Featured Model- Master Jax

MasterJax makes his obedient faggot order a pizza for their real-time meet. The faggot pays for the pizza which Master Jax immediately takes. The scene cuts while Master Jax eats his pizza and picks up with the slave being instructed to eat the pizza crust which Master Jax feeds the faggot with his toes. This is exactly how a faggot should be fed – eating food from his master’s feet. Master Jax sits back and enjoys shoving his old pizza crust into the eager mouth of MexSlave. Just like nature intended, faggots pay for the pizza, Masters eat the pizza, and faggots get the shit that’s leftover.

Featured Model- Brad Rioux

In this 32 minute video clip, Brad Rioux starts off by having his slave worship his large feet. The slave goes by the name of Fox Rey and sucks all of Brad Rioux‘s toes while getting kicked around and having his balls stepped on. Slave Fox Rey then sucks his master and begins to crawl to a leather sex harness. Master Brad Rioux pulls out some very MASSIVE sex toys to gape open Slave Fox Rey’s hole and show him what being a houseboy entails. All of this happens while Slave Fox Rey is blindfolded, unable to see any of this happening because his master wants him to be sensory deprived.

Featured Model- MasterMirko

Master Mirko describes this video as being the best of his production. Watch as Master Mirko nearly destroys his slave in this foot stomping style video. The slave in the video gets his arms twisted, body trampled and kicked, and gets stomped on while wrestling Master Mirko in this over 20 minute long video. Just imagine if it was you who had the privilege of wrestling Master Mirko. Do you think you would survive? Find out how much pain and abuse this slave can take as he faces Master Mirko’s wrath.

Featured Model- TransylvanianWolf

After being locked in Transylvanian Wolf‘s cage for months, you are starting to reek and smell up his slave dungeon. Because of that, Transylvanian Wolf thinks it’s time that he takes you for a walk because your pathetic faggot ass is making him angry. While outside, as punishment TransylvanianWolf starts to stomp you out with his dirty, muddy sneakers. Then this findom orders you to clean his footwear as you have no other option because you realize you are a subhuman filth slave. Under his shoes, you beg for mercy, but all you get is this alpha’s spit and piss to wash down the mud and filth.eatured

Featured Model- KenFitness


Here is what every foot fag deserves, the chance to be stomped by KenFitness. Clad in leather boots, KenFitness smashes some food into the floor to show you what it would be like if he smashed you with the force of his boots. Placing the camera underneath him, you’ll look up at this dominant alpha male wishing his boot with come down with all of his might onto your body. Be prepared to be verbally abused and put in your place by KenFitness throughout this video clip as he reminds you of your role in life. Your true role is under his boot, serving and worship him at all costs.

Featured Model- MasterJax


RJSlave has been beat and forced to eat MasterJax‘s beard trimming, had his mouth washed out in the toilet, and now it’s time to focus on Master Jax’s amazing feet for a worship session. This clip begins with the still duct-taped slave being laid down under the feet of the mighty Master Jax. Showing his dominance over the faggot, Master Jax stomps on the inferior fuck’s face over and over with his giant shoes on. Then Master Jax removes his shoes and allows the slave to relax under the amazing scent of sweaty alpha socks. At random times, Master Jax slaps the slave’s pathetic face making the faggot scream out in pain. At one point you hear the faggot exclaiming that he has lost his sense of hearing after one particularly hard smack. Master Jax doesn’t give a shit and eventually let’s the fucker sniff his barefeet but not without being foot-smacked across the face several times during the process. As the session comes to an end, Master Jax releases the slave from the duct tape. This scene is one that the slave will not forget.

New Items- Slave Humiliation and Abuse


2 New Videos – New to In-Charge is dominant UK cash dom AaronKing. AaronKing posted 2 brand new videos to his In-Charge.net portfolio of a recent real time meet where he uses a cash fag. In part 1, AaronKing controls a faggot at his feet. This pathetic little fag slave sniffs, licks, kisses and cleans AaronKing’s shoes and sweaty feet. The foot fag takes in the aromas of its God and submits to its cashmaster’s demands. Throughout this 12 minute video, AaronKing makes the masked slave perform exercise tasks and follow all commands given to him as he gets stepped on by his dominant master. In part 2, AaronKing further destroys his faggot slave. Furthering the destruction, AaronKing beats the cash fag with a shoe to the point that it leaves welts and bright red marks all over the slave’s body. The cash fag experiences pain, foot stomping, and humiliation all inflicted upon by AaronKing. Finally, the slave pays his fag tax at master’s feet.

unnamed (1)

