Featured Model- Master Morpheus

Master Morpheus did a real time meet up with his regular black slave in a posh NYC hotel for 3 nights. The cash slave took Master Morpheus all around NYC and paid his way. This dominant cash master gives his slave to the count of 5 to take off his socks with his teeth and if he doesn’t then the slave gets smacked hard. Watch how many times the slave gets smacked until he gets his master’s socks off. While using him, Master Morpheus gets more cash fags to pay him via cam on his laptop. The masked cash fag thinks he has it easy massaging his master’s feet but this cash dom gives him a beat down with slaps, kicks, and choking until the slave worships his feet the right way. The pathetic faggot continues to worship his master’s feet as he humiliates him making him deepthroat his foot as he slaps him around and verbally abuses him more. This lucky slave even gets the honor of cleaning Master Morpheus’ toenails with his teeth and then for Master Morpheus’ entertainment, the slave is forced to eat chocolate out from between Master Morpheus’ toes while he whips him and chokes him with his own belt.

Featured Model- SlaveSeeker

SlavesSeeker‘s loyal foot faggot is ready for another intense real time session. This lucky slave will get to worship his master’s barefeet while getting mind controlled. This slave gets completely in the sub space, just like how you should while watching this 15 minute video. SlavesSeeker gets the sub on his back while he smothers the slave’s face with his alpha feet. The slave licks, sucks, and worships SlavesSeeker’s soles and toes like an obedient foot fag should do for his superior.

Featured Model- LionMaster

LionMaster makes you worship his alpha sneakers and feet in this video clip. Submit yourself to this muscle jock’s big feet as you crave to worship them. This is a video for foot faggots who love being humiliated under alpha feet. LionMaster doesn’t hold back with the verbal abuse either while you stare mindlessly at his superior alpha feet.


Featured Model- Master Braz

Exuding dominance and superiority as a straight alpha male, Master Braz will quickly make you know why is known as a Balkan thug. In this nearly 8 minute video clip, Master Braz puts you through some intense popper training. This was his first of many popper training videos uploaded to In-Charge and will leave your head spinning. Throughout the video you are positioned right at MasterBraz’s white socks so that you can get a complete glimpse of this dominant cash dom. MasterBraz flips off the camera while smoking a cigarette. All throughout the video, he delivers tons of verbal abuse and instructs you on how to sniff your poppers like an obedient cash slave.

Featured Model- Master Morpheus and Alpha Corey

Master Morpheus and Alpha Corey use a fag slave in this real time meet video clip. These two alphas make the fag clean their sneakers and lick the soles of their sneakers. After some verbal abuse, they grab a belt and a whip and begin whipping the slave until he pledges allegiance to both of these alphas. Then for some laughs, Master Morpheus and Alpha Corey make the fag slave take an orange in his mouth and spit it out as Alpha Corey pinches his nose shut. The fag slave is then ordered to take off both of their shoes and sniff their stinky socked feet. Both of these cash doms then proceed to spit in the faggot’s mouth as they continue to whip him and verbally ab use him. Since they treat the cash fag like trash, Alpha Corey dumps a trash can on the fag’s face and covers him in garbage. The humiliation only continues in this 10 minute video clip for this fat fag slave.

Newest Downloads

8 New Videos – Making his foot faggot worship his feet, MasterAllen puts this slave in its place. The foot fag wears a leash and collar throughout while licking his master’s feet. Most of the video is done from the slave’s point of view to make you feel as if you’re right there with him, bowing down before your alpha king and serving him like you should. The obedient foot fag continues to serve his master in the next real time session. This masked foot fag bows down before MasterALlen and worships his nasty, dirty 7 year-old gym sneakers. Busting at the seams, and smelling like rotting hell, this foot fag uses his washcloth tongue to polish his master’s dirty shoes like the good little faggot he is for his dominant master. This sick foot fag just can’t get enough of his master’s feet, sneakers, and socks. This time the masked fag serves MasterAllen’s sweaty jock feet with his mouth, taking care to saturate his alpha’s socks with his spit and then suck out the toe jam from his master’s toes. Listen to MasterAllen verbally humiliat, dominate, and degrade him while he does what a fag like him was born to do: SERVE!

Continuing with being used, this time MasterAllen’s slave takes his place beneath him while laying on it’s back. MasterAllen squats over the slave’s mouth and the slave goes to town, licking and sucking his master’s ripe exposed smelly, nasty, asshole. This slave is recorded rimming his master’s asshole from several angles so you can see all of the detail and close ups of MasterAllen’s puckered jock asshole being serviced. To reward this slave, MasterAllen even lets out a few farts into the slave’s mouth for his hard work. In the next real time session, you get to see through the eyes of the slave in this POV ass eating video. MasterAllen’s slave greedy mouth goes right to MasterAllen’s shithole for service. MasterAllen spread his cheeks and reveals his hairy hole for this slave to tongue and clean like a good ass munching fag boy. However, this slave isn’t finished with his ass worshiping duties. The masked faggot uses his sponge tongue to give worship his master’s balls, taint, ass, and cock. This faggot licks, sucks, and polishes every square inch of his master’s privates while being verbally dominated and abused along the way.

