Newest Downloads

2 New Videos – If there’s one thing that Wolf Master loves it is having someone shine his boots. For this, a slave must stay inside a cage and wait to be of use. Its tongue needs to be ready at all times to clean master’s boots. So when Master Alex brings them in, the slave will gladly shine them and make them perfect. Master Alex aids you by pissing in your mouth so you’ll stay hydrated and with a wet tongue. In another new video, Master Alex steps out of the cage for some role play. In this scene, you want a raise, a serious bump in your paycheck. And you go to your boss demanding it. Of course, you secretly have a crush on him as well. He often catches you staring at his bulge, but that’s a whole different matter. When you approach him with the idea of a raise, he entertains the idea. But he needs proof that you are indeed devoted and ready to do what it takes. Your Boss unzips his pants and gives you a choice. Suck his cock and get a raise or pass up this opportunity forever. Obviously, you have no choice but to take his big dick and low hanging balls into your mouth. He guides you through it every step of the way. Boss man likes his cock sucked just the right way.

5 New Videos – Master Eusebio wastes NO time degrading you. The view is perfect, as usual, with you on the ground underneath his straight, alpha, jock feet. He comes home, rips his sneakers off, and shoves his rank sweaty socks in your face while calling you names and talking about how sick and pathetic it is that you like this sort of thing. Lots of focus on gay humiliation and degradation while expressing his disgust in the fact that you could possibly be turned on by something that to an alpha master is so nasty. Finally, he peels his nasty dirty socks off and shoves his dirty, sweaty, alpha toes and soles in your nose while asking you over and over how you could like this sorta thing. In another clip from this dominant alpha, Master Eusebio has just come home from a long day and the camera is set down low on the ground. The highlight of this video clip is what can only be described as the “Unsockening” of the Godly, Kingly soles of Master Eusebio. You are completely ignored verbally during the entirety of this video, and the Royal Unsockening of His Majesty, Master Eusebio…privileges you in all honesty are really not even worthy to witness! In the last update of Master Eusebio, he will make you experience extreme macrophilia with a vore-related theme of being shrunk and trapped inside a giant’s cereal bowl while the giant is unaware.

In a new video series featuring Master J, this alpha greets all you pathetic viewers for the evening by describing what he’s about to do to his personally owned real life foot fag. Master steps on and stomps ALL OVER the slave, practically from head to toe, with a constant exchange of dialogue ensuing between the human master and his owned object. Heavy crushing and stomping along with foot kicks to the face and side at times do cause the slave to yelp or moan in pain, which Master treats as a “thank you” and perhaps even a desire for more. The next clip starts out with Master J resting on his throne and places his sweaty socks directly onto slave’s face while talking abuse and verbally degrading the foot faggot. Master J decides next to put the footstool to work by commanding his feet to be massaged in the way that only foot fags can do. Master plays around on his phone and ignores the faggot for awhile until he decides he’s had enough for today as he commands his pathetic little fag footrest to crawl away back into whatever faghole from whence it came.

1 New Video – In his dungeon, King Michael is completely covered in leather gear and makes his obedient leather fag worship at his boots. The inferior leather faggot is forced to lick and clean his master’s boots with his tongue. The lowly sub does everything he is told to do and is extremely lucky for the opportunity to serve at King Michael’s boots.

3 New Videos – In a new series of choking videos, chokemasters shows a trio of cock suckers choking on dick. First, is a dominant hunk with a big cock who puts a latina chick into some leg lock action while he makes her gag on his dick. The sexy latino struggles and gasps for air while struggling to take every inch of his big cock. In the next 10 minute clip, a tattooed dominant master gets his chick ready for some intense throat fucking and leg locking. This master seems to enjoy dominating this chick as he he force feeds her his meat in various positions making her gag. It’s obvious that he enjoys it more than she does. In the last choking update, a dom and his boy engage in some rough deepthroat. The hot boy deepthroats the top’s big dick while being squeezed between his thighs. The sub boy is trapped and forced to swallow this alpha meat.

