Featured Mode- Stefano

In this video clip, Stefano shows you how he owns your life. Wearing a black leather jacket and showing off his strong muscles for you to worship, you will quickly realize how superior this straight alpha male is compared to your existence. Stefano makes sure you worship his muscles as he flexes, flips you off, and verbally abuses you. Throughout the verbal abuse, Stefano will train your brain to realize that he owns your life and that you are just an object for him to use

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2 New Videos – LionMaster makes you worship his alpha sneakers and feet in his latest video clip. Submit yourself to this muscle jock’s big feet as you crave to worship them. This if a video for foot faggots who love being humiliated under alpha feet. LionMaster doesn’t hold back with the verbal abuse either while you stare mindlessly at his superior alpha feet. For the foot fags who still need more of this alpha’s feet, he has another foot video where you can submit to his dirty barefeet. Stick out your tongue and lick this muscle stud’s dirty feet clean. Sitting with his car door open LionMaster sticks his dirty feet outside of the car and right up to the camera. Covered in dirt from the street, LionMaster demands that a weak faggot come along and clean his feet.

1 New Video – The 22 year old frat boy stud Master Rush Corleone is back for more popper intox, which has become his specialty in the Findom world. Allow the young college master to hypnotize you through 5 minutes and 3 hard rounds of popper intox as he uses his verbal dominance and absolutely perfect size 12 feet to guide you through each round. You will be completely fucked by the end of the third round and before you know it you will be coming back for more.

3 New Videos – MasterGary meets this pathetic fag slave for a real time meet to make him endure some extreme sissy dildo gagging. Master Gary dresses this slave up as a sissy fag and puts lipstick on it. This dom then makes it use its dildo to choke its own mouth until it gagged so much it puked. During this facefucking session, Master Gary slaps the fag slave and verbally abuses him. The abuse doesn’t stop there. After this sick faggot throws up on the ground, Master Gary definitely isn’t going to clean it up himself. So he uses the faggot’s mouth to mop up the mess it had made. Master Gary gags and slaps this faggot fuck around some more and then put his head down in his trainers and uses it as a foot stool. The abuse then goes outside for some foot domination. Placing the sissy faggot on his back, Master Gary makes it lick and suck his toes and feet while he relaxes. Master Gary sits back in some parts and smokes a cigarette while he then takes breaks to spit on his faggot slave.

1 New Video – This BDSM couple engages in some rough play for the camera in this new clip from ChokeMasters. Dominating his girlfriend, this dominant guy gets off on choking his girlfriend. With hardcore intensity, he chokes out this girl and makes her submit completely to him and ultimately tap out from the chokeholds.

3 New Audio Clips – Drift into a combination of Master Lucian‘s powerful voice and a mesmerizing music track “Leviathan’s Dream Sequence” by Spheria for a dreamscape hypnotic trance in this audio clip. The music and Master Lucian’s voice together will lull you into a submissive state like no other. Prepare to have your mind opened like never before. After hearing that, you’ll want to be a slut for your master. It’s time to admit it. You want to be a total slut. This file will only reinforce your natural slut tendencies. As a slut, you’ll tap into your girl like tendencies and will need to have them reinforced with the next audio clip. Master Lucian knows that deep, down inside that you want to be a girl. A good girl that obeys her master. Let Master Lucian remind you what you want, what you are, and what you need to do.

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1 New Video – Watch the latest clip from Master Rush Corleone as this young, alpha college dom is decked out in full leather (leather jacket, leather gloves, leather pants, and leather logger boots). This dominant leather clad master will verbally destroy you while his premium leather squeaks with every move. As he humiliates, Leather Master Rush also stomps down on you, making you clean his boots and leather as you worship every ounce of his being. This young teen alpha male knows exactly how to get into a slave’s head and make him fall in love, you will be no exception.

