. He is your whole world and you are staying on your knees to serve him until he decides otherwise. He is abusing you verbally until you are fully engaged to his muscles and fulfill his every wish.

1 New Video – MasterBenny has something for you to drink. This cash dom goes to the bathroom and fills up a cup with piss. Piss fags will crave Master Benny’s piss as they watch the warm yellow stream shoot out and fill up the glass.

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3 New Videos – The scene with Master Eusebio starts off with you walking up and finding yourself shrunken and tiny, no bigger than an insect. This video differs from the rest of knight00wl‘s macrophilia videos because it has text subtitles from start to finish which are intended to represent your thoughts as a shrunken human. Despite your best efforts to out run the giant feet of Master Eusebio you cannot. Running a mile to you would still be less than one casual footstep for Giant Eusebio. The footsteps get louder and louder until you hear the bedroom door come to a jarring open and 2 sneakers come storming into the room. Find out what happens next when you download this marcophilia clip. If you cannot get enough of Master Eusebio then you’ll need to check out the next video. Sitting beneath Master Eusebio’s feet you will learn your one job and one purpose. This dominant alpha takes pleasure out of assigning your fate and making you do whatever he says as you stare up at his gigantic feet. Visit the site to play the preview of this video and let Master Eusebio speak directly to you as your mouse slowly moves toward that Download Now button.

If you’re into watching hot, straight alphas slip on and off their socks and their shoes then this next video is definitely for you. There is no talking during this video and there doesn’t have to be as Lord Eusebio keeps you hypnotized with every little action his alpha soles and toes decides to do while outside and enjoying the freedom of from the hot, sweaty sneakers they are in daily.

4 New Videos – Your favorite alpha dom and dream king Henderdong is back as an alpha giant. As he dominate over tiny little props, imagine yourself as one of the little fag townspeople that are standing in fear of his huge feet. You will soon be happy to be so small under Henderdong’s feet as you accept his dominance over you. Henderdong dominates another pathetic shrunken slave. You want to feel tiny, pathetic, and under the control of a giant so why wait? Download this clip of Henderdong dominating your shrunken self.

Another slave happens to get lost in the presence of superior giant Henderdong. Shrunken down to a miniature size, this slave gets lost in the grass forest of Henderdong’s lawn as it begs to get a little bit of attention from this dominant alpha, but your dream king is the boss and will decide what should happen to a tiny like you. By this point, you’re probably hungry for Henderdong’s control and maybe a little bit hungry in the literal sense as well. Henderdong has a snack for you as he crushes a Whopper with his feet. See his perfect soles, that you dream about, smashing your food right in front of you. His big feet and perfect toes grind your snack all under his feet just like how you deserve your snacks to be handled.

1 New Video – The most disobedient and bad slaves don’t even get to stay in bedroom cage. They are taken down to the basement, locked in the cold and dark. After days and days of being trapped and alone they become good and obedient slaves. Rarely does Master Alex go down to feed them. But most of the time the only thing they get is his spit or a stream of piss. Then they have to thank him by kissing his dirty leather boots. Since you are thirsty, let him shoot his piss in your mouth. Enjoy it while it lasts. Who knows when he’ll be back to feed you again?

2 New Videos – Chokeholds, KO’s, headscissors, and some no mercy domination. These two bros wrestle it out on the mats and see who can be victorious. The more dominant bro doesn’t hesitate to take charge and overpower his younger bro, locking him in a tight and fierce headlock making him black out. In another new clip, a trained military dude wanted to show off some of his tactical fighting holds he had learned. He uses his fighting skill set on a dude in his underwear to show off his fighting abilities. Locking in a sleeper choke and other holds this is a military dude you don’t want to mess with.

2 New Videos – Smoking bare chested in a leather jacket and gloves, MasterDrC will make you grovel and beg to take his spit and ash. It won’t be long before you pay for the honor in front of this leather clad alpha. Since you’re now craving even more leather, MasterDrC will place you under his desk to be ignored. Your only view will be of his leather boots while he does work at his desk. Prepared to be ignored like the worthless cunt fuck you are as you serve this leather dom.

Featured Model- Henderdong

Henderdong may be giving you too much attention lately and it might be time for Henderdong to ignore you while you worship. With his big alpha feet shoved in your face again, both socked and barefoot at different points in this video, you’ll devote yourself to serving his feet. Henderdong won’t give you any attention though because attention from a foot king is earned and not given so easily.

