Featured Model- AlfaPrimal

AlfaPrimal is ready to train you as serve as his foot sissy in this foot worship video. With his huge alpha male feet, AlfaPrimal is ready to stomp all over your sissy mind and make you serve him long term. Stick your tongue out as you beg this verbal dom to rub his huge alpha male feet all over your faggot tongue. Sniff, lick, and pray to these Godlike feet.

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2 New Videos – Get on your knees like the fucking loser slave you are to CashMasterTrey as he teaches you a lesson in humility and verbally abuses you. CashMasterTrey is masked throughout the video as if he is about to rob you and take your wallet. This alpha dom is in the mood to rip you apart verbally and make you do absolutely anything he says. In the next 5 star rated clip, CashMasterTrey humiliates and degrades you for being such an inferior fag slave. This brutal alpha God treats you like a total object as he dehumanizes you verbally and abuses you with his words. Don’t forget to sniff and worship his big alpha male feet that he sticks in your face throughout this video clip.

2 New Videos – These two muscular alpha males challenge each other to an arm wrestling match to see who is stronger. The best 3 out of 5 battles will determine the winner between these muscular alpha men. They both do their best to overpower the other because ultimately the loser will be dominated by the winner. After this arm wrestling battle, the loser gets punished by having a bag placed over his head for some erotic asphyxiation. These two muscle doms don’t hold back as they go all out for this punishment session. See how much the loser can withstand as the dominant alpha winner chokes him out and bags his head until he nearly blacks out.

2 New Videos – Ikagura gets choked out hard by dominant alpha DanielSlin. This weak slave gets down on the mat and gives into this superior alpha as he is choked and dominated. DanielSlin doesn’t hold back as he tightens his biceps around the slave’s throat until the slave is gasping for air. The intense choking continues as DanielSlin locks in some more and even tighter headlocks on the slave. This weak obedient slave taps and begs for mercy but his master doesn’t give him any. DanielSlin chokes out the slave for his own amusement and will only stop when he has had enough using this sub.

3 New Videos – This verbal white alpha jock is ready to verbally abuse you in this intense raceplay session. Serve at his superior white alpha male feet as he flips you off and verbally dominates you. This white jock stud will make you into his property and degrade you for being a non-white throughout this 6 minute clip. The racial abuse continues from this white jock stud as he makes you worship his huge feet and his bubble butt. Flipping you off and showing his dominant and cocky side, this jock will bully you into completely submitting to him and being his property. Serve and worship his superior ass and feet when you download this clip.

This next white alpha will also racially abuse you for being an inferior to him. This white thug hates blacks and thinks of them as not even being human. Serve beneath him as his token slave and do anything he demands you to do throughout this intense racial verbal abuse clip.

1 New Video – AidenPrettii wants you to be a depraved gooner in his presence. This alpha male will demand you to watch this clip on loop for an house as you goon your way through it like a submissive bitch. Follow your gooning task and keep edging your tiny little dick until it becomes sore. See how long you can go without cumming as you goon to your dominant master.

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1 New Video – King Luca gets his masked faggot to worship his superior ass. This obedient cash fag wears a leash for King Luca so that it can be lead around like an animal. The slave worships King Luca’s feet, eats his toenails, then later eats his alpha ass during this 20 minute real time session.

2 New Videos – It’s time for a stupid fag slave like you to get naked and to get bullied by your dom. CashMasterTrey will quickly remind you that you are a worthless faggot and will always be a worthless faggot to him. This cash master is going to verbally abuse you to the point that you fully accept what you are even if he has to beat it into your skull. After you’ve experience some intense verbal abuse, you can then lick master’s armpits. CashMasterTrey wants you to stare right into his hairy armpit and crave it. Only the most depraved and obedient pigs will be allowed to worship his pits. Sniff his sweaty pits and then get your tongue out to service them like an obedient armpit licker.

1 New Video – YoungNCharge wants you to serve his alpha feet. Foot faggots will drool over YoungNCharge’s huge barefeet. This cash master will verbally degrade you and call names as you beg to serve and worship his huge feet. Submit to YoungNCharge’s power and take you place underneath his feet.

