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1 New Video – MasterBrad is calling on weak cash fags like you to worship this with his latest video. Sitting back in an office chair, MasterBrad shows off his sneakers and white socks to the camera. Lighting up a cigarette, MasterBrad blows the smoke right in your face demanding that you stick out your tongue and tongue clean his dirty sneakers. After kicking off his sneakers, MasterBrad relaxes while showing off his white socks at the camera. While wearing tight camo compression pants, this alpha will make you beg for permission to sniff and lick his socks.

1 New Video – The sequel to the very popular “Mind Orgasms” video is another hour-long buttplay, jerk off, and role-play video. Taylor has come home from a long day at work and starts doing a video diary. He mentions that he has been training in a co-worker and has noticed that this new guy has been blatantly checking out his big, round jock booty. Taylor noticed that not only is this guy checking him out, but that he’s getting hard while doing it. Taylor asserts his straightness but wonders what this new guy’s big dick would feel like pounding into his white bubble butt. Taylor strips off his dress shirt and slacks but leaves the dress shoes and socks on before using a big black dildo to satisfy his imagination. This muscle jock rubs, teases, and eventually slides the dildo inside which elicits the first of MANY mind orgasms. Heavy dirty talk ensues as Taylor repeatedly hits his prostate over and over which make his legs shake, body tremble, and eyes roll back in his head. Now Taylors needs to cum bad. Working his prostate, Taylor produces a super loud, mind-altering load before passing out from extreme pleasure.

1 New Video – New to In-Charge is dominant and muscular MasterChris. This alpha dom doesn’t hold back in his first video on the site. MasterChris shows off his ripped abs and big biceps while flexing. Raising up his muscular arm, MasterChris makes you lick and sniff his sweaty armpits. Be an obedient dog and lick them clean for this jock. After you worship this jock’s muscles, he puts the camera down on the floor for you to worship his alpha feet. Sticking his massive alpha feet in your face, MasterChris will make you stick out your tongue to lick those sweaty and dirty soles of his feet. If you’re obedient and lucky, MasterChris might slap you and spit on you too. Obey this alpha and download this video clip.

1 New Video – Get prepared for some intense smoking, popper intox from MastaJR. This tattooed dom makes you sniff and inhale his smoke as he puffs it right in your face. Not only will he make you inhale his smoke, but MastaJR will make you inhale your poppers too. Get that bottle up to your nose and inhale when this alpha says to inhale. You only get to breathe when he says to do so. Your mind will be spinning and you’ll want to tribute him more and more. Wearing a gold teeth grill, you’ll become entranced by MastaJR’s words and feel weak when he flicks his cigarette ashes on you.

Featured Model- MasterBrad

There is nothing better for a master than to make a foot faggot gag hard on your feet. MasterBrad turns a pathetic bitch into his personal foot fag during this real time foot worship session. Making his fag slave lay on his back, MasterBrad smothers the foot fag’s face with his superior feet. The foot fag licks and worships his barefeet, soles, and toes as MasterBrad sits back and enjoys a smoke. At some points, MasterBrad even blows some smoke into the fag’s face, chokes his slave, and slaps his foot fag in the face.

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1 New Video – You’ll quickly learn to submit to Master Bigg and his feet as he takes command of your mind in this nearly 10 minute video clip. Starting off with his socked feet planted up against the camera, Master Bigg will make you worship his feet and sniff poppers when he commands. This straight alpha male casually sits back and relaxes with his feet up as he degrades you and orders you to sniff more and more of that bottle of poppers you have with you. Inhale the mind numbing toxic fumes as you look into the soles of Master Bigg’s feet and listen to him put you down. Master Bigg makes sure to flip you off plenty of times as you follow his orders too.

1 New Video – In his latest real time session, Master Brad invites over a cash fag for a real time beat down session. Master Brad gets his pathetic cash fag in the proper position and get his gold boxing gloves on to begin the beat down. This alpha uses his fag as a human puunching bag by hitting him repeatedly over and over. How many punches do you think it can take to knock this pathetic fag off of his feet? Download to find out.

1 New Video – Joining up with Master Dnero for this foot worship video is Master Dante, a dominant skater foot master. Master Dnero and Master Dante find a loyal foot fag to handcuff and use in this 39 minute video clip. Master Dante gets great amusement from the amount of messages he gets from slaves wanting to buy his used, nasty, smelly socks. It seems like the smell of a real man is a drug to foot slaves. Foot fags especially love the smell of Master Dante’s feet because he’s the type of guy who doesn’t usually change his sneakers often and it doesn’t matter to him if his socks are clean before he puts them on his feet. So when a foot fag goes mindless and becomes infatuated with his feet, Master Dante gets a laugh from it all as he hears their moans of ecstasy while they worship his feet. See how lucky the real time foot fag is in this video clip as he services Master Dante and Master Dnero’s feet.

1 New Video – After going for a run outside, Transylvanian Wolf is covered in sweat and he deserves some sweaty armpit worship. Showing off his hairy body and muscles while flexes, Transylvanian Wolf commands that you worship and lick his ripe armpits. This dominant master wants you to stick your pathetic tongue out and lick the sweat from his pits as he holds your head in there. No stopping the armpit worship until he says you may stop. You’ll lick and clean his pits until he is fully satisfied because your a weak submissive pit slave who enjoys it.

