Featured Model- MasterDnero

MasterDnero and his brother, Lucky, play a game of Master / slave roulette. The rules are simple, MasterDnero and Lucky each draw pieces of paper from MasterDnero’s sneaker. On each piece of paper is a task that must be performed. These tasks were suggested by MasterDnero’s fans on Instagram and include nearly everything imaginable. Some of the early tasks that are pulled include “worship MasterDnero’s feet” to which Lucky worshipped and licked his brother’s feet. Other items included “facesitting”, where MasterDnero sits naked on his slave brother’s face in amusement. Lastly comes the one task that neither brother expected, “Cum on your brother’s face”. Lucky isn’t sure if he should be disgusted because he’s about to get his brother’s cum all over his face or if he should be fully erect that a dominant, alpha superior male is going to cum on his face. Ordering lucky to get down on the ground, on his back, MasterDnero puts on some porn and focuses solely on that get himself rock hard and ready to cum. Lucky shuts his eyes and battles his internal struggle about whether he should enjoy this or not. To mock his brother, Dnero pulls down Lucky’s underwear to show that this slave faggot is fully erect as his brother jacks off on his face. Lucky tries to focus only on the porn playing in the background until he hears the word, “Lucky stick your tongue out…”

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Featured Model- SteelMuscleGod

Not holding back, SteelMuscleGod goes really nasty on this young muscle boy. This young jock is quickly mistaken when he thinks he can compete with SteelMuscleGod’s strength and power. This muscular alpha shows no mercy when he crushes this young muscle boy with a powerful body scissors and puts him to sleep in the end. Download this video clip to see the sheer strength and cockiness of SteelMuscleGod.

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Newest Downloads

2 New Videos – This pathetic twink fag comes over for a beat down from SlavesSeeker and he proceeds to kick him repeatedly until he takes off his hoodie. Once he is shirtless, SlavesSeeker whips the fuck out of him until he breaks down and starts crying like a sissy. SlavesSeeker even then heats up a spoon and burns the slave’s back with it. To amuse himself, SlavesSeeker makes this fag slave dance for him so that he can get a laugh. Afterwards, SlavesSeeker forces the slave to drink a cup of piss to finish off this 25 minute video clip. For slaves craving to worship, SlavesSeeker’s dirty sneakers, then this next video is for you. With his Nike Air Jordans on, you can see SlavesSeeker’s Nikes are filthy dirty and his socks are stinky on his godly alpha feet. That must sound like heaven to a foot fag who craves to worship this superior’s feet. Come and get your fix and worship SlavesSeeker’s dirty Nike sneakers and his big alpha male feet in this video clip.

2 New Videos – Spy in on a private cam show Taylor had with a fan. The show requests included butt play with 3 different toys followed by a hot jerk off and cum session with a prostate stimulator / cock ring combo that really gets the explosive juices flowing. If you have ever considered a live 1-on-1 cam show with Taylor, this video gives you a good idea of how his cam shows go down. Get an inside peak into the hot action. Be that fly on the wall that you love to be during this 34 minute videp clip.

In another new video from Taylor, he delves into some extreme roleplay as a giant dad. Giant Taylor’s kids are some ungrateful little pricks. He does everything for them but unfortunately, these little kids are just unappreciative towards him. Finally, Daddy Taylor snaps and shrinks them down to the size of a pea. Now that he has their attention, it’s time to teach them a lesson. Sadly for them, it’s the last lesson they’ll ever learn. Expect to be squashed between giant butt cheeks, flicked, verbally abused, and then eaten in this video clip.

3 New Videos – You’re such an ass slut that cocks and dildos just aren’t enough for your hungry ass and Master Alex is about to do some fist fuck training on your ass. Using a black dildo, Master Alex spreads his slave’s ass opened, but he has such a hungry hole that it swallows everything. The dildo fucks and slides way too easily. So Master Alex decides to fist the horny fucker. Little does the slave know, that not only are Master Alex’s cock and feet huge, but his hands are huge too. The slave struggles to take his master’s fist, but luckily for him, Master Alex doesn’t care. This alpha dom wants to fist you and he will until your ass is never the same again. Using another horny faggot, Master Alex delivers some foot worship and spanking punishment to his faggot roommate. This roommate skipped the rent for the second time and enough is enough. If the fag can’t pay in cash, he’ll just have to pay some other way. Master Alex ties him up and spanks that slave’s big ass. He also makes him worship his socked feet. That body has a lot to pay for and Master Alex will be extracting every cent. The slave is hogtied, gagged, and made to kiss and suck feet again and again.

