Featured Model- BigAlphaDaddy

You’ve seen him flex and he’s put you in your place before but now BigAlphaDaddy is going to put you beneath his huge feet. Starting off with some bicep flexing and kissing his biceps, BigAlphaDaddy quickly puts you where you belong, down at his feet. Showing his black socks to the camera, this alpha stud makes you crave for him to remove the socks. Luckily he takes off his black socks to reveal his huge superior barefeet. Showing off his bare soles and toes, it would make any foot fag’s mouth water, hoping to serve and worship those feet. Quickly you’ll want to hand over your wallet to this superior alpha male.

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Newest Downloads

8 New Videos – MasterAllen asks if you know how to make fag lemonade in his latest video. This dominant, twisted master is going to give you his recipe for fag lemonade and it involves tons of alpha spit. Putting his masked fag slave on his back on the ground, MasterAllen hovers over the fag and drools thick gobs of his alpha spit down onto the fag’s face and into the fag’s mouth. This pathetic, sick faggot drinks it down greedily. Shot in 1080p HD, you can see every glistening bead and thread of MasterAllen’s GOD spit being dropped into this stupid faggot’s mouth. The masked faggot’s hunger still isn’t satisfied but luckily MasterAllen is in a giving mood. The masked fag crawls between MasterAllen’s legs right after he gets home from the gym to suck his alpha cock. MasterAllen’s man scent from sweating during his workout is wafting up from between his legs as this faggot can hardly wait for its master’s permission to dive face first into his ripe crotch. Sucking his master’s foreskin dutifully, he gets his master’s dick hard and sucks every inch. Now it’s time for another reward for the masked faggot as MasterAllen delivers a faggot slave beat down on this useless cash fag. Beating him with fists, kicking him, spitting on him, and circling around him like a predator, MasterAllen shows no mercy for this slave as he lays into him full force.

The only part of MasterAllen which this faggot hasn’t worshipped yet in this stream of new videos is his master’s feet. MasterAllen puts his sweaty, gym rippened feet right at this faggot’s face for him to lick and worship. The hungry slave pig feasts on his master’s feet while MasterAllen grinds his massive alpha feet into the fag’s face. Not only does this fag get to worship his master’s feet but he also enjoys serving Master Allen’s sneakers. In this HD video clip, the masked faggot worships Master Allen’s 7 year old gym sneakers, followed by him unlacing the double knots with his teeth. Master Allen uses the fag’s face to kick and pry his sneakers off and rubs them all over his face in amusement. This experienced pig faggot makes sure to clean his master’s feet when given the opportunity. With size 11.5 jock feet, Master Allen puts his sweaty, hairy feet in his faggot’s mouth as the faggot sticks out his pathetic tongue. Master Allen makes sure to degrade, humiliate, and verbally abuse this lucky faggot during the foot worship session.

Not stopping with the real time worship, MasterAllen’s fag slave is back to worshipping his feet by worshiping socks. Kick back and watch MasterAllen’s fag slave sniff and worship his sweaty socked feet before using his mouth to pry them off slowly, stopping to suck the sweat out of the tips of the socks. MasterAllen promises the best resolution and definition available in his HD videos as a reward for serving him by downloading his videos. MasterAllen makes sure this masked faggot knows who is in charge as the sock worship continues. The pig has the pleasure of sniffing and licking MasterAllen’s sweaty socked feet while he kicks him in the face just to show him who’s boss and just for fun.

3 New Videos – In this verbal abuse video, MasterBraz95 attaches a webcam to the head of one of his lowlife faggots for a faggot POV. MasterBraz95 makes the faggot sniff at his command and puts the slave in his place whenever the homo disobeys. This cash fag also gets the privilege to sniff and touch MasterBraz95’s white socks. Continuing with the POV abuse, MasterBraz95 punishes a fag slave who forgot his fag cash for the real time meet. The alpha gets angry and starts beating the fuck out of the slave until the slave falls into submission to worship his master’s sneakers and socks. From this POV camera, it will make you feel like you’re really there for the real time abuse session with MasterBraz95. Lastly in his third video update this week, MasterBraz95 forces you to sniff poppers as he is joined by another alpha. While in the kitchen at his friend’s house, MasterBraz95 shows off his big feet and white socks while you sit back and sniff your poppers throughout this 8 minute long video clip.

