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10 New Videos – YoungNCharge has returned and has begun to upload some of his best videos. In his massive video update, YoungNCharge has posted 10 videos to his portfolio. Starting with his most recent film, Muscle Destruction. In this video clip, YoungNCharge shows his sheer alpha strength and rips the seat off of a metal chair, breaks the metal legs on the chair, and then proceeds to rip apart a wicker basket. Just imagine what YoungNCharge could do to you if he unleashed his pure, raw power on you. Back to his portfolio page are his past videos where he forces you to worship his asshole and balls up close.

Another highlight of this alpha male’s video collection is when he allows you to watch him shoot an explosive load of cum after he gets done watching some hot porn films. Then throughout YoungNcharge’s video collection are a serious of intense verbal abuse videos. You will bow down to your king like an obedient fag slave and worship everything about his straight alpha male existence as he delivers intense verbal abuse. You’ll get on your knees and beg to worship an alpha god like YoungNcharge after you download any of his videos.


1 New Video – MasterJordi trains hard in the gym to keep himself in perfect condition. After the gym, MasterJordi feels like sitting back and relaxing with his feet up. In this short video clip, MasterJordi wants you to worship his Godly feet. Showing off his flexed biceps and hairy armpits, MasterJordi puts his sweaty and smelly feet up to the camera making you want to stick out your tongue and lick this alpha’s big superior feet. Sniff his stinky alpha feet and worship them now by buying his latest video clip.


1 New Video – Known for using and abusing fag slaves, MasterNick delivers hardcore abuse to his slave in this realtime video clip. Sticking his feet in his faggot’s face, MasterNick humiliates his personal eurotrash foot fag. As he barks out orders, MasterNick makes this foot fag lick and worship his alpha dom feet throughout this short real time clip. Get a taste of what it’s like to worship at MasterNick’s feet.


2 New Videos – Not too long ago, Dillon Anderson had over another guy he met for a good fuck session. When Dillon’s friend Mike comes over, Dillon starts by sucking his cock a bit before getting into fucking him. Dillon can’t resist and has to fuck him bare because his hole is so smooth and tasty. Dillon Anderson pounds his hole doggy style and cums a ton deep in Mike’s hole. In another hookup session, Dillon Anderson invites over his friend Jace. Dillon and Jace had done some films together in the past and Dillon needed his huge dick to fuck him. Dillon starts by sucking his long cock before riding him. Jace fucks Dillon Anderson missionary style before cumming in his ass.

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Featured Model- MasterJax


RJSlave has been beat and forced to eat MasterJax‘s beard trimming, had his mouth washed out in the toilet, and now it’s time to focus on Master Jax’s amazing feet for a worship session. This clip begins with the still duct-taped slave being laid down under the feet of the mighty Master Jax. Showing his dominance over the faggot, Master Jax stomps on the inferior fuck’s face over and over with his giant shoes on. Then Master Jax removes his shoes and allows the slave to relax under the amazing scent of sweaty alpha socks. At random times, Master Jax slaps the slave’s pathetic face making the faggot scream out in pain. At one point you hear the faggot exclaiming that he has lost his sense of hearing after one particularly hard smack. Master Jax doesn’t give a shit and eventually let’s the fucker sniff his barefeet but not without being foot-smacked across the face several times during the process. As the session comes to an end, Master Jax releases the slave from the duct tape. This scene is one that the slave will not forget.

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Featured Model- FrankTheTank


Male exotic dancer Dirk Jensen is the latest victim of Frank the Tank‘s brutal gym bound punishment. Frank takes advantage of Dirk and cuts away his clothes exposing the stripper’s hot naked muscle body. He then punishes his muscle victim by fondling and whipping every inch of his muscles as Dirk screams in excruciating pain. Download this nearly 16 minute HD video clip now.

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3 New Videos – Taylor knows how pathetic you really are considering the fact that you’ll pay him to see his feet. Taylor likes money and like degrading you so it’s a win-win for him. In this 20 minute video, Taylor delivers lots of trash talk and teasing while he tries on 3 pairs of shoes for his fag slaves. Taylor has the attitude of a bully or that of a mean / abusive boss while he lets you know just how desperate you are when seeing his shoes and feet. You are his slave now though, and you can’t seem to look away as he forces your face and nose down a pair of his boots, dress shoes, and high-top basketball sneakers. Finally, he lets you see him sockless and makes you wonder what it would be like to feet his feet all over your pathetic body. In his next video, Taylor orders you to worship his feet. Taylor just got home from work and his feet are killing him. Luckily, his foot slave, Matt, is there to take care of his feet for him. Taylor insults his fag slave while he wiggles his toes and teases his slave with his sweaty feet. He calls his slave a faggot and tells fag slave Matt how he’ll shove his dirty socks in Matt’s mouth. Try not to become mesmerized by Taylor’s dominant ways when you download this video clip. Finally, in his third latest video upload, Master Taylor is feeling very comfortable today and he wants his slave to know it by rubbing it in their face. This alpha dom will degrade you, call you a faggot, and make you feel like dirty while reminding you that your life sucks. To add more insult, Taylor points out how small your dick is compared to his massive cock. He thinks you “stub” of a dick is hilarious. At the end, he strips down and shows you what a real man’s cock looks like.

