Featured Model- MasterBigg

Be prepared to suffer through this intense popper training session. In this video clip, MasterBigg makes you worship his huge alpha feet and sniff your fresh bottle of poppers at the same time. All throughout, MasterBigg encourages you to sniff, sniff, and sniff more from that potent bottle of fresh poppers that you have. While looking up at this straight alpha male’s socked feet, you’ll not only want to fry your brain on poppers but also hand over your wallet to him. Submit to a true straight alpha and lose some brain cells along the way as he trains you to be a mindless popper fag.

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8 New Videos – Making his foot faggot worship his feet, MasterAllen puts this slave in its place. The foot fag wears a leash and collar throughout while licking his master’s feet. Most of the video is done from the slave’s point of view to make you feel as if you’re right there with him, bowing down before your alpha king and serving him like you should. The obedient foot fag continues to serve his master in the next real time session. This masked foot fag bows down before MasterALlen and worships his nasty, dirty 7 year-old gym sneakers. Busting at the seams, and smelling like rotting hell, this foot fag uses his washcloth tongue to polish his master’s dirty shoes like the good little faggot he is for his dominant master. This sick foot fag just can’t get enough of his master’s feet, sneakers, and socks. This time the masked fag serves MasterAllen’s sweaty jock feet with his mouth, taking care to saturate his alpha’s socks with his spit and then suck out the toe jam from his master’s toes. Listen to MasterAllen verbally humiliat, dominate, and degrade him while he does what a fag like him was born to do: SERVE!

Continuing with being used, this time MasterAllen’s slave takes his place beneath him while laying on it’s back. MasterAllen squats over the slave’s mouth and the slave goes to town, licking and sucking his master’s ripe exposed smelly, nasty, asshole. This slave is recorded rimming his master’s asshole from several angles so you can see all of the detail and close ups of MasterAllen’s puckered jock asshole being serviced. To reward this slave, MasterAllen even lets out a few farts into the slave’s mouth for his hard work. In the next real time session, you get to see through the eyes of the slave in this POV ass eating video. MasterAllen’s slave greedy mouth goes right to MasterAllen’s shithole for service. MasterAllen spread his cheeks and reveals his hairy hole for this slave to tongue and clean like a good ass munching fag boy. However, this slave isn’t finished with his ass worshiping duties. The masked faggot uses his sponge tongue to give worship his master’s balls, taint, ass, and cock. This faggot licks, sucks, and polishes every square inch of his master’s privates while being verbally dominated and abused along the way.

Now kick back and watch MasterAllen’s stupid fag slave use his dirty mouth for some brutal foreskin worship. Nothing but foreskin in this video clip. MasterAllen makes his slave ignore his delicious shaft and superior balls to just concentrate on his stinky, sweaty foreskin. Using his mouth and teeth to manipulate and stretch it, the slave gets great pleasure from worshiping MasterAllen’s long foreskin. MasterAllen beats and whips this faggot’s face during this session. You’ve never seen a faggot worship foreskin like this before. It’s time now for the slave to experience extreme humiliation as MasterAllen delivers over 100 mouthfuls of spit on this fag’s face. Getting the slave on his back, near the bed, MasteAllen unleashes s torrent of spit. Gob after gob of thick gooey jock spit gets rained down on this stupid cashfag’s face. Over 100 mouthfuls of jock spit drenches this slave’s masked face. Halfway through, MasterAllen takes a cigarette break and uses the slave’s face like an ashtray too.

1 New Video – MasterDominator uses a fat faggot in this 16 minute video clip as he forces the fat fag to worship his sweaty feet after the gym. This masked faggot licks this dominant Russian master’s sweaty feet as well as his sweaty armpits. Master Dominator punishes his slave by kicking him around, verbally abusing him, spitting and pissing on him. The disgusting fat fag feels like he’s in Heaven as he’s being dominated and used in this real time session by this alpha Russian master.