3 New Videos – In part 1 of this masters challenge, the two muscled alphas flex and show off their hard physiques before they begin. Both these muscled men show their tight abs, huge biceps, and masculine physiques to remind inferiors why these two guys are truly alpha males. Then the real challenge begins between these two muscle doms in an ab punching challenge. It’s power against power seeing how much each alpha can withstand from increasingly harder gut punches. The loser will ultimately be punished by the winner later.

Watch these two muscled up alphas fight for dominance as one of these muscle alphas gets choked out. After part 1 and 2 of this masters challenge, the loser has to get choked out by the winner. See how much one master can withstand as he gets choked out by the other.

2 New Videos – DanielSlin chokes out his sub in his latest video. The weak submissive slave presents himself to DanielSlin to be choked out and dominated. This superior alpha gets the slave down on the ground and locks in a tight chokehold until the slave nearly passes out. The chokehold domination continues in the next clip as DanielSlin locks the sub into an even tighter chokehold. The weak slave writhes and gasps for air as this alpha locks the chokehold in tight on the slave’s windpipe. The sub can’t go any longer and has no choice but to tap out.

Featured Model- Duude23

Master Mark makes his pay piggy worship his armpits in this real time session. The pay pig starts by serving at Master Mark’s feet before being given the opportunity to serve and worship his pits. Master Mark even spits on and verbally abuses the pay piggy to degrade him further. Download this real time session clip from Master Mark and be jealous of this lucky masked fag slave.

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2 New Videos – Get out those poppers and stare at this alpha’s bulge. Master Michael puts his camera on the ground and makes you look up at his total perfection. You’ll feel like you’re in your natural position as you see this cash master tower above you while he commands you to sniff your poppers hard while staring at him. After you’ve fried your brain enough on poppers, Master Michael will then order you to swallow his spit. Wearing leather gloves and a black tank top (both bought by slaves), Master Michael flips you off and spits as he orders you to open your mouth. Swallow every drop of this findom’s superior spit as he makes you feel completely inferior. It is your job to worship everything and anything about this dominant alpha male.

2 New Videos – Get on your knees and prepare to endure some extreme popper training. CashMasterTrey will order you to get that bottle of poppers ready and keep huffing while he verbally abuses you and makes you drool over his feet. It is time to sniff and serve while you gaze at this alpha’s barefeet. CashMasterTrey will leave you a poppered up, mindless mess by the end of this session. After you’re poppered up, CashMasterTrey will turn you into his personal foot slave . Imagine yourself worshiping under this findom’s feet like the dirty foot faggot you are to him. CashMasterTrey puts his socked and bare feet right in your face all throughout this video clip. Once you are under this alpha male’s feet, you’ll quickly realize that you and him will never be equals and that your rightful place is under his feet.

1 New Video – Muscle master Dennis shows off his huge muscles for you to worship in this muscle worshipping video clip. This superior muscled alpha flexes and shows off for the camera making muscle worshipers crave more. Flexing his huge biceps and showing off his full superior chest, muscle master Dennis will make all slaves crave his muscles.

4 New Videos – This obedient slave learns not to disobey a jiu jitsu fighter. In this real time session, foot slave Ikagura serves at the feet of a jiu jitsu master. After licking his master’s feet, this obedient foot fag gets locked in multiple chokeholds and headscissors until he begs for mercy. At one point, the alpha master even sits on the slave’s face and smothers him with his ass. The domination continues as another alpha makes the slave worship his feet and knocks him out from a chokehold. The weak foot fag serves under his masters feet as he licks and worships his alpha’s foot soles. Later, the lean alpha master locks the weak slave in a sleeper hold until the slave passes out completely. Even if the slave taps out, this alpha isn’t letting go until he is ready to stop.

Ikagura gets some hard domination in this next clip from his alpha. Ikagura gets pinned down when this alpha sits on his face and chest totally restraining him on the bed. The slave feels completed defeated when this alpha dom chokes him out and makes him tap out. Ikagura loves every second of serving underneath this alpha and doesn’t want to tap out because he loves being dominated so much. In his last upload for this week, Ikagura gets choked out by a dom who shows no mercy. This lean dom guy wraps his arms around Ikagura’s throat and doesn’t let up until the slave’s eyes go crossed from the chokehold. The slave’s head is nearly about to pop from how tight the chokehold gets at one point and begins going limp.

