Featured Model- Master Gary


Worship Master Gary as your leather god. In this video clip, Master Gary shows off in his leather jacket, boots, and gloves. Kneel before this alpha dom as he laces up his leather boots to make you even weaker. Master Gary gets immense satisfaction out of degrading his submissive faggot slaves and making them feel like nothing while he reminds them that he is everything. Placing the camera on the floor, looking up at him, Master Gary will put you in your natural point of view to teach you that submissive cash faggots serve straight alpha males.

Featured Model- DocTayTay


This week’s featured male model is DocTayTay with his video “Caught on Hidden Camera”

In this video, DocTayTay just got back from a motorcycle ride and comes home to find that some faggot thought he was slick by setting up a hidden camera in his room. The dumb fag slave didn’t think straight alpha male DocTayTay would find it, but he did. So DocTayTay gives the fag what he was hoping to see by teasing him even more and showing him what he’ll never have. Download DocTayTay’s first video on In-Charge today and see what other videos he has for sale.

Featured Model- Master Damiel


This week’s featured male model is Master Damiel with his video “Shoes and Socks Worship”

In 1 of 3 brand new videos from this cash master, Master Damiel forces his cash slave to bow at his feet and worship them. Also, in this nearly 15 minute long video, straight alpha male Master Damiel whips his slave with a riding crop when the slave doesn’t worship his feet well enough to his liking. The cash fag sniffs socks, licks shoes, and even tastes a cigarette in this real time video. Download it now!

Top Sellers from 5/11 – 5/17

Last week on In-Charge, several of our dominant men got into the top seller spots

MasterKwinton and Duude23 (MasterMark) were at the top of the list. Users can’t get enough of MasterKwinton‘s real time videos where he uses his personal slaves for his enjoyment. Likewise, MasterMark‘s followers crave more of his feet videos every week. Another regular top seller on In-Charge was Cashgod13 with his stylized videos showing off his muscular ass in various pairs of sexy underwear. Back on the list was MuscleGodBrendan due to his muscular flexing videos where he shows it all.


Newcomer PolluxArmenadon made it to the top seller list with his extensive collection of pictures showcasing his ripped, muscular physique. Another muscular bodybuilder to make it to the list was Ammarrulz with his dominant flexing and foot worship videos. Similarly, MasterDomCory made it as a top seller with his flexing / stroking videos in his portfolio.


Don’t forget to check out the other top sellers from the list such as MasterMuscle who has tons of pictures showing his dominant side as well as a sweaty sock video available on the site. Similarly MasterObey sells his own style of dominantion content including real time videos with slaves. Lastly, is infamous internet celebrity MaxPayne who goes by the nickname Monster4aCock because of his large cock which he displays in tons of his stroking and showing off videos.


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