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1 New Video – Giant Taylor is just minding his business, doing things around his giant house when he comes across all of these tiny creatures that have been just creeping around his house. At first, Taylor thinks they are just bugs but soon realizes that these are tiny people! This angers giant Taylor even more. Matter of fact, it makes him so angry that he starts to step on, butt crush, torture, and even eat some of the tinies! He is a cruel and sadistic giant that is going to have some fun with these little people now. After all, they are in HIS giant house! Fe, Fi, Fo, FUM! Taylor is coming for you and is going to humiliate you before crushing you in his belly button!

2 New Videos – Master Giacomo empties a fag’s wallet in his latest real time meet. In the clip, Giacomo totally drains the poor faggot, taking out all of the cash from his wallet. This alpha wanted to buy a pair of nice, expensive, luxury shoes because it just seems like the fair way to spend a faggot’s money. The slave thanks his mater after getting its wallet drained to which Master Giacomo would gladly do again. All that matters to this master is how useful a slave proves himself to be in his presence. In another real time meet, Master Giacomo uses his Nike Airmax to trample the slave under his 177 lbs of muscle. This dom particularly loves to stand on his faggot’s head, crushing his face while he uses a lot of verbal humiliation. Giacomo makes the slave lick the soles of his shoes throughout their meet up. You can definitely hear the slave struggling to breathe with Giacomo standing on him with his full weight. Later the shoes are removed in this 21 minute clip to let the slave lick and get trampled by his master’s sweaty feet.

1 New Video – Dominant and muscular master CollegeMuscle is ready to verbally abuse faggots in his newest clip. In a clip intended as a custom video for a pathetic cash faggot, CollegeMuscle shares this verbal abuse clip with you. Wearing a tight compression fit workout shirt, CollegeMuscle flexes and shows off his huge biceps, massive chest, and outline of his chiseled abs through the compression fit material. You’ll be in awe of his muscles as he flexes and shows off all while verbally abusing you for being an inferior fuck. CollegeMuscle then takes off the compression fit shirt to show off his rock hard physique until he’s just in his designer boxer briefs flexing and verbally abusing you for being inferior to him.

1 New Video – Enslaving a pathetic foot fag, Master StraightLuca makes this foot servant worship his sneakers. The foot slave is from Switzerland and has a relationship but that doesn’t stop him from serving StraightLuca. This superior alpha blackmails the fag with pictures and videos from where he is drinking his master’s piss and kissing his sneakers all while the fag’s boyfriend doesn’t know. If the boyfriend ever found out, he’d leave this fag. So this inferior has no choice but to do what his master wishes which includes anything and everything.

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Feature Model- Laurent Crawford

Laurent Crawford and his twin are having a great time inviting a pathetic fag like you to get on your knees and worship their alpha feet. Following a hard gym session, these two muscle studs are sweaty, pumped, and exhausted. It’s your job to lick their sweaty feet clean while they let out some of that built-up gym aggression out on you. All throughout this 10 minute video clip, these cocky, muscle adonises treat you like a pathetic pisswhore as they degrade and humiliate you.

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Newest Downloads

2 New Videos – Giacomo is a 20 year old straight Italian master who understands fags are inferior objects to be used and exploited. The slave is prepared to be useful for Giacomo, with his face up at disposal for his master. Giacomo sits on the sofa, lights a cigarette and orders the slave to be his human ashtray. Giacomo ashes directly into the faggot’s mouth and uses a lot of verbal humiliatoin to degrade him. In another scene, the slave must also keep up the master’s feet (in Nike Air Force 1’s) like a footstool while the ashes are collected in his mouth. In the end, in the first scene, Giacomo puts off the cigarette on the faggot’s tongue; in the second, it goes directly on his teeth with cigarette butts left in the faggot’s mouth.