Now kick back and watch MasterAllen’s stupid fag slave use his dirty mouth for some brutal foreskin worship. Nothing but foreskin in this video clip. MasterAllen makes his slave ignore his delicious shaft and superior balls to just concentrate on his stinky, sweaty foreskin. Using his mouth and teeth to manipulate and stretch it, the slave gets great pleasure from worshiping MasterAllen’s long foreskin. MasterAllen beats and whips this faggot’s face during this session. You’ve never seen a faggot worship foreskin like this before. It’s time now for the slave to experience extreme humiliation as MasterAllen delivers over 100 mouthfuls of spit on this fag’s face. Getting the slave on his back, near the bed, MasteAllen unleashes s torrent of spit. Gob after gob of thick gooey jock spit gets rained down on this stupid cashfag’s face. Over 100 mouthfuls of jock spit drenches this slave’s masked face. Halfway through, MasterAllen takes a cigarette break and uses the slave’s face like an ashtray too.

1 New Video – MasterDominator uses a fat faggot in this 16 minute video clip as he forces the fat fag to worship his sweaty feet after the gym. This masked faggot licks this dominant Russian master’s sweaty feet as well as his sweaty armpits. Master Dominator punishes his slave by kicking him around, verbally abusing him, spitting and pissing on him. The disgusting fat fag feels like he’s in Heaven as he’s being dominated and used in this real time session by this alpha Russian master.

1 New Video – Get on your fucking knees, grab your poppers and sniff KingGinger’s dirty socks. Throughout this very verbally offensive video clip, KingGinger will order you to sniff his dirty white socks and to sniff your poppers when he commands to do so and for as long as he commands to do it. During this forced intox session, you’ll beg to serve this straight alpha dom’s filthy, raunchy white socks as you fry away as many fag brain cells as possible.

3 New Videos – SteveMyer had been talking to Wesley for a while about doing some videos but he was hesitant because he never did videos before but had a craving for black cock. Luckily SteveMyer knew just the guy and connected Wesley with Jay, who really liked banging white guys. Wesley performed like a pro and took all of Jay’s big black cock. Wesley sucks Jay and let’s Jay work his hole over with various sized dildos before finally taking Jay’s dick. Wesley turned into a cock craving whore and just couldn’t get enough. Keeping with the black on white theme, SteveMyer had another pairing of guys who wanted filmed too. Meet Trey, an obedient ginger slut that loves being used and degraded like a faggot. He couldn’t get enough of Coby’s big black cock as this ginger slut takes black cock. He even let Coby spray his jizz all over his white boy face.

For those preferring a solo vid of a college jock, SteveMyer luckily got this college straight boy to jerk in his dorm room a total of 10 cum shots! Joe worked with SteveMyer before and wanted to film a cum shot compilation but needed to be careful that his college roommate didn’t catch him. He set hte camera up on 10 different occassions and jerked his fat cock until he shot a fat load each time.

2 New Videos – MasterDrC is ready to drain your wallet because it’s time for you to pay up and fuck off. This dominant findom sits back and has a smoke while telling you what a wallet you are to him and how you should feel honored to become his personal human wallet. Open your mouth wide to inhale his cigarette smoke and open your wallet. After you’re done serving as an ashtray and a wallet, you can get on your knees and lick spit from MasterDrC’s boots. Fags with a leather boot fetish will enjoy licking the dirt and spit from MasterDrC’s soles. Once you get started, MasterDrC will make you feel worthless like the disgusting maggot you are to his leather master.

Newest Downloads

3 New Videos – Continuing his abuse of MexSlave, MasterJax makes his pathetic slave place cash between his toes before he straps his shoe to the faggot’s face. At this point the fag slave has no choice by to inhale his master’s intoxicating foot scent through his sneaker. Punishing him more, MasterJax stomps on the slave’s face and neck. Imagine yourself being as lucky as this foot slave and serving MasterJax’s feet. Although it doesn’t stop there with the abuse of MexSlave. In the third part of this series, MasterJax shoves his socks in the fag’s mouth and eventually forces him into the bathroom to do something particularly humiliating. This foot fag can’t get enough of the opportunity to sniff MasterJax’s socks, feet, and sneakers while enduring his abuse and humiliation. MasterJax gets more intense as he steps on his slave to abuse him more. While relaxing on the bed, MexSlave dutifully cleans MasterJax’s sandals while licking the sweaty insides clean. MasterJax then proceeds to step all over this slave’s faggot face.

3 New Videos – Get ready for some sock worship and extreme bondage as Master Alex punishes another real time fag. In this video, Master Alex wears his jockstrap and long white soccer socks while dominating the hell out of his slave, who is tied up and helpless at his master’s feet. This is part two of how Master Alex met slave Faco. In this part, Master Alex puts his fag in an extremely difficult bondage scenario. Ring gag opening the slave’s mouth for Master Alex’s big alpha feet, candles underneath the slave’s chest and cock, the slave experience Master Alex’s full abuse from belt whipping, candle dripping, predicament bondage, and socked feet worship and domination.