1 New Video – Are you looking for some of the best, booming, loud, airy alpha male farts you have ever heard? DocTayTay delivers for you with a compilation of him farting and showing off his muscle ass. For the fart lovers, DocTayTay has a compilation of 20+ farts, all nude, some outdoors poolside, all mixed and edited together for the ultimate big alpha fart lover. Get a gas mask for this one or just suck them all in as he rips them.

3 New Videos – Prepare to get stomped by King Ginger as you submit yourself to his alpha feet. In this new video update, King Ginger tells you how much of a worthless faggot you are to him as he looks down at you and threatens to stomp you into the ground. You’ll get the extreme verbal fag bashing you deserve as you look up at this alpha dom. Although, King Ginger isn’t done bashing you just yet. Wearing full leather gear, King Ginger lights up a cigarette before giving you a verbal thrashing. Blowing clouds of smoke right in your fag face, King Ginger will tell it like it is about your role and his superiority over you. Submit yourself to this leather god and realize your place in society is beneath his power. Showing off his masculinity and alpha power, King Ginger even has a short video update of him slapping a girl’s bubble ass as she hikes up her panties. This straight alpha male grabs and squeezes her big, fat ass before slapping it hard.

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Featured Model- AaronKing

In the second part of this two part series, AaronKing uses his foot fag in a real time session. This dominant, muscular alpha furthers the destruction of this faggot through intense abuse. AaronKing beats the masked faggot with a shoe, leaving bright red imprints all over the fag’s body and laughs after each smack. The humiliation goes deeper as AaronKing chews some grapes and spits them on the floor for the faggot to eat up. After giving up all of his cash to AaronKing, the foot fag gets to worship his master’s superior feet.

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Newest Downloads

4 New Videos – KingGinger has just joined In-Charge and his loyal slaves are already buying his video like crazy. In one of his first videos to the site, KingGinger dishes out some extreme humiliation as he commands you to worship his sweaty armpits and feet. Planting his dirty feet up to the camera, KingGinger orders you to lick them clean and to serve his straight alpha male feet. Quickly you’ll learn your place is under the foot of this alpha male as you watch him degrade you and flip you off for being a lowly cash faggot. The verbal abuse continues as you’re ordered to sniff poppers by KingGinger. This alpha male continues to verbally humiliate you for being a worthless faggot while he makes you crack open that bottle of poppers to destroy your mind. While you’re sniffing those poppers, don’t forget to sniff KingGinger’s armpits as you worship him as your king.

Prepare for a verbal beatdown as KingGinger verbally abuses you and treats you as you should be treated. This alpha dom is ready to choke you out and rob you blind of everything you have. Submit yourself to the ultimate fag bashing from this straight superior male. You’ll immediately learn your role as you give up everything to this straight alpha while he verbally bashes you. KingGinger even upload a short video clip for the really sick faggots who are into fart sniffing. Put down those poppers but don’t stop inhaling as you inhale this alpha’s farts right from his sweatpants.

1 New Video – In this video, MasterBraz95 makes you work hard for the privilege to sniff his white socks. Relaxing after draining some cash faggots, MasterBraz has a smoke as he puts his socked feet up to the camera for you to worship. Whenever this cash master commands you, you must sniff his socked feet as long and as hard as he tells you to do so. Only if MasterBraz is satisfied with your service to him and if you followed his command then he’ll let you touch his superior boss feet and socks. Download this nearly 7 minute video to worship this foot master’s feet.

1 New Video – MasterDnero and MasterRoy have a challenge for you. Are you able to watch this video, follow all of MasterRoy’s instructions, and control your ejaculation? Many of MasterRoy’s slaves just have to ejaculate when he orders them to do so but he won’t make it that easy for you. In this real time session, MasterRoy instructs his faggot to sniff poppers and to worship his feet. While keeping this masked faggot on a leash during the real time session, you’ll quickly see how dominant and powerful Master Roy is to inferiors. Master Roy is able to enter the depths of a faggot’s mind and control them from the inside. This alpha is the voice in your head, pushing you to do what you are afraid of doing. See how long you can last throughout this video as you play Master Roy’s game.

1 New Video – SirKraze wants you to sniff your poppers as he gets you weak to serve his greatness. It’s all about draining and training with popper control and hypnosis. Come and worship one of the best elite American cash masters. SirKraze will quickly bring you right to where you belong as you submit to his natural alpha abilities. Throughout this nearly 5 minute video clip, SirKraze allows you to worship every part of him as you fry your brain harder and harder in his name.