1 New Video – Master Alex milks every drop of his slave’s cum in this cumtastic compilation. The slaves moan and groan as this alpha pushes an orgasm out of them over and over again. Not only does Master Alex make them cum, he also feeds them his own, opening used condoms in their mouths or make them lick it off as it drips down his big juicy feet. Includes most milking and cum feeding videos in this compilation

2 New Videos – This group of bodybuilders decided to do a little partying and some horsing around on camera. All three muscular hunks are in their underwear and happily oblige the webcam audience in flexing their big muscles and do some wrestling and chokeholds. These tattooed hunks don’t hold back with the chokeholds either and make one of their buddies pass out. This nearly 17 minute clip is definitely for muscle fetish lovers. In another choking clip, this ripped and lean stud chokes out his girlfriend. Grabbing her from behind on cam, this BDSM couple engages in some rough play. The naked girlfriend struggles to escape as she gasps for air from her boyfriend’s tight, muscular and strong grip.

2 New Videos – Watch Master Benny walk all over this slave as he stomps on him with his fresh Jordan sneakers. The fat, submissive slave lays back on the ground and takes it as Master Benny stands on his face, chest, and stomach. Later Master Benny switches shoes and puts on some cleats to mark his property better. The stomping continues as Master Benny walks on his slave’s face. The weak foot faggot enjoys every minute of having Master Benny walk on his face with his Jordan sneakers. Ultimately, the slave’s place is at the bottom of Master Benny’s shoes.

2 New Audio Clips – Master Lucian Carter knows that you want to be a girly slut and he will ensure that you get there. This is a brainwashing audio clip file with no echo effects. The brainwashing file is designed to make you realize who you are and what you want. That being a sex object for men everywhere. Being that you’re such a weak man, it’s time for Master Lucian Carter to take your woman. Become a total cuck. Watch as your wife or girlfriend willingly surrenders to Master Lucian’s control. She’ll never be yours again once she tastes Master Lucian’s cum right in front of you.

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3 New Videos – Watch as this alpha, fit college Frat Boy CashMaster Rush Corleone counts you down through 4 hard rounds of popper intox, slowly moving his huge size 11 socks towards your face and eventually letting his bulge out in full display. Take your hit then breathe in the alpha scent given from his big, sweaty feet and massive bulge. In another new video update, Master Rush Corleone blesses you with 6 minutes of hardcore popper intox. Listen again as he counts you down and verbally fucks you in the ass. Stare into his massive alpha bulge that fills the screen. Be sure to sniff his 8 inch cock while you’re down there on your knees, hands up caressing his body. Lastly, in his third video update, the dominant, cocky young alpha Master Rush Corleone sits and enjoys a delicious meal, all the while ignoring his masked slave in this 15 minute foot licking video. The masked foot faggot licks and sucks his Master’s sweaty feet the whole time as he’s ignored.

2 New Videos – Relax. It’s a new cumshot compilation for you to enjoy. Let go of everything else and get between Master Alex‘s legs. It’s hot and ready for action. This alpha’s big uncut cock and huge balls are waiting for you. Don’t resist it. You will serve Master Alex and give that hard cock the milking that it deserves. Over and over again, you will be taken on a roller coaster ride of pleasure. Ride it out and cum with Master Alex in this nearly half hour long video. Additionally, Master Alex has a new video that was a custom video request from a slave on In-Charge. In this custom video, Master Alex takes on the role of a poppers findom hypnotist. Get that bottle of poppers out because Master Alex is going to mindfuck you until your brain turns to mush. Be ready to be drained by his superior CASH DICK.

1 New Video – Verbal muscle chokemaster chokes out his twink in this intense headscissors and choke video. The muscular dominant alpha is seen in other chokemasters videos with his submissive twink choking him out. In this video the muscular alpha locks his twink in various holds as he struggles to breathe.

6 New Audio Clips – Prepare to go mindless as LucianCarter hypnotizes you with several subliminal messages. In this audio track, LucianCarter combines a techno track with both audible and subliminal messages. Just sit back, listen, and let the subliminals take control. But maybe after that clip, you need a remind that cock is your everything. You live for cock and crave it because cock is your world. Loop this clip to further instill that idea into your mind. As you go further and further down this hypnotic road, LucianCarter commands you to follow his words. It’s simple really. Follow his words. Follow them as they lead you down the rabbit hole into a new world of pleasure as this 10 minute audio clip leads you into hypnosis, subtraining, and JOI.

