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2 New Videos – Get out that bottle of poppers and prepare to fry your brain as you drool over Alpha Derek’s pecs and biceps. This muscle dom flexes his chiseled physique while verbally ordering you to sniff more poppers. Go completely mindless to this superior dom in this muscle worship / popper intox session. The intox doesn’t stop there as Alpha Derek has another popper slave intox video for you to download. Alpha Derek is shirtless in this video and shows why he is a real alpha male. You’ll quickly realize that you aren’t on his level and that you are nothing more than a poppered up cash fag.

5 New Videos – After a long day, MasterUltimateGod and his friends sometimes like to relax with a nice cigar, paid for by Fag Butler. What makes it particularly entertaining is abusing the faggot by making him into a human ashtray. Watch as these 2 dominant findoms ash all over this queer. The fag slave whines as they ash on him, so MasterUltimateGod decides to take it up a notch and burn the fag with a cigar. The slave screams in pain, begging for mercy. Eventually MasterUltimateGod give him some, but not until after leaving a nasty burn underneath his armpit. In another video, Fag Butler is put through a quick round of shock collar training. MasterUltimateGod gives the fag the option of doing hard, humiliation, and often physically taxing tasks or experiencing the pain from the shock collar. Each time, the fag has to decide what form of pain he gets to experience. The final choice leaves the fag with a nasty black eye. Download this video to see it happen.

Fag Butler is in for a workout today. In the MMA gym, MasterUltimateGod gags the fag with his own sweatshirt so he doesn’t have to hear his pathetic screams and cries. Then, this powerful cash master proceeds to kick the fag in the balls, over and over. The fag collapses on the ground, and is ordered to stand back up to be beaten again. There are tears streaming down his face when this one is over. Fag Butler hates this treatment but must accept that he is an object.

1 New Video – It’s time to relax with your headphones on. Remove all distractions. Stare at the screen and listen to Miles Striker’s voice. This alpha male is going to take you to a new level of euphoria. During this state your mind will release endorphins that will make all your stress dissipate. This is the transient state where your faggot reprogramming can begin. By the time this findom is done with this update to your faggot cybernetic system, the only thing you’ll ever have to worry about is pleasing your new master. All your troubles and problems will simply float away. They will no longer exist. Miles Striker is giving you a gift. The gift of true freedom in submission.

1 New Video – This fag slave is ready to experience truly hardcore cash faggot humiliation. King Luca gets this faggot hopped up on every drug imaginable for this torture and humiliation session. Throughout these 18 minutes of abuse, the faggot is forced to sniff his master’s boots, get covered in his master’s spit, and receive his master’s alpha piss all over. The slave enjoys every second of this torture session. Too bad he’s too wasted to remember it the next day.

4 New Videos – Ikagura and his obedient foot fag friend meet up for a foot worship session. While playing some video games, the foot fag worsihps his master’s feet by licking and sniffing the soles of his superior feet. The foot domination continues as the foot fag is gagged with his master’s feet. Laying on his back with his mouth wide opened, the foot faggot sucks on the heels of his dom’s feet. He shows his true devotion by showing how obsessed and fixated he is on serving his master’s feet. Later the fag gets his face trampled by his master’s feet and even receives some hard foot stomping all over his body. This foot faggot shows how obedient and loyal all submissive foot fags should be to their dominant masters.

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5 New Videos – Blindfolded, handcuffed, and collared with his electric collar, Fag Butler is ready to experience extreme pain. Pain pigs will love seeing what happens to this fag. When the slave breaks his handcuffs, MasterUltimateGod beats the hell out of him as a faggot should learn his place. Even though Fag Butler has an interview the next day, MasterUltimateGod doesn’t give a fuck in this beat down session. Humiliating the faggot is his main goal.

Later, MasterUltimateGod crushes the faggot’s balls. This alpha makes the fag butler strip so that he is naked and exposed. Next, he starts crushing the faggot’s pathetic sack. This faggot doesn’t need balls. MasterUltimateGod throws shoes at the faggot’s balls and inflicts as much pain as possible. Switching gears, MasterUltimateGod then challenges the fag to some grappling domination. The fag can’t seem to get enough of his master’s alpha muscles. He squirms and his dom puts him in a number of Jiu Jitsu holds, causing the fag to squeal out in pain and frustration.