5 New Audio Clips – Poppers make you weak. Poppers make you worthless. Poppers make you a loser. And honestly, poppers make you submit to Master Lucian. Nothing else matters when you hear Master Lucian speak and sniff your poppers. All that matters is the pleasure that poppers and Master Lucian bring to your pathetic life. After listening to that audio file, you’ll need the next audio clip to further affirm that you are meant to service cock. You want to and need to service cock because you desperately crave it so much. You may be hearing a voice in your head during all of this that says you need to stop and rethink all of this but don’t listen to that voice. The voice that comes and goes, quietly screaming and telling you to run. Why would you ever listen to that voice? Master Lucian will tell you who you should listen to from now on. Plus, if you ever listen to that voice again you will be punished. However, you should be punished anyway. Master Lucian found all of your dirty secrets, found the fag magazines, and found the poppers you’ve been hiding. He knows everything! It’s time he takes off his leather belt and beats the fag out of your while you sniff every last bottle of poppers you have. Now, if you were able to make it up to this point after downloading and listening to all of those hypnotic files, it’s time for some induction and deepening. This final clip is non-sexual but dominant and possibly a little addictive as you relax and melt into the control of Master Lucian.

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Featured Model- Master Wolfgang

MasterDnero and Str8CrushFeet is proud to announce some great news. First, they have restructured their admission tests for news masters, which can be found at the end of their admission test videos. They have increased the difficulty of their admission tests by forcing alpha pledges to be more creative in their domination techniques to ensure they are allowing the most dominant masters into Str8CrushFeet. Secondly, MasterDnero proudly welcomes Master Wolfgang to Str8CrushFeet, his alpha score can be seen at the end of his video.

Wolfgang is dominant by nature and the first in Str8CrushFeet to exclaim that he isn’t in it just for the money. Usually Wolfgang will dominate women during sex because he’s straight but rationalizes that there isn’t much difference for him since the power he feels over others is what gives him a mental pleasure. During this admission test, Master Wolfgang must prove himself by dominating Lucky the slave. Lucky can sometimes be a bit bratty, but Wolfgang makes sure to put a stop to that so Lucky understands who is in charge. Wolfgang slaps Lucky in the face and chokes him out. Download now and see how well Master Wolfgang ranks with some of the top masters.

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Newest Downloads

3 New Videos – The last thing you remember is going to sleep in your own warm, cozy bed. However, you now find yourself waking up feeling lightheaded and very disoriented to the sound of a persistent loud booming thunder. Then, your eardrums are nearly blown out by what can only be described as the voice of a man except something’s different. You are only a mere half inch tall and standing in front of and mostly above you is the one and only Texas Fetish King, a hot straight alpha dominant male master, 27 years young, 6 foot 4 inches in height, and size 14US in shoe size. Fetish King thinks you are an insect of some kind at first and traps you under a glass to take you outside “where bugs belong”. After he releases you outside, he finally begins to realize that you are actually a shrunken human and asks why you are so tiny. A long string of verbal degradation ensues, with the intention of making sure you understand that you are in fact nothing but the “fungus between his toes”. He traps you between his toes and then starts to think about how hungry he is.

Now find yourself waking up feeling lightheaded and very disoriented. As you examine your surroundings, you seem to be in some kind of forest of strange looking trees that are exponentially taller than any you’ve ever seen before. But you do start to realize that the trees aren’t trees at all but the mere leaves of a small houseplant. You quickly realize that you are only a mere half inch tall and standing in front of Texas Fetish King again. As he scavenges through the leaves of the plants on his patio, he discovers you but seems unsure if you are a human or a bug. Relief quickly turns back into fear when he tells you that he’s going to eat you anyway. He rubs his belly as he comes closer to eat you as a snack. Continuing on with the macro shrunken fetish idea, Master Eusebio, a young straight sports jock, is not very familiar with macrophilia but gets a kick out of playing a giant and torturing his little pathetic roomate. Eusebio is a true jock that plays lots of sports, but when filming this custom video he had just gotten home from baseball practice. He comes home in his full uniform and removes his nasty shoes and socks. This is a hot macro video and definitely not to be missed!

1 New Video – SlavesSeeker‘s loyal foot faggot is ready for another intense real time session. This lucky slave will get to worship his master’s barefeet while getting mind controlled. This slave gets completely in the sub space, just like how you should while watching this 15 minute video. SlavesSeeker gets the sub on his back while he smothers the slave’s face with his alpha feet. The slave licks, sucks, and worships SlavesSeeker’s soles and toes like an obedient foot fag should do for his superior.

