Featured Model- UncutJockCub

Watch as UncutJockCub leads his pig on a leash to his feet and makes his fag bow down to him. This arrogant alpha makes the fag use its tongue to clean every nook and cranny of his boss’ boots. When the fat foot fag’s mouth gets dry, UncutJockCub rewards him with a nice, thick wad of spit to help him keep going with the leather boot cleaning until he can see his own pathetic reflection in his master’s freshly cleaned boots.

Featured Model- MasterDamiel


In the first part of this 5 star rated video, Master Damiel brutalizes and uses his slave. Initially he starts off easy by putting his fag slave on a collar and leash while making him worship at his superior feet while he has a smoke. Master Damiel then flicks his cigarette ashes into the fag slave’s mouth which he gladly accepts. To help wash down those ashes, Master Damiel pisses into a dog bowl for his slave and makes his slave lap it up while he beats him. To then make his slave experience more abuse, Master Damiel gets a candle and pours hot candle wax on his submissive cash fag and spits in his face. After the slave endures all of this abuse, Master Damiel allows the slave to worship at his feet again.

Featured Model- Duude23

In-Charge.net - Duude23

This week’s featured male model is Duude23 with his video “Spitting Video Part 1”

Master Mark’s foot slave hates spit and especially hates to be spit on but Master Mark still spits in his face regardless in this video. The slave tells Master Mark that the spit tastes like root beer while being degraded and humiliated by his cash master. Later, Master Mark rewards his slave with some foot worship for being a good slave as well.


Featured Model- Master Kwinton

In-Charge.net - Master Kwinton

This week’s featured male model is Master Kwinton and his video “Xmas real time Pt. 3”

In this final installment of a 3 part series, Master Kwinton and his buddy make their fag slave worship their god-like feet while they spit on him, force him to crawl on all fours, and stick their feet right in his face. Make sure to download this Xmas real time video before the holidays.


Featured Model- Henderdong

In-Charge.net - Henderdong

This week’s featured male model in Henderdong with his video “Pray to and Spit Clean Henderdong’s feet”

Only on In-Charge for 5 days, Henderdong has asserted his dominance and has racked up nearly $200 in total sales already. In this video, Henderdong establishes his dominance again as he instructs you to pray to him and worship his shoes, his socks, and his feet. Henderdong demands that his slaves spit clean his jock feet in this 12 minute video.


Featured Video- Invincible Mirko

In-Charge.net - Master Mirko

This week’s featured video is ‘Invincible Mirko Part 1″ by Master Mirko.

In the video, Master Mirko slowly and methodically destroys his slave victim, using different grips of his Judo-trained feet, leg suffocation, and practices a variety of wrestling techniques. Mirko humiliates the slave by stomping, spitting, pushing feet to the face, and hits to the groin. His slave suffers but enjoys the process too.


Duude23’s brand new master / slave videos

Duude23 just posted 2 brand new real-time master/slave worship videos. Head over to In-Charge.net to see these hot domination style videos

Duude23Watch him humiliate his black faggot slave in his spit video where the slave is ordered to lay on the floor and receive Master Mark’s spit in his face and gets to worship his socked feet.

In the second new real-time video, Duude23 gets more physical with his faggot slave and beats him down with chokeholds and kicks to the stomach. Then he puts the slave in a head lock with his bare feet and makes him submit.

Click the picture above to view Duude23’s portfolio of videos and pictures.