1 New Video – Miles Striker knows why you’re here. Get that poppers bottle out and ready. Today things are going to get a little messy. Breathe every bit of air out, plug, then inhale 10…9…8…7…… Miles Striker lights up a smoke while directing this popper reinforcement training today. This alpha spits a loogie straight on your face while telling you that you’re nothing but his ashtray and spittoon. Just a waste receptacle. Let the poppers take you as you open wide. You’re nothing but scum to catch what Miles doesn’t even put on my floor. By the time he’s done with you today, you’re not going to be recognizable. Now Lick his size 13 leather jump boots heel to toe with your tongue. Covering you in spit, ash, and dirt. How does it feel to be born this way? You’re a sexual reject that is completely unworthy of any desire. Now Miles has a very special treat for you as you let out that last breath. Nice drink for a faggot with a toilet of a mouth like you. Be thankful you get to gargle down his alpha piss right from the tap.

4 New Videos – Listen to daddy Flexgod while he shows you his big bulge and huge feet. This muscular dom humiliates and degrades you as he flips you off for being a weak faggot. Serve and worship every inch of his muscular body. Not only should you worship his muscles but also worship his alpha spit. Master Flexgod forces you to drink his spit, lick his armpits, and worship his huge alpha male feet as he shows you where you belong.

After you’ve finished licking up his spit, prepare to get addicted to Master Flexgod’s leather clad muscular body. Sitting in front of you wearing a leather jacket, leather gloves, and planting his feet right in your face, Flexgod will make you worship every inch of his body. Wearing tight grey underwear he flaunts his bulge in your face to weaken you even more. Don’t ever stop worshipping his feet though. Master Flexgod focuses solely on making you worship the soles of his feet in this next video. Wearing long white socks then showing his huge barefeet, this is a video for foot fags.

4 New Videos – On a regular basis, Davidwar visits his step uncle. While in quarantine he felt isolated and lonely so he decided to visit his horny uncle and have his uncle rim his jock ass. Laying on the bed, Davidwar’s uncle tongues his nephew’s hole and can’t get enough of it. If you love his ass then you’ll also love his huge cock. Davidwar then shows off his massive cock in the next video upload. Drool over his thick Colombian dick as he flexes. To make his cock even bigger, Davidwar pumps up his dick. Putting on a dick pump, Davidwar gethis cock to fill nearly the entire tube as it keeps growing and getting bigger. Finally Davidwar has a video for macrophilia lovers as he makes you get a taste of him growing to be a giant. Become a shrunken tiny as you worship this giant alpha male.

3 New Videos – King Luca sits on a slave’s face in his newest real time session. This cocky alpha makes the slave lick his sneakers before sitting right down on the faggot’s face. In another new real time session, King Luca turns his slave into an ashtray. The weak faggot takes his master’s ashes from his cigarette in his mouth. To degrade the fag further, King Luca spits on the weak faggot and uses it as a foot stool. Continuing with the humiliation, King Luca then makes use of his piss slave. Getting the fat masked faggot in the shower, King Luca pisses all over the slave. This fag slave enjoys the warm stream of his master’s alpha piss.

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5 New Videos – Fag butler is forced to get on his knees as MasterUltimateGod and an alpha friend spit all over this loser. Watch as these two alphas force him to endure getting spit on and accept his fate as a lowly faggot. The culmination is the fag drinking his master’s mouthwash as MasterUltimateGod spits directly into his mouth like the loser he is to him. In another video clip, the fag butler is crushed under his master’s ass. The fag learns to experience what it is like to be a carpet underneath his master as well as the cushion he sits on. This supreme alpha walks all over this faggot and dominates him the way a fag should be dominated. The crushing continues as MasterUltimateGod crushes the faggot under his feet. Standing on top of and jumping on the faggot, this weak slave squirms and cries out as his master stomps all over him. This is a macro lovers wet dream.

Fag butler is in for a treat with the next video. He is ordered to clip his master’s toenails and eat them. The fag can’t get enough of his master’s alpha feet. As a reward he is given this delicious treat from his king. The fun rewards stop there as in the next clip Fag Butler endures some shock therapy. This bitch can’t seem to get his most basic tasks accomplished and must be punished the hard way. More brutal humiliation, degradation, and shock collar abuse for this lowly faggot.