The next latest video from Master Alex is a custom video done for a fag slave who loves farting, pissing, and verbal abuse content. In this one, the slave wanted something really nasty. Besides the hot juicy farts and piss, Master Alex includes some dirty verbal domination on how he will torment the slave’s cock with his leather belt. Also, there is a POV shot as Master Alex unleashes farts on the toilet. This one is definitely one of his more hardcore farting videos and Master Alex only recommends it to those who love verbal dirty talk and being used.

1 New Video – This pathetic foot fag begged for a real time foot worship session in his hotel and Master Morpheus gave him what he wanted. The foot fag crawls into the scene and licks MasterMorpheus’ sneakers while being verbally abused. After some face slaps and some kicks, MasterMorpheus maskes the slave open his mouth and spits in his mouth. The faggot now earned the right to worship his master’s socked feet. Following the sock worship, MasterMorpheus makes the slave take his socks off and put them on the slave’s hands. He then instructs the slave to put his sock covered hands in his own mouth while Master Morpheus stands on his stomach and smothers his face with his big alpha feet.

7 New Videos – New to In-Charge is AnnaBelch and from her name you can tell that she specializes in burping fetish videos. In her portfolio of recent videos, she uploaded videos of her burping happy birthdaythe ABCsgood morningrow row row your boat, and many other phrases and lyrics. Guys with a love of seeing girls burp will love AnnaBelch and her portfolio of burping fetish videos.

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Last Month’s Top Selling Item: Severe beating!

One of SlavesSeeker‘s real time slaves is ready to get brutally kicked by his master. SlavesSeeker gets the young sub on his knees and makes him place his hands behind his back to prepare for his beat down. The slave expects SlavesSeeker to go easy on him but he is in for a rude surprise when SlavesSeeker kicks this sub with all of his might. The slave reportedly cried for a solid hour after this real time session. It shows because the slave cries on the ground, writhing in pain afterward.

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Featured Model- Master Dominus

Master Dominus puts this masked foot fag in his place throughout this real time abuse session. This superior alpha quickly shows this foot slave where a fag slave belongs. Down at his master’s feet, the foot fag places his cash between Master Dominus’ toes while getting flipped off. This slave is in heaven as he gets the opportunity to lick and suck Master Dominus’ alpha feet and toes. Get on your knees and serve MasterDominus by downloading this video clip.

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Newest Downloads

2 New Videos – MasterBraz95 loves making you weak with his ‘moneymakers’ aka his big alpha feet. Along with his superior feet, MasterBraz95 makes you worship his leather boots which are just waiting for your tongue to give them a nice polish. By the time he actually shows his feet in this video, you probably will have already came twice since you’re a pathetic foot faggot fuck. All throughout this 10 minute video clip, you’ll be weakened by MasterBraz95’s verbal abuse, blowing smoke in your face, cleaning his leather boots, and by serving his feet and white socks. Now comes time to fry your brain with some popper intox. When MasterBraz95 says “sniff”, you’ll do it like your fucking life depends on it. MasterBraz95 plants his big feet right in your face as you do nothing but inhale the fumes from your poppers. You’ll become a mindless drone for this superior alpha, losing all inhibitions and willing to do anything and everything he demands. Worship his socks and keep sniffing until he says to stop.

1 New Video – Set your sights on some globes as Taylor stands over you with his massive ass and talks dirty while ripping farts in your face. Heavy verbal abuse about how you want to sniff Taylor’s farts and want to bury your face in his mighty, fat, alpha cheeks are just some of the dirty things Taylor comes up with as he taunts and teases you. It’s time for you to become dominated by Taylor’s farts and thick, juicy booty. Submit to this jock god now.