1 New Video – MarocCashmaster goes to the ATM to withdraw some fag cash. This findom takes the slave’s money at the ATM and tell you how low you are compared to him. This cashmaster has his slave’s bank card which makes taking withdrawals so much easier. Get a glimpse into how easily dominant men can take fag cash from slaves.

Featured Model- Master Michael

In the first part of this slave abuse series, Master Michael locks a slave up in his abuse shack and the slave is used and tortured hardcore by this leather dom. This bound slave is chained to wooden cross and dominated by his superior alpha. Master Michael, totally clad in leather, assers his dominance over this slave with nearly 10 minutes of abuse. Horse whipped, slapped, punched, forced smoke intox and more happens to this bound slave.

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1 New Video – You’ve been longing to worship SirKraze’s feet. Get ready to have your limits pushed as you submit to this findom’s alpha male feet. SirKraze will verbally abuse you and make you feel like a dirty shoe loving queer by the end of this clip.

1 New Video – King Luca makes a slave sign a slavery contract at the end of this real time session. Prior to the contract signing, King Luca uses and abuses this fag slave. This dominant alpha sits on the slave’s face, smothering it with his alpha ass. Later he makes the slave worship his feet and blows cigarette smoke in the slave’s face. Once the session is nearly complete, the fag slave gets to worship King Luca’s bare ass during the contract signing, making this slave King Luca’s property for life.

4 New Videos – This muscle master has been practicing this particular headscissors hold to lock onto a slave. Muscle dom Dennis get this weak slave on the floor and wraps his muscular legs around the slave’s head. Once locked in, Dennis pulls the slave closer to him to lock the headscissors in even tighter and deeper. Dennis gives the slave an anaconda like squeeze as he squeezes the slave into submission. Later, Dennis puts on a pair of red Adidas gym pants and he cannot wait to make another slave pass out from a tight headscissors choke. It takes Dennis a few minutes but he positions himself just right on the couch to grab the slave’s neck and head with his muscular legs. The weak slave is trapped between this alpha’s monster thighs and quads before he ultimately taps out.

Muscle dom Dennis uses a new choke technique to make the next slave tap out and pass out. Doing almost a rear naked choke with his huge legs, Dennis locks the slave’s throat right up against his massively muscular hamstring and uses his foot locked on his other leg to tighten the choke. The slave’s head turns bright red and looks like it is going to burst as one point from the intense pressure from this muscular alpha’s legs. Later, Dennis uses his go-to technique to make this slave submit. Muscle master Dennis has his knees positioned on the sofa to give himself total control of the headscissors once he locks it on the slave. Dennis teeers up and down, each time locking in the hold tighter and tighter. THe slave is struggling and moaning until he has to give up and beg for mercy.

2 New Videos – Get your poppers for this intense popper training session. Master Michael flexes and verbally abuses you as he commands you to fetch those poppers and prepare for his verbal commands on how to sniff your poppers. Counting you down and making you inhale, Master Michael will fuck with your mind throught this popper session until the only thing you want to do is give him your wallet. After you’ve completed the first session, it is time to download the second session and sniff harder at your master’s commands. Master Michael flexes and shows off his superior muscles while he verbally degrades you for being a weak poppered up faggot slave. Obey everything this dom commands of you and inhale when you are told.

2 New Videos – After getting home from a long day at the office, Nebenny takes off his loafers to air out his feet. This foot dom sits on the floor and allows his sweaty feet to breathe. Crawl to this dom’s size 13 sweaty feet and beg to worship and sniff them like an obedient foot fag. In another foot worship clip, Nebenny shows off his massive feet in some yellow flip flops. After a long day at the beach, this master slips off his sweaty flip flops and rests his feet up on the table. Nearly 10 minutes of flip flop and feet play all throughout. Stick your tongue out and drool over this alpha’s huge soles, smooth feet, and hairy legs.