Featured Model- Henderdong

Under his control and step by step, you will slowly learn how to be molded into a worthy Henderdong slave. Henderdong purposely priced this video lower than the rest of his other videos because it will result in a return for him of 100 fold as he brainwashes you into a mindless wallet and forces you to become one of his slaves. Sticking his feet in your face and implanting his control into your mind, you’ll quickly turn into a human ATM to spit out cash for this Canadian foot dom. The question now is, are you ready to be Henderdong‘s slave?

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1 New Video – Are you ready to become Henderdong’s slave? Step-by-step, you can slowly learn how to be molded into a worthy Henderdong slave when you download this video clip. You will get Henderdong’s instructions to be a mindless human ATM for this alpha master. Henderdong purposely priced this video low because after he infects your mind, the return for him will be 100 fold as he molds you into his wallet and retrains your brain to his control. Submit to Henderdong and serve at his feet.

1 New Video – Muscle twink Slave Damien is competing against fat Slave George to show their devotion to Master Alex in this game of slave tug of war. A rope is tied around their cock and balls and the slaves must put the other one over the designated line marked on the ground. To make sure they are properly motivated, Master Alex uses a real horsewhip on their backs. The fag slaves pull and experience pure agony as their private parts are being tormented like hell. Seeing how Slave George is losing, he gets the most motivating strikes of the whip, yet he still manages to lose – mainly because he was enjoying it too much. Master Alex is not pleased with the poor performance as he wanted a close game so he puts Slave George through the paces and brutally punishes him. Master Alex twists, slaps, and kicks Slave George’s cock and balls as punishment as he uses the rope like a leash to pull him around like a pet. Ball-busting follows and Slave George is trained to take some serious CBT. Next time he will know not to fail his Master.

3 New Videos – Prepare for hardcore verbal abuse from MasterAJ while wears his Nike AirMax sneakers. Quickly you’ll realize that your rightful place is to bow down before this rugged master and crawl to him on your hands and knees with your wallet in your mouth. Showing off not just his Nike sneakers, MasterAJ also makes you worship his feet and American flag socks like an obedient foot fag. For the fag slaves who love his biker leathers, MasterAJ has another video of him changing into bike leathers and motorcross boots. Stay on your knees and worship as this leather master gives your life a purpose. That purpose is to fork over your hard earned money so he can live the life. Fully clad in bike leathers and flexing, MasterAJ will fulfill your leather fetish. Listen as you hear the sound of the leather creeking all over his body as he squats over you. Wearing his leather gloves, MasterAJ is ready to take from you what is rightfully his to own.

1 New Video and 1 New Photoset – With the body of a Greek God or Roman soldier, JacquesHunk will weaken you while he flexes in a jockstrap and jerks his massive alpha cock. This 21 year-old bodybuilder isn’t afraid to show off and exudes pure masculinity and superiority. Tattooed and smooth, JacquesHunk is the type of guy you see in the gym but are too intimidated to approach but now is your opportunity to serve a muscle hunk. JacquesHunk even has more for you to worship with a complete photoset of him showing off his muscles, feet, and smoking.

3 New Videos – Foot fags, get ready for total feet humiliation from MasterJordi. Showing off his massive jock feet, MasterJordi gives you what you’ve been craving. While verbally abusing and humiliating you, MasterJordi will command you to lick and worship his big feet like an obedient foot slave. However, the worship doesn’t stop there because MasterJordi wants you to worship his feet and legs as he towers over you. Making you look up at him, MasterJordi seems like a giant as he stands above you to remind you of how superior he is to you. Be careful to not get stomped on as you’re down there worshipping this foot master’s feet. But a worship session isn’t complete without some muscle worship. Pumped up from the gym, MasterJordi demands that his muscles get worshipped and massaged. Get ready to give this pumped up jock the worship he deserves while you drool over his godly body.

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1 New Video – In this 8 minute video clip, MasterBraz95 puts you through rough popper training as you worship his feet. Getting very specific and detailed, MasterBraz95 tells you how you should sniff poppers while staring at his socks. This dominant alpha will command you to start sniffing, instruct you on how to breathe, and order you to stop when he feels is necessary. All of that while he also verbally abuses you and shows off his masculine white socks.

1 New Video – MasterDnero and Str8CrushFeet is proud to announce some great news. First, they have restructured their admission tests for news masters, which can be found at the end of their admission test videos. They have increased the difficulty of their admission tests by forcing alpha pledges to be more creative in their domination techniques to ensure they are allowing the most dominant masters into Str8CrushFeet. Secondly, MasterDnero proudly welcomes Master Wolfgang to Str8CrushFeet, his alpha score can be seen at the end of his video.

