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3 New Videos – You’ll barely get a break from huffing your popper as Master Gary forces you to sniff deep. This is an extreme intox session not for the feint hearted. Wearing his white ankle socks and then showing his barefeet to the camera, MasterGary will take full command over you. But don’t stop huffing those poppers for this leather god. Wearing leather gloves, Nike tracksuit bottoms, and white socks, Master Gary gives you some intense popper instructional intox. Get wasted for your new king. Later, MasterGary lets you continue to worship his alpha male body. This superior findom dons his boxing gloves shows how he would punch the shit out of you. This dom has allowed you the privilege of worshipping him once again throughout this video.

3 New Videos – A contiunation of the previous part to this scene, MasterUltimateGod delivers intense pain, abuse, and humiliation to this weak faggot slave. This muscle god gets even more brutal with his little bitch boy this time around. The fag cries for his master to stop, but there is and never will be any mercy for this faggot. In another scene, MasterUltimateGod teaches the faggot a lesson in grappling domination. Fag Butler can’t seem to get enough of his master’s alpha muscles. He squirms as he is put in a number of different Jiu Jitsu holds, causing the fag to squeal out in pain and frustration.

Continuing with the beat downs, do you remember dodgeball as a kid? Remember your faggot ass running away from all the straight jocks trying to beat your face with a rubber ball? Imagine that with a heavy medicine ball. This is what Fag Butler experienced in the first every duo dom dodgeball games. MasterUltimateGod and his alpha friend force this queer to hang from a pull-up bar as they pelt him with medicine balls. The pathetic bitch can barely take one ball, as he collapses from pain on the ground. His master reminds him that he is an owned bitch. Lots of pain, abuse, and humiliation.

3 New Videos – Get on the floor and look up at his muscle giant as he towers over you. Flexing his huge bulging muscles, Denis shows off his pumped muscle ass and legs and you drool for more. This muscle dom isn’t done showing off his body as he then flexes his biceps. Pumping up his large biceps, the veins start popping all over the place on his huge physique. For slaves craving verbal abuse then submit to Denis’ verbal dominance as he reminds you of how he is the alpha male and you are the fag. Prepare to be humiliated and owned by this muscle jock.

1 New Video – 10 minutes of pure verbal abuse and ball crushing. AlfaPrimal lights a cigarette and blows smoke in your face as he dishes out some hardcore verbal abuse. Putting some kiwis on the ground, he pretends they are your faggot balls ready to be crushed. Imagine the force of his boot coming down to stomp on your pathetic balls to inflict maximum damage.

3 New Videos – Get ready for some spit, burp and verbal humiliation. King Luca flips you off and completely humiliates you as he shows you how he would burp and spit in your face if you were there in front of him. Pushing his feet into the camera, he orders that you lick his dirty white socks and obey him like an obedient faggot. Later, King Luca does the real thing with a slave for a facesitting real time session. This verbal and cocky alpha makes a masked slave lick his sneakers and then proceeds to sit on the slave’s face. The slave is smothered with his ass and enjoys every second of it. For even more ass worship, King Luca gets down to his underwear and sits on the slave’s face again. Having fun with his masked ninja looking faggot, this alpha drains the fag of his cash and sits on his face in return.

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5 New Videos – Fag Butler loves when MasterUltimateGod beats the fuck out of him. This faggot begged to be beaten to a pulp by his dominant alpha. MasterUltimateGod gets creative in this video and uses the gym equipment to strangle and beat the hell out of his faggot slave. Later, MasterUltimateGod sees if the faggot can take a punch. Not holding back, this aggressive dom punches this faggot square in the face busting open his cheek. The faggot loves every second of this painful torture. Temporary pain results in ever lasting pleasure for this sub. After their gym session, MasterUltimateGod lets the fag butler worship his straight feet. MasterUltimateGod allows the faggot to lick and sniff his extra sweaty feet. After the gym and spending time in the sauna makes this findom’s feet so sweaty. MasterUltimateGod rubs his workout shoes all over the fag’s face and makes him squirm beneath him.