3 New Videos – Get your bottle of poppers out as you worship Flexgod’s ass and feet. Wearing black ankle socks and dark colored briefs, Flexgod makes you worship his superior muscles as you huff and huff that bottle of poppers. After you’ve done that and your brain is fried, then you can worship this stud’s muscles. Worship at this muscular master’s holy feet and drool over his muscles. After you’ve obsessed over his muscles then you can clean his alpha feet. In this 10 minute video clip, Flexgod flips you off and sticks his feet in your face while you continue to waste brain cells on that bottle of poppers for your slave training.

3 New Videos & 1 New Audio Clip – Get your gas mask, a bottle of poppers and get on your knees to worship Master Gary’s feet and socks. Sitting in front of you with the camera on the floor, Master Gary places his feet in your face. First you are to worship his socks before being allowed to serve his barefeet. Stay in a trance and sniff those poppers while you edge to this hypnotic video. MasterGary shows clips of himself with written commands on the screen as to how he wants you to sniff and when to sniff those poppers. Edge your cock throughout like a horny little faggot. Keep stroking that tiny prick like a stupid fag when you worship master’s white socks in the next clicp. Worship everything about this verbally abusive dom. By this point your head should be swimming from all that popper sniffing. If you need to have some hypnotic audio from MasterGary then check out this 420 edging trance audio to play on repeat. For the smokers, light your joint and get mesmerized into getting higher and higher for the alpha of your dreams.

2 New Videos – Miles Striker wants you to get ready for some hypnotic popper instructions. This verbal dom will guide you through this session but requires total obedience of you. This will implace in exactly what you have known deep down inside your whole life. Who you really are and what you’re looking for. What you crave. This will be an intense session for session number one. They say everyone is happier once they realize their purpose. Relax in your chair as Miles Striker take you to pure faggot bliss. Intensify the experience by watching this video with noise cancelling headphones in a dark room.

What are you doing during this time of public unrest? Maybe Miles Striker has been too soft on you faggots lately. Should he remind you of who and what you are? It’s time for this dom to once again remove the gloves and put you in your place. There are normal people then there are things like you. We all have our places during this coronavirus pandemic. Miles Striker is done coddling you and going easy on you. It’s time for the cold hard truth, faggot.

1 New Video – Get on your fag knees and worship a huge alpha cock. Wearing tight jeans, a leather jacket, leather boots, and leather gloves, King Michael pulls out his massive dick for you to worship. Get down and look up at his hung cock and pray for his cum.

Featured Model- MilesStriker

In part two of this series (both combined parts can be found here, the scene continues with Jaxton Wheeler fucking his sissy slave while Miles Striker just relaxes on the couch getting a chuckle out of it. Miles has never let a faggot suck his dick but is getting a kick out of seeing how Jaxton treats this fag slave. Miles verbally assaults this twink fag all throughout the hard fucking. As the slave is being fucked, Miles starts spitting in the slave’s face. Jaxton talks dirty as the slave rides him and looks into Miles’ eyes. Afterward, Jaxton bends the slave over a table directly in front of Miles Strikers now so Miles can begin to slap and tear the slave into pieces with his words. Miles puts the slave’s face right on his foot and the other foot right on the slave’s head just before it is about to get fucked again. Jaxton pulls his bitch slave’s head back to worship Miles’ sweaty socks. Imagine being this lucky slave and getting used by both of these alpha men.

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2 New Videos – You’ve been caught! All the time Miles Striker thought you were another masculine man like himself but no, you are just a sissy faggot. Miles caught you red handed in bed wearing panties and jerking off. You and him are going to have to discuss this after a few days of him cooling off. After that, things are going to be way different from now on. Forget your old fake masculine life and embrace what you truly are, faggot. After you download that video clip, it would be best to confess your sins to Miles. However, confession is done a little differently in the Gospel of Striker. Get ready to feel dissolved of all of your sins and reborn. You will become a better class of faggot for Miles Striker through hard work under his command. It is time to re-purpose your talents as a faggot.

2 New Videos – Grab your poppers because you’re getting your brain fried by Henderdong. Follow all of Henderdong’s commands as he relaxes with his feet up in the backyard. Henderdong will count you down for how many seconds you have to deeply inhale those poppers. Get completely fried and mindless for this superior alpha dom as you stare at his massive feet. If you still can’t get enough of Henderdong’s feet then check out this next clip. As you creep up on you master, Henderdong, you watch as he’s focused on gaming and owning other gamers. All you can do is beg for him to allow you to worship his superior alpha male feet. Lick and sniff his ripped socks and ripe soles like an obedient foot fag. This is your duty while Henderdong relaxes during an intense gaming session.