That still isn’t enough though. You have to go deeper for Master Lucian. For all of the male submissives, go deeper for this Master and you’ll be rewarded. Master Lucian’s powerful voice will transfix you and transport you. Soft like velvet, strong like steel, Master Lucian must be heard to be believed. Feed your fetish or find a new one. Master Lucian then gets even more advanced in your audio hypnosis as he makes you fight the nanites. Can you fight off Master Lucian’s mind controlling nanites? Do you even want to? Test yourself and find out. Lastly, Master Lucian takes you into a roleplay scenario in another new clip as he takes you to a local bathhouse. You know why you came to the bathhouse. You know why you requested room G because it is the one with the gloryhole. Sniff a little poppers, suck a lot of cock, and become the bathhouse slut you crave to be.

1 New Video – Worship GermanCashGod‘s Nike Sneakers and socks. Your job is to clean them with your tongue. After you’re done, you can sniff his sweaty socks like an obedient foot slave.

Featured Model- Master Brad

Fry your brain on poppers as you worship MasterBrad’s feet. As he verbally abuses you, MasterBrad will make you fry your brain and get wasted on poppers as you stare mindlessly at his big alpha feet. MasterBrad sits back and smokes while showing off his high blue socks. It’s not long until MasterBrad takes off his tall blue socks to reveal his smooth bare alpha feet for the camera. Throughout this 5 minute video clip, MasterBrad will make you feel owned like the obedient foot fag you are to him.

Featured Model- FitnessKen

Here is what every foot fag deserves, the chance to be stomped by KenFitness. Clad in leather boots, KenFitness smashes some food into the floor to show you what it would be like if he smashed you with the force of his boots. Placing the camera underneath him, you’ll look up at this dominant alpha male wishing his boot with come down with all of his might onto your body. Be prepared to be verbally abused and put in your place by KenFitness throughout this video clip as he reminds you of your role in life. Your true role is under his boot, serving and worship him at all costs.

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1 New Video – Taylor is the lifeguard you have had a crush on your whole life. You can’t just sit and stare at him anymore, it’s time for action. It’s always such a turn on when Taylor takes control. He’s ordering everyone out of the pool but you decide to stay behind and enjoy boss Taylor sending out his orders. To your surprise, when he thinks everyone is gone, Taylor changes into a speedo and jumps in to take a dip in this lifeguard fantasy video. All of a sudden though, Taylor notices you and it’s too late to get away now. Taylor threatens to beat your ass but realizes he needs this job. He also knows that it is against the rules to be swimming after-hours. So in order to keep you quiet, he decides to give you what you want. Taylor teases you with his hard body and shows / talks about how his cock is only for fucking chicks. He spits on and slaps his hard dick, showing you what you will NEVER have. After he cums, he tells you to never come back to his pool again.

3 New Audio Clips – When you submit to MasterJosh‘s mental programming, you allow him to financially dominate your mind through his programming and control. During this 37-minute audio file, Master Josh will use tons of hypnotic devices such as spiral snakes, pocketwatches, sleeping gas and more to take you deeper and deeper into that mindless pleasure all while suggesting your enjoyment of being financially dominated by him. Master Josh even has a version of financial domination that includes popper abuse as he mentally owns and controls you into being a more mindless human ATM for his pleasure. For even more financial domination and popper training, MasterJosh offers a bundle pack of his clips for the slaves who crave even more control and abuse from this dom.

1 New Video – Str8ThugMaster just released a newly filmed real time session with his loyal foot fag. This obedient foot faggot gets horny over his master’s feet and begs for the chance to clean his superior’s soles, toes, and feet. Rewarding his foot bitch, Str8ThugMaster allows the toe sucker to get down on the ground and pleasure his feet. The sub faggot sucks his master’s feet and toes like they’re big dicks.

2 New Videos – Hand over your fucking money like an obedient faggot to a satanic alpha in this popper montage video session. CaptHowdy666 stimulates your mind with a video of rapid fire images showing satanic imagery, poppers, and himself flipping you off all while you are to fry your brain on poppers and submit. The training from this dark lord continues with another popper imagery montage of various clips and photos for you to lose mental control.