Fag butler has a lot to make up for after the last food domination session. This time the faggot sub is much more compliant and ready to behave. In this video, MasterUltimateGod makes the fag dunk little dessert cakes in toilet water and eat them. Since the fag moves too slow, MasterUltimateGod has to get his weight belt to beat the faggot fuck. After the beating, the faggot hurries up as he eats food from the toilet to entertain his master.

2 New Videos – AlfaPrimal is ready to train you as his foot sissy in this foot worship video. With his huge alpha male feet, AlfaPrimal is ready to stomp all over your sissy mind and make you serve him long term. Sniff, lick, and pray to these Godlike feet. After you’ve worshipped his feet, you can sniff his sneakers. Sneakers, socks, and foot worship all for you. All throughout this video clip, AlfaPrimal verbally abuses you while telling you how he wants you to serve him by worshipping his sneakers.

2 New Videos – You need to stare and worship this leathered God. Grab your poppers if you got any left and start sniffing while this superior dom shows you what a real man is like. Clad in leather, masked, and wearing gloves, King Michael pulls out his massive cock to show off. Open your mouth in the end and get his holy juices. You still need to worship this leather king’s perfect body. Kneel before his absolute perfection. Kneel before your new king. As his slave and property, you will worship every single inch of him and do absolutely anything he says to do.

1 New Video – Feeling the effects of quarantine? Need a release from the boredom of being home all day? See a little masked body flexing as you admire DavidWar. Flexing his muscles and showing off his fat bulge, DavidWar will leave you drooling for more.

3 New Videos – King Lucas is ready to use you as a footstool. Flexing, smoking, and verbally abusing you, King Lucas wants you to become his foot stool so he has a place to rest his feet. Watch as this masked fag serves as his foot stool in a real time session. Just like the previos fag, King Luca uses another fag in an outdoor real time session. This fag gets punished in the woods as he is forced to kiss and lick King Luca’s shoes. The fag gets completely degraded by his dom and loves every second of it. If you’re jealous of these slaves, get a POV shot of what it’s like to be a slave. King Luca puts the camera on the floor for you to look up at him and experience what a slave would see in a real time session serving him.

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3 New Video – Be prepared to see all of the tools that Master Gary will use to punish you with. Wearing a leather jacket and sneakers, Master Gary pulls out cuffs, a gag, a leather mask, and a leash. All of these tools will be used on you whenever he meets you to drain you of your cash. Continue worshiping Master Gary as he spanks you with a riding crop. Just like in his real time sessions, Master Gary will show no mercy for you. This leather clad dom is barefoot the whole time and tells you how you are to worship him. Later Master Gary reminds you about what a faggot can never have. This alpha’s intense verbal abuse will put you in your rightful place and make you realize you’re just a lowly faggot compared to him. Bow before this superior alpha and learn why he is a dominant master.

3 New Videos – Be in the room as Flexgod dominates his slave and turns him into a faggot punching bag. Wearing leather gloves, Flexgod delivers total abuse toward this fag slave and forces it to lick his sneakers clean. The masked faggot withstands being choked and beaten because it secretly wants more. Afterward, Flexgod ties up the faggot slave and beat him. Stuffing a dirty sock in the useless, fat faggot’s mouth, Flexgod grabs a belt. While the fat fag is tied up, Flexgod beats the hell out of him over and over again. Since you’re thinking more about the sock that fag had stuffed in it’s mouth, Flexgod commands you to worship his socks in his third new video upload. In this 5 minute video clip, Flexgod takes off his sweaty, black ankle socks and makes you put them in your mouth. This muscle master then shows off his barefeet to make all of the foot fags drool.