In this foot cleaning video, Giacomo sits on the sofa and demands his Nike Air Force 1’s to be cleaned by the faggot. The slave licks his master’s shoes clean, both top and soles, as Giacomo abuses him verbally and humiliates him for being an inferior human being. After removing the shoes, the slave inhales the smell of Giacomo’s sweaty socks. Finally, Giacomo puts his barefeet in the faggot’s mouth, ordering him to lick them clean and making fun of him as he does it. His whole foot is sucked and licked as Giacomo relaxes, ignore the footlicker and watches TV. In the end, Giacomo keeps relaxing using the slave’s head as his footstool.

1 New Video – Taylor is the lifeguard you have had a crush on your whole life. You can’t just sit and stare at him anymore, it’s time for action. It’s always such a turn on when Taylor takes control. He’s ordering everyone out of the pool but you decide to stay behind and enjoy boss Taylor sending out his orders. To your surprise, when he thinks everyone is gone, Taylor changes into a speedo and jumps in to take a dip in this lifeguard fantasy video. All of a sudden though, Taylor notices you and it’s too late to get away now. Taylor threatens to beat your ass but realizes he needs this job. He also knows that it is against the rules to be swimming after-hours. So in order to keep you quiet, he decides to give you what you want. Taylor teases you with his hard body and shows / talks about how his cock is only for fucking chicks. He spits on and slaps his hard dick, showing you what you will NEVER have. After he cums, he tells you to never come back to his pool again.

3 New Audio Clips – When you submit to MasterJosh‘s mental programming, you allow him to financially dominate your mind through his programming and control. During this 37-minute audio file, Master Josh will use tons of hypnotic devices such as spiral snakes, pocketwatches, sleeping gas and more to take you deeper and deeper into that mindless pleasure all while suggesting your enjoyment of being financially dominated by him. Master Josh even has a version of financial domination that includes popper abuse as he mentally owns and controls you into being a more mindless human ATM for his pleasure. For even more financial domination and popper training, MasterJosh offers a bundle pack of his clips for the slaves who crave even more control and abuse from this dom.

1 New Video – Str8ThugMaster just released a newly filmed real time session with his loyal foot fag. This obedient foot faggot gets horny over his master’s feet and begs for the chance to clean his superior’s soles, toes, and feet. Rewarding his foot bitch, Str8ThugMaster allows the toe sucker to get down on the ground and pleasure his feet. The sub faggot sucks his master’s feet and toes like they’re big dicks.

2 New Videos – Hand over your fucking money like an obedient faggot to a satanic alpha in this popper montage video session. CaptHowdy666 stimulates your mind with a video of rapid fire images showing satanic imagery, poppers, and himself flipping you off all while you are to fry your brain on poppers and submit. The training from this dark lord continues with another popper imagery montage of various clips and photos for you to lose mental control.

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Featured Model- AaronKing

In the first of this 2 part series, AaronKing uses his pathetic foot fag for a real time session. The foot slave is forced to sniff, lick, kiss, and clean AaronKing’s shoes and sweaty feet. Sniffing in the aromas of his master’s feet, the cash slave submits to its God and submits to its God’s demands. Like an obedient slave, it follows AaronKing’s order exactly and if not, the slave gets kicked and beaten. To keep AaronKing amused, he forces his masked fag slave to perform some forced workout exercises while he worships his masters feet in this 12 minute video.

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Newest Downloads

1 New Video – Full mesmerizing BDSM mindfuck video with sound effects. Master Alex knows that you’ve been fantasizing about enforced chastity. Going longer durations, greater teasing, and of course the part where you’re denied and left so incredibly horny. But Master Alex has something much more wicked in mind for you. Locked up forever. Permanent chastity. No release. Trapped in a state of never-ending arousal. Let’s get you fitted with your chastity device right now. Nice and tight. You’d better hope you can cum by being fucked by Master Alex’s thick monster cock or it’s a lifetime of horniness for you.

