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1 New Video – In this nearly 11 minute video clip, MasterBraz95 makes you sniff his alpha feet at his command when he says to do so. With his socked feet up to the camera as he sits back smoking a cigarette, this alpha master will make you fry your brain with poppers while he hypnotizes you and brainwashes you to be a mindless foot fag. His hypnotic feet are known to be money makers. As one fag wrote in the comments on the video, “MasterBraz95 is one of the best popper trainers”. Submit yourself and bring a bottle of poppers when you download this video.

2 New Videos – MasterBigg demands that you hand over your hard earned cash because it doesn’t belong to you. All of it belongs to an alpha that will completely dominate you. In this video, MasterBigg talks about how he’ll slap you around, spit in your face, and piss all over you. One fag even rated this as a 5-star video because he knew his place after downloading it. It’s time to get on your knees and worship Master Bigg. But don’t stop there, download Master Bigg’s second newest video from this week and worship his boots as he stomps on your and verbally wrecks you. Your faggot face is nothing but a stomping ground for Master Bigg. Lay yourself under his superior boots and feel his wrath as he stomps a hole in you.

7 New Videos – Master Red is only wearing his stinky shorts and boxer briefs that he’s been wearing for 10 days straight. They are extremely ripe and ready for his fag slave to sniff them as he worships his master. The pathetic homo fag sniffs the crotch and ass part. Master Red strips to his boxers then sits right on the fag’s face with his asshole right on the fag’s mouth for the fag to suck his master’s smell right out of them. His own personal fag slave can’t help but to worship his master in every way even when Master Red allows the fag to lick his ass clean or as the homo fag slurps up his master’s cum.

Continuing to obey his alpha master, this nasty happy homo worships every inch of his master. The cash fag starts by worshiping his master’s shoes as he gets verbally abused and told to clean them good. After that, the fag has to sniff and worship his masters’s extremely stinky black socks and feet by sucking his toes and choking on his feet. Happy homo can’t get enough and rubs his face into his master’s sweaty well worn boxers and sucks on all of the stains in the boxers to amuse his master. Master Red then makes the fag lick his asshole clean until he jacks a load of cum into the fag’s sperm hole of a mouth. In the next few videos, Master Red makes sure to torture his fag by making him sniff his farts as the fag is forced to experience ultimate humiliation. Master Red ensures that the fag performs lots of ass sniffing and licking. However, evil college boy Red loves to facefuck his pig during worship sessions but what he loves the most is to push out stinky farts into his faggot’s mouth. As a reward for taking on the fart humiliation, Master Red rewards the homo with a load of cum to eat.

In his final newest upload this week, evil college boy Red rapes his fag’s hole with a black dildo. Master Red starts by showing his ass and telling all of the faggots watching to shove their dildos up their ass while they stare at it. After that, he gets his pig slave and does just that with a black dildo. The fag slave is restrained to the bed and soon gets facefucked and forced to lick the sweat from his master’s ass.

Newest Downloads

1 New Video – You’ll quickly learn to submit to Master Bigg and his feet as he takes command of your mind in this nearly 10 minute video clip. Starting off with his socked feet planted up against the camera, Master Bigg will make you worship his feet and sniff poppers when he commands. This straight alpha male casually sits back and relaxes with his feet up as he degrades you and orders you to sniff more and more of that bottle of poppers you have with you. Inhale the mind numbing toxic fumes as you look into the soles of Master Bigg’s feet and listen to him put you down. Master Bigg makes sure to flip you off plenty of times as you follow his orders too.

1 New Video – In his latest real time session, Master Brad invites over a cash fag for a real time beat down session. Master Brad gets his pathetic cash fag in the proper position and get his gold boxing gloves on to begin the beat down. This alpha uses his fag as a human puunching bag by hitting him repeatedly over and over. How many punches do you think it can take to knock this pathetic fag off of his feet? Download to find out.

1 New Video – Joining up with Master Dnero for this foot worship video is Master Dante, a dominant skater foot master. Master Dnero and Master Dante find a loyal foot fag to handcuff and use in this 39 minute video clip. Master Dante gets great amusement from the amount of messages he gets from slaves wanting to buy his used, nasty, smelly socks. It seems like the smell of a real man is a drug to foot slaves. Foot fags especially love the smell of Master Dante’s feet because he’s the type of guy who doesn’t usually change his sneakers often and it doesn’t matter to him if his socks are clean before he puts them on his feet. So when a foot fag goes mindless and becomes infatuated with his feet, Master Dante gets a laugh from it all as he hears their moans of ecstasy while they worship his feet. See how lucky the real time foot fag is in this video clip as he services Master Dante and Master Dnero’s feet.

1 New Video – After going for a run outside, Transylvanian Wolf is covered in sweat and he deserves some sweaty armpit worship. Showing off his hairy body and muscles while flexes, Transylvanian Wolf commands that you worship and lick his ripe armpits. This dominant master wants you to stick your pathetic tongue out and lick the sweat from his pits as he holds your head in there. No stopping the armpit worship until he says you may stop. You’ll lick and clean his pits until he is fully satisfied because your a weak submissive pit slave who enjoys it.

Newest Downloads- Leather and Popper Intox

1 New Video – The all-American jock is in control. Submit to SirKraze and serve him harder than you’ve served before. In his latest video, SirKraze is clad in a leather jacket and leather gloves as he flips you off and instructs you on how to sniff your poppers to fry your brain. Grabbing at his crouch, SirKraze then take off his jeans to show his straight alpha bulge in his white Calvin Klein briefs while sticking his massive barefeet in your face. This video is to make you weaker and join his stable of loyal cash fags.

3 New Videos – Lots of MasterDnero and his group called Straight Crush Feet get tons of fans requesting them to make a tickling video. MasterDnero realizes that no one likes being tickled, so he couldn’t get a tickle victim to do it voluntary. Thus, him and his bros thought to choose a Master to tickle against his will. The first victim of these tickle torture sessions is Master Dante. See how Master Dante handles a tickle session in this 13 minute video.

For the slaves who prefer the usual master dominating his fag style videos, Master Dnero has some of those videos too which he just added. Master Roy was recently recruited by Straight Crush Feet and had to do his initiation by completing the admission test. Master Roy shows his natural ability to dominate a foot fag throughout this 18 minute video clip. To this alpha male, dominating fags isn’t hard work at all because faggots like you are crushable bugs under his perfect feet. Trash fag slaves like you do what this alpha says and his first instruction is to download this video to see how he would treat you if he ever met you.

Master Dnero’s friend, Master Red, aspires to be an MMA fighter but could use some extra training. To get in some practice his loyal fag slave offered himself as a punching bag. This high paying fat fag cries through the video for Master Red not to be so rude but Master Red tramples and kicks this fag anyways. This probably isn’t the best way to become an MMA fighter but the fat fag offered to pay for professional lessons for Master Red.

1 New Video – New to is straight alpha male MasterBigg. In his first video on In-Charge, MasterBigg forces his fag slave to eat spit and get slapped around. The pathetic cash fag sits there and takes the abuse while MasterBigg’s buddy stands in the background laughing at how submissive this slave is in MasterBigg’s presence. Pretending to slap the fag in the face, MasterBigg laughs as he flinches each time in fear of the hard slap he’s about to get across his face.