3 New Videos – It’s that time, queers. Time to get those popper bottles out. In this short video clip, MasterRandy is clad in leather gear and counts out how long he wants you to keep inhaling your poppers. Now that your brain is fried, come worship MasterRandy’s feet. While showing off his barefeet, MasterRandy makes you sniff even more poppers. With the verbal abuse, MasterRandy quickly embodies that jock who used to bully you in school, the one you always fantasized about. Later as a treat, MasterRandy lets you watch him fuck a chick in the shower. In this nearly 4 minute video clip, MasterRandy gets a little, hot Asian slut to moan over and over as he pounds her from the back. She begs to allow her alpha daddy to let her cum.

1 New Video – Go on a mental trip as AlfaPrimal makes you lose all control. Everything a slave needs to lose his lowlife mind is in this hypnotic video clip. Go into a trance as you watch AlfaPrimal and listen to his subliminals to make you completely powerless in life.

1 New Video – RobKnight is ready to kick his feet up after a long day. Starting off in casual shoes, he quickly takes those off to reveal his goldtoe socks. These socks are probably sweaty from him walking around all day. Since RobKnight knows what makes foot faggots weak, he then takes his socks off to show his big barefeet to the camera.

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3 New Video – Master Ultimate God ties up his fat fuck of a slave, the Fag Butler, and beats him into submission. This alpha then attached clips all over the slave’s body, beats him with shoes and rope, and makes him feel pathetic for the miserable existence that he lives. Pain pigs will love this one. In part 2, Master Ultimate God delivers more fag abuse. The Fag Butler gets his face wrapped up in duct tape from Master Ultimate God and then is forced to sniff his master’s socks. The Fag Butler has no choice to obey because his face is taped and his hands are tied as Master Ultimate God towers over him and puts his socked feet on the slave’s face.

The Fag Butler then suffers more humiliation as he lays there while Master Ultimate God makes out with his girlfriend as they both stand on top of the slave. The Fag Butler just lays there on the carpet, tied up and whimpering. Meanwhile his master shows him what a real man is like and tongue kisses a woman in front of this pathetic slave.

2 New Videos – Master Flexgod caught you staring at him while working out. He comes home and makes you drool looking at his sweaty body, feet and socks. He knows what triggers you and how much you need it. Kneel and worship!After that Master Flexgod takes you even further with making you worship his stinky socks. You will beg him to smell his socks after the gym and inhale his perfect smell. He will press his white socks against your nose so you cant smell anything else but his perfection. Get to it!

1 New Video – DavidWar and his brother wrestle for dominance. These two brothers are both alpha and decide to see which is more alpha by wrestling each other. The two brothers get naked and show off their strength against each other until only one wins.

1 New Video – Worship your satanic master, Alfa Primal, as he takes you into an intense hypno session. 5 minutes of satanic worshiping and eye hypnosis fill out this video. Bow down like the hell spawn faggot you are and sniff your poppers while watching this hypnotic trance video.

1 New Audio Clip – Master Lucian introduces you to a brand new series of files. This is time to reprogram your mind. Your mind is ready to be conditioned and retrained. Get started on this total mind fuck audio series now and begin your transformation.

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1 New Video – A horny slave is an obedient slave, Master Alex always says. While chastity is important, it’s also good to let the slave out and let him edge until he is so horny he can barely talk. Master Alex instructs his edge toy to only stroke when he decides which will leave the slave edged into submission. Then its hands off as Master kicks the slaves cock with his leather boots. If he desires to experience pleasure, the slave must also take the pain. And Master Alex wants to continue playing his sadistic game until the slave loses his mind in total arousal and submission.

3 New Videos – Master gets his pathetic slavic queer out on the wresting mats in order to teach him a lesson with some intense chokeholds. The bitch slave has to endure humiliation and abuse as this alpha God shows him who is in charge. Watch the masked slavic queer struggle while Master Ultimate God wraps his muscular legs around its neck until the slave can’t take anymore. The abuse continues as Master Ultimate God crushes this slavic queer under his alpha feet, body, and muscles. It’s almost like the slave is a piece of human furniture. Feel the pain as he destroys this faggot with his straight dominance and treats it like an object.

