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1 New Video – Even though a dominant alpha male is perfect, sometimes he has a bad day. MasterDnero just happened to be having a bad day while also having to deal with a disgusting foot fag who only thinks about serving his master’s feet. MasterDnero realizes that foot fags exist only to lick his sweaty feet, clean his house, and worship him as the God he is in exchange for money. While having a bad day, MasterDnero takes his frustrations out on this fag slave as he crushes him with his perfect feet and abuses him like a disobedient dog. Throughout this nearly 20 minute clip, MasterDnero verbally abuses and spits on his cash fag while subjecting him to eating food off of his master’s feet.

unnamed (1)1 New Video – Faggots are weakest when their brains are fried from poppers and they’re mindless drones. SirKraze has an intox video for the popper fags who crave to be mindless drones. While flexing and showing off his hard physique, SirKraze gives you instructions on what to do with your fresh bottle of poppers. Inhale and listen to his voice as you go deeper into a trance for your master. When you get really messed up on poppers, SirKraze shows off his sneakers, socked feet, and then barefeet for you to focus on as you worship him and obey his orders.

unnamed (2)1 New Video – Master Damiel meets a faggot in this video who is craving some cock and ball torture. This faggot puts his cock through a hole in a low table for his master to abuse. While smoking a cigarette and wearing cowboy boots, Master Damiel abuses this faggot cock. From stomping down on the submissive slave’s dick to use his cigarette ashes to burn it, Master Damiel makes his slave suffer through the torture. This pathetic fag enjoys every minute of the abuse as he looks up at his alpha and suffers through the pain. Master Damiel makes sure the slave feels his boots stomping down as he gets more aggressive as time passes

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In the first part of this 5 star rated video, Master Damiel brutalizes and uses his slave. Initially he starts off easy by putting his fag slave on a collar and leash while making him worship at his superior feet while he has a smoke. Master Damiel then flicks his cigarette ashes into the fag slave’s mouth which he gladly accepts. To help wash down those ashes, Master Damiel pisses into a dog bowl for his slave and makes his slave lap it up while he beats him. To then make his slave experience more abuse, Master Damiel gets a candle and pours hot candle wax on his submissive cash fag and spits in his face. After the slave endures all of this abuse, Master Damiel allows the slave to worship at his feet again.

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1 New Video – Master Damiel uses his foot faggot and makes him lick, worship, and sniff his sweaty barefeet in this 20 minute foot worship video. This loyal cash fag gets beat with a riding crop and kicked while worshiping Master Damiel’s feet. First the slave starts off by cleaning his master’s sneakers, then it gets permission to take them off of Master Damiel’s god like feet and sniff his socks. Finally, the foot slave gets to worship his superior’s barefeet. The camera switches to Master Damie’s POV showing the foot fag right at his master’s feet as he gets smothered with sweaty alpha male feet. This submissive foot fag gets what he truly desires by serving at his master’s feet and even gets his mouth stretched by Master Damiel’s toes. As a reward, Master Damiel puts his cigarette ashes out in the slave’s mouth.

unnamed (1)4 New Videos – Back with even more videos, MasterBraz95 and his friend Master OG sit back on the couch with their feet on the table ignoring you and making you worship their feet. Both of these alpha males sit back and show off their barefeet while smoking, playing on their phones, and chatting. You haven’t done anything to deserve their attention but instead should only focus on their bare soles. For the leather fags and boot worshipers, they can serve at MasterBraz95’s leather boots. In this video clip, MasterBraz95 stands over you while verbally abusing you like the pathetic cash fag that you are to him. Clad in a leather jacket, leather gloves, and leather boots, MasterBraz95 will make you fear the possibility of him stomping on you and smashing you into the ground as he looks down on you for being beneath him.

Cash fags who need instruction can be taught how to be a good cash fag in this short video clip. MasterBraz95 instructs you on how to be a good cash fag to him and how to always obey all while he puts you in your place. Having a smoke throughout this video, MasterBraz95 will humiliate you and verbally abuse you to give you the proper treatment and training which you deserve. Following with the instructions, MasterBraz95 also has a popper training video which he just uploaded. In this 7 minute video clip, MasterBraz95 will instruct you on how to serve him all while making you sniff your poppers. Prepared to be humiliated and degraded as he sticks his white socks and massive alpha male feet in your face throughout your popper training.