2 New Videos – In this roleplay video from FlexGod, you are a small drunk faggot at the bar when you recognize a muscle god sitting next to you. You keep staring at his muscles and in you’re drunken situation you start talking to him and start annoying him. The Muscle God is getting angry and pulls you out of the bar down to the streets. He puts on his leather gloves so that he doesn’t leave any fingerprints for what he is going to do to you. Everyone is watching from the door of the bar how he starts humiliating you and slaps you into your face. He pisses on your face and makes you to drink his piss. He shows no mercy and keeps humiliating you in front of all these bar guests. At the end he switches your lights off with a big and long bearhug until you loose your breath. In another clip this young muscle hunk abuses you and dominates you. He flexes for you and abuses you to the highest degree. You are dominated and totally controlled by him. He is using his muscle power and his giant leather gloves to completely control you!

6 New Audio Clips – LucianCarter is going to make you dumber. This audio clip guides you into a deep trance then reduces you into becoming a mindless aroused bimbo. This alpha’s hypnotic voice will make you consistently weaker. But now Lucian Carter poses a simple question to you, do you like his hypnotic voice? Do you like what his voice will do to your mind? Take a listen to his clips and prepare to fall under his irresistible spell. It’s all because this master know truly what you are to him. You are nothing more than a sissy cash faggot. You are a total sissy faggot who has loved handing over cash to alphas for years. You know it’s good to be reminded of this constantly and need it drilled into your dumb head more so you can finally accept it and realize it’s true. There is no way out from this lifestyle or from what Master wants.

Lucian Carter will use various triggers to manipulate you even more. He can even use giggling as a trigger. When Master Lucian Carter compels you to giggle the giggles will change you. They will make you mindless. Let them arouse you and make you horny until finally they make you into the bimbo you crave to be. If that isn’t enough to break down your mental barriers, then grab your poppers because Lucian Carter knows how much you want to sniff poppers and stroke for him. But Master knows you need to learn to delay gratification. So Master is going to control when you sniff, when you jerk, and if you can cum. Are you so fried that you’re addicted to poppers? Don’t fight it, indulge it. This finally audio upload contains a collection of various popper files for over an hour of popper based JOI. Feel your popper addiction grow with each file. Then feel your addiction to Master Lucian’s velvet voice and steel control grow even stronger.

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Featured Model- DocTayTay

Are you a slave for Taylor’s perfect feet? Willing to do anything for them? Are you hypnotized by them? Feel helpless and weak just by the sight of his might soles? Then search no further because this is exactly the video for any loyal foot / cash slave. Take in nearly an hour replay of a live cam show, shot in HD, which Taylor had with one of his foot / cash slaves. Experience what it’s like to simply hand over your cash as Taylor kicks back and reaps the rewards. His smooth, relentless, manipulating dirty talk will have you eating out of the palm of his hand in no time.

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Newest Downloads

4 New Videos – This starts with Giant Christian Long walking in the front door after a long day of hard work. He sits down on the couch and props his HUGE SIZE 15 shoes on the table. Then he begins to remove the shoes while describing in detail how the job would be better done by you if you were with him in real life. He talks about the “pungent aroma” that fills the room and compares it to the locker room at the gym. After peeling the hot, moist socks off his huge soles, he can’t help but moan because of how good it feels to air out his huge rank feet. He wishes you were there to smell it so he decides to give the full experience by shoving you into his dress shoe all the while calling you names and verbally degrading you for being so pathetically attracted to his huge straight male feet. After some camera angle adjustments, he kicks up his feet and shows off those jock soles.

This is a short bit of one of knight00wl‘s first recorded real-time sessions with the amazing, young, straight Master Rush. The video features Master Rush verbally abusing his slave and giving him commands while another submissive fag is watching them on the laptop and paying for the privilege. Master Rush uses his slave as a footstool, footrest, puts his socks in my beanie, makes me massage his feet, etc. Then after making him get on the ground like he deserves, he is forced to smell and lick Master Rush’s feet clean. The real time session continues with a with a clip of Master Rush making knight00wl crawl like a pet on his fag belly to his master’s feet where he is made to put $100 bills between his master’s toes. After handing over the contents of his wallet, the slave is rewarded by being collared and leashed where he is made to worship feet and be humiliated.