1 New Video – Get on your fucking knees, grab your poppers and sniff KingGinger’s dirty socks. Throughout this very verbally offensive video clip, KingGinger will order you to sniff his dirty white socks and to sniff your poppers when he commands to do so and for as long as he commands to do it. During this forced intox session, you’ll beg to serve this straight alpha dom’s filthy, raunchy white socks as you fry away as many fag brain cells as possible.

3 New Videos – SteveMyer had been talking to Wesley for a while about doing some videos but he was hesitant because he never did videos before but had a craving for black cock. Luckily SteveMyer knew just the guy and connected Wesley with Jay, who really liked banging white guys. Wesley performed like a pro and took all of Jay’s big black cock. Wesley sucks Jay and let’s Jay work his hole over with various sized dildos before finally taking Jay’s dick. Wesley turned into a cock craving whore and just couldn’t get enough. Keeping with the black on white theme, SteveMyer had another pairing of guys who wanted filmed too. Meet Trey, an obedient ginger slut that loves being used and degraded like a faggot. He couldn’t get enough of Coby’s big black cock as this ginger slut takes black cock. He even let Coby spray his jizz all over his white boy face.

For those preferring a solo vid of a college jock, SteveMyer luckily got this college straight boy to jerk in his dorm room a total of 10 cum shots! Joe worked with SteveMyer before and wanted to film a cum shot compilation but needed to be careful that his college roommate didn’t catch him. He set hte camera up on 10 different occassions and jerked his fat cock until he shot a fat load each time.

2 New Videos – MasterDrC is ready to drain your wallet because it’s time for you to pay up and fuck off. This dominant findom sits back and has a smoke while telling you what a wallet you are to him and how you should feel honored to become his personal human wallet. Open your mouth wide to inhale his cigarette smoke and open your wallet. After you’re done serving as an ashtray and a wallet, you can get on your knees and lick spit from MasterDrC’s boots. Fags with a leather boot fetish will enjoy licking the dirt and spit from MasterDrC’s soles. Once you get started, MasterDrC will make you feel worthless like the disgusting maggot you are to his leather master.

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4 New Videos – KingGinger has just joined In-Charge and his loyal slaves are already buying his video like crazy. In one of his first videos to the site, KingGinger dishes out some extreme humiliation as he commands you to worship his sweaty armpits and feet. Planting his dirty feet up to the camera, KingGinger orders you to lick them clean and to serve his straight alpha male feet. Quickly you’ll learn your place is under the foot of this alpha male as you watch him degrade you and flip you off for being a lowly cash faggot. The verbal abuse continues as you’re ordered to sniff poppers by KingGinger. This alpha male continues to verbally humiliate you for being a worthless faggot while he makes you crack open that bottle of poppers to destroy your mind. While you’re sniffing those poppers, don’t forget to sniff KingGinger’s armpits as you worship him as your king.

Prepare for a verbal beatdown as KingGinger verbally abuses you and treats you as you should be treated. This alpha dom is ready to choke you out and rob you blind of everything you have. Submit yourself to the ultimate fag bashing from this straight superior male. You’ll immediately learn your role as you give up everything to this straight alpha while he verbally bashes you. KingGinger even upload a short video clip for the really sick faggots who are into fart sniffing. Put down those poppers but don’t stop inhaling as you inhale this alpha’s farts right from his sweatpants.

1 New Video – In this video, MasterBraz95 makes you work hard for the privilege to sniff his white socks. Relaxing after draining some cash faggots, MasterBraz has a smoke as he puts his socked feet up to the camera for you to worship. Whenever this cash master commands you, you must sniff his socked feet as long and as hard as he tells you to do so. Only if MasterBraz is satisfied with your service to him and if you followed his command then he’ll let you touch his superior boss feet and socks. Download this nearly 7 minute video to worship this foot master’s feet.

