Featured Model- Joshua Armstrong


Get ready for some intense alpha feet domination. In this very verbal feet domination video, Joshua Armstrong makes you wish you could worship his superior alpha feet. This video is an In-Charge.net exclusive. This muscle master starts off with some flexing and showing off his muscles before he reveals his sock covered feet. Get on your knees and open your mouth for his stinky, sweaty socks as he takes them off and sticks his barefeet up at the camera for you to lick and worship. Lick this muscle stud’s soles and in between his toes to show your devotion.

Featured Model- LaurentCrawford


A foot fag’s place is at his master’s feet and this foot slave is just like the rest of them. LaurentCrawford and his buddy lay back and relax comfortably on the bed with their feet up while watching some football. Like an obedient slave, their foot fag comes crawling over to worship these alpha male feet. Both muscle master laugh as the foot slave licks, sucks, and sniffs their big barefeet. These two alpha studs flex and verbally abuse this gay foot slave while watching some football and flexing for the camera. Be obedient like their personal foot slave and download this foot worship video.

Featured Model- Master Damiel

163In this nearly 16 minute video, MasterDamiel puts his cash slave through pure abuse (or ectasy depending on your perspective). Straight alpha Master Damiel abuses his fag slave by starting off slow with his fag worshipping at his feet. Then it progressing into MasterDamiel whipping his fag and forcing smoke intox as his fag slave wears a gas mask and MasterDamiel blows smoke right through the nozzle for the fag to inhale. For degradation, MasterDamiel gets a hose and a funnel to make the fag slave drink his piss right from his cock. The fag puts the hose end in his mouth while MasterDamiel stands over the slave and pisses in the funnel making the fag swallow every last drop. To test the slave’s pain limits, MasterDamiel gets his cigarette from before and puts it out on the slave’s body right above his dick. You can tell it hurts because the slave grimaces in pain. Furthering the abuse, MasterDamiel pours hot candle wax all over the fag slave’s body as he cries in pain. This is the true test of a slave’s endurance.

Featured Model- Master Sherman


Master Sherman orders you to get down and worship his massive size 13 feet. Get your tongue out and wallet out as well as you watch this 8 minute video clip. Master Sherman commands that you get on your knees and worship his massive barefeet. Hand over your cash to Master Sherman like a good whore for him to use and download this video 5-star rated video clip from his portfolio.

Newest Downloads- Beat Down, Fucking, and Feet


2 New Videos – Findom MasterBrad and his friend do a real time meet with a cash fag who craves to be beat down by 2 alpha masters. In this 8 minute video clip, MasterBrad and his buddy put on boxing gloves and lay into the weak submissive gay slave by body blows and even get in some kicks. They beat down the fag forcing him to fall to the floor. Later on, the cash slave makes sure to shower both of these cashmasters in money as he crawls on the floor at their feet. He then kisses their alpha feet after taking a beating and giving these straight alphas everything they deserve.

MasterBrad also has a new video for foot fags. Get on your knees and worship MasterBrad’s black socks. MasterBrad wore these dirty black ankle socks all day while working out and doing sports and needs to take them off. He takes off his socks to show how dirty, sweaty, and rank his feet are after wearing these socks all day. His soles and toes are covered with black link from his socks. Come and lick his superior dirty feet clean, fag slaves.


1 New Video – DillonAnderson is on the hunt again for a sexy hookup. In this video clip, Dillon Anderson hooks up with a hot sailor. While on the hunt, Dillon Anderson found a cute sailor visiting the area and asked him over to pound him for a good bit. Dillon Anderson sucks this sailor’s big cock before riding him. Once riding his big dick, they switch it up to doggy style before this hunky sailor shoots his load inside Dillon Anderson’s tight ass. There are plenty of closeups of the bareback fucking.


3 New Videos – InterracialDomCouple are one of the newest sellers on In-Charge. Obviously from their name, you can tell they’re an interracil couple into domination and BDSM. In their first clip on In-Charge, the black bull alpha in this relationship sucks on his white queen’s toes in this short toe sucking video clip. They also have uploaded a short 3 part series of the black alpha stud eating his sexy girl’s ass. Seeing a black alpha male with a white women is a huge fetish for many cuckholds who fantasize the woman as being their wife. Imagine walking in on your wife doing all of these things with her black lover.

Newest Downloads- Fetish

unnamed (1)

1 New Video – Taylor becomes an alpha giant in his latest giant fetish video. Giant Taylor takes over Hollywood, California. He was hoping he could just have a regular vacation without turning into a giant, but it wasn’t the case this time. Giant Taylor stomps heavily through the streets of LA, grabbing up movie stars and swatting away helicopters. His muscles were already huge but since he grew into a giant, they’ve became even more massive in size.

unnamed (2)

1 New Video – Muscle master Laurent Crawford is ready to degrade and humiliate another fag slave for a real time session. In this video clip, Laurent Crawford and his alpha buddy degrade a fag slave while watching football. Both of these muscle gods relax in bed watching a football game on their flat screen TV while their loyal foot fag crawls to their feet to worship their superior alpha feet. The foot fag licks their toes and the bottoms of their soles while they laugh and him and flex. They smother his face with their barefeet and even push his head around with their feet too. Worship these muscle masters by downloading this video clip.

unnamed (3)

1 New Video – In this 6 minute video clip, cash dom MasterSherman and his flat mates invite over a fat fag to worship its Master’s feet. This fat cash faggot worships all of these cashmaster’s feet while being verbally abused and laughed at. Master Sherman and his mates degrade and humiliate the cashfag for being a worthless fat fuck then laugh their asses off when they see he’s wearing a black lace thong under his clothes as he bends down to worship their barefeet. After verbally abusing the fat fag slave more, these alphas force the slave to strip as he proves to be even more disgusting than before.


Featured Model- Master Damiel

140In a real time session with a slave, Master Damiel degrades and uses his slave hardcore. In this 15 minute video clip, Master Damiel props his feet up for his slave to lick and suck them while he beats his slave with a riding crop. The slave quickly learns his role is at Master Damiel’s feet. Later, the slave is rewarded by getting to sniff and worship Master Damiel’s armpits up close. Master Damiel, while wearing leather gloves, grabs the slave’s head to force him deeper into his armpit. Finally the slave is rewarded by feeding on Master Damiel’s clipped toenails.

Featured Model- Master Gary


This week’s featured model is Master Gary with his video “Feet Worshop, Smoking, and Ignoring
Even though he’s new to In-Charge, MasterGary is highly experienced at using weak and pathetic cash slaves. In this video clip, MasterGary sits back and enjoys a smoke while having his feet propped up on his leather sofa right by the camera. Slaves will go mindless as they watch MasterGary move his feet back and forth, rubbing the smooth soles against each other and on the couch. Findom MasterGary commands that his weak slaves stare at these godly feet and he lays back and ignores you. Slaves who bow at MasterGary’s feet deserve to be ignored until he feels you’ve earned his attention. Download MasterGary’s featured video and join his stable of slaves.