Featured Model- Master Gary

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Master Alexander

MasterAlexander delivers some intense verbal abuse while wearing a red Nike sleeveless lycra workout shirt. During this 15 minute video, MasterAlexander shows off his muscular body by pouring oil all over his workout shirt and muscles as he flexes. Soon he loses the red Nike workout shirt and shows off every inch of his muscular alpha body. MasterAlexander reminds you that he is prepared to do whatever it takes to take every last penny from your fag wallet.

Featured Model- King Luca

King Luca met this maso slave for a brutal real time abuse session. The fag slave loves to be abused and used by his master. Covering the slave’s face with a leather mask and putting his pathetic cock in a leather harness, King Luca fully humiliates and brutalizes this fag slave. The cash fag endures gut punches, verbal abuse, and even gets whipped by his superior master. See how intense a session can get with King Luca when you download this clip.

Featured Model- Master Alex

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Featured Model- ChokeMasters

Once again, these two ripped and lean brothers wrestle each other for dominance. Just like the last time, the older bro dominates his little bro by putting him in some sick and tight chokeholds and headscissors making him gasp for air and quickly submit to his older brother. Freddie is the younger brother’s name by the way. It seems like Freddie is always getting dominated by his older brother.

Featured Model- Laurent Crawford

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Featured Model- LaurentCrawford


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