Newest Downloads

3 New Video – Master Nevile and Ritchell abuse their slave in this degrading real time session. In addition to making the slave lick their feet, the masters order the slave to dance for their own amusement. Afterwards, the two doms take turns spitting on the slave and slapping the fuck out of him before dumping a glass of their spit on the slave. In the next clip, Master Hunter and Ritchell make the slave clean their feet with a toothbrush. The doms instruct the slave to clean the bottoms of their feet and sneakers with this toothbrush. To further degrade the slave, he is then instructed to brush his teeth with the same toothbrush. The next day Master Hunter abuses the slave by turning him into a human doormat. The slave is trampled and kicked by this dom and even sat on. Master Hunter makes the slave sniff his smelly sneakers and sweaty socks throughout the abuse session.

3 New Videos – Big Alpha sits his muscle ass down on slave boy Gio’s face. This huge muscle dom smothers Gio’s entire face and flexes his muscles. Gio has no where to go as he’s pinned under Big Alpha’s muscular ass. In another domination video, Chokemaster Andre chokes out his little bro between his muscular legs. Little bro Enrique struggles to pry Andre’s legs apart and ends up tapping. When he tries the last time, he is unsuccessful. Andre and Enrique practice some more chokehold submissions. Andre is much bigger and stronger than Enrique and locks in these holds super tight. Enrique can barely escape as he begs for mercy.

5 New Videos – Master H dominates his slave and gets the slave to worship his feet. Slave Matt lays on his back and services this dom’s superior feet. Gagging and choking on Master H’s feet, Slave Matt shows what an obedient foot fag he is to his dom. Afterwards, Slave Matt meets up with Master J for a trample abuse session. Master J chokes his slave and tramples all over the slave. Slave Matt is treated like a doormat as Master J walks all over him. Master J then chokes out his slave in a triangle chokehold. Slave Matt taps out and then is ordered to service Master J’s feet. Master J sits back and texts on his phone as this slave sniffs and licks his feet.

The abuse from Master J continues as he abuses his slave by the pool. Slave Matt is in the pool and must service his dom’s feet. Licking his masters feet and getting kicked in the face, Slave Matt realizes this is his rightful place. The pool humiliation continues as Master J wrestles Slave Matt in the pool and chokes him. Master J even submerges Slave Matt in the water a few times for some intense water abuse.

3 New Videos – Leather dom Towser makes this slave kiss his shoes to show respect. The slave kisses his master’s boots and is turned into a human foot rest. Master Towser then degrades the slave some more and flicks cigarette ashes on him. In part 2, the slave worships his master’s boots like an obedient foot fag. The masked fag stays down at his master’s feet and follows every order he is given as Master Towser continues to degrade him. In the final part of their session, Master Towser sits on the slave’s face. The slave is pinned under Master Towser’s bodyweight as it is used as a piece of furniture. Master Towser sits on the slave’s face comfortably as he watches some TV.