6 New Videos – Marco is an Italian Master who loves taking advantage of the fags who drool at his beautiful feet. The slave in this video begged to serve as Marco’s footstool, while his master watches a football game on TV, but the slave has to pay for such an honor. This slave stays on all fours as Marco kicks back on the sofa and uses him as his personal human footstool. He puts his big size 46 EU (13 US) flip-flops on the faggot’s back and head, crosses his feet and relaxes. As the time goes by the slave struggles under the weight of Marco’s massive legs and feet, and the slave’s money flies out of his pockets. It’s definitely expensive to serve as human furniture for Master Marco. Marco then kicks off his flip-flops and rests his huge sweaty feet on the faggot. In the end, the slave goes onto his knees so Marco can rest his feet on the slave’s face.

In the other parts of this Pay to be My Footstool series, Marco decides to cross his legs and put his feet on the faggot’s throat and stand on it with full weight of his legs. Marco is super comfortable this way but the slave struggles to breathe due to the pressure from his master’s feet on his throat. Marco doesn’t give a fuck because the slave is just a piece of human furniture to him (and furniture doesn’t bother you while you’re watching TV, right?). The slave loves having his face used as a footrest for Master Marco’s pleasure

3 New Audio Clips – When you consent to Master Josh’s hypnotic mental programming audio, yo u allow him to temporarily empty your mind of thoughts so that his voice can more easily penetrate your subsconscious and fill you with more and more pleasure. Along the way, this 33-minute extended version of his literal mindfuck audio will use tropes like spiral snake and vampire eyes, pocket watches, sleeping gas and more to take you deeper and deeper into that pleasure. Also, comes with a downloadable version of a shorter version that’s about 20 minutes in length for those slaves who want options outside of video streaming to listen. Those into poppers may want to instead choose the poppers version of this.

The poppers version is a 37-minute extended version which uses the same elements as the original mindfuck session and includes a 20 minute long shorter version. All of these audio files contain binaural theta waves in the background music to further mind fuck you more. Allow Master Josh to take full control of your mind and fuck your mind on poppers. Master Josh even offer a mindfuck bundle pack that includes some of the original mindfuck and popper mindfuck elements for slaves who need both.

1 New Video – This pathetic British fag comes over for a good beat down from MasterFbecause he forgets to pay his master’s electric bill. The pathetic fag will be punished, drained, abused and he will also be trained to sniff his master’s stinky white socks. At the end of the video, you can see how MasterF goes with this pathetic cash faggot to the bank and makes him withdraw a big amount.

New Videos – Str8ThugMaster makes his home faggot suck down his alpha cum and worship his massive superior dick in this faggot cocksucking session. If you like seeing big straight cock getting sucked off then you’ll love watching Str8ThugMaster use this nasty homo. All of the cash fags out there love looking at Str8ThugMaster’s hot body and thick cock but none of you can get him hard. Str8ThugMaster sits back and watches some straight porn as he sits back and gets hard. His pig slave crawls over to show that he’s a natural born dick sucker as he pleases his master’s cock. Later to reward this pig fag even more, Str8ThugMaster makes the slave worship his feet. It’s been a while since this alpha made a total foot worship video and his foot fag loves sucking his master’s feet like that are giant cocks.

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Featured Model- MastaJR

It’s time for you to become MastaJR’s personal ash tray. Enjoying a smoke from his cigarette, you’ll soon enjoy taking this master’s ash in your bitch mouth as he degrades you like a pathetic cunt. While smoking and verbally abusing you, this tattooed alpha flips you off and reminds you of what your purpose is on this Earth. You are merely here to be degraded, used, and drained by real, superior, alpha men. There is no more resisting. Give in and give up your wallet. While you’re at it, stick out your tongue and open wide for his ash.

