Top Sellers from 4/27 – 5/3

From the week of 4/27 – 5/3, In-Charge a fresh face and some regulars as the top sellers for that week.


MasterKwinton with his real-time domination videos was a top seller for that week mainly due to the fact that his slaves / fans just can’t get enough of watching how he uses his slaves in real time. Next up in the list of top sellers were Cashgod13, with his stylized and arrogant pictures as well as his popular ass videos, and Duude23, a favorite among foot fetish enthusiasts for all of his slave foot worship videos.

Rounding out the list were amateur fighter, Mirko, for his rough and intense grappling videos which feature him showing no mercy while dominating his opponents, and MuscleGodBrendan, the huge muscle god who will leave you amazed at his massive size and dominance as he towers over the camera in his most popular video.

Featured Model: MusclegodBrendan


This week’s featured model is the massive MusclegodBrendan. Check out his portfolio for exclusive pictures and videos.

On his profile, he details himself as “I am Muscle God Brendan, sporting 20″ arms, 48″ chest, and a 31″ waist. Looking to grow my already huge muscles BIGGER and STRONGER. Love having worshippers who pay me tributes and service, as they bow down before my huge and massive muscles!”

So don’t wait any longer. Re-charge by adding credits and begin purchasing his content today.

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