Featured Model- Master Allen

Prepare to serve this alpha’s armpits and be dominated. MasterAllen catches you taking a deep whiff of his ripe and funky smelling jock man pits as he passes by you. At this point, he realizes that you’re truly nothing more than a pit sniffing obedient fag. It’s now time for this alpha to teach a pit sniffing faggot like you a lesson. MasterAllen is going to grab your head and suffocate you in his pit funk like how an armpit sniffing slave should be treated.

Featured Model- Jay Muscles

In-Charge.net - Jay Muscles

This week’s featured male model is Jay Muscles with his video “Ultimate Traps and Shoulder”

If you’re into muscle worship then you’ll love the muscular flexing and posing by Jay Muscles as he shows off his vascular definition and shows why he’s an alpha male in this video.


Featured Model- Henderdong

In-Charge.net - Henderdong

This week’s featured male model is Henderdong with his video “2015 Domination”

Get ready for some verbal domination and abuse from your dream king, HENDERDONG. He’s back with his henderDOMINATION, 2015 edition. Watch him verbally abuse you and make you bow down to worship his jock feet in this video


Featured Model- Henderdong

In-Charge.net - Henderdong

This week’s featured male model in Henderdong with his video “Pray to and Spit Clean Henderdong’s feet”

Only on In-Charge for 5 days, Henderdong has asserted his dominance and has racked up nearly $200 in total sales already. In this video, Henderdong establishes his dominance again as he instructs you to pray to him and worship his shoes, his socks, and his feet. Henderdong demands that his slaves spit clean his jock feet in this 12 minute video.


Featured Model- Mirko

In-Charge.net - MirkoThis week’s featured male model is Mirko with “Invisible Mirko Part 2”

In this second part of the “Invincible Mirko” videos, Mirko humiliates his slave by stomping on and spitting on his slave. Master Mirko also uses his strength and power to push his jock feet into the slave’s face and hits him hard in the groin. Watch Master Mirko use various Judo style moves with his hands and feet while suffocating his slave with his massive, muscular legs.


Featured Model- JockGodJameson

In-Charge.net - Jockgod Jameson

This week’s featured male model is JockGodJameson with his video “JockGod Abuse Video”

See JockGodJameson abuse his slave in a webcam session as he commands his slave to degrade, abuse, and humiliate itself. He makes his slave smash eggs on its head, put on a ball gag, insert a dog tail dildo, ride a plunger handle, pour candle wax on himself, among other things. Don’t miss out on seeing what a webcam session with JockGodJameson is like by downloading this video.


Top Sellers in September

Top Sellers - In-Charge.net

JockGodJameson, MasterKwinton, Duude23, Cameron, Cashgod13,HypnoSuperior, and MaxPayne (Monster4aCock) were all top sellers for the month of September. Don’t see your favorite model in the list? Then make sure to buy some of his / her items for sale on In-Charge.net this month.

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Featured Video – Zoomed in Foot Show

In-Charge.net - Duude23

This week’s featured video is “Zoomed in Foot Show” by Duude23

Witness over 10 minutes of Duude23 (Master Mark) showing off his huge feet in this zoomed in and up close look at his dominant feet from all angles. This will definitely be a favorite among foot fans.


Top Sellers from 5/18 – 5/24

Check out who were the top sellers last week on In-Charge


Leading the pack were the usual top sellers, MasterKwintonCashgod, and Duude23 (MasterMark)MasterKwinton continues to generate interest with his real time meeting videos where he degrades and uses his slaves. Similarly, MasterMark‘s real time videos are also hot with the users due to his top selling foot worship videos where he makes his inferior slaves worship his barefeet and his toenails. Lastly, Cashgod also was a top seller with his videos of him showing off in designer underwear showcasing his muscular ass.

Also on the top seller list from last week were Tramplin with his dominant foot worship video. Newcomer to In-Charge, YoungNCharge also made it to the top seller list with his wide range of verbally abusive and x-rated videos.

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Our Newest Model: Pollux Armenadon

Popular cam guy, PolluxArmendaon has now joined In-Charge and has a collection of content for sale in his portfolio.

In-Charge.net - Pollux Armenadon

In his profile, Pollux describes himself as an exhibitionist, bodybuilder, physicist and champion. I love expressing my hard work from the gym and good health practices, all the while helping people achieve their goals. Beauty is a work of art! I seek to spread the love of this beauty and all it’s hypermasucline, metaphysical faculties to all through modeling, under the strict instruction of the Seraphim Jophiel.

Click here to view his items for sale!