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Newest Downloads

6 New Videos – This masked slave begged to serve as Master Marco’s footstool while he watches a football game on TV. However, the fag has to pay for such an honor at a per minute rate that is considered fair by Marco. The more this alpha dom relaxes as he enjoys the game and ignores the faggot, the more he will drain from that stupid subhuman slave. Marco can’t believe how pathetic the fags can become when they face his wonderful big feet. The slave lays helpless on the table, Marco uses the slave’s face as a footrest as he watches the football game. This alpha master puts his huge size 46 EU (13 US) sneakers and barefeet on the faggot’s face without any care as he stays comfortable using this slave. Marco lets the slave lick the bottoms of his feet and sneakers while being totally ignored. Marco then places his heel into the fag’s mouth, crossing his feet and relaxes. The slave’s dignity is wiped out as he is turned into a mere paying piece of human furniture. Marco enjoys letting his huge sweaty feet air out on this human footstool’s face. The fag can’t help but inhale the smell of Marco’s sweaty feet.

1 New Video – Take in plenty of eye contact in a video that starts outside with a slow, sexy striptease, body tours, and ample dirty / degrading talk about how badly you must want Taylor. It ends with a wet t-shirt that simply has to be ripped off (slow-mo included of course). This party moves to the bedroom and finishes with an awesome cumshot that will leave you begging for more from this alpha.

1 New Video – Feet, intox, and control. All of the dominance that you crave from your veteran All-American CashMaster. SirKraze has been in your thoughts for years and you keep craving to be drained like an obedient cash piggy bank. In this latest video clip, SirKraze shows off his smelly sneakers and commands you to sniff your poppers until you’re mindless and your head is spinning. You’ll serve completely at this alpha’s feet and endure all of the fag humiliation he gives you with muscle worship, popper instructionals, clouding control, and more.

1 New Video – Full hypnotic BDSM mindfucking and more at the hands of Master Alex in his latest video. Master Alex gets inside your head with his amazingly magnetic voice. Welcome to Popper Slave Prison. Remove your clothes and get ready to be inspected upon entry. In here you will have only one purpose, sucking and taking the cocks of hard alpha males. If you satisfy them, you will be given your daily dose of poppers. The only food you will receive in slave prison is the cum that shoots out of the men you pleasured or who fucked you. And drinking is limited to piss, which you will be given when on toilet duty. The better you perform, the more poppers you receive. Take deep hits and enjoy the rush. You will be taking a lot of big dicks. If you do not behave well, you shall be punished!

4 New Videos – Str8ThugMaster is checking out some naked babes in Playboy magazines when his loyal faggot foot pig can’t help himself and begins sniffing his master’s stinky black socks. Str8ThugMaster rubs them on the slave’s face, shoves them in his mouth, and laughs at him throughout it all. Later, the fag finally earns his master’s big cock. Continuing on with the foot worship, Str8ThugMaster received a script from a slave about the positions he’d like to see this straight alpha’s feet in during a real time session. Horny slaves loves straight male feet, especially on their faces, feeling those soles rubbing hard into their faggot faces.

After watching these videos from Str8ThugMaster, you probably have dreamed of sucking his big cock for years and love watching him let slave’s lick his ass and suck his dick. Now is your chance to worship this straight stud in a solo video of him showing off everything you’ve fantasized about. But if you crave seeing a slave worship Str8ThugMaster, then check out his latest video where he makes his slave drink his piss and suck his dick. Str8ThugMaster tells his slave to rub and smell his stinky feet first and then puts on some straight porn and starts jacking his big cock. The slave then is instructed to lick his master’s balls and suck his dick. Loud deepthroating, gagging, and choking sounds begin as this eager cock sucking pig devours every inch. Later, Str8ThugMaster pisses in a funnel and the pig slave drinks it all down.

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Featured Model- Master Alex

Transylvanian Wolf knows your most well-kept secret. Unless you want him to expose you to the whole world for being a gay pervert, you will do exactly as he says to do. This alpha master has photos of you, and he’s not afraid to share them online via social media if you don’t comply with his blackmail game. From now on, you are his to use and you will crawl naked on your hands and knees to kiss his boots. If he is in the mood to smash your balls with his leather gloves, you will present them immediately. This master even has the perfect idea. He’s going to pimp your horny ass out by putting an ad online and anyone willing to pay to use your mouth or ass will get the opportunity. This is your new life as his personal whore, pleasing gay and straight men that want to use you for their own wicked pleasure.

