Featured Model- Master Morpheus

Master Morpheus did a real time meet up with his regular black slave in a posh NYC hotel for 3 nights. The cash slave took Master Morpheus all around NYC and paid his way. This dominant cash master gives his slave to the count of 5 to take off his socks with his teeth and if he doesn’t then the slave gets smacked hard. Watch how many times the slave gets smacked until he gets his master’s socks off. While using him, Master Morpheus gets more cash fags to pay him via cam on his laptop. The masked cash fag thinks he has it easy massaging his master’s feet but this cash dom gives him a beat down with slaps, kicks, and choking until the slave worships his feet the right way. The pathetic faggot continues to worship his master’s feet as he humiliates him making him deepthroat his foot as he slaps him around and verbally abuses him more. This lucky slave even gets the honor of cleaning Master Morpheus’ toenails with his teeth and then for Master Morpheus’ entertainment, the slave is forced to eat chocolate out from between Master Morpheus’ toes while he whips him and chokes him with his own belt.

Featured Model- Master Morpheus

Another real time foot fag bows down to MasterMorpheus‘ dominant alpha male feet in this foot worship session. This loyal cash faggot got a hotel room to worship his master’s godlike feet. MasterMorpheus orders the pay pig to crawl to his feet then MasterMorpheus props his sneakers up on the slave like he’s an ottoman. After that, the fag is lucky enough to take his master’s sneakers off and worship his socked feet. Later, MasterMorpheus’ barefeet go all over the cash fag’s face and in his mouth. MasterMorpheus verbally abuses and spit on this cash fag to remind him of his place beneath him.

Featured Model- Master Morpheus and Alpha Corey

Master Morpheus and Alpha Corey use a fag slave in this real time meet video clip. These two alphas make the fag clean their sneakers and lick the soles of their sneakers. After some verbal abuse, they grab a belt and a whip and begin whipping the slave until he pledges allegiance to both of these alphas. Then for some laughs, Master Morpheus and Alpha Corey make the fag slave take an orange in his mouth and spit it out as Alpha Corey pinches his nose shut. The fag slave is then ordered to take off both of their shoes and sniff their stinky socked feet. Both of these cash doms then proceed to spit in the faggot’s mouth as they continue to whip him and verbally ab use him. Since they treat the cash fag like trash, Alpha Corey dumps a trash can on the fag’s face and covers him in garbage. The humiliation only continues in this 10 minute video clip for this fat fag slave.

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2 New Videos – This pathetic twink fag comes over for a beat down from SlavesSeeker and he proceeds to kick him repeatedly until he takes off his hoodie. Once he is shirtless, SlavesSeeker whips the fuck out of him until he breaks down and starts crying like a sissy. SlavesSeeker even then heats up a spoon and burns the slave’s back with it. To amuse himself, SlavesSeeker makes this fag slave dance for him so that he can get a laugh. Afterwards, SlavesSeeker forces the slave to drink a cup of piss to finish off this 25 minute video clip. For slaves craving to worship, SlavesSeeker’s dirty sneakers, then this next video is for you. With his Nike Air Jordans on, you can see SlavesSeeker’s Nikes are filthy dirty and his socks are stinky on his godly alpha feet. That must sound like heaven to a foot fag who craves to worship this superior’s feet. Come and get your fix and worship SlavesSeeker’s dirty Nike sneakers and his big alpha male feet in this video clip.

2 New Videos – Spy in on a private cam show Taylor had with a fan. The show requests included butt play with 3 different toys followed by a hot jerk off and cum session with a prostate stimulator / cock ring combo that really gets the explosive juices flowing. If you have ever considered a live 1-on-1 cam show with Taylor, this video gives you a good idea of how his cam shows go down. Get an inside peak into the hot action. Be that fly on the wall that you love to be during this 34 minute videp clip.

In another new video from Taylor, he delves into some extreme roleplay as a giant dad. Giant Taylor’s kids are some ungrateful little pricks. He does everything for them but unfortunately, these little kids are just unappreciative towards him. Finally, Daddy Taylor snaps and shrinks them down to the size of a pea. Now that he has their attention, it’s time to teach them a lesson. Sadly for them, it’s the last lesson they’ll ever learn. Expect to be squashed between giant butt cheeks, flicked, verbally abused, and then eaten in this video clip.