The next video scene focus on macrophilia and opens with a view from the floor with the camera looking up at Master Rush’s huge dirty shoes, legs, body, then face. You pick me up and bring me close to your face high up in the air. Master Rush has shrunken you down and no one knows where you are but you will soon just be another stain under this alpha’s foot. While looking up at Master Rush, he proceeds to take his shoes off and wiggles his dirty socked feet at you before finally exposing his sweaty, dirty feet and commands you to lick the sweat and dirt off, clean between the toes, clean underneath the toenails. Finally Master Rush decides to stand up and stomp you out of existence like the barely visible bug you are to him. After hard stomping, Master Rush realizes it is not crushing you enough to extinguish you. So he has got a place to store you until he can figure out the next step.

6 New Videos – In the first part of this slave abuse series, bvlgari13 locks a slave up in his abuse shack and the slave is used and abused hardcore by this leather dom. Horse whipped, slapped, punched, forced smoke intox and more happens to this bound slave. The next part continues the fag abuse while bvlgari13 enjoys a cigar during the session. The scared slave cries out as his neck is grabbed by his master’s leather gloves and has a hand placed over his mouth. As the slave struggles for air, bvlgari13 lets go and punches the slave then proceeds to whip him. Bvlgari13 then decides it would be best to place a leash around the slave’s neck to teach him who is in control. The leashed fag slave has his cock exposed and is beaten on more and more by this dominant leather alpha male. Bvlgari13 then asserts his dominance more by taking out a police baton for abuse to punish the weak slave more. The police stick is used to beat the slave while he’s tied up and crying out in pain. Totally treated like how he deserves. The intense slave beatdown continues as he then gets hit with a horse whip, grabbed by the neck, and further abused. The slave’s pain tolerance continues to be tested as he is treated the way a faggot slave deserves to be treated by his superior master. In the final part of this series, bvlgari13 gives the slave what he deserves with a final faggot slave beating and whipping. The slave is forever grateful for this experience and will crave it more and more for the rest of his life. Could you endure a punishment like this? Find out when you download all 6 parts of this beatdown series.

3 New Videos – Allow the young college fratboy Master Rush Corleone into your brain, as he uses his cunning wit, gorgeous aesthetics and perfect pits, feet and muscles to put you into a deep popper induced trance. He counts you down through 4 increasingly brutal rounds, showing more skin (and muscle) as the rounds grow tougher. His constant verbal abuse keeps things exciting as the rounds go by, ensuring that you remember exactly who you are when in the presence of such an alpha male. In another clip, Master Rush puts a faggot in check, after the homo calls and tries to speak sexually with the 22 year old Frat Boy Alpha GOD. Listen as the witty Master completely checks the slave on the phone, destroying him verbally and putting him down in extraordinary fashion for the faggots disrespect. This is a hilariously arousing video that you DO NOT want to miss. Then in another new video upload, Master Rush Corleone flexes his tight, athletic body built from a life of playing sports. He verbally abuses you as he shows off his muscles, pits and perfect face which will have you falling to your knees, knowing just how unworthy you are to be in his presence. You will be begging for more once you watch this short video clip. Master Rush Corleone lowered the price because this is the video that proves Master Rush Corleone is the most Authentic CashMasters in FinDom.

6 New Audio Clips – You’re a loser. You already know that you’re a loser, but you need Master Lucian to really drive it home to you. You’re a loser, you’ll always be a loser, and even your parents think so. Let Master Lucian remind you constantly of it in this audio clip. In another clip, Master Lucian goes into two tales of feminization in the workplace. Start your new job as maid Sandy in this scenario and don’t let being a man stand in your way. In Maid Sandy 2: If you were humiliated and feminized on your very first day of work, why would you go back? Unless…you liked it. Two hot audio scenes from veteran Dom Master Lucian. Over 20 minutes total! After that series of feminization, Master Lucian knows what you truly want now. You want to be a bimbo from now on. Let Master Lucian help you become the dumb, sexy, fucktoy bimbo you need to be with his affirmations to get you there. Yet, don’t stop there. Master Lucian an another affirmational file designed to make you a pretty sissy. A pretty sissy who craves men’s attention. A pretty sissy who sucks, cock, gets fucked and lives for cum. It’s not who you want to be. It’s who you already are. If you’re hesitant about any of this then it’s time to finally let go. It’s time to let Master Lucian take you on a journey into utter submission. Included in this particular clip are three versions of the file. Normal. Reverb effect and Echo effect. Pick a favorite or try all three. But wait a minute, are those poppers you have there? Those are the most powerful poppers in the world. Of course, they do have one little side effect. They make you very suggestible. But you can handle just a little, right? Go on, give them a sniff…

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Featured Model- Master gary

MasterGary delivers some cage torment for his rubber gimp slave in this real time session. His rubber slave is trapped in its new home, the cage which MasterGary acquired for it. Walking around in black leather boots, jeans, and a leather jacket, MasterGary educates the pathetic gimp slave about his new life as permanent property of MasterGary. The slave is fully devoted to its master and even tries licking his master’s boots through the cage.