1 New Video – MasterSherman and his mates love degrading pathetic cash fags who crave humiliation. In their latest real time session, MasterSherman orders his loyal cashslave to become a maid by wearing black and white lace lingerie and serving as their toilet cleaning bitch. This disgusting slave licks the toilet seat and then craves more humiliation. MasterSherman orders the toilet bitch to drink the toilet brush water inside the toilet brush container. Like the disgusting freak this slave is, he follows his master’s orders and drink the dirty colored water to further prove he’s not human.

unnamed (2)

1 New Video – Cash dom MasterBrad wants to let out some pent up rage and anger. In this video clip, MasterBrad takes his anger out on a video game controller by stomping it into nothing. His powerful, crushing feet destroy the controller into tiny pieces. After you download this clip, imagine it being your face. Picture yourself on the receiving end of MasterBrad’s aggression and power as he destroys you in an instant.

unnamed (3)

1 New Video – Ready to turn out another bottom into a pig slave, ConnorKent brings another slave to his dungeon. ConnorKent uses this submissive bitch slave any way he likes by caging up the slave’s cock in chastity and even chaining him to his bed at one point. Pulling out the paddles, ConnorKent spanks the slave’s ass until it’s bright red. Luckily the slave is wearing a jockstrap, so he can feel the paddle on his bare ass. ConnorKent later makes the slave suck him until he can deepthroat his big cock then fucks the slave’s ass after he gets his master’s cock nice and wet. After this session, the slave will definitely come back for more abuse and hard fucking.

unnamed (4)

3 New Videos – MrMasterH can easily get deep within a slave’s mind, making that slave do things even the slave couldn’t imagine doing. MrMasterH begins his complete mind control and domination of a slave with his first of many webcam sessions. He starts by asking who the slave is and then turns his mind into mush as he brings out this slave’s boot fetish. This old cash fag’s boot fetish is exposed more as he describes why he loves MrMasterH’s stinky army boots. The cash fag is on webcam again as he shows his love for MrMasterH’s army boots, rubbing them all over his face and cleaning them. There’s even a part 2 where the boot slave gets degraded more.


Featured Video – Foot Storm on Sofa

In-Charge.net - Master Mirko

This week’s featured video is “Foot Storm on Sofa” by Master Mirko.

Master Mirko describes this video as being the best of his production. Watch as Master Mirko nearly destroys his slave in this foot stomping style video. The slave in the video gets his arms twisted, body trampled and kicked, and gets stomped on while wrestling Master Mirko in this over 20 minute long video.


Master Mirko has Videos for Sale

Our newest model, Master Mirko, has new content for sale on In-Charge

Master Mirko

Master Mirko is selling the following videos:

Arm Wrestler Offended by Mirko – This clip featuring new fighter – armwrestler Tim. Master Mirko warming his arms and wrestling with Tim, but after some unsuccessful tries, Mirko getting angry and he discontinue armwrestling and starting foot wreslting and Judo fighting with  various grips and elements of trampling.  Run time 05:08

Mirko Vs Yurko – Brother’s battle.During training Mirko and Yurko find out who is better in brutal fighting, especially the foot action.  They are kicking, stomping each other, either practice  wrestling techniques.   Run time 19:33

Invincible Mirko Pt. 2 – This is the second part of “Invincible Mirko”, and sequel of humiliate the slave by stomping,  spitting, pushing feet to the face, hitting hard the groin. Cool Master Mirko slowly and methodically destroys victim, using different grips of his Judo-trained feet,  leg suffocation, practice variety of wrestling techniques. Final episode of the clip is real fight! Run time 8:59

Invincible Mirko Pt. 1 – Cool Master Mirko slowly and methodically destroys victim, using different grips of his Judo-trained feet, leg suffocation, practice variety of wrestling techniques. Mirko humiliate the slave by stomping, spitting, pushing feet to the face, hitting hard the groin etc. Mirko like it. Slave suffering but enjoy the process too. This is the 1-st part of “Invincible Mirko”. Check the second part to get more and more action and excitement. Run time 18:07

Black Socks Torture – Mirko is humiliating the slave by his powerful feet in smelly black socks. Various grips, kicks, pushes into the face. Total humiliation to the victim. Run time 4:51 min.

Featured Video- Invincible Mirko

In-Charge.net - Master Mirko

This week’s featured video is ‘Invincible Mirko Part 1″ by Master Mirko.

In the video, Master Mirko slowly and methodically destroys his slave victim, using different grips of his Judo-trained feet, leg suffocation, and practices a variety of wrestling techniques. Mirko humiliates the slave by stomping, spitting, pushing feet to the face, and hits to the groin. His slave suffers but enjoys the process too.