Featured Model- Chokemasters

The punishment for this sub is severe as Dennis squeezes this sub’s head. Dennis wraps his insanely huge and muscular legs around the slave’s neck like a python suffocating it’s prey. The scrawny slave nearly passes out from the absolute raw power of Dennis and the intensity of the headscissors he’s locked in throughout the clip.

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2 New Videos – King Luca uses another masked faggot for an intense real time session. The masked faggot worships King Luca’s socked feet, alpha ass, and balls all throughout this 30 minute clip. King Luca barely acknowledges the fag slave as he instructs the fag to give various parts of his body a tongue bath. In another session with the cash fag, King Luca sits on the fag slave’s face. This superior cash master sits his ass on the faggot’s face and has the slave sniff his sweaty jock ass scent. Earlier in the clip, the cash fag must sniff his master’s socked feet and underwear to savor all of his alpha’s manly scent.

2 New Videos – It’s time for you to get in line, piggy. Brutal alpha CashMasterTrey is ready to make you worship his alpha feet. This superior findom is clad in a leather jacket and leather gloves as he verbally abuses you and flips you off. All throughout this clip, CashMasterTrey will degrade you and make you feel like an inferior pig. In the next verbal abuse clip, CashMasterTrey wants you to get your butt plug or dildo ready because you’re going to fuck yourself for your master. It is time to degrade and humiliate yourself while getting verbally abused. Rub your little fucking clit on CashMasterTrey’s command while he makes you bust your balls and bounce up and down on your dildo like a hopeless loser.

4 New Videos – This arrogant foot dom makes the weak foot fag lick his sweaty feet. In this nearly 9 minute video clip, this dominant foot dom makes his weak faggot lick, suck on, and worship every inch of his alpha feet. Whenever he wants to establish dominance over the foot fag, this alpha sits on the slave’s throat and slaps him around. After that session, the foot fag gets tag teamed by 2 doms for some double alpha domination. These two cocky alphas choke the weak foot fag and make him serve their feet. The weak foot fag struggles to breathe while getting choked and having an alpha foot jammed down his throat. However, the fag slave loves every second of the abuse.

This weak foot fag cannot get enough of serving alpha men and worshipping their feet. In another real time session, the foot fag gets locked in a headscissors by his alpha. This twink master wraps his legs around the foot fag’s throat and makes him gasp for air as he tries to break free. There is no tapping out or quitting until the twink dom has had enough choking out this foot fag. After the foot fag gets choked out, he has gag on his master’s feet. On his back and looking in his alpha’s face, this obedient foot fag sucks and licks every inch of his master’s foot. The lean and cocky alpha jams his foot further down the fag’s throat just to watch in amusement as the fag slave gags on it.

2 New Videos – Daniel Slin uses his cash fag in this next clip by choking out the slave. The weak submissive gets locked in a tight headlock by DanielSlin and is forced to endure this chokehold for over 10 minutes. The slave struggles and tries to get as much air as he can but DanielSlin doesn’t show any mercy with this tight chokehold. Going for round 2, DanielSlin continues to choke the slave in this next clip. Getting behind this weak submissive, DanielSlin clamps on a tight sleeperhold on this weak fag slave and locks it in tight to watch the slave struggle. The cash fag does his best to escape DanielSlin’s forceful hold but he cannot break free from his master’s powerful grip.

1 New Video – KevinStr8Master gets his cock oiled up for a footjob from a sleeping friend. Getting himself rock hard, KevinStr8Master rubs his hard dick up and down his friend’s foot to get himself off. Stroking his cock with soft soles gets him closer and closer to cumming before he finally explodes.

Featured Model- Knight00wl

Before the recording starts, Master opens an entire roll of plastic wrap to bind his slave in mummification, rendering him completely and utterly helpless on the ground like a big faggot worm! Master J then relaxes in his chair as he foot slaps and hand slaps his slave repeatedly while all he can do is moan and groan as his mouth has been duct taped shut. The scene closes with Master J looking down and laughing at his pathetic faggot slave as has him pinned down with one foot on the chest as he’s literally wrapped into submission with a roll of clear plastic wrap.