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2 New Videos – Have you ever wished to get dominated by this Young Muscle God with his feet? Then today is the best day of your life. The incredible muscle bull is showing off his BIG FEET and dominates you with them. He even shows off his big muscles and bounces his chest to an absolute maximum to make you even weaker! If you’re still craving his muscles then check out the next video upload from FlexGod. This young muscle beast shows off his huge muscles in a full intensity. He is making you his bitch slave and you are going to serve him day in and day out. He is your whole world and you are staying on your knees and serve him until he decides otherwise. He is abusing you verbally until you are fully engaged to his muscles and fullfil him every wish!

3 New Videos – The alpha dude featured in this video was trained in the military and demonstrates some intense chokeholds he learned. The video director told him to take his time and make his buddy suffer with some slow, tightening, constricting holds. At the end he feeds him his cock for a bit in this over 20 minute video. The next chokehold video session is over 12 minutes long and pairs two two hunky cousins together. The superior sadistic cousing shows no mercy choking his cousin in various chokeholds and headscissors. It gets so intense that the weaker guy seems to pass out from the intense struggle. In his third video upload for the week, chokemasters shows off a ripped muscle dude who chokes out his girlfriend. This ripped muscle guy uses his muscle and big cock to totally dominate this young and weak girl. He chokes her in a sleepers but she ends up trapped tight between his muscular thighs and is forced to swallow his muscle cock in this 12 minute long video.

1 New Video – Dominant and alpha TheGodofMen makes you worship his barefeet while he humiliates you. Ultimately, this alpha knows you are a weak slave and he will weaken you even more as he forces you to sniff more and more poppers to fry your pathetic brain out of your head. Throughout the video this dom verbally abuses you, shows off his feet and shoes, and makes you sniff his armpits. Prepare yourself to fall into his service like an obedient cash fag.

5 New Audio Clips – Many weak minded slaves need a trigger to get weaker or further in a trance from their superior masters. In this clip, Lucian Carter wants you to focus on the spiral. For this gentle induction, Master Lucian relaxes you into a deep trance to prepare you to listen to your next file on an even deeper level. To get you even further entranced, maybe its time to start some 420 meditation. Get your vape or bong ready because you’re going on a trip with Master Lucian. This alpha’s powerful voice and your drug of choice will soon meld into one for you to begin forming a new addiction. Don’t put those drugs away just yet because it is time to smoke, sniff, and jerk. A simple mantra, repated with an echo throughout this clip. Learn how to feed your addictions three at a time when you download this audio clip. After you’ve completed that, it’s time to go into a deeper trance. An induction and deepening file is included here which is meant to be played before any of the other files to get you in the proper head space. By this point, you should already know how much of a weak and pathetic loser you are and Lucian Carter knows that you were probably alone on this past Valentine’s Day because of it. Admit it, you were alone on Valentine’s Day. This last audio file is 4 minutes of abuse and financial domination stressing how much of a loser you are and that deserve to be alone on this special day. Master Lucian however will bless you with his control every day and make you realize it is your duty to submit to him and to pay him.

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2 New Videos – Locked inside a steel cage, you wait for your dirty talking Master to come back. This time he has a special treat for you, super dirty, muddy soccer socks and feet. It’s been raining and Master Alex made sure to get them especially filthy, knowing that you have to clean them. His big feet are sweaty, smelly and so dirty it’s incredible. So be a good slave and put that tongue to good use. In another new clip, Master Alex uses his skills to perform some hypnotizing master cock addiction on your mind. This full mesmerizing BDSM mindfuck video with sound effects will put Master Alex inside your head with his magnetic voice. He knows what you crave, how to get you to submit, and that you want to worship him. You need to worship Master’s cock. Surrender control. You’re going to cum hard when he tells you to in this hypnotic video clip.

1 New Video – Prepare for Giant Taylor as he stomps through your whole life. He is not your king. Fe Fi Fo FUM! Look out below! Expect heaving stomping and smashing as these giant feet come raining down on you tinies. This clip is dark in nature and a dream for someone with a heavy foot fetish. Taylor starts in clothes and eventually strips down to white compression shorts.

1 New Video – TheGodofMen welcomes all of his scums to worship his feet and for you to fry your brain on poppers as this alpha verbally abuses you. In this video clip, you will be forced to make your pathetic brain feel like it’s going to explode from sniffing and inhaling poppers at TheGodofMen’s command. You will be shown your place and the seed of addiction to this alpha will start to grow in your little fag brain. Quickly submit and lose all thought as you obey his commands, worship his feet, and sniff your poppers.

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1 New Video – Taylor is back to model some more pairs of his sweaty socks. The sequel to the “18 Pairs” video where Taylor modeled all of his dress socks, tihs time, he is a bit more casual and shows off 17 pairs of his more athletic socks! Taylor tries each pair on one at a time and comments about them, where he wears them, what he likes, etc. Enjoy some excellent views of his superior feet and perfect soles and toes as he flips between pairs. A foot fetish slave’s dream come true in this video.

