MasterKwinton Bundle Pack


MasterKwinton has something big for his fag slaves. For a LIMITED TIME ONLY until May 15th, MasterKwinton is offering everything from his portfolio in one bundle – that means EVERY VIDEO AND PICTURE he has available is in this bundle pack. It includes all of his real time meet sessions with cash fags, videos focusing on his alpha male feet, and tons of verbal abuse. In total this is over hours worth of footage. Don’t miss out on this limited time offer!

Newest Downloads- Foot Masters and Airport Fucking


2 New Videos – MasterKwinton has some new videos for his loyal cash faggots. In one of his latest films, MasterKwinton lights up a fat cigar and blows smoke right in your face as he commands you to worship his feet like the subhuman foot fag you are to him. Foot fags will enjoy laying at MasterKwinton’s feet as they look up and receive his degrading verbal abuse. For the foot slaves who can’t get enough of MasterKwinton’s feet, he has another foot worship video for all of you. MasterKwinton has a pair of stinky old skateboarding shoes for you to worship. Placing the camera on the floor, looking up at him, MasterKwinton shows off his worn out skateboarding shoes that are begging for a cash fag to lick clean. After showing the rank and nasty shoes to the camera, MasterKwinton slides them off showing his barefeet that were resting in those stinky shoes. Serve MasterKwinton by downloading both of these foot fetish videos.

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3 New Videos – MasterJax is back with more real time sessions with RJSlave. In this third part of the series, RJSlave sucks and massages MasterJax’s feet and toes followed by MasterJax smacking RJSlave hard with his giant feet. The camera pans back and shows MasterJax enjoying himself with the slave underfoot throughout this nearly 9 minute video clip. RJSlave’s service to MasterJax continues in the next part. Part 4 is a spontaneous clip taken during a midnight drive one night in Tennessee. Watch as MasterJax chills with his feet on the dashboard as the car drives through a small town. After relaxing with his feet up, MasterJax shows his feet in RJSlave’s face for some sniffing and massaging during their joy ride. Lastly in Part 5, while relaxing on a sofa, MasterJax steps on RJSlave’s face. This video is particularly good at showing MasterJax’s facial expressions while he enjoys dominating. Towards the end of the video, the camera angle shifts to show a close up of RJSlave worshiping MasterJax’s giant feet.

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1 New Video – In this 6 minute video clip, Dillon Anderson just landed in an airport in Texas and met up with this hung, uncut cutie that was working there. Taking Dillon to a nearby stairwell, this airport employee fucks Dillon Anderson in the airport. His cock was massive and he shoots a massive load deep inside Dillon Anderson. You can see the cum drip out when Dillon turns around to blow him until Dillon shoots a load.

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1 New Video – In this 15 minute video, SlavesSeeker relaxes in his filthy socks. Imagine having the opportunity to sit there and sniff this alpha’s smelly socks while he sits back and ignores you. SlavesSeeker wore these socks during a hard gym session and sweat in them even more to get them even smellier for the foot fag who will have to sit there and sniff them.

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1 New Video – Get your mind played with by RoqGod. From a real time session earlier this month, RoqGod owns a pig slave’s mind as the slave intoxicates himself. This cash fag wears a gas mask and inhales poppers so intensely that his mind is putty for RoqGod to control, shape, and mold. Submit your own mind and consciousness to RoqGod

Newest Downloads

8cc9bb16a5a9f5c9d8277d62420ab268-9f0b3d326b7415fe1aad676d041fc7ae-590x300_crop2 New Videos- In this worship video, you’ll bow down to MasterKwinton’s socked and bare feet. Kiss the ground which this alpha cash master walks on and realize that your purpose on this planet is to work for him. MasterKwinton sits back and relaxes while rubbing his barefeet together and showing off his superior soles to the camera. Get even more entranced by MasterKwinton’s feet and socked feet while he ignores you. MasterKwinton knows your place is on the ground at his feet like the submissive faggot that you are and his place is to be served like a God. This findom requires your full service at his feet and in return you’ll get nothing but the pleasure of knowing that you are serving a superior dominant male.

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1 New Video and 1 New Photoset – BiMasterNoah is back and he finally started doing some camming. In this video clip, BiMasterNoah burps and makes you worship his feet. Throughout the video, you can sense that Noah enjoys his power and control that he has over you. He starts off drinking some soda and burping into the camera before showing off his black UnderArmour ankle socks. Later he removes his socks to show his barefeet for you to worship. BiMasterNoah knows that you’re a foot fag craving his control. Submit to this alpha and download his video. BiMasterNoah also has uploaded a collection of over 50 mixed photos from all of his videos. Worship his massive 12.5 feet featured throughout this photoset.


unnamed (2)1 New Video – Get ready to worship some muslces. KenFitness takes you with him to the gym on chest day. This alpha male get in a hardcore chest workout showing off his pumped chest and chiseled physique. Drool over his tattooed muscular frame as you watch him pump iron in the gym to make his temple of a body even more superior.


Master Kwinton has something BIG for you


MasterKwinton has something big for his fag slaves. For a LIMITED TIME ONLY until January 18th, MasterKwinton is offering a 15 video compilation file that contains all of his past videos. It includes all of his real time meet sessions with cash fags, videos focusing on his alpha male feet, and tons of verbal abuse. In total this is over an hours worth of footage.

Featured Model- Master Kwinton - Master Kwinton

This week’s featured male model is Master Kwinton and his video “Xmas real time Pt. 3”

In this final installment of a 3 part series, Master Kwinton and his buddy make their fag slave worship their god-like feet while they spit on him, force him to crawl on all fours, and stick their feet right in his face. Make sure to download this Xmas real time video before the holidays.

Featured Video- Real Time Video #2 - Master Kwinton

This week’s featured male model is MasterKwinton with his video “Real Time Video #2”

See MasterKwinton dominate his slave in real time as he forces the slave to be his personal footrest in this real time video. It’s the second part of a 3 part set of videos, don’t miss out on all of them.