1 New Video – MasterDnero and MasterRoy have a challenge for you. Are you able to watch this video, follow all of MasterRoy’s instructions, and control your ejaculation? Many of MasterRoy’s slaves just have to ejaculate when he orders them to do so but he won’t make it that easy for you. In this real time session, MasterRoy instructs his faggot to sniff poppers and to worship his feet. While keeping this masked faggot on a leash during the real time session, you’ll quickly see how dominant and powerful Master Roy is to inferiors. Master Roy is able to enter the depths of a faggot’s mind and control them from the inside. This alpha is the voice in your head, pushing you to do what you are afraid of doing. See how long you can last throughout this video as you play Master Roy’s game.

1 New Video – SirKraze wants you to sniff your poppers as he gets you weak to serve his greatness. It’s all about draining and training with popper control and hypnosis. Come and worship one of the best elite American cash masters. SirKraze will quickly bring you right to where you belong as you submit to his natural alpha abilities. Throughout this nearly 5 minute video clip, SirKraze allows you to worship every part of him as you fry your brain harder and harder in his name.

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Master Jako

2 New Videos – It’s always hard when a cash master leaves the scene but every bird must fly from the nest and this alpha bird wishes to become an alpha eagle – Jako has decided to enter into the police academy. Master Jako’s personal cash slave wished to have one last real time session. But it’s not all sad because in this 30 minute video clip, you can appreciate the authenticate and real domination delivered by Master Jako. During the session, Jako gets a call from one of his fuck buddy girls. What can be better for a fag than to be under the feet of a real man while he’s talking to a hot bitch? Jako uses the fat faggot’s face like a chair but then Master Dnero and Master Jako get an idea. Just like how police men sometimes ride a horse, Jako decides to ride his fat fag slave like a horse. This slave, just like you, will crave to see Jako again after he’s gone.

Also, don’t miss this other gem from the Master Jako collection before he goes. Lucky (Master Dnero’s step-brother and foot fag) wanted to show one of his favorite personal videos. One day, Lucky told Jako that he’d introduce him to one of his hot friends so he could fuck her and Lucky would even offer up his room for him to do it, the only condition was that he could record it. Jako accepted and finally you’ll get to see Master Jako’s cock and how a straight alpha male pummels a tight pussy. Fortunately for Lucky, they kept fucking after he finished filming and left some cum in his bed for him to lick up.

Henderdong5 New Video – In this 2 part series, Henderdong and AJ Foot Dom torture a pathetic slave with their feet as the pathetic slave knows he can’t ever touch these alpha male feet. This is punishment for speaking when not spoken to, something all slaves should understand. These alpha masters laugh at the pathetic little fag as he drools over their feet and GOD like attitudes. Part 2 continues with Instaslve, the pathetic fag from the first video, falling under the spell of their perfect alpha feet. He can’t help but divulge his personal info to these alphas while mesmerized by their huge feet in his face. Enjoy their perfect barefeet and soles as you see some true masters at work. Continuing this trend, Henderdong and AJ Foot Dom warm their feet by a relaxing fire. These alphas are enjoying teasing foot fags with their superior feet because they know you want to explode to the very best feet on the net. Enjoy multiple camera angles with the two foot Gods in front of the fire relaxing like kings.

Follow Henderdong and AJ Foot Dom outside and sit at their feet while they verbally abuse and degrade you. These foot kings chill while flipping you off, spitting on you, and blowing smoke in your face. If you’re patient enough, you will end up with their feet in your face to worship. Finally, going solo in his latest newest video this week, Henderdong allows you to enjoy this footslut cam session. In this session, Henderdong and his Detroit slave, Footslut, do a cam session together. Henderdong puts on a few pairs of socks and goes barefoot in this almost 13 minute long video, all while Footslut keeps tributing.