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1 New Video – Full mesmerizing BDSM mindfuck video with sound effects. Master Alex knows that you’ve been fantasizing about enforced chastity. Going longer durations, greater teasing, and of course the part where you’re denied and left so incredibly horny. But Master Alex has something much more wicked in mind for you. Locked up forever. Permanent chastity. No release. Trapped in a state of never-ending arousal. Let’s get you fitted with your chastity device right now. Nice and tight. You’d better hope you can cum by being fucked by Master Alex’s thick monster cock or it’s a lifetime of horniness for you.

3 New Audio Clips – When you consent to Master Josh’s hypnotic mental programming audio, yo u allow him to temporarily empty your mind of thoughts so that his voice can more easily penetrate your subsconscious and fill you with more and more pleasure. Along the way, this 33-minute extended version of his literal mindfuck audio will use tropes like spiral snake and vampire eyes, pocket watches, sleeping gas and more to take you deeper and deeper into that pleasure. Also, comes with a downloadable version of a shorter version that’s about 20 minutes in length for those slaves who want options outside of video streaming to listen. Those into poppers may want to instead choose the poppers version of this.

The poppers version is a 37-minute extended version which uses the same elements as the original mindfuck session and includes a 20 minute long shorter version. All of these audio files contain binaural theta waves in the background music to further mind fuck you more. Allow Master Josh to take full control of your mind and fuck your mind on poppers. Master Josh even offer a mindfuck bundle pack that includes some of the original mindfuck and popper mindfuck elements for slaves who need both.

1 New Video – This pathetic British fag comes over for a good beat down from MasterFbecause he forgets to pay his master’s electric bill. The pathetic fag will be punished, drained, abused and he will also be trained to sniff his master’s stinky white socks. At the end of the video, you can see how MasterF goes with this pathetic cash faggot to the bank and makes him withdraw a big amount.

New Videos – Str8ThugMaster makes his home faggot suck down his alpha cum and worship his massive superior dick in this faggot cocksucking session. If you like seeing big straight cock getting sucked off then you’ll love watching Str8ThugMaster use this nasty homo. All of the cash fags out there love looking at Str8ThugMaster’s hot body and thick cock but none of you can get him hard. Str8ThugMaster sits back and watches some straight porn as he sits back and gets hard. His pig slave crawls over to show that he’s a natural born dick sucker as he pleases his master’s cock. Later to reward this pig fag even more, Str8ThugMaster makes the slave worship his feet. It’s been a while since this alpha made a total foot worship video and his foot fag loves sucking his master’s feet like that are giant cocks.

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1 New Video – Skinhead Master Alex wears a latex bodysuit and gas mask with huge spikes while he suspends his weak slave by ropes and chains. Totally at his mercy, this slave is then prepared to be fucked by Master’s huge feet. Master Alex’s massive alpha feet do the fucking of this bound slave. This alpha shoves his huge foot in the slave’s ass while the slave’s cock is edged. Listen to this slave moan, groan, and struggle but there is nowhere for him to go but to sit there and take more.

2 New Videos – Do you have it bad for Taylor‘s socks and feet? Curious about what kind of dress socks he has in his personal arsenal? Then this video is just for you. Enjoy 34+ minutes hangout out with Taylor as he tries on 18 pairs of socks. Taylor takes the time to talk about each pair, whether he likes them or not, and models them before moving on. Can you hang in there long enough to take in all 18 pairs of socks? Enjoy this one foot fans. In another one of his newest videos, Taylor is tied and tickled. Taylor is the big, popular jock that just got done with a football game and is hanging out with Nikki. Suddently, she wants to play a game. Of course Taylor is down because he’s up for any challenge. After all, he is exhausted after the big game so taking a seat sounds pretty great. This is a different game though that Taylor has never played before. Nikki starts by tying up Taylor’s wrists behind the chair. Then she moves down and ties up his ankles and finishes off by tying his chest / body to a chair. What is it that Nikki really wants? Is it those fresh football game feet and dirty socks he is still wearing? Find out where this tying / tickling / foot fetish scene goes from here.