2 New Videos – In this brutal gay BDSM video, TriplexTransMan gives you the sternest dressing-down of your pathetic life. He doesn’t need to hold back from the insults or name calling because you are a sub faggot slut kneeling in front of your Master and this is everything that you deserve. After this dom gets tired of talking to you, he permits you to remain in the room while he makes phone calls and ignores you. He even takes a break to watch porn while ignoring your completely because you don’t deserve his attention. Get ready to feel very small and emasculated while this dom ignores you. Lastly, you should feel privileged that he even permits you to look at him in this 21 minute long video.

2 New Videos – Laurent Crawford and his twin are having a great time inviting a pathetic fag like you to get on your knees and worship their alpha feet. Following a hard gym session, these two muscle studs are sweaty, pumped, and exhausted. It’s your job to lick their sweaty feet clean while they let out some of that built-up gym aggression out on you. All throughout this 10 minute video clip, these cocky, muscle adonises treat you like a pathetic pisswhore as they degrade and humiliate you. Speaking of piss, Laurent Crawford’s next latest upload focuses on just that. While partying at the club, drinking, and hitting on women, Laurent feels the urge to go to the bathroom to take a piss. He finds it funny to piss all over the floor so that some piss fetish faggot will have to clean it up. Any sick faggot with a piss fetish would give anything to get on all fours and lick this alpha’s piss up off that floor.

1 New Video – During a real time meet, Master Benny owns a foot fag. Sticking his dirty sneakers in the fag’s face, Master Benny makes this foot slave worship his sneakers. The bearded foot fag devotes himself to worshiping Master Benny’s sneakers as he sniffs and licks every part of the sole.

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Don’t Hire SweetRelease for Marketing

Recently, In-Charge.net has been looking to expand our marketing efforts. We decided to enlist the help of a professional marketing firm to assist with this strategy. To find a marketing company, we searched the XBiz business directory. Our plan was to hire a marketing company and have them first work on our partner site at RoganRichards.com and if things were successful, they would be hired to work on In-Charge.net as well. After contacting various companies, we ultimately went with the most expensive option which was a company called SweetRelease.

In November 2017, SweetRelease presented us with a 3 month marketing proposal for the RoganRichards site which would run from December until the end of February. We then scheduled a conference call for November 12th at 8:00pm EST with Braeden Rhys and Paul (no last name given) from SweetRelease and one of the admins from In-Charge to discuss our objectives. Once that date arrived, hours before the call, Lynette Irene from SweetRelease (Braeden’s mother) emailed us stating “we have had to re-schedule your consultation” due to “urgent unforeseen circumstances” and rescheduled for the following week.

lynette irenebraeden rhys

Now comes time for the rescheduled conference call on November 19th at 8:00pm EST. I get an email at 8:05pm stating that they’ll have to reschedule this conference again due to “delays with a previous client”. I expressed my displeasure with their lack of professionalism and that I might want a refund if this is the quality of their service. Immediately, they email me back and say that they can now do the conference call and won’t have to reschedule. During the call, I let them know that Rogan Richards should join the next call because if he’s not on board, I would want them to do marketing for In-Charge instead. They replied back stating this would be “not a problem at all we will send you a confirmation letter to confirm”.


We have a conference on November 24th with myself, Rogan, and SweetRelease. Rogan isn’t on board since SweetRelease couldn’t answer his basic questions about their work experience. I email Braeden and Paul and tell they will be working on In-Charge for marketing since Rogan isn’t on board. After the first week of December, I email SweetRelease asking for an update. They reply back on December 12th and state that In-Charge is ” too complex” and they would spend all of December planning a strategy. On December 20th, they requested a conference with myself and Paul from SweetRelease. At the last minute, Paul cancels because he was “held up with a prior client”. I emailed them days later asking when Paul would update us which prompted Lynette to state all of them are on vacation until January 5th.


On January 9th and January 11th, I emailed them for an update about any work, a marketing plan, and my expected call with Paul but no replies to either email. Lynette replied back with a link to the “SweetRelease dashboard” for In-Charge which consisted of web traffic data I provided to them already through Google Analytics. I emailed Lynette back and asked how this would help us achieve our marketing goals. Lynette never responded, so I emailed her back the next day to no response and the next day to no response either. Finally Lynette replied back 4 days later stating that the project schedule would be Month 1 (Dec): Website review, Month 2 (Jan): Strategy development, and Month 3 (Feb): Implement strategy; even though, we were told that December would be “Strategy Development”.