Slave Faco gets even more vicious abuse when he endures a hard electro milking from Master Alex. The focus of this video is all about edging and pushing a huge load out of the slave’s cock. Master Alex milks it hard, using electro torment, cock slapping and kicking, nipple pulling and total control to establish his dominance over this fag. Master Alex handcuffs slave Faco and spreads his legs while attaching electrodes to the slave’s nipples and cock. To stop the slave’s loud moaning, he takes off his long soccer socks and gags the fag with them. In the end, using his leather gloves and intense vibrator, Master Alex milks every drop of cum out of that horny, throbbing cock on this pathetic slave. After he dominates this fag during the electro torture session, Master Alex covers the slave in piss in the shower. Putting his slave in the bathtub, Master Alex gives the fag a bath he’ll never forget when he drenches him in his warm piss. Master Alex unleashes his golden nectar all over the slave’s body and leaves him there with the bathtub plugged. Master Alex will return later to piss on him again until the slave takes on a full bath in nothing but his master’s piss.

1 New Videos – King Ginger delivers an extremely verbal fag bashing in this barefoot worship video. Sitting at his computer, King Ginger takes a break from cash raping fag slaves to deliver some intense abuse to a slave like you. Placing the camera on the floor, King Ginger stands tall over you while flipping you off and stomping his feet right into your face. King Ginger will remind you of your place in this world which is to serve straight alpha men and fork over your hard earned cash to make King Ginger’s life even easier.

1 New Videos – New to In-Charge is MasterDominator, a muscled Russian master who enjoys putting pathetic cash faggots in their rightful place. In this 18 minute video clip, MasterDominator dominates and punishes a faggot slave by forcing him to sniff his sweaty socks and lick his barefeet in this feet fag humiliation session. The fag slave receives MasterDominator’s spit in his mouth whenever he worships his master’s feet wrong. MasterDominator loves teaching bitch slaves how their lives will change as his personal foot fag. Letting the slave sniff and lick his feet, MasterDominator also lets this masked fag worship his ass and balls with his tongue. This is the definition of real domination.

Last Month’s Top Selling Item: Just another fag at my feet!


In this 11 minute video clip, MasterDnero uses another foot fag at his feet. Sometimes, MasterDnero wonders where do so many foot slaves come from? For example, look at this foot fag, who happens to be a clothing designer and earns a lot of money. This rich foot fag uses his hard earned cash to give it to MasterDnero in exchange for being under his glorious alpha feet. Although, in the end, none of that matters, as long as it’s just another fag at the feet of MasterDnero.

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2 New Videos – Findom BiMasterNoah wants his loyal foot fags to bow at his alpha feet and worship him. BiMasterNoah shows off his big feet to the camera in his latest video. Fulfilling a request from a cash fag, BiMasterNoah props his feet up on his desk to show his huge alpha feet and dirty socks. The foot fag who requested this video said it turned out to be really hot and made him crave BiMasterNoah’s feet even more than before. The same fag who requested that video, also requested to see more of BiMasterNoah’s feet and socks. In this clip, BiMasterNoah wear blue jeans while flipping off the camera and showing his old, rank socks. Fans who enjoy alpha male feet will love watching BiMasterNoah’s socked feet and then watching him remove his socks to show his barefeet to the camera.

unnamed (1)

1 New Video – MasterCurtis is ready to enslave any weak fag slave he encounters. For some cashmasters it just comes naturally. As MasterCurtis sits back and enjoy a smoke, he verbally abuses you and shows his feet. After chilling outside for a smoke, Master Curtis comes inside to show the dirty soles of his feet. A slave like you should be on your knees in front of him cleaning his alpha soles. Cash slaves who have a fetish for superior men smoking and verbally abusing them will have to add this 10 minute video to their collection.

unnamed (2)

1 New Video – Popular findom cashmaster ConnorKent has another real time encounter for you to download. In this 30 minute video clip, ConnorKent busts his slave’s balls. Cashmaster ConnorKent’s weak cash slave craves hardcore cbt abuse and that’s just what he gets in this clip. His master places a rubber band around his balls until they turn dark purple. This gay cash slave then follows the orders of his master and pleases him just how he demands. Working hard to please his master, the cash slave services ConnorKent’s big dick and satisfies him the way an alpha should be satisfied.

Featured Model- Master Brad

148Foot fags and cash slaves will bow down to Master Brad as they watch him flex and show off his feet to the camera. Master Brad starts off by flexing his lean biceps while getting verbally abusive. Afterwards, he shows his socked feet and shows you what it would be like being a foot slave for him. While watching Master Brad show his feet, you’ll wish you could smell his male feet. Submit to his jock feet and accept Master Brad as your jock foot master.