4 New Videos – One good thing about the great outdoors is that once deep enough in the woods, no one can hear you scream. Transylvanian Wolf takes you far into the woods in a secluded area to beat you with his belt in this video clip. Letting out all of his aggression and rage, this hairy alpha male doesn’t hold back. Pretending that you are strapped to a tree outside, Transylvanian Wolf lets you have it as he repeatedly whips his belt off the tree with no mercy as if you were tied to it. No matter how much you cry, this vicious alpha won’t let you go free and no one is around to save you. Not only can Transylvanian Wolf dish out physical abuse but he can deliver verbal abuse too. In this small penis humiliation video, Transylvanian Wolf takes you to a sports field and verbally humiliates you about how tiny your dick really is. Imagine getting exposed in public in front of hundreds, maybe thousands of people as they laugh at you for having such a tiny dick that it almost looks like a clit. While clad in leather gloves, this hairy alpha male will truly make you feel inferior.

After taking on physical and verbal abuse, Transylvanian Wolf has something else planned for you, some humiliation for his amusement. After jerking his big, uncut cock, Transylvanian Wolf just shot a thick load of cum on a plate and is about to give you some humiliating cum licking instructions. Wearing a leather harness, he’ll tell you how he wants to lap up his thick, straight alpha juice. It’s your job to be a cum guzzling slut for any alpha male you encounter. Lastly, Transylvanian Wolf wants to do some roleplay with a fag like you. Imagine if this hairy alpha stud broke into your home for some extreme cash rape. Wearing a hoody and looking to take what is rightfully his, this superior dom demands everything you have. His goal is to leave you with absolutely nothing, feeling broken and financially raped. His pleasure comes not from just taking your cash but also making you suffer like the pathetic faggot you are to him.

4 New Videos – It’s time for you to become MastaJR’s personal ash tray. Enjoying a smoke from his cigarette, you’ll soon enjoy taking this master’s ash in your bitch mouth as he degrades you like a pathetic cunt. Stick out your tongue and open wide for his ash. One lucky fag who got to serve as MastaJR’s ash tray once before now gets the privilege to serve as his urinal. In this short clip, MastaJR pisses on this cunt’s head while it’s dunked in a toilet bowl. That same fag is the one who MastaJR uses in a real time foot worship session in this 3 minute clip of him and his foot faggot. This faggot is in heaven in his rightful place, below his master’s feet. The full 25 minute real time video shows this pathetic foot fag worshipping at his master’s feet. The slave sniffs MastaJR’s socks and takes on some physical abuse as he get whipped with a belt.

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Transylvanian Wolf

11 New Videos – Creatively sadistic, hairy, and aggressive alpha dom Transylvanian Wolf is new to In-Charge and has a ton of new videos for his loyal cash fags and new followers to enjoy. In one of his newest videos, Transylvanian Wolf has a 20 minute piss compilation which is his first ever piss compilation video. The compilation of this hairy master pissing features him in different locations: public toilet, outdoors, shower, wearing leather and more. This dominant hairy master pisses so much in one scene where he fills up 2 cups in one go for you to drink. Another view is him keeping you on a leash while he’s clad in leather pissing down on you. For slaves who can’t get enough of him pissing on them, Transylvanian Wolf has another piss video of him outside stomping, spitting, and pissing while humiliating you at the same time. It starts off with this master talking about how you’ve been locked in chastity for month, smelling like his dungeon, so he decides it’s time to take you for a walk. Your pathetic faggot ass makes him angry so he has to resort to stomping you out with his dirty, muddy sneakers before ordering you to clean his sneakers. Like the subhuman you are under his shoes, you have to beg for mercy but all you’ll get is this alpha’s spit and piss to wash down the mud and filth. The dirty, filth humiliation continues when Transylvanian Wolf makes you worship his dirty socks and feet outside. His socks and feet are covered in dirt from the outside and it’s your duty as a degenerate slave to clean them to perfection. After you finish off cleaning his dirty feet, lay back on the ground and take master’s spit. Sitting down outside in jeans and dirty boots, Transylvanian Wolf will make you lay there with your mouth open to take gobs of his spit and thank him for each and everyone. Worship quickly because this might be the last time he let’s you go outside when not inside his dungeon.