Last Month’s Top Selling Item: Faggot Cleaning My Basketball Shoes

unnamed (1)

Master Brad loves having clean basketball shoes and uses his own personal foot fag to clean his shoes. This fag slave crawls to Master Brad’s sneakers and sticks out his tongue to please his master. Once instructed, he begins licking his master’s freshly, used basketball sneakers clean. Master Brad verbally abuses his fag slave and yells out orders to make sure the fag is doing a good job. Later, Master Brad makes his fag slave lay on his back and he smothers it’s face with his dirty sneakers and puts his fag slave in it’s place.

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2 New Videos – Master Brad loves having clean basketball shoes and uses his own personal foot fag to clean his shoes. This fag slave crawls to Master Brad’s sneakers and sticks out his tongue to please his master. Once instructed, he begins licking his master’s freshly, used basketball sneakers clean. Master Brad verbally abuses his fag slave and yells out orders to make sure the fag is doing a good job. Later, Master Brad makes his fag slave lay on his back and he smothers it’s face with his dirty sneakers and puts his fag slave in it’s place. Don’t stop there worshipping Master Brad’s sneakers. Submit to this alpha master and continue to worship his sneakers as he verbally abuses you. In this video clip, Master Brad sits back and relaxes as he commands how you are to worship his collection of sneakers to please him. He’ll flip you off and get deep in your head as he tells you what he demands of you.

unnamed (1)3 New Videos – Prepare to become Master Taylor’s slave for over an hour of hardcore worship and dirty talking. In this 1 hour video clip, slave boy Chris thoroughly worships Taylor’s feet. Taylor lets Chris know that he wants his feet clean by the time he leaves and this slave boy happily obliges. The fag slave forces his Master’s entire foot in his mouth, toe-by-toe. Taylor dominates his little bitch by covering his face with his massive feet and then slaps his slave in the face with his feet. Finally, Master Taylor allows his slave to rub down his sore arm, hand, calve, and back muscles. Once Taylor is finished, he has his slave boy put his socks and shoes back on him, grabs the cash, and heads out the door.

For fag slaves who prefer to be directly under DocTayTay’s boots, he has new videos for you too. In this 10 minute clip, Taylor is an army stud with black boots, jeans, hairy chest, and army cap on. He degrades and mocks you as you lay at his feet showing him how pathetic you truly are to him as you lick and worship Master’s boots. Taylor continues the insults and forces you to smell his sweaty socks. Lick your Master’s barefeet clean and let him stomp on your fag balls when you download this video clip. In his next clip, Taylor becomes a giant and nearly steps on his tiny, puny slave when he comes home. Giant Taylor grabs, pokes, tastes, teases, and torments the tiny slave intruder by forcing the tiny slave to sniff his giant sweaty, stinky armpits, cock, and balls. The odor is amplified by how big Giant Taylor is. His tiny slave is barely conscious from the smell but thing are about to get worse for the tiny slave. Giant Taylor is hungry following his workout and needs a snack.

unnamed (2)9 New Video – YoungNCharge is back with some never before seen videos added to his portfolio page. Get on your fucking knees and server YoungNCharge like the bitch slave you are compared to him. Look up at his big alpha feet and muscles as you bow to him and crave to hand over your wallet. In the next set of videos, YoungNCharge has a 2-part series of him in a red speedo showing off his massive bulge for you to submit to it. Then in part 2, YoungNCharge pulls out his big cock from his red speedo for you to worship. This clip contains even more flexing and verbal abuse to remind you of how pathetic you are while looking at his big, fat, straight alpha cock wishing you could serve it.

For the fag slaves who want to see YoungNCharge in something tighter than a speedo, he puts on a tight Superman UnderArmour compression shirt in another video clip when he gets back from the time. The more YoungNCharge flexes in this video clip, the weaker his cash fags get. Also, he reveals that he’s wearing tight blue Nike compression leggings as he shows off his bulging muscles. In an even longer, nearly 20 minute video clip, YoungNCharge improvises and shows off various outfits as he changes clothes after doing some bicep curls with weights. He strips down to his briefs and a pair of suspenders. Later, he pours water over the front of his underwear and continues to show off different pairs of underwear and clothes which focusing on his muscles and ass.

For slaves who just want to worship YoungNCharge can check out the various other videos he has just uploaded as he makes you serve him like a king that he embodies. YoungNCharge shows off his big feet and bulging muscles throughout this clip and continues to flex in the next clip where he makes you sniff his armpits. YoungNCharge commands that you smell his dirty armpits just as he gets back from the gym and takes over your mind and wallet, making you do whatever he fucking says. Later, he’ll make you look into his eyes and get weaker as he mind fucks your brain. You’ll realize who your true master is after he gets deep in your mind. All that matters is YoungNCharge and nothing else, something you’ll realize after downloading this video clip.

Featured Model- MasterBrad

172In part 1 of this beat down video series, MasterBrad has his fag slave tied up for a real time abuse session. This weak, masked cash fag is handcuffed to the ceiling in a basement. MasterBrad comes into frame wearing a pair of boxing gloves which were paid for by his cash slaves. After claiming his fag tax, MasterBrad begins with some body punches to his submissive fag slave. The weak slave can’t handle it as a human punching bag but MasterBrad doesn’t care.

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