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2 New Videos – Sit down like an obedient pig and endure some extreme verbal abuse from CashMasterTrey. This alpha dishes out intense smack talk since he’s in an extra aggressive mood while filming this. Serve CashMasterTrey as his verbal punching bag. Later, CashMasterTrey answers some slave questions that many of you have always wanted to ask. Get a deeper look at CashMasterTrey as he answers all of the frequently asked questions from his cash piggies. Afterwards, this findom gives a harsh dose of exactly what you desperately want from him, that’s more verbal abuse.

1 New Video – You’re a good cock locked sissy for your master and understand that your clitty belongs in a chastity device while your ass is plugged with a big butt plug. The only thing to make all of that more complete is to sniff from fresh poppers. With one sniff of that magic juice, Master Alex can make you do anything he desires. Obey this alpha more with every sniff as you then are ordered to sniff his ripe and sweaty ass and feet. There’s nothing this master enjoys more than a willing cock locked slave that happily takes his torment.

5 New Videos – Master Daniel pins down his slave and chokes him out on the ground. Master Daniel gets very aggressive in these chokeout sessions with his slave Ikagura and loves locking inferiors like him in brutal headscissors until they tap out. Watch how intense Master Daniel gets when he wraps his hands around this slave’s throat. The slave choking continues when Master Daniel grapples more with this slave. Throwing the slave to the ground, Master Daniel locks his bicep around the slave’s neck and laughs as this slave struggles. Master Daniel doesn’t offer any mercy to this slave and just continues to punish him more.

In a separate session with Master G, slave Ikagura finds himself trapped between his master’s legs. Master G uses his Jiu Jitsu fighting skills to squeeze Ikagura’s head like a grape. Ikagura struggles for air while in this vice tight grip locked on by Master G. In the next real time session, Master G gets rougher when he wrestles his slave on the ground. Master G quickly jumps into various Jiu Jitsu holds on this slave. Ikagura gets his legs and arms twisted all about in a variety of intense submissions from his dom. Shifting gears from the usual, Ikagura allows his two doms to meet up in a alpha dom fight. Master G and Master Daniel meet to grapple with each other in a friendly fight. Things start to get really rough at the end with some hard takedowns and slams between these two doms.

1 New Video – Master G turns his slave into a human footstool. This foot slave lays on his back and looks up at Master G as this foot dom chokes the slave with his feet. Master G gags this foot slave by jamming every inch and every part of his foot in the slave’s mouth.

3 New Videos – MasterBerlin’s foot fag is tasked with cleaning his master’s feet. This obedient foot fag scrubs the soles of his master’s feet and licks them clean. The foot fag is totally obsessed with his master’s feet and toes. To humiliate the slave some more, MasterBerlin makes this slave eat from his feet. The hungry foot slave gladly eats biscuits from MasterBerlin’s smelly and sweaty feet. To add to the humiliation, MasterBerlin spits down on the foot stomped food for the slave to eat that as well. Continuing with the humiliation, MasterBerlin serves the slave more food from his feet. The foot obsessed fag chews and eats anything from his master’s foot.

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2 New Videos – Watch as MasterBigCountry strips and orders you to jerk your little dick to an alpha god. MasterBigCountry is bigger than you and more superior than you in every way. His alpha dick soft is bigger than yours hard. Enjoy using this alpha’s spit as lube while you wank your pathetic nub to his existence. Later in a real time meet, MasterBigCountry’s faggot slave goes into the bathroom with him to take his master’s piss drenched boxers in his slave mouth. MasterBigCountry takes off his sweaty boxers and pisses all over them then orders his bitch slave to suck the piss right out of them. MasterBigCountry then pisses all over the slave’s head while he is sucking that fag beer right out of them.

2 New Videos – CashMasterTrey knows when you’re feeling pathetic and craving total popper abuse. Get out that bottle of fresh poppers and begin sniffing as this alpha dom verbally berates you and gets you drooling over his feet. CashMasterTrey places his feet right up tot he camera and makes you beg to sniff his feet as you continue to huff your poppers. The foot worship continues as CashMasterTrey orders you to sniff his feet and show him what a dirty, disgusting, depraved, and fucked up freak you are for him. This cashmaster then gives you a lesson in breath control as he makes you show what a poppered pig you can become for him.

3 New Videos – Dominant alpha muscle dom Dennis locks another weak slave boy in an inescapable chokehold in his latest clip. This time around, Dennis is wearing a tight wrestling singlet as he takes the weak boy down to the ground and shows off his brute power. Master Dennis locks the slave in a tight chokehold until he is crying in submission. Afterward, Dennis wraps his muscular legs around the slave’s head and nearly cracks his head like a nut. Dennis squeezes this sub’s head between his huge thighs until the slave is turning red and begging for mercy. See how much this sub can endure in this tight headscissors. In another chokehold submission video, big alpha Dennis takes care of a bad roommate on his terms. This muscle dom uses his strength and submission techniques to wrestle this bad roommate to the ground and lock in various tight chokeholds on this poor boy. Watch over 15 minutes of chokehold punishment in this clip.