As far as compilations go, Transylvanian Wolf not only has a piss compilation but he also has a cumshot compilation featuring him delivering massive Earth-shattering cumshots. This uncut, big dicked master shoots his massive load anywhere he feels like it dropping his load. He busts a nut on the couch, in the shower, and even all down his mirror. Watch how a real man uses his cock for pleasure while you pray that he locks you in chastity. That provides a great transition to the next video where straight alpha Transylvanian Wolf locks you in chastity. Getting out his metal cock cage, this straight master remind you as to what it’s going to be like when locked in his control, never being able to cum or get hard unless he gives you the key for your release. It’s your duty to follow the instructions given to you by your master, whether that means staying locked in chastity or doing monotonous tasks. In this video clip, Transylvanian Wolf gives you some feet and cum licking instructions. Having already shot a load in a condom, this straight jock empties the load of cum on his massive feet and verbally berates you to come clean his feet. He’ll make you lick the sweat off them from the gym while tasting his superior load of cum on his huge alpha male feet.

In another film, Transylvanian Wolf makes you lick his ass cream off of his hairy ass. Ass cream meaning whipped cream all over his ass. Fresh from the canister, he spreads the whipped cream all over his ass for you to lick off and taste. Then for fag slaves who need more of his alpha ass, Transylvanian Wolf will sit on your face and fart to dominate and use you more. In this POV film, you’ll get a closeup glimpse of Transylvanian Wolf’s hairy ass right in your face as he lets out farts to humiliate you for his amusement.

After all of that service, it’s time for Transylvanian Wolf to beat your ass. He has a boxing match coming up but he needs a punching bag to practice on. What better way to train than to use your faggot body as a punching bag for practice. You’re pathetic whimpering is disgusting and your hesitation inflames this alpha’s anger. Transylvanian Wolf will hold you down, beat you with his boxing gloves, keeping you in a headlock and spit on your bruised body. He just loves using you for his sadistic desires. In the end, he spits his chewing gum on the ground and commands you to jerk off with it. Desperately you pump your tiny baby dick with it in hopes he won’t beat you anymore but there’s one last thing Transylvanian Wolf commands you to do…

Sir Kraze1 New Video – There is none better than Sir Kraze. Whether it’s his muscles, pits, feet, bulge, alpha cock, or his attitude, every part is perfect and ready for worship from a pathetic sub faggot. In his newest video, Sir Kraze starts off in some cargo shorts and gives you instructions on how to sniff and inhale your poppers as he verbally abuses you. This is the abuse you seek from a real dominant jock, constantly craving this abuse. Sir Kraze then takes off his cargo shorts and shows his massive bulge through his tight underwear. Flexing, then sticking his feet up to the camera and flipping you off, Sir Kraze gives you everything you deserve for being a pathetic cash fag.

Master Dnero

1 New Video – In this new, nearly 18 minute video from Master Dnero, one of his friends gets his feet worshipped as he sleeps. The making of this video was a long story. It started with a Facebook post from Lucky (Master Dnero’s brother) who posted about getting money easily from cash fags. Their friend K.P. asked to join the group of masters but when K.P. arrived, he acted as if he was a star already even though he didn’t prove himself. They decided to have K.P. relax and get comfortable and not before long, K.P. actually fell asleep. Master Dnero had his foot fag brother Lucky use his foot licking faggot tricks and suck K.P.’s feet while he slept. Once he woke, they had to lie and tell him that was the admission test as he woke up confused as to why his feet were wet. It was all a trick to get a free video out of K.P., but Master Dnero still might let him become a foot dom if slaves crave him enough.

SkaterKrisHawk1 New Video – One of SkaterKrisHawks’s most devoted fag slaves is actually a married man who can’t get enough of his alpha feet. This married foot fag clearly has an addiction to him. He can’t get enough of his foot master that he’ll spend more and more on it resulting in his wife wondering where all of the money is going. Watch as SkaterKrisHawk empties this married foot fag’s wallet, run up his credit card all while he takes his feet and pits right in his face. The look on his face is pathetic.

