Featured Model- Master Phoenix Savage


After a long day, MasterPhoenixSvg decides to relax by having a smoke. While clad in his bike leathers, MasterPhoenixSvg lights his huge cigar – it’s almost as big his massive cock which you’ll only get to dream about. While verbally abusing his slaves in between puffing his cigar, MasterPhoenixSvg shows off his barefeet and massive bulge through his leather pants. However, MasterPhoenixSvg knows that you’re craving more from him and begins to strip down to a black and white Diesel jockstrap. Showing off his muscular body, bulge, and ass, you’ll want to keep worshipping and serving MasterPhoenixSvg in this 12 minute video clip. Serve your new master and download this Cigar and Muscle worship video..