2 New Videos – Check out alpha male RobKnight as he takes off his shoes and socks after a hot, long day at the theme park. Walking all day has made this alpha’s feet super sweaty and needing some faggot attention. Taking off his shoes and socks, RobKnight reveals his bare male feet and hot male soles for you to lick and devote your complete attention to serving. In another foot worship session, RobKnight returns home from work and shows off his sheer black dress socks. These socks and many others are the types of socks RobKnight sells to foot faggots. Sniff and worship his sweaty overworked feet as you lick the sweat from his soles.

1 New Video – In this new video from DavidWar, he introduces you to his brother who loves to tickle his brother’s feet. In this 10 minute video clip, DavidWar goes under some tough tickle torture as his brother tickles his barefeet making him laugh and fight against it.

1 New Audio Clip – Ready for your next addiction? Do you like porn? Straight? Gay? Soon it’s going to be both, then both at once as Master Lucian introduces you to your new bisexual porn addiction. Master Lucian will introduce you to every combination of M and F porn imaginable. 9 full minutes of indoctrination and feeding your fetish. The time to listen is now!

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2 New Videos – Dinner is served up or down on the floor where is should be for Henderdong’s slaves. Master Henderdong enjoys a hot pizza then crushes the leftovers with his feet. Mashing the pizza into his socked feet, Henderdong will order you to lick and eat up what is on the ground like a worthless slave. Enjoy some of pizza crushed by Henderdong’s feet. The food crushing doesn’t stop there as Henderdong crushes a hamburger with his feet in another upload. Enjoy another dinner course at Henderdong’s feet. Get on all fours and beg to eat some Hamburger and fries at Henderdong’s feet. It even has the perfect Henderdong seasoning from him stomping it with his white socks.

2 New Videos – Down underneath Miles Striker’s desk is where you belong. Down there to clean up anything Miles Striker tells you to while he works and watches hardcore porn. Get your face right in this master’s crotch while he rubs his hard cock to porn. Your mouth is his waste receptacle. After you clean up his superior cum from the floor, you sit right there to lap up every bit of his alpha piss. Get right up underneath Mile Striker’s bulge and take a big whiff of his alpha scent while you’re down there.

Now from some intense roleplay. You’ve been caught! All this time, Miles thought you were another masculine man like himself but he has come to find you in his bed wearing panties and jerking off. Things at the house are going to be way different from now on. It’s time to go over your new rules as his personal fucking sissy. Forget your old fake masculine life and embrace what you truly are, faggot. Now is time to seal the deal with a nice blowjob and a facial for your sissy faggot face in this nearly 18 minute video.

3 New Videos – MasterUltimateGod enjoys a relaxing day outside, showing off his dominant feet in sandals throughout this nearly 13 minute video. Sit at eye level to his alpha feet and worship them as he just enjoys the nice weather outside. Beg for the opportunity to sniff and pray to these superior alpha feet. Even if you aren’t into feet, as a cash faggot, it is your duty to worship every part of your alpha.

For all the tinies out there, it is time to be eaten by MasterUltimateGod. Watch as this superior master devours you and your friends like you were on this plate of food. Shrunken down to the size of a speck of food, you’ll be running around this giant’s plate avoiding his fork, afraid that you’ll be the next bite. The feeding frenzy continues as MasterUltimateGod devours a mountain of food. This giant alpha describes how he is going to eat you like this stack of food. He’ll chew you up slowly before swallowing you whole. Accept your fate, munchkin fag.

1 New Video – Master Axl makes his slave lick his shoes in this real time meeting. Wearing the same shoes and socks for 5 days leading up to this meeting, Master Axl makes sure his feet and shoes have the maximum amount of alpha scent possible on them. The masked foot fag loves every minute of it as he sniffs and worships this alpha’s stinky superior feet. Download this clip to see what it is like to worship Master Axl’s feet.

1 New Video – Love smooth alpha feet? In this nearly 15 minute video clip, DavidWar shows off his beautiful bare soles smeared with lots of oil. Stare in awe at these feet as DavidWar completely hypnotizes you with them and them proceeds to rub this oiled up feet up and down a dildo. The movements will make any foot lover cream instantly.