Master Alexander

MasterAlexander delivers some intense verbal abuse while wearing a red Nike sleeveless lycra workout shirt. During this 15 minute video, MasterAlexander shows off his muscular body by pouring oil all over his workout shirt and muscles as he flexes. Soon he loses the red Nike workout shirt and shows off every inch of his muscular alpha body. MasterAlexander reminds you that he is prepared to do whatever it takes to take every last penny from your fag wallet.

Featured Model- FranktheTank


Directing this muscle worship scene, FranktheTank makes sure to record every minute of muscle action. In this HD video, handsome New York muscle hunk Mike Buffalari and newcomer Sam Rizzo get down and dirty as they strip down, lick, suck, stroke and play with every inch of their amazing muscled bodies. The video starts off with these two hunks fully dressed and rubbing each others pecs and biceps before they strip down and worship each other’s naked and muscular bodies. It isn’t before long that these two muscle gods begin sucking each other’s huge cocks. It finally ends with a huge cum shot from both as they flex and show off their huge muscles.

Featured Model- AmmarRulz - Ammarrulz

This week’s featured male model is AmmarRulz with his video “Bicep Flexing”

Watch dominant and straight bodybuilder, AmmarRulz flex his bulging biceps and pecs in this flexing video. If you’re into muscle worship, then you’ll enjoy worshipping Ammar’s muscles as he commands you to be obedient to him.

Featured Video- Flexing – Roy Morris - Roy Morris

This week’s featured male model is Roy Morris with his video “Flexing”

See RoyMorris’ ripped physique as he flexing his huge muscles in this 10 minute long video clip. This is definitely a video for the muscle worshipers out there who enjoy hard pecs and tons of bicep flexing.

Featured Video- Bodybuilder Flexing - Most MuscularCheck out this week male featured video “Bodybuilder Flexing” by MostMuscular. If you’re into muscle worship then don’t miss out on this massive muscle god’s video. MostMuscular describes it as “over 23 minutes of straight hardcore flexing. Worship my muscles. My biceps, triceps, and pecs deserve to be worshiped”