I email Paul from SweetRelease on February 4th, asking for an update. The email comes back and says Paul’s email address doesn’t exist. I email Lynette and Braeden asking for updates and why Paul’s email isn’t working and remind them that the contract ends in 3 weeks and no work has been completed. After no one responds back, Lynette replies back 3 days later to state that Paul was fired 2 weeks ago due to “conflict of interest” and that my marketing plan would arrive on February 16th. Lynette then states that she’ll give us a 60-day extension on our contract for this poor service being provided.


February 16th comes and no marketing plan arrives. I email them again and leave voicemails nearly every day until February 26th, where I demand a full refund since I received no work. Finally, Braeden emails me to say that my work has been delayed because Paul was fired and now because he had a death in his family. Also, he states that supposedly the marketing plan is done and they’ve been emailing me but their replies are caught in a “loop” (even though I’m replying to them via Gmail and they have my phone number). Braeden adds that they’ll send my completed marketing plan in 4 days on March 2nd and not right now. I reply back that I just want a refund and that I’m done working with them. Braeden cites the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s (ACCC) law on refunds and that they can only issue a refund when a major problem arises. I still demand a refund and find that the ACCC states that a company cannot have a no refund policy and this warrants a refund. Braeden replies back and states that he never said “no refunds” but that they’ll give me a “refund” in the form of a 60-day extension – even though an extension is not a refund. I then ask the next day when I will get a refund to which Lynette replies that the matter was settled when I spoke to Braeden. March 2nd arrives and no marketing plan or any correspondence comes from Braeden Rhys or Lynette.


 I researched more into Braeden Rhys and learned that he’s some bizarre and untalented drag queen named Kara Zmatiq that sings on gay cruises or whatever in Australia. Then I found his Linkedin profile where he claims that he did marketing for Rogan Richards website which is a blatant lie because In-Charge owns the Rogan Richards website and Braeden never worked on it. I then wondered if the rest of his Linkedin is false and misleading so I reached out to another company listed on there named MiaMaxx and the owner of that company told me Braeden took $3000 from him and failed to deliver on his promises. Braeden Rhys seems to love leading a double life – pretending to be female, pretending to do quality marketing work – when in fact, he’s nothing but a lying scam artist that refuses to give refunds even when he performed no work.


So I’m left with contacting Braeden Rhys’ local government to report him for fraud and shady business practices which I’ve already done. I’m also in talks with lawyers to level as much legal action as I can against him and Lynette to get our money back and for wasting our time.  After more investigating, I seen from Braeden’s cross dressing persona’s Instagram that he’s been partying it up all through Australia instead of delivering the work we paid him to do. I’m assuming he’s using our money for his trips and appearances. I’ll probably even reach out to more businesses that Braeden Rhys is associated with and let all of them know about his fraudulent business practices. I look forward to seeing Braeden and Lynette fail in life and I’ll make sure I do whatever it takes to ensure they don’t scam others again.

So the moral of the story here is to never do business with cross dressing degenerate scam artists because they’ll steal your money and lie through their ugly teeth.


UPDATE: After this blog post, we went to Braeden Rhys / Kara Zmatiq’s Instagram and asked him why he still hasn’t delivered on his promises or refunded our money. Like a cowardly pussy, he deleted our comments and blocked us from all of his social media and from the Sweet Release social media without explaining himself. We are in touch with Australian authorities as this is being written


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Featured Model- Master Jordi

Never getting tired of draining and using inferior slaves, Master Jordi is ready to enslave you and make you worship him. Using his male model looks, Master Jordi will quickly grab your attention. Foot fags will especially feel weak when watching this video from Master Jordi because they’ll get the opportunity to worship his sneakers, socks, and feet. Master Jordi flips you off before planting the soles of his shoes right up to the camera. Later he lets you see inside the sneaker as if he’s forcing you to inhale his alpha male foot scent right from his sneakers. Lastly, MasterJordi shows off his chiseled, rock hard abs to the camera while showing his white socks. Open your wallet and submit to this alpha male.