Wolfgang is dominant by nature and the first in Str8CrushFeet to exclaim that he isn’t in it just for the money. Usually Wolfgang will dominate women during sex because he’s straight but rationalizes that there isn’t much difference for him since the power he feels over others is what gives him a mental pleasure. During this admission test, Master Wolfgang must prove himself by dominanting Lucky the slave. Lucky can sometimes be a bit bratty, but Wolfgang makes sure to put a stop to that so Lucky understands who is in charge. Wolfgang slaps Lucky in the face and chokes him out. Download now and see how well Master Wolfgang ranks with some of the top masters.

3 New Videos – Master Allen has even more videos this week for you to drool over. In the first of 3 videos, Master Allen gets his ass worshiped by a masked faggot slave. This pathetic sub dives face first between Master Allen’s legs and worships his favorite, ripest ass on the face of the planet. The masked slave skillfully eats out his master’s ass with his tongue, licking and sucking on his master’s asshole. Giving his slave even more rewards, Master Allen lets the fag slave go from eating his ass to licking his balls. There’s nothing this faggot slave loves more than burying his pig face in Master Allen’s sweaty ball sack when he gets home from the gym. Watch the masked slave polish his master’s alpha jock sack with his faggot tongue. Master Allen makes sure his cash fag sops up all of the delicious scents and flavors that cling to his King balls. In his final act of service of these 3 videos, the masked fag sucks his master’s toes. The foot fag worships Master Allen’s jock toes by going to town on them with his tongue out, licking every part. As Master Allen sits back and watches, the masked sub sucks all of the foot jam from between each toe. At one point the fag stuffs his mouth full of toes, literally.

5 New Videos – Well known alpha master Henderdong is ready to make you submit to him completely. Get dominated for nearly 13 minutes while Henderdong dominates you. With his own form of verbal abuse and foot worship, Henderdong refers to this as Henderdomination. It includes you submitting yourself to him, enjoying his feet, and experiencing his God like attitude to the point that you realize who is in charge. Craving more from him, you’ll find yourself praying to Henderdong’s feet. Placing the camera at the bottom of this sofa, Henderdong plants his feet right up to the camera so you can see how massive his alpha feet really are in size. You’ll begin feeling the urge to worship his shoes, socks, and feet while watching this clip. As a reward, you may get to clean his alpha feet with Henderdong’s own holy spit as you bow down and pray to his feet. However, Henderdong may be giving you too much attention as it might be time for Henderdong to ignore you while you worship. With his big alpha feet shoved in your face again, both socked and barefoot at different points in this video, you’ll devote yourself to serving his feet. Henderdong won’t give you any attention though because attention from a foot king is earned and not given so easily.

Joining Henderdong in this two part video series is his foot master prodigy. Worship these alphas as they peel off their socks showing their superior straight feet. Both foot doms will ignore you but throw out some verbal jabs to keep you on the right path of service and to feed your cravings. In part 2, not only do the socks come off but the shirts come off too. Now that you’re worked up and can’t contain yourself anymore, you can treat yourself to part 2 of this foot worship series. Stay on the floor to worship these four perfect jock feet and make sure to pick up these alphas’ socks.

Featured Model- Henderdong

Get ready to worship Henderdong in one of his hottest videos ever. Henderdong makes you worship his dress socks and massive bulge. Starting off the video, Henderdong shows the outline of his massive cock through his tight boxers and continues to bulge through his boxers throughout this entire video. This 10 minute video clip is another in the Pray to your GOD series and will make you witness the perfection of Henderdong as you look up at him from the view of his black dress socks, staring up at his massive bulge while he verbally abuses you. Later he takes off the socks to show his barefeet and lets you clean his alpha feet as he spits on them. In the comments for this video, one slave describes it by saying he was distracted by Henderdong’s huge manly feet and big manly bulge, worth drooling over. It is your job to keep Henderdong’s feet clean and to worship them by downloading this video clip.

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Master Jako

2 New Videos – It’s always hard when a cash master leaves the scene but every bird must fly from the nest and this alpha bird wishes to become an alpha eagle – Jako has decided to enter into the police academy. Master Jako’s personal cash slave wished to have one last real time session. But it’s not all sad because in this 30 minute video clip, you can appreciate the authenticate and real domination delivered by Master Jako. During the session, Jako gets a call from one of his fuck buddy girls. What can be better for a fag than to be under the feet of a real man while he’s talking to a hot bitch? Jako uses the fat faggot’s face like a chair but then Master Dnero and Master Jako get an idea. Just like how police men sometimes ride a horse, Jako decides to ride his fat fag slave like a horse. This slave, just like you, will crave to see Jako again after he’s gone.

