Featured Model- KingMaster

After a long day of walking, KingMaster needs some relaxation to which he calls his slave over to massage and lick his alpha feet. The submissive foot slave licked his master’s shoes then sniffed his socks before finally licking his master’s feet all over. When KingMaster was done with the slave, he sent him on his way.

Featured Model- CashMasterTrey

Get on your knees and prepare to endure some extreme popper training. CashMasterTrey will order you to get that bottle of poppers ready and keep huffing while he verbally abuses you and makes you drool over his feet. It is time to sniff and serve while you gaze at this alpha’s barefeet. CashMasterTrey will leave you a poppered up, mindless mess by the end of this session.

Featured Model- Serbian Gods

An American foot fag gets to worship his Serbian God’s feet in this new 16 minute video clip from SerbianGods. The chubby foot fag starts off by worshiping his dom’s feet in a stairwell before going into a game room to sniff, lick, and suck his master’s feet. Throughout the clip, the American foot fag gets his face smothered with alpha God feet. At one point, the Serbian alpha even ignores the fag to play video games as the fag serves his huge alpha feet.

Featured Model- FlexGod

FlexGod demands that you clean his sneakers. This dominant muscle master makes you worship and serve his feet, socks, and sneakers like the obedient foot fag you are to him. Make sure to lick every part clean and satisfy your muscle master all throughout this 7 minute long video clip.

Featured Model- Master Gary

Adding to his series of popper instructional videos, Master Gary gets your brain ready for extreme popper abuse. Master Gary first instructs that you buy the first popper instructional video before downloading this one. Then after downloading your intro intox video then you can graduate into extreme popper instructional. This popper instructional video will fry your little bitch brain. Make sure you get a fresh bottle of poppers as Master Gary will make you sniff more and more. Full of countdowns and commands, Master Gary will fry your brain and own your mind.

Featured Model- AaronKing


In the first of this 2 part series, AaronKing uses his pathetic foot fag for a real time session. The foot slave is forced to sniff, lick, kiss, and clean AaronKing’s shoes and sweaty feet. Sniffing in the aromas of his master’s feet, the cash slave submits to its God and submits to its God’s demands. Like an obedient slave, it follows AaronKing’s order exactly and if not, the slave gets kicked and beaten. To keep AaronKing amused, he forces his masked fag slave to perform some forced workout exercises while he worships his masters feet in this 12 minute video.

Featured Model- SheGod

In-Charge.net - SheGod

This week’s feature female model is SheGod with her video “Sniff, Lick, Drool and Eat my G-String”

How can you resist SheGOD’s perfect big ass? She orders you to worship it, adore it, love it, drool over it, and beg for it in this ass worship video. Worship her beautiful, round and brown ass now.


Featured Video- Dirty Feet Worship

In-Charge.net - Duude23

This week’s featured video is “Dirty Feet Worshipped” by EmperorMark (Duude23).

See Duude23 make his foot slave worship his feet again in this 12 minute long video filmed on his HD camera. EmperorMark’s slave can’t get enough of his dirty feet in this exclusive video. Watch his slave clean his dirty sneakers, sniff his socked feet, then lick clean his dirty barefeet.