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Newest Downloads

1 New Video – Giant Taylor is a teacher that has simply had ENOUGH of his ungrateful students. So he decides it’s time to teach them all a lesson. FE FI FO FUM…Taylor walks out already gigantic and starts pouring out his emotions for why he shrunk all of the students. Then he loses his shirt and drops his pants to reveal that all he is wearing is one MASSIVE jock strap! It doesn’t sound all that bad until giant teacher Taylor starts squashing the tiny students one by one, even eating some of the students as his hunger starts to get to him. If you are going to make a fool of Taylor, he will get his revenge.

2 New Videos – This is extreme corporal punishment at its finest. Master Alex uses his cable whip for the very first time on camera, while wearing his signature black bodysuit. The whip has a sting like no other and each hit marks the slave’s back, making it bright red, bruised, and even partially bloody. There is no holding back as the lashes keep on coming with Master Alex not even bothering to count them out after the slave talks back. Master Alex just unleashes it all, more pain, more suffering and a broken slave. Master Alex continues his domination on using another slave in a real time session as he busts and kicks the slave’s balls. Many subs and slaves want to worship Master Alex’s big feet, but only a lucky few are granted the opportunity. Even then they must pay the ultimate price. In order to lick and kiss, they must take trampling or in this case, some serious cock and ball busting. Master Alex makes you take the blows, those woderfully sadistic kicks to your sensitive nuts and beg for more. Isn’t the pain worth it, if you can be close to those delicious toes and soft soles?

2 New Videos – Using his rubber gimp from his previous videos, Master Gary gives this fag slave some popper intoxication in their latest real time session. Clad in leather boots, a leather jacket, and jeans, Master Gary makes sure this slave’s brain is fried constantly throughout this session. Keeping the slave on his knees and handcuffing his hands, Master Gary plants the bottle of poppers directly up to the gimp’s nose for him to inhale nothing but poppers. Imagine being Master Gary’s gimp for an entire weekend and just letting him intoxicate you on poppers nonstop. You would truly become a mindless drone like this gimp fag. However, the popper intox isn’t done yet. Master Gary puts his slave through a gash mask popper intox training session in this 5-star rated video. Master Gary especially enjoyed this session as he fries his gimp slave’s mind with more poppers. Master Gary gets his gimp trapped in a gas mask with poppers inside so that every breath he takes is a blast of poppers. To make it even more exciting, Master Gary sits at the laptop and drain slave’s bank account right in front of its eyes.

1 New Video – One of SlavesSeeker‘s real time slaves is ready to get brutally kicked by his master. SlavesSeeker gets the young sub on his knees and makes him place his hands behind his back to prepare for his beat down. The slave expects SlavesSeeker to go easy on him but he is in for a rude surprise when SlavesSeeker kicks this sub with all of his might. The slave reportedly cried for a solid hour after this real time session. It shows because the slave cries on the ground, writhing in pain afterward.

4 New Videos – This is the first time that Michael Hoffman has gotten a sensual massage from a guy. Michael Hoffman strips down and gets on the massage table face down. His buddy then oils up his hands and pours some oil on his back to start rubbing his back muscles and biceps for a deep tissue massage. He then moves down to Michael Hoffman’s legs and ass, rubbing out all of hte kinks in his muscles. After getting Michael totally relaxed, his buddy begins massaging Michael’s ass more, rubbing and teasing his hole while stroking Michael’s cock from underneath. Michael Hoffman turns over and his friend begins stroking Michael’s cock furiously with the oil until he shoots a big load for the camera.

Michael Hoffman is known to be someone who loves to show off and his other latest videos showcase this. In one of his recent uploads, Michael Hoffman shows off his ass. He starts off on his knees then on all fours as he shows his muscular ass to the camera. When facing the front, he strokes his long dick. However, he can’t forget to show off his ass again as he flips on his back and spreads his ass wide open for the camera. Going from there to his bedroom, Michael Hoffman shows how he fucks as he humps his pillow. Michael starts off this video with some nude flexing showing off some of his new tattoos and hard muscles before crawling into his bed showing off his ass and hole before grabbinig one of his bed pillows to hump. As he humps it, he gets harder and harder and closer to cumming. Right when Michael Hoffman is about to cum, he turns around to face the camera and strokes his big dick until he cums all over his bed sheets. In a short 1 minute video clip, Michael Hoffman strokes until he cumswhile filming the whole thing. This is a very up close video of Michael stroking his cock until he shoots on his abs.

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