Hardcore XXX Action and More


4 New Videos – These hot fetishists just uploaded some amazing content to their In-Charge.net portfolio. In the first video, dom Lacrosse067 and his boy love getting sweaty and naughty in their soccer gear especially footy shorts. Lacrosse and his mate are wearing them to start the video as he makes him sniff and lick his armpits to worship them. As the video progresses, this alpha male plows his mate good, even smothering his face with his socked feet while fucking him, all until he busts a huge load. If you enjoyed that hardcore fucking session, then you’ll enjoy watching Lacrosse067 try out his new cock sleeve. These two love the PerfectFit FatBoy cock sleeve because its loads of fun. Lacrosse067 puts it on over his cock and plows his boy’s hole hardcore with this extender. Watch as it makes Lacrosse067’s dick even bigger to stretch his mate’s hole as he plows him like no tomorrow.

The hardcore action continues with brutal facefucking action when Lacrosse067 tests out his boy’s gag reflex. He viciously rams his big dick down his mate’s throat until he gags hard. The throat pumping just keeps going throughout. For those foot fetish fans, they can check out the newest Adidas foot fetish video which Lacrosse067 posted. This cashmaster only busts a load after fags send a cash tribute to which he only cums in his main faggot or on his new gear. Lacrosse067 decides to cum while wearing his new athletic Adidas gear showing his knee high socks and soccer gear as he rubs his big feet and fat cock in this 7 minute video.

Dillon Anderson

1 New VideoDillon Anderson and his friend can’t keep their hands off each other. In this video, Dillon Anderson takes a pounding as his hung, ginger friend plows his ass. Throughout, you see Dillon bouncing up and down on his friend’s massive cock. Toward the very end the fucking gets extremely intense. Dillon Anderson rides his cock until he blows a huge load deep inside his ass in this 10 minute bareback fucking video.


1 New Photo – Do you want to be DarkMuse‘s king and allow her to be your queen? Do you want to become part of her kingdom? Let DarkMuse drain your wallet and make you go broke with this 1 image she posted. You’ll have to make two trips to add credits to afford it. Buy it multiple times to go deeper and more mindless as she continues to rape your wallet while you treat her like a queen and in return she’ll reward you like a king.

Piss Fetish

1 New Video and 1 New Image – New to In-Charge is HornyGuy and in his first video on the site he has something for piss fans. While filming, he just had to piss and his friend was already using the toilet, so he decided to piss in the shower. It’s a short video, but like HornyGuy says, you can’t continue to piss for a long time. To see more of this piss scene, he also uploaded a 14 picture photo set to his portfolio. After pissing, his feet became a bit dirty so he took a quick shower, You can see his feet, hairy legs, and some teasers, along with a middlefinger thrown in.

Jock Feet


2 New Videos – In his latest 27 minute video, DocTayTay is on a business call and can’t seem to find relief for his itchy jock feet. He slides his male feet in and out of his dress shoes, scratches his feet with his hands, grinds his feet into the carpet and still nothing can help with his itchy feet. Finally, DocTayTay just opens up to his business partner about his dilemma. Luckily his partner has some remedies. Once he gets to Doc’s office, DocTayTay has an alternative method of relief which he believes his partner can help him with.

Similarly, DocTayTay request that his rub my feet, you tiny slave video. In this film, DocTayTay comes home from a long work day and almost steps on the tiniest slave he has ever come across. This cashmaster is astonished by this little slave and decides that he is going to make this tiny slave boy smell and rub his well-worked jock feet. Does the tiny slave even have any other choice? Luckily, this little slave does a satisfactory job and is allowed to sleep in Taylor’s shoe after Taylor is finished with him.