3 New Videos – Master Berlin loves to humiliate slaves in public and this time is no different. Master Berlin takes his slave to a bar in Berlin and totally degrades and humiliates him in front of all of the patrons. Master Berlin spits on, slaps, and pisses on this pathetic slave to totally dehumanize him in front of everyone throughout this 24 minute clip. For slaves craving more of Master Berlin’s spit then the next clip is for you. Master Berlin goes total gross out with this slave’s humiliation as he spits on and blows snots into the slave’s mouth. This nasty depraved fuck enjoys getting everything that comes out of his master’s body and takes it as a reward. For a job well done at serving, the slave is now privileged enough to eat his master’s toenails. Master Berlin’s slave clips his dom’s toenails on the floor to show his obsession over his master and his master’s feet. The nasty slave then proceeds to eat each one of his master’s toenails to show his appreciation.

1 New Video – Get on all fours, arch your back, and submit to AidenPrettii’s post workout feet. This POV clips allows you to b egin worshipping your master’s stinky, sweaty sneakers and socked feet. Just imagine how stinky and damp these perfect alpha feet are as you worship. No foot slave can resist an alpha male’s feet.

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2 New Videos – Time to drop to your knees and humiliate yourself for CashMasterTrey. This verbal alpha wants you to get naked and covered yourself in mayonnaise like a stupid fag trained to do tricks. CashMasterTrey is going to enjoy humiliating you and making you see how depraved you can be for him. After you’ve degraded yourself, it is time to beat yourself up for your master. Show CashMasterTrey how much of a loser you are as he orders you to beat yourself on command. You will quickly realize that as a cash faggot, you deserve to be smacked around and crushed beneath a straight man’s boot. Submit, serve, and punish yourself for your master.

2 New Videos – Master Kruzzar is about to ignore you as he smokes a cigar. However, he can’t completely ignore you. It is your job to serve as his human ashtray. Open your mouth wide and take all of his ash like the ashtray you are to him. For slaves craving even more from Master Kruzzar, then you can serve him even more as a urinal slave. Master Kruzzar goes out into a mall bathroom and makes a mess as he pisses everywhere. Someone needs to come clean up all this alpha piss and what better job than for a fag to do. Come worship and clean up this alpha piss with your mouth.

5 New Videos – DanielSlin is ready to make Ikagura into his personal foot slave. This jock dom gets his slave down on the ground and jams his alpha foot into the slave’s mouth. Ikagura gags hard on this jock’s feet and shows his devotion to serving. Later, DanielSlin stands over his obedient foot slave to trample him with his dominant alpha feet. DanielSlin turns Ikagura into a human doormat as he walks all over him. Standing over top of the slave, DanielSlin flexes his biceps and shows off his power. After his session with DanielSlin, Ikagura serves another dom in a facesitting real time. This arrogant alpha sits on Ikagura’s face while he plays video games. Ikagura stays pinned under this dom’s ass and cannot move while showing his true submission.

For those wanting more trample and domination, Ikagura gets slapped, trampled, and used in the next clip. Laying shirtless on the floor, this slave gets his face covered by alpha feet. Ikagura continues to serve as a human doormat as this alpha walks all over him. Later, Ikagura goes back to servicing this alpha’s feet. Ikagura chokes on his master’s feet as he tries to swallow more of this dom’s foot. The master locks one foot behind Ikagura’s head while forcing the other foot further into Ikagura’s eager mouth.

4 New Videos – Master Berlin loves nothing more than getting his feet worshipped. Putting his foot slave in its place, MasterBerlin spits on the slave and smacks him around before ordering him to worship his socked feet. MasterBerlin shows no mercy to this slave as he pulls him around on a leash. The foot worship continues as this foot slave licks his master’s alpha feet. MasterBerlin sits back and drinks a beer with his feet propped up. His obedient and depraved foot slave crawls over to sniff and lick his master’s feet. MasterBerlin amuses himself by kicking the slave around and ordering him to worship his feet even more.

Things get even nastier in the next clip as MasterBerlin pisses on his slave. This pathetic pig serves his master without question as he drinks MasterBerlin’s piss, gets burped on, and licks his dirty feet. MasterBerlin loves total devotion when getting worhsipped. The foot slave desires to serve MasterBerlin even more in the next clip which chronicles the day of a slave. MasterBerlin’s slave brings his master foot, sniffs his feet, worships his ass, and cleans his boots. Watch the typical daily journey of MasterBerlin’s slave and how this slave completely devotes himself to his master.

2 New Videos – Master Shaun has a fun session on top of his slave dominating him with some full bodyweight facesitting and foot domination. The real time session escalates further when he has his slave finger his ass and sits on the slave’s face some more. During the facesitting, Master Shaun even farts in his slave’s face. In another meet up with Master Shaun, this dom wakes up smelling sweaty and dirty. Master Shaun commands the slave to lick his body clean. The devoted slave runs his tongue all over Master Shaun’s body to clean him. Afterwards, he sits on the slave’s face and starts to show off the growing bulge in his underwear. Master Shaun humiliates the slave more in this meet up by spitting on him and riding piggyback on the slave to dehumanize him.