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Top Selling Video in September

Of course Master Dnero believes in God. To him, God must be a total genius and love Master Dnero so much for making him so perfect. He created Master Dnero with an attractive face, a dominant attitude, and a cruel sense of humor. On the opposite side of the spectrum are the weak foot fags who worship Master Dnero as a God, and in some ways he actually is to these fags. Those same fags then confess their sins for licking his alpha feet out of guilt and failure to accept their life as a foot fag. It’s fags like this that Master Dnero loves to indoctrine so that they learn to enjoy their inferiority. Master Dnero’s foot slave is happy to be insulted, kicked, and spit on because he accepts himself as his God’s foot fag. This foot fag even admits that Master Dnero is his new religion.

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Featured Model- Master Bigg

In this 10 minute video clip, Master Bigg makes you worship at his socked feet. Wearing knee high, white athletic socks, MasterBigg puts the camera in the ideal point of view for a fag, looking up at his greatness. This alpha male has huge feet, fitting of a superior god. As he flexes, flips you off, and jams his socked feet in your fag face, you’ll quickly realize why he’s truly dominant and a fag like yourself is pathetic. Open your wallet for this foot master and download this and the rest of his videos on In-Charge.net.

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Newest Downloads

1 New Video – In this nearly 11 minute video clip, MasterBraz95 makes you sniff his alpha feet at his command when he says to do so. With his socked feet up to the camera as he sits back smoking a cigarette, this alpha master will make you fry your brain with poppers while he hypnotizes you and brainwashes you to be a mindless foot fag. His hypnotic feet are known to be money makers. As one fag wrote in the comments on the video, “MasterBraz95 is one of the best popper trainers”. Submit yourself and bring a bottle of poppers when you download this video.

2 New Videos – MasterBigg demands that you hand over your hard earned cash because it doesn’t belong to you. All of it belongs to an alpha that will completely dominate you. In this video, MasterBigg talks about how he’ll slap you around, spit in your face, and piss all over you. One fag even rated this as a 5-star video because he knew his place after downloading it. It’s time to get on your knees and worship Master Bigg. But don’t stop there, download Master Bigg’s second newest video from this week and worship his boots as he stomps on your and verbally wrecks you. Your faggot face is nothing but a stomping ground for Master Bigg. Lay yourself under his superior boots and feel his wrath as he stomps a hole in you.

7 New Videos – Master Red is only wearing his stinky shorts and boxer briefs that he’s been wearing for 10 days straight. They are extremely ripe and ready for his fag slave to sniff them as he worships his master. The pathetic homo fag sniffs the crotch and ass part. Master Red strips to his boxers then sits right on the fag’s face with his asshole right on the fag’s mouth for the fag to suck his master’s smell right out of them. His own personal fag slave can’t help but to worship his master in every way even when Master Red allows the fag to lick his ass clean or as the homo fag slurps up his master’s cum.

Continuing to obey his alpha master, this nasty happy homo worships every inch of his master. The cash fag starts by worshiping his master’s shoes as he gets verbally abused and told to clean them good. After that, the fag has to sniff and worship his masters’s extremely stinky black socks and feet by sucking his toes and choking on his feet. Happy homo can’t get enough and rubs his face into his master’s sweaty well worn boxers and sucks on all of the stains in the boxers to amuse his master. Master Red then makes the fag lick his asshole clean until he jacks a load of cum into the fag’s sperm hole of a mouth. In the next few videos, Master Red makes sure to torture his fag by making him sniff his farts as the fag is forced to experience ultimate humiliation. Master Red ensures that the fag performs lots of ass sniffing and licking. However, evil college boy Red loves to facefuck his pig during worship sessions but what he loves the most is to push out stinky farts into his faggot’s mouth. As a reward for taking on the fart humiliation, Master Red rewards the homo with a load of cum to eat.

In his final newest upload this week, evil college boy Red rapes his fag’s hole with a black dildo. Master Red starts by showing his ass and telling all of the faggots watching to shove their dildos up their ass while they stare at it. After that, he gets his pig slave and does just that with a black dildo. The fag slave is restrained to the bed and soon gets facefucked and forced to lick the sweat from his master’s ass.

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