Also, don’t miss this other gem from the Master Jako collection before he goes. Lucky (Master Dnero’s step-brother and foot fag) wanted to show one of his favorite personal videos. One day, Lucky told Jako that he’d introduce him to one of his hot friends so he could fuck her and Lucky would even offer up his room for him to do it, the only condition was that he could record it. Jako accepted and finally you’ll get to see Master Jako’s cock and how a straight alpha male pummels a tight pussy. Fortunately for Lucky, they kept fucking after he finished filming and left some cum in his bed for him to lick up.

Henderdong5 New Video – In this 2 part series, Henderdong and AJ Foot Dom torture a pathetic slave with their feet as the pathetic slave knows he can’t ever touch these alpha male feet. This is punishment for speaking when not spoken to, something all slaves should understand. These alpha masters laugh at the pathetic little fag as he drools over their feet and GOD like attitudes. Part 2 continues with Instaslve, the pathetic fag from the first video, falling under the spell of their perfect alpha feet. He can’t help but divulge his personal info to these alphas while mesmerized by their huge feet in his face. Enjoy their perfect barefeet and soles as you see some true masters at work. Continuing this trend, Henderdong and AJ Foot Dom warm their feet by a relaxing fire. These alphas are enjoying teasing foot fags with their superior feet because they know you want to explode to the very best feet on the net. Enjoy multiple camera angles with the two foot Gods in front of the fire relaxing like kings.

Follow Henderdong and AJ Foot Dom outside and sit at their feet while they verbally abuse and degrade you. These foot kings chill while flipping you off, spitting on you, and blowing smoke in your face. If you’re patient enough, you will end up with their feet in your face to worship. Finally, going solo in his latest newest video this week, Henderdong allows you to enjoy this footslut cam session. In this session, Henderdong and his Detroit slave, Footslut, do a cam session together. Henderdong puts on a few pairs of socks and goes barefoot in this almost 13 minute long video, all while Footslut keeps tributing.

4 New Videos – One good thing about the great outdoors is that once deep enough in the woods, no one can hear you scream. Transylvanian Wolf takes you far into the woods in a secluded area to beat you with his belt in this video clip. Letting out all of his aggression and rage, this hairy alpha male doesn’t hold back. Pretending that you are strapped to a tree outside, Transylvanian Wolf lets you have it as he repeatedly whips his belt off the tree with no mercy as if you were tied to it. No matter how much you cry, this vicious alpha won’t let you go free and no one is around to save you. Not only can Transylvanian Wolf dish out physical abuse but he can deliver verbal abuse too. In this small penis humiliation video, Transylvanian Wolf takes you to a sports field and verbally humiliates you about how tiny your dick really is. Imagine getting exposed in public in front of hundreds, maybe thousands of people as they laugh at you for having such a tiny dick that it almost looks like a clit. While clad in leather gloves, this hairy alpha male will truly make you feel inferior.

After taking on physical and verbal abuse, Transylvanian Wolf has something else planned for you, some humiliation for his amusement. After jerking his big, uncut cock, Transylvanian Wolf just shot a thick load of cum on a plate and is about to give you some humiliating cum licking instructions. Wearing a leather harness, he’ll tell you how he wants to lap up his thick, straight alpha juice. It’s your job to be a cum guzzling slut for any alpha male you encounter. Lastly, Transylvanian Wolf wants to do some roleplay with a fag like you. Imagine if this hairy alpha stud broke into your home for some extreme cash rape. Wearing a hoody and looking to take what is rightfully his, this superior dom demands everything you have. His goal is to leave you with absolutely nothing, feeling broken and financially raped. His pleasure comes not from just taking your cash but also making you suffer like the pathetic faggot you are to him.

4 New Videos – It’s time for you to become MastaJR’s personal ash tray. Enjoying a smoke from his cigarette, you’ll soon enjoy taking this master’s ash in your bitch mouth as he degrades you like a pathetic cunt. Stick out your tongue and open wide for his ash. One lucky fag who got to serve as MastaJR’s ash tray once before now gets the privilege to serve as his urinal. In this short clip, MastaJR pisses on this cunt’s head while it’s dunked in a toilet bowl. That same fag is the one who MastaJR uses in a real time foot worship session in this 3 minute clip of him and his foot faggot. This faggot is in heaven in his rightful place, below his master’s feet. The full 25 minute real time video shows this pathetic foot fag worshipping at his master’s feet. The slave sniffs MastaJR’s socks and takes on some physical abuse as he get whipped with a belt.