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Newest Downloads

3 New Videos – Watch as this alpha, fit college Frat Boy CashMaster Rush Corleone counts you down through 4 hard rounds of popper intox, slowly moving his huge size 11 socks towards your face and eventually letting his bulge out in full display. Take your hit then breathe in the alpha scent given from his big, sweaty feet and massive bulge. In another new video update, Master Rush Corleone blesses you with 6 minutes of hardcore popper intox. Listen again as he counts you down and verbally fucks you in the ass. Stare into his massive alpha bulge that fills the screen. Be sure to sniff his 8 inch cock while you’re down there on your knees, hands up caressing his body. Lastly, in his third video update, the dominant, cocky young alpha Master Rush Corleone sits and enjoys a delicious meal, all the while ignoring his masked slave in this 15 minute foot licking video. The masked foot faggot licks and sucks his Master’s sweaty feet the whole time as he’s ignored.

2 New Videos – Relax. It’s a new cumshot compilation for you to enjoy. Let go of everything else and get between Master Alex‘s legs. It’s hot and ready for action. This alpha’s big uncut cock and huge balls are waiting for you. Don’t resist it. You will serve Master Alex and give that hard cock the milking that it deserves. Over and over again, you will be taken on a roller coaster ride of pleasure. Ride it out and cum with Master Alex in this nearly half hour long video. Additionally, Master Alex has a new video that was a custom video request from a slave on In-Charge. In this custom video, Master Alex takes on the role of a poppers findom hypnotist. Get that bottle of poppers out because Master Alex is going to mindfuck you until your brain turns to mush. Be ready to be drained by his superior CASH DICK.

1 New Video – Verbal muscle chokemaster chokes out his twink in this intense headscissors and choke video. The muscular dominant alpha is seen in other chokemasters videos with his submissive twink choking him out. In this video the muscular alpha locks his twink in various holds as he struggles to breathe.

6 New Audio Clips – Prepare to go mindless as LucianCarter hypnotizes you with several subliminal messages. In this audio track, LucianCarter combines a techno track with both audible and subliminal messages. Just sit back, listen, and let the subliminals take control. But maybe after that clip, you need a remind that cock is your everything. You live for cock and crave it because cock is your world. Loop this clip to further instill that idea into your mind. As you go further and further down this hypnotic road, LucianCarter commands you to follow his words. It’s simple really. Follow his words. Follow them as they lead you down the rabbit hole into a new world of pleasure as this 10 minute audio clip leads you into hypnosis, subtraining, and JOI.

That still isn’t enough though. You have to go deeper for Master Lucian. For all of the male submissives, go deeper for this Master and you’ll be rewarded. Master Lucian’s powerful voice will transfix you and transport you. Soft like velvet, strong like steel, Master Lucian must be heard to be believed. Feed your fetish or find a new one. Master Lucian then gets even more advanced in your audio hypnosis as he makes you fight the nanites. Can you fight off Master Lucian’s mind controlling nanites? Do you even want to? Test yourself and find out. Lastly, Master Lucian takes you into a roleplay scenario in another new clip as he takes you to a local bathhouse. You know why you came to the bathhouse. You know why you requested room G because it is the one with the gloryhole. Sniff a little poppers, suck a lot of cock, and become the bathhouse slut you crave to be.

1 New Video – Worship GermanCashGod‘s Nike Sneakers and socks. Your job is to clean them with your tongue. After you’re done, you can sniff his sweaty socks like an obedient foot slave.

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Featured Model- Master Brad

Fry your brain on poppers as you worship MasterBrad’s feet. As he verbally abuses you, MasterBrad will make you fry your brain and get wasted on poppers as you stare mindlessly at his big alpha feet. MasterBrad sits back and smokes while showing off his high blue socks. It’s not long until MasterBrad takes off his tall blue socks to reveal his smooth bare alpha feet for the camera. Throughout this 5 minute video clip, MasterBrad will make you feel owned like the obedient foot fag you are to him.