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2 New Audio Clips – Do you have an Alpha jock persona inside of you, ready to take over? Whether that is a muscle jock, a country jock, a dumb jock, or any other kind of jock, you want to feel that power taking over you, making you more confident. In this stroke training session, you will want to feel that jock taking over more with every stroke until you are that jock, ready to dominate in the gym, with sex, and in all other areas of life. This audio clip features workout motivation and suggestions to not care so much what others think about your transformation because it is what you have wanted deep down and what makes you happy. Jack off along to the file, then feel yourself transform as you cum at the end to this 23 minute clip. Don’t stop with just that transformation, you will also need muscle transformation. Are you the type of guy that loves the idea of muscle growth and bodybuilding to the point of getting huge? This stroke training file helps you let go of what anyone else might think about your size, because for you, there is no such thing as “too big”. Imagine your biceps, pecs, quads, and the rest of your physique getting bigger as your body releases more testosterone and muscle growth hormones. This file will make you feel pumped up for the gym and your next workout, but be warned it may also contribute to being even more obsessed with muscle.

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1 New Video – Sniff your poppers and get intoxicated as you worship Master Gary’s biceps. In his newest video clip, MasterGary gives you several countdowns as you inhale your poppers and fry your fag brain for him. Inhale every time you see his jock arms and worship them with a perfect view of his pits. MasterGary also shows off his socked feet when he puts his sweaty, dirty socks in front of the camera. Submit to this alpha male as he screws up your mind with poppers.

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4 New Videos – The following videos are the first tests which masters must take to join the group of Straight Crush Feet school of masters. The first test consisted of Master D-Hunter using a faggot. Master D-Hunter was recruited by Straight Crush Feet for his huge ego which he showed along with cockiness and verbal abuse while using this foot fag. This particular foot fag was bullied in his teens and Master D-Hunter helps this slave relive those fantasies. The next master to go through initiations is Master Red. This alpha dom degrades 2 foot fags at the same time. Master Red was chosen by Straight Crush Feet because of his massive size 10 feet. One year ago, MasterDnero’s step brother helped Master Red with a college final and now he’s worshipping Master Red’s feet. Although, MasterRed doesn’t just have one slave at his feet, he invited along the slave’s ex-boyfriend to serve and worship him as well. The third master to go through his initiation is Master Danthe who was enlisted by another slave who got the chance to lick his feet once. Master Danthe has smelly feet which smell so bad that Master Dnero had to wear a gas mask while filming this video clip. As this alpha male sits back and relaxes, his disgusting foot fag worships his foul smelling feet to please his master.

In the final newest video from MasterDnero, he introduces soccer player Master Jako. MasterDnero’s step-brother, Lucky, found a complete stranger in the street and offered him money to lick his feet. This alpha male Master Jako took him up on the offer because he has such a big ego and enjoys to humiliate foot faggots to impose his alpha abilities further. Master Jako forces this foot fag to sniff, lick and worship at his feet all throughout this 17 minute video. He makes the foot slave suck on his toes while he establishes his dominance.

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Featured Model- CashGod13


It’s been so long since CashGod13 made a new video on In-Charge that he decided it was about time to add a new video clip. Not too long ago, PayPal closed his account which forced him to figure out an alternative methods to accept tributes. Of the many options available, CashGod decided to accept some cash tributes directly in the mail. One of his lucky cash fags has been allowed to utilize this option to tribute him cash directly. This cash fag pays a percentage of his paycheck as fag tax and mails it directly to CashGod13. In the first part of this video, CashGod13 counts out a significant portion of the fag cash this slave has sent over time. In the final part of the video, CashGod13 counts more fag cash which comprises a small portion of his savings account. That pile of cash at the end of the video consists of all $100 bills totaling $5000. Slaves can’t stop just handing over their hard earned cash to CashGod13. Now it’s your turn to hand over some cash and download this video.
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Last Month’s Top Selling Item: Just another fag at my feet!


In this 11 minute video clip, MasterDnero uses another foot fag at his feet. Sometimes, MasterDnero wonders where do so many foot slaves come from? For example, look at this foot fag, who happens to be a clothing designer and earns a lot of money. This rich foot fag uses his hard earned cash to give it to MasterDnero in exchange for being under his glorious alpha feet. Although, in the end, none of that matters, as long as it’s just another fag at the feet of MasterDnero.

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