Foot fag

1 New VideoLaurentCrawford and his gang of cashmasters are ready to degrade and abuse their gay cashslave in this latest video clip. Their personal fag slave gets worked over a lot by these dominant straight masters as he is forced to worship their big barefeet, suck toes, and swallow spit. The fag slave even gets farted on and degraded to put him in his place. All throughout the clip, you can tell the slave enjoys it all because his tiny dick is hard the entire time. Put yourself in this paypig’s place when you download this film.

jock foot

1 New Video – New to In-Charge is the duo Lacrosse067. They are two bi doms that love to milk and abuse only the worthiest of cashfags. They’re into loads of kinks and have just uploaded their first video centered around foot fetishes. You’ll start drooling at the sight of this cash dom’s feet. With the camera on the ground facing up at this massive alpha foot, you’ll want to bow down and kiss this jock foot and lick his toes.

Newest Downloads: Henderdong, Master Ashton, Michael Hoffman

Henderdong – Verbal Abuse and Foot Lube from HENDERDONG and AJHenderdong

1 New Video – Prepare to be verbally abused and degraded as Henderdong and his prodigy AJ Foot Dom shove their large male feet in your face. Get ready to begin your journey into foot worship as you worship the feet of these two straight guys. Henderdong will abuse you, treat you like shit, call you a pussy, fag, queer, and more while him and AJ Foot Dom lube up their feet for you worship their jock feet.


Master Ashton – Playing xbox while some slut sucks me off

Master Ashton

1 New VideoMaster Ashton is the newest seller on In-Charge.net and just posted his first video. In Master Ashton‘s first video, he shows his submissive slaves what the good life is all about: sitting back and playing video games while getting your dick sucked. This veteran cash master invited over a hot girl to suck his big Australian cock while he enjoys a gaming session on his Xbox. See how Master Ashton lives the good life when he’s not using his gay cash slaves online. Serve him well and maybe he’ll post more clips.



Michael Hoffman – Michael Hoffman Cum EatingMichael Hoffman

1 New Video – How does a teenage bodybuilder like Michael Hoffman get enough protein? Michael Hoffman eats his own cum. In the newest Michael Hoffman video on In-Charge.net, this muscle hunk jacks off in his bathroom and shoots a huge load of cum all over his hand. Tempted to taste his own cum, Michael Hoffman eyes up the mess he made on his hands and swallows all of it. After Michael Hoffman‘s cum eating, he gets ready for a shower and shows off his ripped male muscles in the bathroom mirror.

Featured Model- Master Dominus

In-Charge.net - Master Dominus

This week’s featured male model is Master Dominus with his video “Cash at my feet”

Master Dominus describes this video as “showing you where a fag slave belongs…at my feet”. He makes his slave worship his feet by licking them and placing money between each of his toes in this video.


Top Sellers from 5/11 – 5/17

Last week on In-Charge, several of our dominant men got into the top seller spots

MasterKwinton and Duude23 (MasterMark) were at the top of the list. Users can’t get enough of MasterKwinton‘s real time videos where he uses his personal slaves for his enjoyment. Likewise, MasterMark‘s followers crave more of his feet videos every week. Another regular top seller on In-Charge was Cashgod13 with his stylized videos showing off his muscular ass in various pairs of sexy underwear. Back on the list was MuscleGodBrendan due to his muscular flexing videos where he shows it all.


Newcomer PolluxArmenadon made it to the top seller list with his extensive collection of pictures showcasing his ripped, muscular physique. Another muscular bodybuilder to make it to the list was Ammarrulz with his dominant flexing and foot worship videos. Similarly, MasterDomCory made it as a top seller with his flexing / stroking videos in his portfolio.


Don’t forget to check out the other top sellers from the list such as MasterMuscle who has tons of pictures showing his dominant side as well as a sweaty sock video available on the site. Similarly MasterObey sells his own style of dominantion content including real time videos with slaves. Lastly, is infamous internet celebrity MaxPayne who goes by the nickname Monster4aCock because of his large cock which he displays in tons of his stroking and showing off videos.


Visit In-Charge.net and see what these men and more have to offer!