Using a different slave, Master Ultimate God turns his fag butler into the ultimate foot fag. This obedient fag slave is forced to sniff his alpha’s sneakers and lick the bottoms of his shoes. Imagine if you were as lucky as this foot slave and had this chance.

1 New Video – Time for you to get on all fours and pray to your God, Henderdong. This alpha takes you down to the river’s edge to pray to and worship his feet. Walking barefoot along the wet rocks and in the flowing stream, Henderdong will make you worship his wet and damp feet. Get down and lick this superior cash dom’s feet.

1 New Video – Get ready to worship Satan and AlfaPrimal in this satanic worshipping and control video. AlfaPrimal hypnotizes you with his eyes and makes you give your soul to him. Bow down, hell spawn faggot, and sniff your poppers to fry your brain.

1 New Video – TheGodofMen brings you along to watch some of a real time session as he gets his muscles worshipped. This is part of a session with one of his loyal faggots who gets the honor of massaging his master’s entire muscled body with oil. Later the slave gets to lick the bulge of his master along with some foot domination as well.

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1 New Videos – Taylor surprises you with a very special birthday treat. He shows up at your house, totally unexpected, and gives you a birthday you will never forget. Enjoy this personal and intimate experience as Taylor entertains you with a sexy strip tease, then makes you bury your nose in his pits to take in the full effect. From there, you are going to be worshiping every inch of his body…nipples will be sucked, hole eaten, and to top it off, why not tickle torture the shit out of him too. Finally after all of the fun, it’s time for you to blow out your birthday candle…but just a single one and it’s bigger than a typical candle. Enjoy this POV blowjob as Taylor busts on your face to cap off a perfect birthday surprise. Taylor hopes you brought your sweet tooth because Taylor brought some birthday cake for you to eat off his dick too.

1 New Video – Master Dnero and Exod-0 are ready to make you serve their alpha feet. Master Dnero first met Exod-0 on a trip to the beach during New Year’s. He noticed Exod-0’s charisma and personality and figured he would be the perfect fit for Str8CrushFeet. To test whether Exod-0 was ready or not to join Str8CrushFeet, he had to pass an admission test first before gainint admission. The Str8CrushFeet tested Exod-0 by making him think that Slave Akroh was actually a master he was going to dominate. Find out how well Exod-0 faired in Part 1 of his admission test and make sure to download Part 2 as well.

1 New Video – Do you crave to inhale your master’s cigarette smoke while inhaling poppers? If so, then MastaJR has the video for you. In this popper intox video, MastaJR relaxes back while lighting up a smoke and ordering you around. With his hardcore verbal abuse, MastaJR will instruct you to break out your poppers and to inhale on his commands. You’ll be inhaling poppers and cigarette smoke from this dominant alpha as he continues to drain your bank account.

4 New Videos – Dominant and kinky MasterSpit is ready to humiliate and degrade you with his spit. Just like his name, this master’s focus is primarily on spit and spitting on you. In one of his newest video, MasterSpit puts you underneath him to take his spit on your face like an obedient faggot. This spit heavy dom enjoys putting a weak slave like you in your place as he continues to spit all over your face. You’ll be a worthless spitoon when he is done with you. MasterSpit even has a spit and snot video for the more depraved faggots out there who crave this. After going through his videos, get his two-for-one sale with two spit videos in one.

2 New Videos – AlfaPrimal is ready to make you into an obedient and mindless foot fag. In one of his newest videos, this alpha shows off his size 11 feet to the camera as he sits back and has a smoke. This foot dom will leave your mouth watering as you crave to lick, suck, and worship his big alpha feet. Imagine planting your face right into his soles and just continuing to lick until he is satisfied. For the fags who need more training, AlfaPrimal has a popper training video for slaves who need a little more motivation. With this popper training and verbal abuse video, you’ll learn quickly how to better satisfy your master. AlfaPrimal smokes his cigarette throughout and wears white socks to make you go more mindless for his feet.