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1 New Video – A friend decided to stop by to visit Dillon Anderson for a hot raw fuck session. These two studs don’t waste any time getting to it and it starts off with Dillon Anderson’s friend, Michael, sucking his big cock while Dillon lays back on the bed. Right after that, Dillon Anderson eats out Michael’s tight hole and smacks his ass like he owns it. Michael’s tight ass is now ready to take Dillon Anderson’s thick raw cock in his ass. Dillon fucks Michael’s ass in several positions and even makes Michael ride him facing the camera. Finally at the end of this 15 minute video, Dillon Anderson busts a load deep inside of Michael.

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1 New Video – After several requests, SlavesSeeker has rewarded his loyal foot fags with a barefeet video. SlavesSeeker’s foot slaves downloaded so much of his barefoot content last month that he felt it was necessary to give them even more. Sitting back and browsing the internet on his tablet, SlavesSeeker puts his big barefeet up at the camera for you to admire, drool over, and worship. You’ll pray to these smooth superior feet when you look at them and crave the chance to worship and lick them.

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1 New Video – In one of MasterDamiel‘s best videos he shows what its like to torture a faggot in this 35 minute video clip. MasterDamiel starts by making his cash fag wear clothespins all over his balls (the fag slave would probably wear them on his cock too but it’s locked in a metal chastity device). After that, the fag slave lays on his back while looking up at MasterDamiel to inhale all of his cigarette smoke and to accept his master’s spit all over his face. To make sure his fag slave gets more intox, MasterDamiel puts a gas mask on the cash fag and makes him inhale unfiltered clouds of smoke from his mouth right into the gas mask. To torture the fag more, MasterDamiel pours hot candle wax all over the fag’s body as he cries in pain. Muffling his cries, MasterDamiel puts his huge foot over the slave’s mouth. Continuing the real time abuse, MasterDamiel ties his submissive faggot to a chair with tons of rope. Once the fag is bound, MasterDamiel puts his cigarette out on the faggot’s body. The intoxing continues while the slave is bound as MasterDamiel blows more smoke in the faggots gas mask hose. To finish off this torture session, MasterDamiel dumps his entire ash tray which is loaded with cigarettes into the faggot’s mouth and switches camera angles to show the fag’s mouth loaded with ash.


2 New Videos – New to In-Charge is WebcamSocks. This studio specializes in hot straight guys caught on webcam showing their socks and feet. In WebcamSocks first video, he catches a straight guy showing his smelly white socks on cam. This straight, well-dressed hunk is from Denmark and plants his socked feet up at the camera to show his moist white socks after a long day of work. He even smells his own socks to tell WebcamSocks that they smell rank and nasty. In another video, he catches a young straight guy wearing sweaty white socks. This straight dude shows his well worn white socks for WebcamSocks during a cam session. He had worn them all day in a pair of Converse sneakers and says the smell is intense. His socks are completely worn out and begging for a fag slave to worship them.

Featured Model- Master Damiel

163In this nearly 16 minute video, MasterDamiel puts his cash slave through pure abuse (or ectasy depending on your perspective). Straight alpha Master Damiel abuses his fag slave by starting off slow with his fag worshipping at his feet. Then it progressing into MasterDamiel whipping his fag and forcing smoke intox as his fag slave wears a gas mask and MasterDamiel blows smoke right through the nozzle for the fag to inhale. For degradation, MasterDamiel gets a hose and a funnel to make the fag slave drink his piss right from his cock. The fag puts the hose end in his mouth while MasterDamiel stands over the slave and pisses in the funnel making the fag swallow every last drop. To test the slave’s pain limits, MasterDamiel gets his cigarette from before and puts it out on the slave’s body right above his dick. You can tell it hurts because the slave grimaces in pain. Furthering the abuse, MasterDamiel pours hot candle wax all over the fag slave’s body as he cries in pain. This is the true test of a slave’s endurance.