Featured Model- MasterBigg

Be prepared to suffer through this intense popper training session. In this video clip, MasterBigg makes you worship his huge alpha feet and sniff your fresh bottle of poppers at the same time. All throughout, MasterBigg encourages you to sniff, sniff, and sniff more from that potent bottle of fresh poppers that you have. While looking up at this straight alpha male’s socked feet, you’ll not only want to fry your brain on poppers but also hand over your wallet to him. Submit to a true straight alpha and lose some brain cells along the way as he trains you to be a mindless popper fag.

Featured Model- MasterBraz95

In this 8 minute video clip, MasterBraz95 puts you through rough popper training as you worship his feet. Getting very specific and detailed, MasterBraz95 tells you how you should sniff poppers while staring at his socks. This dominant alpha will command you to start sniffing, instruct you on how to breathe, and order you to stop when he feels is necessary. All of that while he also verbally abuses you and shows off his masculine white socks. One slave even describes MasterBraz95 as a pure work of art because he oozes alpha superiority, all of which shows throughout this video.

Featured Model- MastaJR

MastaJR will have your head spinning as he instructs you on how he wants you to sniff your poppers. As he blows smoke into the camera and commands you to suck down his smoke while flipping you off, MastaJR will intoxicate your mind, leaving your fag brain fried. Make sure to get a fresh bottle of poppers and obey your master’s commands. This tattooed findom will verbally bash you as he makes you go lower for him as he gains more control and power over your mind and your life. Give in to everything he says and obey him as your superior.

Top Selling Video In December- Smoking and Popper Intox Instructions


MastaJR is ready to fry your brain and warp your mind in his latest video clip. Grab your poppers and download this video clip as you follow orders from MastaJR while he commands you on how to fry your brain and sniff your poppers. Sitting in front of his computer, smoking a cigarette, MastaJR tells you how he’d put his cigarette out in your mouth and fill your mouth with his ashes. Suck down his smoke and inhale your poppers throughout this smoking and popper intox instructional video.