Featured Model- Master Gary

MasterGary feels it is time to lock the fag in a cage. The masked diaper fag is prodded with a cane while trapped in this cage. He is forced to piss himself while MasterGary laughs at him even more. The masked diaper fag is ridiculed, verbally abused, and broken mentally by his bully dom Master Gary.

Featured Model- EEMasters

There is nothing better for a slave to do than worship the feet of 3 dominant alphas. Masters Hunter, Ritchell, and Basford slap around, kick, and ridicule their house slave as he services their feet. The slave endures nonstop foot domination and bullying from these 3 superior alpha masters.

Featured Model- MasterUltimateGod

Master Ultimate God’s Fag Butler gets taken by him and another alpha for some vicious and extreme abuse. These two alpha men drain and abuse this fag in a dog cage. When the faggot makes the mistake of calling the money: “his” money, then Master Ultimate God has to train the bitch to remember that everything he has belongs to Master Ultimate God. This training session is 100% alpha domination.

Featured Model- Master Alex

Get ready for some sock worship and extreme bondage as Master Alex punishes another real time fag. In this video, Master Alex wears his jockstrap and long white soccer socks while dominating the hell out of his slave, who is tied up and helpless at his master’s feet. This is part two of how Master Alex met slave Faco. In this part, Master Alex puts his fag in an extremely difficult bondage scenario. Ring gag opening the slave’s mouth for Master Alex’s big alpha feet, candles underneath the slave’s chest and cock, the slave experience Master Alex’s full abuse from belt whipping, candle dripping, predicament bondage, and socked feet worship and domination.

Featured Model- Henderdong


Get out your wallets, download this video, then pull out your poppers. Henderdong is ready to make you even more inferior and fry your faggot brain. In this nearly 12 minute video, Henderdong will get you wasted on poppers as you stare blindly at his massive barefeet, willing to do anything he says to you. You deserve everything you get and you deserve this harsh verbal abuse which Henderdong is going to deliver to you as he also instructs you on how to sniff your poppers. Your brain will be fried and you’ll be weaker than when you started after you finish watching this video.

Collections: Masters using slaves

Masters using slaves

Below are some of our favorite videos of slaves being used by their masters. Be sure to download all of your favorites

JockGodJamesonJockGodJameson uses slave Tex in part 1 of his Physical Cash Abuse series. He dominates his slave by pinning the cash his slave tributes to him right on slave Tex’s body with clothespins and smacks all of them off and also makes sure to whip slave Tex a few times for good measure.

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In-Charge.net - Duude23
Duude23 forces his regular real time slave to serve his feet and spits in the slaves face in this video. His slave hates spit but Duude23 doesn’t care and is going to do whatever he wants anyone to take control of this submissive slave.

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In-Charge.net - Master KwintonMasterKwinton and his alpha friend use this foot slave by having him worship their god feet and follow commands like a bitch. The slave sucks his superiors’ toes and pays up like he’s told. He has not choice but to obey.

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In-Charge.net - ImMasterJake
ImMasterJake doesn’t want to hear his slave talk while he sits back, relaxes, and plays video games. So he puts his slave on the floor and duct tapes his mouth shut. Since there is no foot rest in sight, ImMasterJake proceeds to use his slave’s face as a foot rest for his sweaty feet and smelly socks while he smokes and chills playing video games.

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In-Charge.net - Master HellCrusher
New on In-Charge is MasterHellCrusherr. HellCrusherr is a tough and violent master as can be seen by how he uses his slave in this video chat session. HellCrusherr makes his weak slave write FAG on its chest and choke itself to add to the abuse while HellCrusher verbally degrades and humiliates his sub.

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In-Charge.net - Master Dominus
Showing his slave where he belongs, MasterDominus makes sure his slave is on his knees when in his presence so that he can establish that they are not equals. Dominus then proceeds to flip off his slave and order him to worship his feet by sucking his toes. Later, Dominus makes his slave pay each of his toes by putting money in between each of his toes while he verbally abuses the slave.

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Featured Model- Master Kwinton

In-Charge.net - Master Kwinton

This week’s featured male model is Master Kwinton and his video “Xmas real time Pt. 3”

In this final installment of a 3 part series, Master Kwinton and his buddy make their fag slave worship their god-like feet while they spit on him, force him to crawl on all fours, and stick their feet right in his face. Make sure to download this Xmas real time video before the holidays.