3 New Videos – You’re such an ass slut that cocks and dildos just aren’t enough for your hungry ass and Master Alex is about to do some fist fuck training on your ass. Using a black dildo, Master Alex spreads his slave’s ass opened, but he has such a hungry hole that it swallows everything. The dildo fucks and slides way too easily. So Master Alex decides to fist the horny fucker. Little does the slave know, that not only are Master Alex’s cock and feet huge, but his hands are huge too. The slave struggles to take his master’s fist, but luckily for him, Master Alex doesn’t care. This alpha dom wants to fist you and he will until your ass is never the same again. Using another horny faggot, Master Alex delivers some foot worship and spanking punishment to his faggot roommate. This roommate skipped the rent for the second time and enough is enough. If the fag can’t pay in cash, he’ll just have to pay some other way. Master Alex ties him up and spanks that slave’s big ass. He also makes him worship his socked feet. That body has a lot to pay for and Master Alex will be extracting every cent. The slave is hogtied, gagged, and made to kiss and suck feet again and again.

The next latest video from Master Alex is a custom video done for a fag slave who loves farting, pissing, and verbal abuse content. In this one, the slave wanted something really nasty. Besides the hot juicy farts and piss, Master Alex includes some dirty verbal domination on how he will torment the slave’s cock with his leather belt. Also, there is a POV shot as Master Alex unleashes farts on the toilet. This one is definitely one of his more hardcore farting videos and Master Alex only recommends it to those who love verbal dirty talk and being used.

1 New Video – This pathetic foot fag begged for a real time foot worship session in his hotel and Master Morpheus gave him what he wanted. The foot fag crawls into the scene and licks MasterMorpheus’ sneakers while being verbally abused. After some face slaps and some kicks, MasterMorpheus maskes the slave open his mouth and spits in his mouth. The faggot now earned the right to worship his master’s socked feet. Following the sock worship, MasterMorpheus makes the slave take his socks off and put them on the slave’s hands. He then instructs the slave to put his sock covered hands in his own mouth while Master Morpheus stands on his stomach and smothers his face with his big alpha feet.

7 New Videos – New to In-Charge is AnnaBelch and from her name you can tell that she specializes in burping fetish videos. In her portfolio of recent videos, she uploaded videos of her burping happy birthdaythe ABCsgood morningrow row row your boat, and many other phrases and lyrics. Guys with a love of seeing girls burp will love AnnaBelch and her portfolio of burping fetish videos.

Featured Model- Master Morpheus

Another real time session with Master Morpheus and one of his loyal cash fags. This particular cash fag loves to worship Master Morpheus‘ feet but wants to hide his face for the camera by wearing a mask. Even though the slave is masked, Master Morpheus still makes him sniff and lick his feet as he smothers the slave’s face with his huge male feet. This dominant cash master verbally abuses and spits on his slave. Later in the video, Master Morpheus makes the cash fag clip his toenails for him and forces him to eat them as a way to show how pathetic and submissive he is to Master Morpheus. Download this 13 minute video now to server Master Morpheus just like this masked slave.

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1 New Video – New to In-Charge is one of the top alpha males in this scene, Sir Kraze. In his first video on In-Charge, Sir Kraze makes you get your poppers out to fry your mindless fag brain. Sir Kraze wants you ready with your knees bent and poppers available, ready to serve him and accept him as your master. Relaxing and getting verbal, Sir Kraze will guide you in a count as to how many seconds he wants you to inhale your poppers until your eyes are rolling in the back of your head and your nose is burning. To stimulate your mind as you inhale, Sir Kraze flexes and shows his alpha male feet to the camera. Download this video from Sir Kraze and submit to his dominance.

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1 New Video – Master Morpheus‘ pathetic cash fag wanted to be used by him and Alpha Corey, so these dominant masters gave him what he deserved. In this cheap hotel room, both of these cashmasters put this fat fag in his place and give the fag total abuse. The masked cash fag lays on the ground as they both make him lick their dirty sneakers, stomp on his fat body, spit on him, throw things at him, and verbally abuse this pathetic cash fag all throughout this 11 minute video.Master Morpheus’ pathetic cash fag wanted to be used by him and Alpha Corey, so these dominant masters gave him what he deserved. In this cheap hotel room, both of these cashmasters put this fat fag in his place and give the fag total abuse. The masked cash fag lays on the ground as they both make him lick their dirty sneakers, stomp on his fat body, spit on him, throw things at him, and verbally abuse this pathetic cash fag all throughout this 11 minute video.