Last Month’s Top Selling Item: Beating, Burning, and Abusing a slave

This pathetic twink fag comes over for a beat down from SlavesSeeker and he proceeds to kick him repeatedly until he takes off his hoodie. Once he is shirtless, SlavesSeeker whips the fuck out of him until he breaks down and starts crying like a sissy. SlavesSeeker even then heats up a spoon and burns the slave’s back with it. To amuse himself, SlavesSeeker makes this fag slave dance for him so that he can get a laugh. Afterwards, SlavesSeeker forces the slave to drink a cup of piss to finish off this 25 minute video clip.

Featured Model- Master Sherman

Taking great pleasure in abusing his fag slave, Master Sherman whips the hell out of a pathetic fag slave and teaches him a hardcore lesson in abuse by making him worship his feet and his mate’s feet. These alphas start by whipping the fag until he cries for mercy. Following that, they make the slave wear clothespins on his ears and worship their smelly feet as they teach him a hardcore lesson in abuse and servitude.

Newest Downloads

Master Jako

2 New Videos – It’s always hard when a cash master leaves the scene but every bird must fly from the nest and this alpha bird wishes to become an alpha eagle – Jako has decided to enter into the police academy. Master Jako’s personal cash slave wished to have one last real time session. But it’s not all sad because in this 30 minute video clip, you can appreciate the authenticate and real domination delivered by Master Jako. During the session, Jako gets a call from one of his fuck buddy girls. What can be better for a fag than to be under the feet of a real man while he’s talking to a hot bitch? Jako uses the fat faggot’s face like a chair but then Master Dnero and Master Jako get an idea. Just like how police men sometimes ride a horse, Jako decides to ride his fat fag slave like a horse. This slave, just like you, will crave to see Jako again after he’s gone.

Also, don’t miss this other gem from the Master Jako collection before he goes. Lucky (Master Dnero’s step-brother and foot fag) wanted to show one of his favorite personal videos. One day, Lucky told Jako that he’d introduce him to one of his hot friends so he could fuck her and Lucky would even offer up his room for him to do it, the only condition was that he could record it. Jako accepted and finally you’ll get to see Master Jako’s cock and how a straight alpha male pummels a tight pussy. Fortunately for Lucky, they kept fucking after he finished filming and left some cum in his bed for him to lick up.

Henderdong5 New Video – In this 2 part series, Henderdong and AJ Foot Dom torture a pathetic slave with their feet as the pathetic slave knows he can’t ever touch these alpha male feet. This is punishment for speaking when not spoken to, something all slaves should understand. These alpha masters laugh at the pathetic little fag as he drools over their feet and GOD like attitudes. Part 2 continues with Instaslve, the pathetic fag from the first video, falling under the spell of their perfect alpha feet. He can’t help but divulge his personal info to these alphas while mesmerized by their huge feet in his face. Enjoy their perfect barefeet and soles as you see some true masters at work. Continuing this trend, Henderdong and AJ Foot Dom warm their feet by a relaxing fire. These alphas are enjoying teasing foot fags with their superior feet because they know you want to explode to the very best feet on the net. Enjoy multiple camera angles with the two foot Gods in front of the fire relaxing like kings.

Follow Henderdong and AJ Foot Dom outside and sit at their feet while they verbally abuse and degrade you. These foot kings chill while flipping you off, spitting on you, and blowing smoke in your face. If you’re patient enough, you will end up with their feet in your face to worship. Finally, going solo in his latest newest video this week, Henderdong allows you to enjoy this footslut cam session. In this session, Henderdong and his Detroit slave, Footslut, do a cam session together. Henderdong puts on a few pairs of socks and goes barefoot in this almost 13 minute long video, all while Footslut keeps tributing.

4 New Videos – One good thing about the great outdoors is that once deep enough in the woods, no one can hear you scream. Transylvanian Wolf takes you far into the woods in a secluded area to beat you with his belt in this video clip. Letting out all of his aggression and rage, this hairy alpha male doesn’t hold back. Pretending that you are strapped to a tree outside, Transylvanian Wolf lets you have it as he repeatedly whips his belt off the tree with no mercy as if you were tied to it. No matter how much you cry, this vicious alpha won’t let you go free and no one is around to save you. Not only can Transylvanian Wolf dish out physical abuse but he can deliver verbal abuse too. In this small penis humiliation video, Transylvanian Wolf takes you to a sports field and verbally humiliates you about how tiny your dick really is. Imagine getting exposed in public in front of hundreds, maybe thousands of people as they laugh at you for having such a tiny dick that it almost looks like a clit. While clad in leather gloves, this hairy alpha male will truly make you feel inferior.

After taking on physical and verbal abuse, Transylvanian Wolf has something else planned for you, some humiliation for his amusement. After jerking his big, uncut cock, Transylvanian Wolf just shot a thick load of cum on a plate and is about to give you some humiliating cum licking instructions. Wearing a leather harness, he’ll tell you how he wants to lap up his thick, straight alpha juice. It’s your job to be a cum guzzling slut for any alpha male you encounter. Lastly, Transylvanian Wolf wants to do some roleplay with a fag like you. Imagine if this hairy alpha stud broke into your home for some extreme cash rape. Wearing a hoody and looking to take what is rightfully his, this superior dom demands everything you have. His goal is to leave you with absolutely nothing, feeling broken and financially raped. His pleasure comes not from just taking your cash but also making you suffer like the pathetic faggot you are to him.

4 New Videos – It’s time for you to become MastaJR’s personal ash tray. Enjoying a smoke from his cigarette, you’ll soon enjoy taking this master’s ash in your bitch mouth as he degrades you like a pathetic cunt. Stick out your tongue and open wide for his ash. One lucky fag who got to serve as MastaJR’s ash tray once before now gets the privilege to serve as his urinal. In this short clip, MastaJR pisses on this cunt’s head while it’s dunked in a toilet bowl. That same fag is the one who MastaJR uses in a real time foot worship session in this 3 minute clip of him and his foot faggot. This faggot is in heaven in his rightful place, below his master’s feet. The full 25 minute real time video shows this pathetic foot fag worshipping at his master’s feet. The slave sniffs MastaJR’s socks and takes on some physical abuse as he get whipped with a belt.

Featured Model- FrankTheTank


Male exotic dancer Dirk Jensen is the latest victim of Frank the Tank‘s brutal gym bound punishment. Frank takes advantage of Dirk and cuts away his clothes exposing the stripper’s hot naked muscle body. He then punishes his muscle victim by fondling and whipping every inch of his muscles as Dirk screams in excruciating pain. Download this nearly 16 minute HD video clip now.

Featured Model- MostDominant


This week’s featured male model is MostDominant with his video “Dominant Master Beating His Faggot Slave

Findom MostDominant chose to film another one of his real time meets with one of his loyal cash slaves. Upon meeting this cash faggot slave, MostDominant orders him to the ground to lay on his back. While the cash slave is on his back, MostDominant plants his sock covered feet on the fag’s face making him inhale the fumes of his sweaty jock feet. The older faggot slave also takes a hardcore beating at the hands of MostDominant as he takes his belt and lashes his fag slave. Cash slaves into whipping, foot suffocation, and foot stomping will enjoy watching MostDominant wreck this old cash slave.


Featured Model- JockGod - Jockgod Jameson

This week’s featured male model is JockGod with his video “Physical Cash Abuse- Part 1”

If you’ve bought any of JockGod’s previous videos, you’ll be familiar with Slave Tex. In the first part of this series, JockGod dominates and abuses Slave Tex by pinning cash to Slave Tex’s body then whipping him all while he’s kept in chastity.