Master Alexander

MasterAlexander delivers some intense verbal abuse while wearing a red Nike sleeveless lycra workout shirt. During this 15 minute video, MasterAlexander shows off his muscular body by pouring oil all over his workout shirt and muscles as he flexes. Soon he loses the red Nike workout shirt and shows off every inch of his muscular alpha body. MasterAlexander reminds you that he is prepared to do whatever it takes to take every last penny from your fag wallet.

Featured Model- Joshua Armstrong

In this nearly 12 minute video clip, Joshua Armstrong doesn’t play any games. This is just simple and pure bear destruction from a muscular alpha male. This superior muscular dom demonstrates his alpha strength by ripping apart tons of stuffed bears. He rips out their stuffed insides until all that’s left are threads and stuffing. He’s like a massive giant leaving a path of destruction, destroying anything smaller than himself. If you aren’t careful, Joshua Armstrong could mistake you for one of these bears.

Featured Model- Michael Hoffman

This steamy shower video is a definite download to any Michael Hoffman fan’s collection. The video starts off with Michael Hoffman naked in his room, rubbing his big cock and showing off his tatted muscles. He gets down on his back on the floor and shows his tight asshole right to the camera close up. Afterward, Michael Hoffman heads to the shower to get himself hard again while he jacks off his fat, massively long cock as the hot water hits his body. He shows off his tight muscular ass all though out this hot shower session.

Featured Model- Michael Hoffman

Michael Hoffman is back with another hot video for all of his fans. In this nearly 9 minute video clip, Michael Hoffman just got a new sex toy and it’s a tight rubber pussy. As a treat to his fans, Michael Hoffman wanted to show how he pounds a tight hole with his big dick. In the beginning of the video, he shows off his new tattoos and his muscular ass before lubing up the tight rubber pussy to fuck. Watch as his muscular back tightens up and his bubble ass pumps the tight pussy in and out with each thrust. At the end of the video, Michael Hoffman busts a load of cum on the bed from all of the hard fucking.

Featured Model- Ammarrulz - Ammarrulz

This week’s featured male model is Ammarrulz with his video “Muscle Master Ammar Domination”

In his newest video posted to In-Charge, Ammarrulz shows why he is a dominant muscle master and why pathetic, weak must serve every command he gives. Ammar shows his dominance by flexing his muscular body and dishes out some verbal abuse to make all of his cash slaves submit to him.

Featured Model- Jay Muscles - Jay Muscles

This week’s featured male model is Jay Muscles with his video “Ultimate Traps and Shoulder”

If you’re into muscle worship then you’ll love the muscular flexing and posing by Jay Muscles as he shows off his vascular definition and shows why he’s an alpha male in this video.

Featured Model- Mirko - MirkoThis week’s featured male model is Mirko with “Invisible Mirko Part 2”

In this second part of the “Invincible Mirko” videos, Mirko humiliates his slave by stomping on and spitting on his slave. Master Mirko also uses his strength and power to push his jock feet into the slave’s face and hits him hard in the groin. Watch Master Mirko use various Judo style moves with his hands and feet while suffocating his slave with his massive, muscular legs.

Featured Video- Worship Me While I Ignore You - Cashgod13This week’s featured male model is CashGod13 with his video “Worship Me While I Ignore You”

Watch the final part of the worship me while I ignore you series. Worship Cashgod’s muscular jock ass while he does work on his laptop wearing a red jock strap.

Featured Video- Worship Me While I Ignore You Pt. 2 - Cashgod13

This week’s featured video is “Worship Me While I Ignore You Pt. 2” by CashGod

This is the 2nd part of a 3 part series. Cashgod describes it as being “the second part to my worship me while I ignore you video. Everyone has been begging for more of my ass but without the briefs, so I decided to record another one.” Be sure to check out his muscular ass in a green Timoteo jockstrap as he ignores you while surfing the web on his laptop in this video.

Featured Video- Muscle Worship Dirty Talk Plus Flexing and Jerking - Monster4aCock

This week’s featured video is “Muscle Worship Dirty Talk Plus Flexing and Jerking” by Max Payne.

Max Payne aka Monster4aCock describes this as a “video of myself talking down to you as if you were my slave and I was giving you a muscle DOMshow in person. While I’m doing this I FLEX my ripped lean muscular twink master god body and stroke my 10 inch monster cock til I cum shoot my warm thick load of cum all over my tone body”.