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 New Video – MasterBig is ready to show you how much of a little dicked sissy faggot you are in this popper training video. Stare directly into his alpha bulge and learn how you should worship a real man. As you do that, MasterBig will instruct you on how to sniff your poppers and how long to hold your breath. After your brain is totally fried, it is then time to worship MasterBig’s alpha feet. Starting off with white socks on, MasterBig makes you sniff and inhale his masculine scent. When he feels you earned a reward, he slides off the white socks to reveal his big barefeet. Don’t put the poppers away though, you are to keep sniffing while you worship. At this point, you are where you belong and it’s time to get under MasterBig’s size 11 feet. Wearing tight boxer briefs and showing off his huge bulge, MasterBig will have you continue to worship his feet. There’s no better place for you to be than under the control of your alpha master.

3 New Video – Master Ultimate God’s Fag Butler gets taken by him and another alpha for some vicious and extreme abuse. These two alpha men drain and abuse this fag in a dog cage. When the faggot makes the mistake of calling the money: “his” money, then Master Ultimate God has to train the bitch to remember that everything he has belongs to Master Ultimate God. This training session is 100% alpha domination. Later, MasterUltimateGod blesses his faggot with his alpha piss. The fag slave is forced to dunk his head in the toilet as MasterUltimateGod humiliates and bullies him for being a weak disgusting faggot. The cash fag gets his master’s piss and a swirlie in the toilet. In another real time session, the Fag Butler gets to worship his master’s feet after a long session at the gym. MasterUltimateGod wears some long compression socks and makes the faggot smell his alpha sweat through his shoes and socks. This fag loves every minute of it as he is put in his place.

3 New Videos – MasterSixNine is ready to enroll you in his homo re-education course. This straight alpha male created this course for the homos that want to be taught the true way of a homo life. How they must serve their alpha and do everything they are told. Begin your first lesson with this download as you learn the 10 rules of alpha serving. In part 2, MasterSixNine further explains how you must live the ideal faggot life. This superior dom goes into detail on how you should serve straight alpha males and accept your inferior place in society.

After your lesson, prepare to get verbally abused by MasterSixnine as he humiliates broke fags like yourself. To be the ultimate cash faggot you must sacrifice for your master no matter the amount. MasterSixNine demonstrates a faggot’s devotion as he counts up to 15,000 euros on camera in front of you in this short clip.

2 New Videos – You are MasterJudas’ bitch and as his bitch you must serve his feet. Get a nice look at his feet as he sticks them in your face for you to worship. While you’re doing that, hand over your wallet so he can take that hard earned money that you worked for. You work to make his life easy. As a reward for being such a good foot fag, MasterJudas will take you on a popper / intox mind trip. Take your rightful place kneeling before this Satanic Alpha Metalhead God. Absorb all of this alpha’s satanic power as you watch him and listen to binaural beats.

1 New Video – CaptHowdy demands that you break out those poppers for this intox session. Clad in leather gear, this alpha dom will get your head spinning from the deep inhales he instructs of you. Get your mind tripped out as you watch the hypnotic visuals behind him as you sniff harder and longer to become a mindless cash drone for him.