Featured Model- CashMasterTrey

You’ll never forget the day that you humiliated yourself for CashMasterTrey. This alpha dom verbally abuses you and instructs you on how you can humiliate and degrade yourself for him. CashMasterTrey wants you to cover yourself in ketchup and mustard so he can laugh at how pathetic you are to him. Follow this alpha’s commands and degrade yourself to the level of a dirty beast.

Featured Model- SlavesSeeker

SlavesSeeker sits back and smokes a cigar in leather gear in front of the camera. This alpha cash master shows off his leather jacket, gloves, and leather t-shirt for all the leather crazed cash fags to drool over. After taking off his leather jacket, SlavesSeeker shows off his tight leather shirt and bulging muscles.

Featured Model- Alpha777

Alpha777 doms his faggot ashtray as he smokes cigar after cigar in his full leather. The fag slave lays on the ground as the hot ashes rain down on him acting as a foot rest for his master. Alpha777 is cool and dominant throughout the whole video as you look up at him from the slave’s perspective – making you feel like the piece of furniture you are. In the second scene of the video, you gets to see what Alpha777 odes to his faggot directly. Watch the fag slave kiss his master’s boots and be burned by hot ashes in this intense humiliation session.

Featured Model- SirKraze

The all-American jock is in control. Submit to SirKraze and serve him harder than you’ve served before. In this video, SirKraze is clad in a leather jacket and leather gloves as he flips you off and instructs you on how to sniff your poppers to fry your brain. Grabbing at his crouch, SirKraze then take off his jeans to show his straight alpha bulge in his white Calvin Klein briefs while sticking his massive barefeet in your face. This video is to make you weaker and join his stable of loyal cash fags.

Featured Model- MasterAlexander

Soon you will know exactly who is the boss, especially after watching MasterAlexander’s leather verbal domination video. Clad in a black leather jacket, tight fitting black t-shirt and black jeans, you’ll quickly understand why MasterAlexander is so dominant in this 12 minute video. Always the show-off, MasterAlexander enjoys showing off his chiseled physique which he has worked so hard for in the gym as he verbally abuses you before showing you everything you can’t have because you’ll always be a weak faggot.

Newest Downloads

2 New Videos – Locked inside a steel cage, you wait for your dirty talking Master to come back. This time he has a special treat for you, super dirty, muddy soccer socks and feet. It’s been raining and Master Alex made sure to get them especially filthy, knowing that you have to clean them. His big feet are sweaty, smelly and so dirty it’s incredible. So be a good slave and put that tongue to good use. In another new clip, Master Alex uses his skills to perform some hypnotizing master cock addiction on your mind. This full mesmerizing BDSM mindfuck video with sound effects will put Master Alex inside your head with his magnetic voice. He knows what you crave, how to get you to submit, and that you want to worship him. You need to worship Master’s cock. Surrender control. You’re going to cum hard when he tells you to in this hypnotic video clip.

1 New Video – Prepare for Giant Taylor as he stomps through your whole life. He is not your king. Fe Fi Fo FUM! Look out below! Expect heaving stomping and smashing as these giant feet come raining down on you tinies. This clip is dark in nature and a dream for someone with a heavy foot fetish. Taylor starts in clothes and eventually strips down to white compression shorts.

1 New Video – TheGodofMen welcomes all of his scums to worship his feet and for you to fry your brain on poppers as this alpha verbally abuses you. In this video clip, you will be forced to make your pathetic brain feel like it’s going to explode from sniffing and inhaling poppers at TheGodofMen’s command. You will be shown your place and the seed of addiction to this alpha will start to grow in your little fag brain. Quickly submit and lose all thought as you obey his commands, worship his feet, and sniff your poppers.

Featured Model- BradRiouxXXX


This week’s feature male model is BradRioux​XXX with his video “Foot Worship, Bondage, Blindfold, Toys, Leather

In this 32 minute video clip, Brad Rioux starts off by having his slave worship his large feet. The slave goes by the name of Fox Rey and sucks all of Brad Rioux‘s toes while getting kicked around and having his balls stepped on. Slave Fox Rey then sucks his master and begins to crawl to a leather sex harness. Master Brad Rioux pulls out some very MASSIVE sex toys to gape open Slave Fox Rey’s hole and show him what being a houseboy entails. All of this happens while Slave Fox Rey is blindfolded, unable to see any of this happening because his master wants him to be sensory deprived.

Featured Model- VerbalDaddy

In-Charge.net - Verbal Daddy

This week’s featured male model is VerbalDaddy with his video “Leather Bandana Biker”

VerbalDaddy describes this video as, “Leather Bandana Smoking Biker Jerk-off. You know that feeling when you have not cum for days that you think your balls will explode. Now imagine leather bandana biker with a denim vest, Marlboro Reds in his pocket, soft pack in his hand and bulge that just won’t go down. Imagine your mouth on it, licking and worshiping his bulge, while he looks down on you blowing smoke and guiding your head with his biker gloves down to his balls. Balls stretcher making his dick ever harder, filling your mouth with his bulge, teasing you, driving you crazy as you just want him to get it out and pound your mouth while he whispers dirty things in your ear, making you cum without touching. And then, the cock comes out.

Beautiful handsome veiny dick, just the right size for deep throater like you. He lights another smoke, stomps on the butt with his boots, his balls are jumping up and down as he tugs on his big cock. All that tease and your hard work has made him so horny that he comes nearly in an instant. “Are you ready?”, he says. Here it cums! Big nice thick load too heavy to fly, sliding down his balls and hiding under his hood. He pulls his hood back on and drains that precious juice letting you lick it off his ash covered boots.” Don’t miss out on this hot fetish video


Featured Model- Verbal Daddy

In-Charge.net - Verbal Daddy / Tom Miller

This week’s featured male model is VerbalDaddy with his video “Booted Smoking Biker”

In this video, shot outside on a hot sunny day, VerbalDaddy wants you to feel his bulge as he’s dressed in biker leathers, tall boots, biker vest, and a pack of cigarettes in his pocket. VerbalDaddy is looking for a willing mouth for his sticky cum. Watch him stroke and smoke in this video.


Most Requested Videos

The users of In-Charge have been requesting to see some variety in what the users are posting. Even though feet and muscles are some of the top requests, other users contacted us and asked for something that they can’t find elsewhere. Some of the recently requested items have been pictures and videos featuring the following fetishes:

  • Men in suits
  • Men dominating women
  • Women dominating men
  • Giant videos
  • Audio clips
  • Leather
  • Guys in headphones

If you know of some additional content regarding any other fetish you’d like to see featured, then leave us a comment here or contact us directly on In-Charge. We look forward to seeing some of the variety which users will be posting soon in regard to various fetishes as well as any new models who have pictures and videos that appeal to unique fetishes.