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Newest Downloads

1 New Video – This is part two of Master Slave Electro in mummification bondage. Hairy Dom in leather harness and boots mummifies his slave to a bed and proceeds to use electro torment to make him suffer even more. Master Alex teases the slave’s nipples and cock with a vibrator and then brings out the shocker, electro clamps and electro sound. Extreme bondage, teasing, dirty talking and electro play all together in one hardcore BDSM rollercoaster ride.

1 New Video – Ever wnat to experience a perfect date night with Taylor? If so, this video is it! Taylor treats you to a surprise surprise date night with passionate kissing, cuddling, and chatting. Then you have the pleasure of worshipping and licking his nipples. Let’s not forget to eat / play with Taylor’s hole while you’re at it now. How about some blindfolded tickling next? To finish things off, you suck off Taylor and swallow his big load and cuddle up to finish off this perfect date night.

4 New Videos – Italian Master Marco loves taking advantage of fags who drool at his beautiful feet. He uses his huge size 46 EU (13 US) sneakers to trample a slave totally flat, turning him into a humble human doormat for his soles. Marco stands on the slave’s head, relaxes on his chest with crossed feet, uses his slave like a doormat to clean his sneakers and to wipe his soles on the slave’s tongue. In another clip with a different cam angle, Master Marco tramples a slave under his Van sneakers. The slave wimpers and cries from the pressure of his dominant master standing on him. The weak foot fag can’t help himself but to crave more of his master’s abuse.

Marco continues to trample this foot fag as he starts with Vans sneakers while being sockless at the same time. He then removes these sneakers and uses his huge SUPER sweaty feet to trample the helpless slave. Marco stands on the slave’s head and covers his entire face with his superior feet. These clips were taken after 1 hour of trampling, so the slave was totally suffering under Marco’s huge sweaty feet, but Marco doesn’t give a fuck obviously.

3 New Videos – Str8ThugMaster strips down to his boxers so his pathetic fag slave can worship his alpha body. This arrogant and bossy dom sits on the faggot’s chest and makes him suck his toes and heels. The crazed foot fag can’t get enough and gobbles up his master’s toes while licking and serving his alpha soles. In another new clip, the horny faggot pig wants to suck and choke on alpha dick but that shit isn’t free! This weak faggot pig must pay upu to suck that alpha dick and eat that tasty cum. To help pay his debts, the inferior faggot goes and sells his car just to sniff his master’s ass. He can’t help himself and needs to put his gay tongue in his master’s hole.

Str8ThugMaster then catches his pathetic faggot watching a video of him licking his master’s ass. He’s moaning saying “Yes Sir!” as he watches it and shoving a dildo up his cock hungry ass. Str8ThugMaster then comes in to piss and spit and spit even more in the faggot’s mouth. This dom then facefucks the fag with a dildo. The pig begs for more until his master shoves the dildo up his ass finally being rewarded with his master’s cum.

1 New Video – Dominant alpha StraightLuca returns to own his masked faggot even more. This time StraightLuca makes his slave sniff his armpits and get trampled by his superior feet. This dom covers the fag’s entire face with his foot and makes the slave give the soles of his feet a tongue bath. The weak submissive does anything his master commands because it brings him great pleasure to please his superior.

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Featured Model- Master Dnero

Master Dnero makes his brother into a better slave. It starts with him inviting you to imagine yourself as his half brother and have the opportunity to serve him day by day for your whole life because you are a pathetic trash fag slave. Your life’s purpose is to indulge your straight brother as he conquers pussy and makes you worship his sweat and manliness. Imagine having the opportunity to wash his sweaty feet and armpits with your tongue after the gym, to prepare his food and clean his house everyday and even live as his urinal. You would be forced to get a job and hand over your paycheck to your alpha brother constantly. In this film, his half brother, Lucky does all of that and you should envy him. You should wish to be as lucky as Master Dnero’s brother, who just happens to be named Lucky.

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