Featured Model- Master Morpheus

Another real time session with Master Morpheus and one of his loyal cash fags. This particular cash fag loves to worship Master Morpheus‘ feet but wants to hide his face for the camera by wearing a mask. Even though the slave is masked, Master Morpheus still makes him sniff and lick his feet as he smothers the slave’s face with his huge male feet. This dominant cash master verbally abuses and spits on his slave. Later in the video, Master Morpheus makes the cash fag clip his toenails for him and forces him to eat them as a way to show how pathetic and submissive he is to Master Morpheus. Download this 13 minute video now to server Master Morpheus just like this masked slave.

Featured Model- Master Sherman

Taking great pleasure in abusing his fag slave, Master Sherman whips the hell out of a pathetic fag slave and teaches him a hardcore lesson in abuse by making him worship his feet and his mate’s feet. These alphas start by whipping the fag until he cries for mercy. Following that, they make the slave wear clothespins on his ears and worship their smelly feet as they teach him a hardcore lesson in abuse and servitude.

Featured Model- SlavesSeeker

This lucky fag slave gets to worship at SlavesSeeker‘s big alpha feet during this real time worship session. The masked fag slave sticks out his tongue to lick clean the soles of his dominant master and enjoys every second of it. SlavesSeeker smothers this foot fag’s face with his big feet and even spit in the slave’s face at one point. The pathetic foot fag can’t get enough of SlavesSeeker’s feet and sucks on his toes like he’s giving a blowjob, taking more toes in his mouth just to savor every inch of this alpha male’s feet.

Featured Model- MasterJordi


Cash dom MasterJordi just finished a real time with a tattooed foot fag. While sitting back having a smoke, MasterJordi relaxes with his barefeet up on an ottoman for this pathetic foot slave to worship at his feet. The weak, submissive foot fag sucks each of MasterJordi’s toes while massaging and rubbing his master’s feet. During the foot worship session, MasterJordi flips off the cash fag then pulls out a wad of money to place between each of his toes. The submissive gay slave sucks on MasterJordi’s foot while the other foot is covered in his fag cash. Submit to MasterJordi’s feet and download this real time foot worship clip.

Last Month’s Top Selling Item: Real time feet worshiping


Learn the right way to suck an alpha’s feet. SlavesSeeker has a foot fag ready to worship his alpha male feet in this real time session. This lucky foot fag surely loves barefeet belonging to a superior master. Masked and positioned at his master’s feet, SlavesSeeker’s foot slave licks and sucks on his toes like he’s giving a blowjob to his master’s feet.