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Newest Downloads

2 New Videos – ChokeMasters has two new videos this week. In one new video upload, a verbal muscle chokemaster demonstrates the many chokeholds he’d easily lock you into if you were there. This tattooed alpha gets very verbal and shows his brute strength by demonstrating how he chokes out weak fag slaves. Later, he pins you down to the ground and busts a massive load everywhere. In another new clip, two bros test out some serious chokeholds and headscissors. There is no mercy in these unbreakable chokeholds until one of these bros passes out and begs for mercy, tapping out quickly once the choke in locked in on him. Could you survive these intense chokeholds?

1 New Video – Lord Kingsley and another master show this foot faggot who is in charge when these two masters make the slave worship their superior feet. The stupid foot fag has the privilege of worshiping their feet from inside a car. Both masters stick their toes and soles on the slaves tongue, making him worship and lick their alpha feet. He even gets their socks stuffed in his mouth.

6 New Audio Clips – New to In-Charge is mind manipulator LucianCarter. Lucian states in his profile that all that matters is your surrender to the pleasures of his hypnotic voice. This alpha is an experienced HypnoDom and author of over 20 erotic books. In his first clip, he delves into an intense popperbate session. Poppers and jerk off instructions to the sound of Master Lucian’s voice will make you extremely week to the point that you have to download popperbate part 2. With part 2, Master Lucian doesn’t play around. He demands that you get naked and get your poppers ready as you surrender to the pleasure of control. In part 3, you’ll learn that Master Lucian is in control as you progress further in your popperbate session.

LucianCarter changes it up when he makes you realize that you’re a cocksucking sex-crazed faggot. You know this is true and it’s time to burn it into your subconscious. The audio file begins with a slow, gentle induction, then moves on to hardcore reprogramming. Whether you are already a cocksucking sex-crazed faggot or just need to become one, this is the audio hypnosis you need. MasterLucian then will make you cum for his control. It’s all because you just love poppers and nothing beats jerking off with poppers, except for having a strong, powerful, dominant male telling you exactly how to do it. In the final update for this week, Master Lucian delivers another hot poppers file. Fry your brain on poppers and feel your mind go pop as poppers and Master Lucian’s smooth, sexy voice was away all your resistance and make you submit completely.

1 New Video – The Master you have always been looking for. You will be put on your knees and forced to stay there. The ground is the only place for a pathetic, degenerate sub. MasterT’s feet are the only part of his body you deserve to see. You deserve only to be level with them looking directly at them. DONT YOU DARE LOOK UP AT THIS ALPHA. Lick them and the floor he walks on, squeaky clean. Then open your fag purse and BEG him to take what’s his as a petty tribute. It will never be enough. Everything you’ve ever had or will have belongs to MasterT. His feet rule your entire existence.

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Newest Downloads

1 New Video – This masked faggot submits to Master Chris in a hotel room while he sits back, drinks a beer, and watches TV. The pathetic foot fag goes on and on sniffing socked feet and worshiping them like an obedient faggot. He then sniffs Master Chris’ sweaty, smelly sneakers while getting laughed at and verbally abused. Later the faggot lays on his back wearing pink panties as he gets smothered by Master Chris’ alpha male feet.

3 New Videos – In the newest round of video uploads from Chokemasters, he features a sub who gets choked not by headlocks but by getting a rough throatfucking. The sub submits to his master, a skinny but extremely hung dom, who wrecks and destroys this sub’s throat. The facefucking continues when the skinny dom makes the sub deepthroat him in a leglock. The skinny master uses his huge cock to pound this faggot sub’s throat harder and harder leaving him a spit covered mess.

But for those who still love Chokemasters headlock and wrestling style videos, he has a new upload for you. This 5 minute video clip features an army dude standing while locking another guy in a standing headscissors. The chokehold goes on slowly and is prolonged until the guy getting choked can’t take it anymore. The pressure gets increased until he cannot take it anymore.

1 New Video – Check out JumboIncredible‘s latest video featuring him scrubbing his alpha feet. This black alpha dips his 12.5 sized feet into a foot bath and scrapes the crust off the bottoms of his soles. Then he brushes his toe nails. Videos like this make foot faggots extremely weak.

1 New Video – You deserve to be used and abused for being a weak faggot. Bvlgari13 teaches you another worship lesson in this new video to his portfolio. All through the video, you will worship this dom’s leather, his piss, and his dominance. Your purpose is to serve a real ALPHA. Bvlgari13 will make you his own personal bitch and you will do everything he says to do.

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