1 New Video – There is only one thing worse than having a carrot sized tiny dick, it’s having a miniature cock that won’t even get hard. Master Alex knows how to get into your mind, humiliating you for that worthless little piece of meat you have. It will never see any action and you know it. Just look at his magnificent beat of a dick with huge balls and dream on. Maybe sucking his cock and nuts while licking his boots will bring you the pleasure that your dick will never be able to do. Sit back, relax and let your humiliation begin.

1 New Photoset – TheGodofMen demands that you worship his feet and muscles by downloading this photo collection of his ultimate Godlike feet and body. This superior alpha shows off the soles of his feet directly, muscular body, and cash rapes in each shot. Imagine laying on your back and having these feet smother your face as this dom drains your wallet. The natural position for a foot fag like you is under a superior man’s feet.

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1 New Video – SlavesSeeker is ready to put his slave through intense humiliation and abuse resulting in the slave drinking piss and getting burned. In the bathroom, SlavesSeeker fills a glass with his Godly piss and brings it out to the slave to drink. His weak slave is on its knees and downs a glass of his master’s piss. After some intense verbal abuse, SlavesSeeker heats up a lighter to get the tip super hot. Once its hot enough, he presses it against his slave’s skin for his own amusement and for the slave’s abuse. At one point, SlavesSeeker even shows off the slave’s tattoo that shows he is his property. Can you endure this type of abuse?

1 New Video – Taylor is very gassy on this evening and decided to fill up the tub and share it with you. Some of these massive farts are so big that the water damn near blows out of the tub. Enjoy some friendly dialogue and laughs with Taylor while he lets the farts rip. Hopefully he doesn’t put a crack in the tub with those massive rumblings.

1 New Video – Master Alex‘s German follower and fan wrote to him if he could be in one of his videos and get a taste of his hairly, manly body. Luckily for him, Master Alex took him on and they shot this juicy, sexy video near a train station. Not a lot of nudity as it was a public place and people were around, but you can see how Master Alex dominates by pissing on the slave, inside the slave’s mouth, spits on him, and sits on his face. People were walking by and peeking into their action to further add to this slave’s humiliation.

1 New Video – TheGodofMen has one of his inferiors ready to worship and serve him. Taking him to the bathroom for some toilet humiliation, TheGodofMen makes his weak fag slave sniff some poppers in front of the toilet. While humiliating and verbally abusing the slave, TheGodofMen flips him off as he frys his brain. Eventually, this alpha dom makes the weak faggot lick his boots and then dunk his head in the toilet bowl.

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2 New Videos – These are not love taps but serious hard spanks by Master Alex to his roommate slave. Since the slave needs some training in cocksucking and cum eating, Master decides to play a game. He saved up 2 used condoms in the freezer and for every 100 spanks the bottom takes, he gets one condom emptied in his mouth. The spanks come fast and hard while he is in doggy, over the knee, or on his back with legs pulled up. He struggles to take the spanking torment, but it is nothing compared to how he resists eating all that cum. The training continues.

After slave Jax worshipped Master Alex’s boots, socks, and licks cum off of his barefeet, Master Alex decided to make a cocktail in the slave’s mouth by letting him drink his master’s warm piss, straight from the source. The slave is on the ground facing his master as he towers over him, unzipping his pants and taking out his beautiful uncut superior cock. The long stream of piss goes straight into the slave’s mouth and he struggles to swallow it all as the heavenly golden nectar keeps on flowing and showering him.

1 New Video – Holy smokes! Over an HOUR long video of Taylor. This video might be too hot to handle for some people. Taylors takes on a submissive role in this feature. Taylor treats you like the king you are and backs it up with non-stop dirty talk about how he wants you to fuck his jock pussy. Taylor tempts and teases you in some lingerie and skimpy panties first. Then he warms up that pussy for Daddy as he rubs and shows off his hole, spreads his cheeks apart, and does some fingering. Last but not least, it’s time for that pussy to get pounded out. Taylor moans loudly and only intensifies the dirty talk as this straight stud BEGS to get fucked in all sorts of positions and by several toys. Don’t forget to switch off on jerk off hands while watching this one. Can you handle over an HOUR of this?

1 New Video – New to In-Charge is dominant straight alpha TheGodofMen. This young dominant jock is ready to put you through a forced popper intox session. Relaxing on his couch in jeans and dirty white socks, this straight jock gives you the urge to sniff your poppers and enjoy his perfection at the same time. Enjoy and sniff, fag slaves. You should bow down before this superior God of men and let his perfection grab your wallet and take everything from inside it.

2 New Videos – In this video clip, MasterBraz makes you sniff and worship his dirty white socks. MasterBraz occassionally makes you sniff your poppers while he allows you to drool at his dirty white socks. All through this video, MasterBraz will verbally abuse you as he delivers his sniffing instructions for you. Watching MasterBraz display natural dominance as you fry your brain on poppers will make you even more compliant to do anything he tells you to do. In another new video this week from MasterBraz, he humiliates and brainwashes you while he’s driving. Riding around the city, this findom humiliates you as he smokes his cigarette. MasterBraz will give you instructions on how to be a useful sub and it is your responsibility to obey him and do everything he tells you to do.