Featured Video- Flexing for my faggot slut

In-Charge.net - Italian MuscleThis week’s featured video is “Flexing for my faggot slut” by ItalianMuscle

This 10 minute video is for all of the muscle lovers and muscle worshippers out there. Italian Muscle describes it as “A sexy, flexing, and muscle worship video filmed for you, my faggot slut to worship and be amazed at my muscles”. So don’t miss your opportunity to worship this muscular and cocky Italian stud.


Featured Video- Worship My Muscles

In-Charge.net - MusclegodbrendanThis week’s featured video is “Worship my Muscles” by MuscleGodBrendan

Watch as MuscleGodBrendan shows off his enormous muscles, flexing and pumping them above the camera. Brendan then makes you worship his feet, as he stands above the camera showing off.

Part 1: http://www.in-charge.net/video/items/601/Worship-My-Muscles-Pt-1.html

Part 2: http://www.in-charge.net/video/items/602/Worship-My-Muscles-Pt-2.html

Featured Video- Real Time Video #1

In-Charge.net - Master Kwinton

This week’s featured video is “Real Time Video #1′ by Master Kwinton.

Watch as MasterKwinton dominates his real time slave bitch in the first part of this three part series. MasterKwinton takes his masked slave by the leash and makes his slave smell his sweaty jock feet and worship each one of his toes. He even spits into the slave’s face to show his authority. Make sure to check out all the parts of this series on In-Charge.net


Featured Video- Straight Wrestler uses a dildo

In-Charge.net - Straight Wrestler This week’s featured video is “Straight Wrestler uses a dildo” by Steve Myer.

Steve Myer runs a studio account on In-Charge which features college guys he’s filmed over time. In this particular video, Steve Myer says this about the video:
“I just finished filming this hot straight 22 y/o stud. He is on the wrestling team at his school and I can just imagine being pinned down by him. He’s very cute and surprisingly open to showing off his hot ass. He really spreads it wide to give a great look at his hole. He even agreed to try a dildo. He must have really loved it because it got him off quicker than we planned. There was really no warning…just gobs of cum shooting out. Luckily I was still able to catch it. Scene is only 13 minutes due to his early cumshot, but it’s packed full of hotness.”

Featured Video- Worship Me While I Ignore You Pt. 2

In-Charge.net - Cashgod13

This week’s featured video is “Worship Me While I Ignore You Pt. 2” by CashGod

This is the 2nd part of a 3 part series. Cashgod describes it as being “the second part to my worship me while I ignore you video. Everyone has been begging for more of my ass but without the briefs, so I decided to record another one.” Be sure to check out his muscular ass in a green Timoteo jockstrap as he ignores you while surfing the web on his laptop in this video.


New Items

If you haven’t been checking In-Charge regularly then you could’ve missed out on these NEW videos, pictures, and audio clips.

HypnoSuperior – New Audio Clips!


FagMeat To Be Used – This hypnosis file encourages you to build your fagmeat muscle so that a loser like you can be more appealing to your Superiors, yet you will always be a faggot no matter what shape you get in, needing to be used by Dominants like the fagbitch loser you are. The hypno mp3 also reminds you that you are MY cashfag. Workout motivation + financial domination with some name-calling / degradation thrown in for good measure! Length: 40:58 / $19.99

Perfect Jock for Coach (Erotic Hypno) – Whether it’s for me or another Coach open to your devotion, this erotic hypnosis mp3 helps to train you to be the perfect jock for Coach, all while stroking that cock. It will become easier for you to work out to please your Coach, want to show off that jock muscle, simply let loose when hanging with friends, and to start to speak, dress, & act more like a jock while jacking to this hypno file.  Length: 23:03 / $24.99

ItalianMuscle – New Video and Pictures!

Italian Muscle

Flexing Video for My Faggot Slut – A sexy, flexing, and muscle worship video filmed for you, my faggot slut to worship and be amazed at my muscles. Video Length= 10:27 / $19.99

And FREE pictures in his portfolio located here.

Featured Video – Foot Storm on Sofa

In-Charge.net - Master Mirko

This week’s featured video is “Foot Storm on Sofa” by Master Mirko.

Master Mirko describes this video as being the best of his production. Watch as Master Mirko nearly destroys his slave in this foot stomping style video. The slave in the video gets his arms twisted, body trampled and kicked, and gets stomped on while wrestling Master Mirko in this over 20 minute long video.


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