Featured Model- FlexGod

In this roleplay video from FlexGod, you are a small drunk faggot at the bar when you recognize a muscle god sitting next to you. You keep staring at his muscles and in you’re drunken situation you start talking to him and start annoying him. The Muscle God is getting angry and pulls you out of the bar down to the streets. He puts on his leather gloves so that he doesn’t leave any fingerprints for what he is going to do to you. Everyone is watching from the door of the bar how he starts humiliating you and slaps you into your face. He pisses on your face and makes you to drink his piss. He shows no mercy and keeps humiliating you in front of all these bar guests. At the end he switches your lights off with a big and long bearhug until you loose your breath.

Featured Model- PhoenixSvg

Follow MasterPhoenix‘s leather gloves and commands as he holds a bottle of poppers up to your nose and fucks you up. This intelligent alpha male will fuck with your mind as he instructs you on how to inhale, sniff, and huff your poppers to fry your brain and become a mindless drone for his orders. Clad in leather while smoking a fat cigar, MasterPhoenixSvg will get deep in your head through his words and instructions for intoxication. Submit to your superior, grab your poppers, and download this video clip to become a more obedient fag slave for your master.

Featured Model- Duude23


In this real time video session, a foot fag worships Duude23‘s feet while he sits back and chills in tight compression fit UnderArmour and leather gloves. His foot faggot wears a leather mask to hide his face while Master Mark steps all over his obedient fag slave. After stomping the foot fag slave, Master Mark plants his barefeet right in the fag slave’s face forcing him to lick them clean.

Featured Model- Master Gary


Become an obedient cash bitch for MasterGary. This alpha cash master gives you the view of a sub as you sit obediently at his feet. MasterGary relaxes in his leather jacket, wife beater, blue jeans, black leather boots, and leather gloves. Kneel at his feet as he finishes his cigarette all while ignoring you. An obedient bitch slave like you will feel honored to be in MasterGary’s presence as you worship his leather and his superiority.

Newest Downloads


1 New Video – Cash master Duude23 visited a foot fag for a real time abuse session in this 10 minute video clip. This foot fag worships Duude23’s feet while he chills in tight, compression fit UnderArmour and leather gloves. Master Mark’s foot fag wears a leather mask to hide his identity as he steps all over him. After stomping the foot fag slave, Master Mark plants his barefeet on the fag slave’s face for him to lick clean. The fat foot fag gets dominated and used all throughout for the chance to worship Duude23’s feet.


1 New Video – Sexy pornstar Dillon Anderson invites over a thick cocked country boy for a hot hookup session. This thick cocked country boy fucks Dillon Anderson’s ass on the bed and stretches his hole wide opened. His meaty cock was delicious according to Dillon Anderson and the way it felt inside him was even better. This country stud ralled him for a long time until he cums all over Dillon Anderson’s


6 New Pictures – New to In-Charge is CashMasterBeni. This dominant alpha male has tons of newly added pictures to his portfolio of his male feet. Foot slaves will enjoy worshipping CashMasterBeni’s feet with these 6 new pictures.


Featured Model- Master Damiel

140In a real time session with a slave, Master Damiel degrades and uses his slave hardcore. In this 15 minute video clip, Master Damiel props his feet up for his slave to lick and suck them while he beats his slave with a riding crop. The slave quickly learns his role is at Master Damiel’s feet. Later, the slave is rewarded by getting to sniff and worship Master Damiel’s armpits up close. Master Damiel, while wearing leather gloves, grabs the slave’s head to force him deeper into his armpit. Finally the slave is rewarded by feeding on Master Damiel’s clipped toenails.