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3 New Videos – Come follow the feet of your dream king as Henderdong walks on the golf course. During his day off, Henderdong gets sweaty while getting in a round of golf. See how long you can last as he shows off his socked and barefeet to the camera in this over 13 minute long video. Later, Henderdong verbally degrades you as he makes you come along for a ride with him in his car. As he drives around town, Henderdong shows off his feet as they hit the pedals of his car. Watch this barefooted alpha as he verbally dominates you and reminds you of what a pathetic foot slave you are to him.

In another video geared toward foot lovers, Henderdong instructs you to sit back and loosen your belt as Henderdong turns up the heat with a foot job. Imagine feeling his superior feet and toes rubbing all over you. His big alpha feet all lubed up rubbing up and down on this dildo will make any foot fetishist weak.

2 New Video – You find yourself waking up for morning, but wait.. something’s not right. After much exploration and reality grasping, you finally come to grips with the realization that you are somehow only about 1/2 inch tall and you are in your cocky, straight roommate’s room. Not only that, but the Cuban Alpha King really really hates bugs in his room. It seems Cuban Alpha King has just gotten back from the gym and sits on the beds where you are, pulls of his shoes and socks, and nearly knocks you down when throwing them towards you while his colossal gargantuan soles are fidgeting around directly in front of you. You just simply are too small and insignificant to make any sounds loud enough to be heard by a normal sized human ear. Will this alpha giant notice you and decide it’s time to crush you like a bug or will you go undetected? Download to find out.

In this clip, the hot amazing Cuban Alpha King decides to shrink you down to be his tiny slave because he’s tired of stealing your lunch money in school. He decides to take it a step further and make you down to the size of a tiny insect ant bug. After showing off his huge straight alpha soles, he decides to place you in a huge empty beer box while he smokes above and ashes all over you. Cuban Alpha King is extremely verbally degrading while emphasizing that you belong to him and that he can do just about anything with you that he decides to see fit. This box is your new home, and with every stomp of the foot, you hear thundering booming and ground shaking sounds and feelings. What will he decide to do with you next?!?!

1 New Video – SirKraze is ready to extremely verbally degrade you for being a turd sniffing freak. This alpha dom flexes and gives you the middle finger during this hardcore verbal abuse video. You are scum compared to SirKraze and he quickly reminds you of that. He even tells you to breathe in deep, so get those fresh poppers out.

2 New Videos – The muscle god is back and he is angrier than than ever. This towering giant has destroyed your whole city and beaten all of your friends just by flexing his strong, rock hard muscles. Now your the only one who is left and your down on your knees begging for mercy, but the god won’t show any mercy for you. Now the humiliation begins. In another new clip, this young muscle beast shows off his muscles in full intensity. He is making you his bitch slave and you are going to serve him day in and day out. He is your whole world and you are staying on your knees to serve him until he decides otherwise. He is abusing you verbally until you are fully engaged to his muscles and fulfill his every wish.

1 New Video – MasterBenny has something for you to drink. This cash dom goes to the bathroom and fills up a cup with piss. Piss fags will crave Master Benny’s piss as they watch the warm yellow stream shoot out and fill up the glass.

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1 New Video – MasterBenny is sitting back and relaxing poolside while enjoying the sun on a vacation paid for by his loyal cash fag slaves. The only thing missing is a foot slave on call to worship Master Benny‘s large feet. This findom sits back with his feet up to the camera making you wish you could be there to sniff and lick his barefeet. Let Master Benny tell you what to do and tell you where you belong in his stable of slaves when you download this foot fetish video clip. Worship Master Benny like the boss he is and bow to his sweaty barefeet.

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2 New Videos – Tattooed muscle hunk Michael Hoffman is back with 2 new videos. Michael Hoffman shaved his head as you can see in the video, but don’t let that bother you as he sits back on his couch and strokes his long dick. For his ass fans, he shows off his hole as he lays back further and puts his feet in the air. Michael Hoffman even gets on all fours on the couch to show off his ass better before going back to stroking his dick in this nearly 7 minute video. If you want something kinkier, then you can check out Michael Hoffman‘s pissing video clip. This is another new pissing clip from Michael Hoffman which shows some closeups of his ass before he lets out a warm stream of piss into the toilet bowl.

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1 New Video – Like never before, you can sit at the feet of Henderdong, your dream king, and AJ Foot DOM as they both spit at you and on you. Master Henderdong and his buddy AJ Foot Dom chill outside on the back porch while they put you in your place. Experience twice the verbal abuse from these straight jocks. Not only will they spit on you and dehumanize you, they’ll blow cigarette smoke right in your face. Inhale their burning ash smoke as you sit outside with them. If you are patient enough, you will end up with their barefeet in your face as they take off their shoes and socks in this nearly 10 minute video.